Thus Far The Outcomes Are Positive – Vitamins For Hair Loss

I hope we can all find a permanent cure to our hair loss one day.

Thus far, the outcomes was positive. Stay positive! Was at the Drs’ day and they are testing for thyroid. Saturday and my whole face was redish, swollen -my right eye was swollen shut, left one was not far behind, my ngue was slightly swollen and my throat was a little sore. Normally, I have a great feeling about my hair condition, I see improvement headed my way as well as hopefully a head full of hair once again! The clinic said I was beyond their treatment me and sent me directly to the hospital 2 blocks away. Now pay attention please. 2 months ago I had a very severe allergic reaction to eating mangos.

Dermatologist I went to said I had Seborrheic Dermatitis.

Apparently this disorder can negatively effect your hair because excess sebum is produced, which blocks your hair from growing properly. It is characterized my an inflamed scalp, oily hair, dandruff, and in severe cases, it can look crusty or scaly. I prefer the ‘T Gel’, that made plenty of hair fall out after each washing. It just makes my hair look really flat. Gel’ more often. Considering the above said. Neutrogena ‘T Gel’ off and on. Your hair can grow back, if you control the disorder.

Nexium for the throat, benedril and a steroid, as I recall it was prednisone and observed for 5 hours after the ‘s finished. Well, flash forward to five years later, and I noticed that recently my hair was beginning to shed like crazy. Sent home with benedril tablets, 2 to 4 a day ‘as needed, and steroid tablets to taper, which I did quickly.

Over the many years I’ve had hair loss I’ve become a lot better at coping and adapting to my thinning hair. Just enough thats all. With that hair loss maturity I no longer have those early thoughts of if all my hair doesn’t grow back how can I live. Then again, I just deal with it better than I did back then even though I had MORE hair back when it all started, it still makes me miserable.

Just want to let everyone know about something. I suspect if any of you take these drugs type and have massive hair loss it is the drug that is causing it, that doesn’t mean that Wellbutrin will do it for you. Stop the drug, take care of your hair and it will return. Let me tell you something. Doctors either don’t know about this awful side effect or will not admit it. Besides, it’s hard to know which ones will do it for you specifically. 75% of my hair has fallen out with it on two separate occasions. OCP but I have taken 75percentage of antidepressants and other psychopharm drugs and let me tell you lots of them cause massive hair loss. Generally, in a major way. For me the worst hair loss drug has been wellbutrin. Tricylics are supposed to be the worst, those are the older ones like ELAVIL. Medications cause telogen effluvium.

Biotin every day and I regrew my hair beautifully.

or and take two every day in the morning. There are several specific test that need to be done to test for that which include both blood and urine. Needless to say, biotin is a B vitamin and is known to help the body with hair, skin and nails. Wait about two months and assess. Dr’s never do the correct testing for it.

AGA but couldn’t tell, and he just recommended Nizoral since he saw dandruff.

Nioxin shampoo, Nizoral weekly, started taking a better multi vitamin, attempted to eat better, including more iron and protein. For several months I‚ve also been taking Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Flaxseed on my food. She claimed my hair loss was probably just because I was depressed and that it would grow back. She determined I was depressed, and suggested antidepressants, I went to a general doctor who had no idea about anything.

My hair was falling out rapidly at one point.

Additionally, a month ago I started taking a herbal supplement called Evening Primrose Oil. Many articles I’ve read recommend it for hair growth. When I would use shampoos like head shoulders or anything with plenty of chemicals, it really would aggravate my scalp and would give me a burning sensation. However, yes To Carrots! That’s interesting right? In order for anything to work you have to be consistent with it, and in the end you might be happy that you had it patience. When applied to the scalp, emu Oil will help with hair growth. It really works wonders by soothing my scalp like nothing else.

Do you know that once I reintroduced dairy into my diet, my shedding stopped cold! After a few months I found I was pleasantly happy inside for the first time in a very long time. Eventually, I know it is the dairy working because once I went a couple weeks without dairy, and the shedding started again. Seriously. I resumed dairy, no more shedding.

Rather than my normal hair, the problem is that even though I have been on iron supplements for a month. I am mainly noticing shedding of miniaturized hairs.

I get this certain itching sensation, and when I scratch on that part of my scalp, a miniaturized hair will fall out nearly every time. Do you know an answer to a following question. Is it sign of regrowth after a dead loss hair? Currently, I feel that I am in recovering process, as I have singled out many factors that have influenced my hair loss and have had some positive results looking at the reduced hair loss and no more scalp burning and irritation ever since I stopped using chemicals on my scalp.

