How does smoking affect hair transplant results? Expert shares insights | Health

How does smoking affect hair transplant results? Expert shares insights | Health

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From inflicting the blood arteries to tighten to accelerating hair loss, listed below are the explanation why it’s best to give up smoking earlier than and after a hair transplant surgical procedure. Check out the consequences of smoking right here.

Hair transplant, often known as hair restoration, is the method of transferring hair in bald or thinning areas of the scalp. This includes taking hair from the thicker areas of the scalp and restoring within the thinning areas. Chatting with HT Way of life, Dr. Anup Dhir, senior advisor, Apollo Hospital and ex-president, Indian Affiliation of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, stated, “Hair transplantation is a course of that India has quite a lot of expertise with. Hair transplantation in India is an economical strategy to get the process completed with out having to fret in regards to the high quality of service you’ll obtain. People who smoke who’re used to smoking could make the error of smoking a number of cigarettes following their surgical procedure. And this makes them really feel tremendously dangerous, particularly when their docs have suggested them to give up smoking. They’re steadily involved that their grafts will fail.”

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Smoking, nonetheless, comes with a spread of health effects– from lung issues to impactful damaging results on hair. Dr Anup Dhir famous down the disadvantages:

Hair loss: Smoking cigarettes accelerates hair loss. “It’s believed to irritate hair loss by depriving hair follicles of oxygen and vitamins required for hair follicle survival. Smoking has a damaging affect on hair transplant surgical procedure outcomes as nicely.

Arteries to tighten: Nicotine in cigarettes results in tightening of the blood arteries. Therefore, hair transplant sufferers are really helpful to give up smoking one week previous to the surgical procedure and one month after the surgical procedure as nicely.

Oxygen capability: “Narrowing the blood arteries causes inadequate blood stream and poor circulation, reducing the physique’s oxygen capability. Nonetheless, sufficient oxygen saturation is essential all through the pre-op and post-op phases of hair transplant surgical procedure, because the survival of transplanted hair follicles and the wound therapeutic course of are each depending on the quantity of oxygen delivered,” stated Dr. Anup Dhir.

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