Does Birth Control Cause Hair Loss?

Does Birth Control Cause Hair Loss?

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As is the case with all hormonal contraception, it is a trial-and-error course of. Typically you’ll want to strive a couple of contraception earlier than you discover the hormonal technique that is finest for you and your physique. Not each contraception is suitable with all people; that is why there are such a lot of choices on the market.

If you wish to keep away from the potential for hair loss or have observed your hair getting thinner, speak to your physician about being prescribed a hormonal contraceptive that incorporates low ranges of androgens. Even when you have not misplaced any hair, at the very least not a noticeable quantity, contraceptives excessive in androgens may also pressure hair right into a resting part the place it simply would not develop anymore (through Healthline).

Should you strive quite a lot of hormonal contraceptives, even ones with a decrease index of androgens, and the hair loss concern is not remedied, you continue to produce other choices. For instance, corticosteroid injections, Rogaine, and lightweight remedy will help with hair development or retaining the hair you’ve got (through Verywell Health).

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