Whenever switching to a couple cups of light green or blackish tea seems to have dramatically decreased the shedding for me, it really depends on your genetics, of course, for me. We should all have a healthy, beautiful head of hair well into old age! In my opinion excess caffeine consumption can upset hormone levels and cause shedding as it did in my case, this gonna be attributed to lower stress levels overall of course. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. I have witnessed way less shedding in the shower since implementing these dietary/lifestyle changes -sometimes I have no shedding anymore whatsoever, this is probably from improving my health overall of course. Some other possible hair builders -omega 3 supplementation, reduced grain/carb consumption, reduced sugar consumption, plenty of fresh water, more yogurt and dairy products, more light green vegetables, and eggs and fish seem to have dramatically increased hair growth for me. As I said that is the final frontier, the last thing I am going to try in my quest for luminous hair health is to eliminate caffeine altogether. And helps to increase the thickness even more.

Made from Earth product line called the Tea Protein Herbal Shampoo….

It was surprisingly easy. Could it be stress? This is the case. I will say that about this same time last year I lost 1/2 my ‘private’ hair which has not grown back, and at that time I just said no to stressors.

It is very important to take multivitamins daily, especially the vitamins that are good for hair growth. This will worsen your symptoms. For example, avoid drugs or foods that you know have a side affect of causing hair loss.

Next I went to this place in Los Angeles called Regenix and there I got a free scalp analysis. That’s because he also said I don’t have AGA, and that my hair follicles are exactly how they might be. For instance, not me, the trichologist claims that he can help almost everyone that comes in. Whether or not any of this is legit is unknown to me, just the visit alone was well worth it, and it made me want to study to be a trichologist as well. On p of this, he was actually really helpful and very knowledgeable and reassuring.

Thanks for the feedback Jeni.

My story is very similar to yours. Anyways, can’t lose weight no matter what I do and I’m balding on p of my head. March, July and Sept. Of course nY. My tsh in March was 10, July 48 and Sept. NY as well.

June 17

I wonder if it is an acceptable excuse being late for a lunch. Here is his website. Remember. This article lead me to look even further for answers. Sorry had to change my hair! To say. Several articles later I noticed that many researchers were recommending 70 as the minimum for hair regrowth. I found a Australian trichologist who recommends higher levels. Generally, even though they were within normal levels, the researchers found that women with AGA and TE have ferritin levels which fell on the low side. Hummm guess I’ll find out!

From what I have read, in cases where low serum ferrutin is a culprit in hair loss and thinning, serum ferrutin has to get up between 50 and 80 to trigger regrowth. It’s frustrating and expensive and impossible to know if anything is really working or not but at least I’m trying! That’s really hard when you’re starting from 18 like I am. Still no regrowth. Whenever according to my derm, my scalp biopsy showed that I am genetically predisposed to alopecia I don’t know what that means.

Today the Dr said that it was well documented that severe food allergic reactions like I had could cause hair loss such as I had, as can the treatment.

For one thing, well I was ld I was severely anemic. Since I don’t have insurance, I can’t go to the doctor about it.

Wow Jeni even though we have different situations I really feel I can relate to your hair loss story. Lexapro too. That may be from getting out of my depression, and eating better. Currently I am on Wellburton and I don’t like it. Generally, a solitary good news in all of this is that my hair is no worse than it was 4 years ago, and it’s probably slightly thicker.

NOT the hair that I was born.

Since my hair used to be so thin, the directions say for the shampoo to work -you have to leave in your hair for 2 – I usually do it for about 5.

Even my husband comments on how my hair felt better -and he never notices anything! She sure was wrong. Never mentioned anything about cheese, my allergy doctor had ld me to avoid milk. I started to notice a strange reaction when I would eat pizza or anything with cheese, and said I can have anything with milk as long as it’s baked. When eating foods with cheese consistently, I noticed a crazy increased amount of hair loss of my ORMAL hairs and my scalp would be very irritated.

Did you by chance get the gardisil vaccine for hpv?

I wouldn’t put o much stock in them from my experience as health of the hair/nails is from the inside out, as far as regrowth shampoos. You can buy a perfect one at a health food or beauty supply. Notice that the constant hair loss shedding makes me feel so vulnerable, not knowing if there is an end in sight, or if that end should be me with absolutely no hair. Hi Jeni -Thank YOU for sharing your story. SULFATE FREE products especially shampoo. Of course it’s great to hear that your hair loss hasn’t progressed for the last 4 years and is stable. It is this is important as you don’t want to wash your delicate hair with harsh chemicals. Nonetheless, suddsFX and Enjoy but they are a bit pricey -I think the health food store sells a brand called Nature’s Gate Biotin shampoo that is also sulfate free and cheaper than the salon versions. Usually, to know at least I’ll have this…soemthing, after dealing with hair loss for so long I just want the shedding to stop and to just maintain what I have.

My experience regrowing my hair from this experience was GREAT once I found the right thing to take.

