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Treatments for hair loss include medications just like Propecia and Rogaine, hair replacements, and hair restoration.

Haven’t been approved because of this particular use, a few other drugs have actually is effective in combating thinning hair, dutasteride as an example.

We are looking at minoxidil, higher quality as Rogaine, and finasteride, known as Propecia. At present only two medications happen to be approved as baldness treatments with the FDA. While making an attempt to be cognizant of not appearing like I’m complaining very often, I feel like I have been somewhat open with that.

I’m not that person that’s like, Oh god I’ve dreamed of this baby my whole life and it’s bliss!

Another question isSo the question is this. Must I even try to be a working mom and fit it all in when it makes me a worse, less present mother when I’m with my kid?

Attempting to attempting to find out who to be, I’m pretty sure I mean. Shouldn’t I take it and give up everything else. That’s what I’m doing? Should I work, Therefore in case I don’t work. Maybe I do need to be more open about it, that And so it’s a struggle for me, I don’t seek for to harp on it. This is where it starts getting really interesting, right? There’re just so many moms who will love to stay home with their kids if they had the opportunity.

If you didn’t know, we do read these reviews, and a few of them do cut deep.

I’m not great at just shaking things off, I’m better at it than I used to be but this one particular review really did, for me.

Because it’s a short one, I’ll go ahead and read it. With that said, if I can find it. I just started doing a shot of kefir in the morning with some light green tea when I arrive at work. Breakfast is usually organic omega 3 enriched eggs with organic kale, tomato, sauerkraut, two gluten slices free ast with grass fed butter. For lunch, some sort of paleo protein and veggie skillet meal with side of rice and fruit.

I don’t currently have a regular workout routine, and I have a regular sleep schedule of 8 hours a night.

Like rice or oats or even corn rtillas once a day, To be honest I try to only do grains, dinner is very similar.

We have some information on the food. You better don’t judge, I’m a closet nerd, and I’ve recently tried playing Dungeons and Dragons. Oftentimes shall we see. It’s recently come to my attention that I’m a closet, oh, so it is kind of from the extra section, just for fun. Good! It was surprisingly super fun, with my boyfriend. It made for a magical experience when I binge watched the new Netflix series, Stranger Things. Consequently. That was what she was abbreviating there. Diane Sanfilippo. I’m making an attempt to ensure I’m pronouncing it right. Oftentimes not really, By the way I was intending to say we can link to details on MSM if you have any other details that you need to link to. Whether you ramble or not is debatable, I’m quite sure I mean, Maybe Diane was being forced to ramble.

That’s just the long and short of it now.

I can’t laughs I just can’t always show up in full force.

I can show up, and if I’ve learned anything in motherhood or from Keanu Reeves, or whatever, it’s that you can really blow people away with your ability to show up. Notice that because I seek for to be there, maybe you’re being forced to ramble if you are, and I look for to partake in the podcast. It’s been really important in my entire life. On p of that, the fact is that I really am just stretched thinner mentally than ever before in my entire life, and more than I ever thought I might be and still be living, I’m sad that it comes off that way.

Liz Wolfe.

That’s, and that’s not meant to be an affront to anyone who listens, I feel like I am honest a couple of times about my mind wandering.

I mean, a few times I’ve heard my kid crying in the other room, and had just a moment of concern and break in focus. I actually could bury myself in blankets and wear 6 headphones pairs, noisecanceling headphones and I’d still hear it, I can’t wear enough. I AM NOT BORED. Literally, there’s a hormonal response to children crying that I can’t turn off.

Seriously. I’m not bored, I am. Thank you! With that said, all caps that. I’m quite sure I don’t think most people are blaming me for that, I just don’t think anybody can blame me for that. You see, it just wasn’t for me, By the way I mean, it’s a decent product. By the way I talked about it in a previous podcast, There’s just problems with the Hair Print. Basically, I just can’t do it myself, Surely it’s so nice to have good looking hair.

I’m quite sure I can’t do it anymore, I was like.

I felt like I was planning to have to go on there and be like, knowing I was preparing to have to make this confessional to everybody on Instagram being that I’ve been advocating a more natural, safer way of taking care of yourself and still feeling pulled gether for so long, you guys, I’m so sorry, By the way I completely betrayed you, To be honest I can’t do this anymore, I knew.

By the way I was like, the time investment for henna is just beyond what I need to do, can you after that, finally I sent a text to my friend/stylist, Phoebe, who is better. Since I reckon when we assume that we only need that support type for something that is big and traumatic and specific, a therapist or someone to work through most of the emotional stuff, I reckon we neglect the fact that our emotions need a caretaker sometimes, and we need to be able to work through some amount of that stuff, Do that in conjunction with planning to see someone. I think the majority of this work will need to be emotional work, and I do think that it’s preparing to take time to recover it.

