dermatologist: A dermatologist’s advice on the dos and don’ts for healthy skin

dermatologist: A dermatologist’s advice on the dos and don’ts for healthy skin

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Within the twenty-first century, it has been noticed that the final inhabitants is unaware of various pores and skin situations. There are plenty of myths surrounding situations like leprosy, vitiligo, psoriasis, eczemas, pimples, hair loss, and so forth. These myths can result in psychological stress and additional antagonistic results if inappropriate remedy is obtainable as a result of a lack of know-how.

Within the race to get fairer, pores and skin points have gotten prevalent

India’s pores and skin whitening market is predicted to realize an annual market income of 720 million {dollars} by 2023. An obsession or urge to get fairer pores and skin is often seen as a result of social ‘stigma’ which wrongly equates wholesome pores and skin or magnificence with equity. Unethical promotion of equity merchandise (some even containing medicines like steroids) by means of commercials by reputed personalities provides to this false impression of truthful pores and skin being equal to lovely or wholesome pores and skin.

It’s estimated that 60% of Indian girls and 10% of males use equity merchandise. Alarmed by the well being risks posed by equity merchandise, the World Well being Group started to review and promote the strict regulation of those lotions. WHO famous that mercury, a standard ingredient utilized in pores and skin lightening soaps and lotions, could cause rashes, kidney harm, and even most cancers.

An IADVL research together with 12 Indian cities came upon that nearly 60 per cent of all sufferers who had pores and skin points on their face had been utilizing lotions containing steroids with none prescription. Uncomfortable side effects of this abuse had been additionally seen within the type of progress of facial hair in girls, worsening of pimples and thinning of the pores and skin, resulting in an acute sensitivity to daylight. Dr. Vandana Punjabi, (MBBS, DVD), Budhraja Clinic Khar (West) Mumbai, shares some insights on dos and do not to keep up a wholesome pores and skin.

Methods to keep up wholesome pores and skin: Dos and Don’ts

The pores and skin is a crucial a part of the physique. It protects the inner organs from the exterior surroundings and acts as a defence in opposition to international particles. So, it wants loads of care and nourishment. Listed below are the dos and don’ts for wholesome pores and skin:


Keep hydrated

Water is essential for wholesome pores and skin. Water helps flush out the toxins from the physique and brightens the pores and skin, opens up the pores and provides a naturally wholesome look.

Nutritious diet

Following a nutritious diet brings a glow to the pores and skin. It’s a good suggestion so as to add plenty of greens, berries and veggies to the meal. Strive having uncooked tomatoes and fruits as they assist brighten the pores and skin.

Wash and moisturise the pores and skin

The pores within the pores and skin get clogged all through the day from dust, mud and oil. Cleansing the face each morning and each night is all the time really useful to take away this dust and oil. After washing, it is very important apply a moisturizer with 30 SPF or larger.

Use sunblock

Utilizing sunscreen is a crucial a part of pores and skin well being care behavior that needs to be maintained all 12 months, together with the winter season. The depletion of the ozone layer has elevated the chance of solar harm from dangerous UV rays. Sunscreen blocks these rays, considerably lowering the chance of sunburn. Search for merchandise with an SPF of 30 and use each day.



Smoking could cause plenty of hurt to the pores and skin. It accelerates getting old and in addition depletes the vitamins and nutritional vitamins required for wholesome pores and skin.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines or lotions

Don’t use OTC lotions or medicines to reinforce the standard of the pores and skin, until steered by a dermatologist. The medicines or lotions used might trigger unintended effects that may worsen the already current issues.

Don’t decide

Usually pimples might develop on the pores and skin due to elevated secretion of pores and skin oil. Do not contact the pimples with the nail. They will turn into septic and depart the face with marks.

It’s all the time really useful to see a dermatologist annually for a pores and skin examination to examine for something out of the peculiar and to reply any questions that one might have. Dermatologists specialize in situations involving the pores and skin, hair, and nails. In at the moment’s age with info obtainable on the fingertips, it is easy to get misguided which is why it is very important know which piece of knowledge is necessary and which piece is misinformation. Solely a physician nicely versed within the data of pores and skin, hair and nails (Dermatologist) may help individuals make that important differentiation.

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