Mine was a 28 and I have many symptoms of a thyroid problem but they keep sayings its normal. BIOTIN in high doses, EVERY DAY. From what my doctor and most labs say it’s. Did you hear of something like that before? My secret.

From what you describe, it is the birth control pill that had ruined your thyroid.

She is the most knowledgeable person I know. My vegan nutritionist is adamant about birth discontinuation control pills. For example, she, herself, had her thyroid ruined by the pill, and lost a n of hair. You may want to check out her website. Her hair has all regrown and her thyroid is fixed, since becoming a vegan. Certainly, it seems as though I may have a prediabetic thing going on and a severe sensitivity to sugar and flour.

I’m over that, I don’t expect it will ever return I just want to be able to look like a girl with naturally thin hair, when I first started to lose my hair 8 years ago I hoped and prayed it would ALL come back. There are just to many nasty doctors out there. That I can live. Fact, Whether perminant it made me realize alot about myself, or my sitution is something temporary This is the case. It sounds crazy but I am seriously considering going back to school now to be come a nurse to help others in times of need.

Lexapro since Nov.

By the way…would you mind giving your age?

My vegan nutritionist has started me on maca root powder which tends to naturally balance hormones, and my diet has become very, very strict to that of a diabetic’s diet. As this all goes back to diet, this is important since what you eat is reflected on your skin either negatively or positively. Are there any foods that you know you might be allergic to? Okay, so here’s the strange thing, and main reason why I am posting.

Oily scalps are also prone to hair loss/thinning so I needed a gentle but effective cleansing and clarifying shampoo.

My name is Allison and I also live in Las Vegas. Made from Earth Tea Protein Shampoo has SAVED my hair. Las Vegas? February and have noticed a significant increase in hair loss over the past 6 to 9 months.

I began doing several things. Fast acting Dairy Aid by Rite Aid before consuming dairy. Check out the articles on his site. Fact, my hair was still shedding, jarrow called BRight. And I also began taking a separte supplement by Jarrow which is just ‘B Well’, those things helped my energy to return. I decided to incorporate dairy, eggs, and redish meat back into my diet. That said, he gives great recommendations for length of treatment, etc I would never hesitate to take copies of articles in to my physician to educate them along with myself. By all means get a second opinion, if you still aren’t getting the answers that you want.

It made me extremely anxious, wellbutrin for a few days.

She did/PA/ did say possibility of something or not. Then again, except it caused my legs to constantly feel exhausted -like I had run a marathon, lexapro worked fine me! Afro American could lead to not helping but medical conditions, some, are not due to race it happens. As a result, the thyroid was taken out due to wrapping around my vocal cord. While the supplement works inside, it was suggested to take due to what has been recommended works outside the body. Basically, there was no recommendations for medicines other the prescribed thyroid med. Then, it somehow has worked better than antidepressants for me, I haven’t needed them since, once I started my Yasmin birth control. Most of the hair grows without any issue. Thank you readers, and professionals for seeing that this issue is very hard to deal. Then, now, 2011, and reading about others I worry that I got the run around, and that medical conditions for women go under the belt so to speak. As a result, the original doctor ld me the hair would grow back. Otherwise it caused no other consequences. Eventually, the doctor who did the surgery nor the primary did not encourage me to further my medical condition. Actually, at present I did get an appointment without follow up with a dermatologist, and on my second attempt his PA found scalp psorasis, recommended Derma Soothe an ointment for that condition that is rubbed in to the scalp.

At this point I honestly don’t know if I have chronic TE, or AGA. Love my Holistic doc! She just keeps researching to help the hair loss……never has she ld me to just deal with it! Now pay attention please. For me, what started the hair loss could been several things -being on the pill for a long time, or not having an ideal diet. Body temp is low, throid tests show normal. I wonder if overall thinning can also be AGA, since I don’t have most of the signs of AGA. I am starting to wonder if that’s it, since I know a bunch of women’s hair naturally gets thinner as we age. Thyroid support with iodine, primrose oil and plenty of other natural supplements. Make sure you write suggestions about it. Things are slowly starting to get better for me.

Things not getting better, I saw Dermatologist Dr.

He said I could use Rogaine to speed up the regrowth, or just wait it out. He said I could use Rogaine to speed up the regrowth, or just wait it out. Richard Strick at UCLA in Los Angeles because he supposedly specializes in hair loss. He seemed pretty sure of himself and didn’t suggest anything else. The TE cause remained elusive. He looked at my scalp and said I definitely have TE and that things should just get better eventually. The TE cause remained elusive. Therefore, richard Strick at UCLA in Los Angeles because he supposedly specializes in hair loss. Things not getting better, I saw Dermatologist Dr. He seemed pretty sure of himself and didn’t suggest anything else. He looked at my scalp and said I definitely have TE and that things should just get better eventually.

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