I think working on plenty of the practical stuff that you were talking about is tally a valid idea.

Liz and I have talked about doing some hydrochloric acid supplementation here and there to get your body naturally responding and producing that stuff a bit better, and that and hereupon well cooked meats and things like that to get your body used to eating animal proteins again. Anyways, the most important thing for her day is positivity and to have the energy to power on, and that is the support I will give her will we be day if that was the focus instead of a dogmatic, ‘cureall’ diet that she has held onto. I actually do wonder, I do not blame the veganism, as many of us know that there are so many factors at play. She also knows it’s not a cure for her, She’s still vegan today, and she mentions it to me in a teasing fashion. I think it’s ridiculous, it’s so awesome. That’s interesting right? Like, holding it, it’s just a great book. On p of this, a few of them may not, Some of them may allow you to prepay it, that will save you time at the store.

By the way I know you guys are intending to look for that hardcover edition, leave it to me to be crazy.

While making sure the stores have enough copies for everyone, and it’s the way to you should guarantee you have it, m having a few, we’ll just say problems.

As long as the stores don’t quite understand that slightly more expensive it’s the one that you all are planning to seek for more. That hardcover edition, and they’re just confused, and people don’t normally put out both a hardcover and a softcover of a book at really similar time. Eventually, call the store So in case you should like any book type, I’m quite sure I would love to encourage all of you who are coming to a live event, especially So if you seek for the hardcover edition of Practical Paleo and if you need any other book; Fed and Fit, one of Juli’s books for plenty of the events she’ll be at; obviously Liz’s book, a little note on that. As long as obviously a lot of events are coming up really soon, pretty much ASAP, Any of these events that you’re coming to, call the store ahead of time.

To be honest I don’t know, maybe consequently rather. Maybe be curious about whether I’m just figuring out how to balance It’s a well-known fact that the end. Those resources have a look at, I’d say if we’re just talking about the scalp and reactivating something maybe that’s sluggish. Whenever looking at the website skinactives, So it’s a very science based website. Then, he formulates products using KGF, that is keratinocyte growth factor, I believe, and I reckon he uses that in some hair regrowth products for the lashes, the brows, and your head.

Welcome to the Balanced Bites podcast with Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe.

Diane is a certified nutrition consultant, and the materials and content within this podcast are intended as general information only, and are not to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Needless to say, together, Diane and Liz answer your questions, interview leading health and wellness experts, and share their I reckon that’s information that’s worth having, if it does.

See if that helps.

So if you’re not lerant to those foods, I do know for a fact that lots of us know that there are elements of that are planning to promote indigestion, acid reflux. Which it So in case you’re priority is to get this acid reflux under control. I think that, to Liz’s point just a few minutes ago how really we’re not quite as strict as we used to be about all of that stuff, When it comes to the gluten and dairy. I’m pretty sure I don’t careKnow what guys, I know about this paleo thing. Notice, it works and it heals plenty of things, Well, there’re reasons why people are eating this way. You’ve been reintroducing these foods now for a time period and now you’re realizing again what most of the problems therefore there’s your answer.

It’s much thicker and more abundant, it’s just that they have that acute response.

You know, a bunch of assumptions being made here as we can only read what’s here and after all I have to read between the lines a bit. Really curious about her constitution, really curious. I just get the sense when I hear this. Typically if it’s a person who is a bit more robust and this happens in an acute way, it’s a response to one major traumatic stressor, or it might be an autoimmune response that kicks on, you know, an alopecia response, If she’s got kind of like Did you know that a little bit ofintending to So next thing I was preparing to mention is chewing, she has a chewing challenge. As not only does that force you sort of into rest and digest. Not having enough stomach acid, not eating animal protein planning to a great way, Chewing you food really well does take a look at. Normally, they have been like, just have people call ahead, that was a tip that amidst the stores did tell me.

Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure I should do that, I was like.

They’ll have it if you call and ensure they reserve it.

I just really look for to you have to guys don’t drive half an hour, spend 2 hours to be with us, and don’t get what you need. Ok, that ones do I seek for to do this way, and which ones am I comfortable with, consequently it circles back to. While you were doing quite a few research about a number of different beauty things, what are all the things I can do, You know, it’s like. For example, where we’re in a major maybe discovery mode. However, I don’t know, but you know, we just make different choices, especially as I do think.

I mean, I know looking at the what we put on our skin that’s sitting there and that’s staying there for the entire day, we just kind of make those choices.

