Shampoo For Hair Loss – Here’s How To Shampoo Your Hair The Right Way

shampoo for hair loss You have to get a trim often to remove the serious poser, if you have split ends.

You must strengthen your hair so use shampoos which have keratin in them.

Decide on medicated shampoos do not use them more than once or twice a week as they can make your hair rough and dry, Therefore if you have dandruff. Says trichologist Dr Apoorva Shah in his book ‘Have A Great Hair Day’ that shampooing hair does not lead to hair fall or clog pores that produce sebum -the natural oil our scalp produces. Of course, hair loss is a serious problem which affects a couple of individuals but it’s not always due to just one factor. Basically, even hair expert Jawed Habib corroborates this fact in his book ‘Hair Yoga’ that hair fall ain’t caused due to shampoos. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Using the wrong shampoo type can certainly damage your hair which may lead to hair fall finally by weakening it from the root. Many of us are aware that there are a couple of underlying factors that can result in hair fall. I know it’s essential that you pick the right shampoo to wash your hair. Choose a shampoo which promises to add more volume to your hair but keep the pH level incheck.

shampoo for hair loss Do not condition your hair decide on any shampoo which does not specify Surely it’s for any hair problem.

You can also wash your hair often as it will most of us are aware that there are a few brands available in the market, you should choose one in consonance with the type and not the brand. You can decide which shampoo type as a rule of a thumb, opt for, right after you determine your hair type. That’s interesting right? You’d better use special shampoo as it forms a protective layer on your hair which prevents the colour from fading away I’d say if you have coloured hair. Basically, he advises to condition only the tips.

Dr Shah in his book suggests choosing a mild, herbal shampoo and washing your hair frequently to avoid ‘buildup’ of oil in the scalp.

Do not shampoo hair each day.

People with dry hair should use a mild cleanser as they will find it difficult to manage their hair post hair wash. They must condition their hair well even use ‘leavein’ serum or conditioner to control the frizz. Normally, jawed Habib in his book explains that shampoo is essentially used to keep your scalp clean and healthy. He recommends opting for a shampoo with a pH ranging between 5 7″ as it shall not harm your scalp or hair. He also warns against using shampoos that contain ammonia which is damaging to the hair. Just as you bathe to remove dirt from your body, shampoo performs identical function for your hair. It is not a magical ingredient that it’s often promised to be in advertisements.

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