Saw Palmetto Hair Loss: In Their Article They Give A Great Example Of Two Vitamins Working Together

saw palmetto hair loss Betasitosterol’ is very similar to saw palmetto as they both contain phytosterols that are plant based.

Lets back up and take a look at the case study mentioned above.

There been theories that combining these two supplements together can produce a synergistic effect. Basically, it may provide an extra boost for slowing or improving hair growth, as for using both beta sitosterol and saw palmetto together. Also, whenever taking both products in conjunction may enhance the desired results, in the case of treating hair loss. That said, this phenomena can be closely associated with an article about nutrient synergy from WebMD. Now pay attention please. In the course of the trial, the males were given both beta sitosterol and saw palmetto together for treating hair loss. For benign prostatic hyperplasia patients, betasitosterol is shown to reduce BPH. Slowing the oxidation of cholesterol is important to reduce the risk of congestive heart disease. Now please pay attention. Judging by the two supplements containing phytosterols, there must are a theory that using these together will improve the outcome.

saw palmetto hair loss Is this a coincidence?

In their article, they give a great example of two vitamins working together.

They stated that using both vitamin C and vitamin E together will produce a more powerful antioxidant for slowing the oxidation of cholesterol. With that said, this sounds very similar to saw palmetto being used to reduce really similar condition as well. That’s interesting right? One of our readers decided to share his testimony about taking saw palmetto in the fight against hair loss. He used this supplement by taking 2 softgels 2x per day for 6 weeks as a check point to review if this supplement had any effect for treating his hair loss. Therefore this study was ran over the course of 6 weeks. You should take it into account. Therefore this product comes with 120 160mg softgels saw palmetto extract. Furthermore, he picked up a bottle of Jarrow saw palmetto with ‘betasitosterol’ here. Propecia is the popular brand of finasteride which reduces the amount within the hair follicles of men. I’m sure that the berries or fruits of this plant are very rich with fatty acids and phytosterols. Although, using this supplement would only be beneficial for men since DHT and prostate problems only affect men. Saw palmetto was referred to Nature’s Propecia. It’s a well-known fact that the berries are believed to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH which can also be treated by finasteride that is used for hair loss.

When again that many natural hair loss treatments are plant based.

The part of the saw palmetto plant that is used for hair loss was the fruit from the plant that is common in the southeastern part of the United States.

There are no government clinical studies of using saw palmetto but the case studies below may give you another opinion. So there’re a few case studies that make this supplement prove its theory, there are very few clinical trials for the effectiveness of saw palmetto for hair loss. Accordingly the results were actually positive in favor of the effectiveness of saw palmetto as a supplement to for the most part there’re numerous discussions in hair loss forums that deliberate on the effectiveness of this plant treating hair loss, as funny is it seems. Accordingly the subject included males between the ages of 23 and 64 years old. Overall goal of the study was to test the effectiveness of botanically 5AR inhibitor similar to saw palmetto for treating hair loss. There’s a popular hair growing competition in England that reported the winner one year was a guy who took freeze dried saw palmetto berries as a daily supplement.

saw palmetto hair loss

Basically the berries from the saw palmetto plant can also be taken in a pill form from local or online health food stores.

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