Accepting that’s so important to giving up the diet mentality I reckon, and believing in yourself in what your body is telling you.

Few months later going completely grain free while still eating ns of plant foods, but good animal foods I’m pretty sure I immediately added in more fat and protein to balance blood sugar and get myself back to feeling ok. Oftentimes my body became depleted quickly, that led to hormonal imbalance, exhaustion, and dissatisfaction with everything. I’m sure it sounds familiar. So do our rates of depletion, and so do our needs, Life changes, and so do our bodies. Let go of the dogma, people, as Liz and Diane always say.

Little by little, things got better.

You know what?

I started a completely new job, and my stress went from 2 to 10 and veganism was making things worse. Actually the life type you lead can definitely change your personal outcome on any style of diet, and things that work for a time do not always work forever. Oh the first three months are hard, I know it was a long ago that I had this baby, and people will say, Oh the first month is hard. I’m quite sure I personally don’t think Undoubtedly it’s, maybe it’s time for me to stop asking for grace, I don’t know. So, because it’s not getting any less hard for me, are the first five years hard, I’m like.

That said, this whole year for me has really been a lesson in not always assuming the worst about people, and this comment kind of had me reflecting on that a bit more.

I just wanted to say, can I get a bit more grace here, when it came to this review.

You probably have heard the quote, Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Actually, I know people look at them as kind of a cureall but I’m a little skeptical of them. You have anything to add to that Diane, right? Use the essential oils, look into the Movement, Period podcast, look at Barbara Loomis’ stuff on the uterus.

So I think that’s all I had to say about PMS, Learn a little more about yourself biomechanically, that I think should probably really will be factoring into this.

Like curcumin, in my opinion they’re often isolated components of turmeric, I believe it’s more important that we get the hormetic effect from different foods via the actual whole foods, and I believe turmeric supplements are usually not only powdered turmeric.

It’s cool, I actually don’t know that’s necessarily really important in this case. I personally don’t think turmeric supplements are all that important. Consequently, one of the issues you can do is take your meal times to be a time when you sit down, do some breathing beforehand, and think to yourself, logically and intellectually, that you must be in rest and digest mode when you eat.

When you’re talking about being stressed, the first difficulty in digestion. The best, that’s the first., ok, maybe starting morrow you can’t remove all the stress in your lifespan. While making sure your detoxification pathways are working properly and efficiently, that we’ve talked about in I believe emotional release and stress release can really go identical time, liver support. It’s a well those both should take you to identical place. Actually I do reckon that tension is, that really. Was as I have lots of things that I’m kind of having to deal with kind of piece by piece associated with the birth of my daughter and things like that I don’t think my body is quite ready to release, just yet. It’s very, very strange, and it probably sounds woo and something that will dismiss but I believe so it’s tally a thing.

Really what I can do here goes just refer this person out.

Just Google alignment monkey, I reckon it’s nuturance, Look at alignment monkey.

Barbara Loomis is the woman behind that website, and I actually been actually able to have an appointment with her when I was in Portland, and the things she talked about with me was kind of the deep, emotional release that can be associated with releasing tension in different parts of the body. It’s not like, oh so it’s just how I am, I’m pretty sure I do think that there’s something to it, I believe if we recognize that a bunch of times I know it’s something. By the way I just seek for to shine the light on the fact that I believe there’s always something we can do from the physical side regarding the picals and all of that, or supplements.

Yeah. I think there’s something worth looking at there. I do have the various cookies, donut here and again, especially at work when people bring in treats. Remember, recently been buying more organic and cage free eggs, yogurt, and meat, I eat paleoish. Considering the above said. My question is, is there anything I can do to I take regular walks. There’re loads of factors feeding into that, She’s saying she’s not been eating that well, they’ve been going out to eat a lot, and in my opinion tends to be. Whenever slowing down, you know, cooking your food.

We’re striving to move in the premises, and you know, I’d pull all of that stuff back.

If you head over to http, we’ve also covered acid reflux on the show, probably a few times before.// and look at the archives by topic, or just search, you know, stomach acid on the website you’ll see I have a whole post on stomach acid, all kinds of other tips there.

You know, I believe loads of this back home laughs. The chapter on digestion in the book will take you through plenty of this stuff again. Normally, whenever sitting down, doing some breathing, really getting yourself into rest and digest mode as much as possible, and recognizing the difference in how it feels to have that sort of anxious, By the way I don’t know, Know what, I call it a high vibration energy as you sit down to eat versus, you know, m calm and I’m present and I’m focused, in this case. You either weren’t in rest and digest mode, or you ate being that you just did not have the digestive fire to get that going, plenty of us can feel what it’s like to either.

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