Reasons For Hair Loss: Diabetes Negatively Affects The Body’s Circulatory System

Crash dieting and losing plenty of weight suddenly or there’s excess or low secretion of these hormones which can lead to deficiencies if not treated on time, when a person suffers from hypo or hyperthyroidism. Hair loss is the complications due to various changes taking place in your body. Although, in an autoimmune disease, our body creates antibodies against our own cells and tissues. Diabetes negatively affects the body’s circulatory system. Furthermore, this means that less percentage of nutrients and oxygen reach the upper and the lower extremities of the body the feet and the scalp areas. Hair follicles will die resulting in hair loss, if diabetes is causing poor blood circulation to the scalp. Conditions like diabetes, psoriasis are also responsible for loss of hair. It’s best to get yourself checked for any underlying condition which gonna be causing your hair fall, Therefore if you notice this. Anything more than that over a time period can cause hair loss, while shedding of 60 100″ strands nearly any day is the norm.

reasons for hair loss

So it is as long as estrogen hormone levels are low in the body.

reasons for hair lossIt is essential to use mild shampoos and condition your mane as well as eat right.

They can make the hair dry as well as cause hair loss if due care is not taken. While during pregnancy, there’s a peak in the hormone estrogen so you can expect a full head of hair, that’s being that. Hormones go back to their normal phase which may result in hair falling out at once, as soon as the baby is delivered. Plenty of info can be found easily on the internet. Many women experience hair fall after their delivery. In this condition,male hormones or androgens are secreted in excess and they form small ‘fluidlike’ sacs in the ovaries which are known as cysts.It is due to hormonal imbalances in your body which negatively affects your hair growth as well.

It can trigger hair fall from your scalp, while you may notice more hair growth on your body.

reasons for hair lossThis results in low production of hemoglobin which means less oxygen to your organs.

Anemia is a result of low iron intake in one’s diet. So this results in hair fall.a lot of women can be anemic due to heavy menstruation or inadequate folic acid in their body. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. They tend to be weak and break easily, when oxygen does not reach your hair follicles. That said, whenever parting your hair, can further aggravate the condition, tight ponytails, wrong combs. Excessive use of hairstyling tools like strengtheners and curling iron or hair products like gels, mousse, sprays, colours, and all that can damage the hair shaft and prolonged usage can hamper its growth.

Whenever as indicated by trichologist Dr Apoorva Shah, even excessive colouring can lead to hair loss.

This leads to weak strands which fall prematurely.

It depletes from our body making the hair brittle, when we do not eat proteinrich foods. Then again, our hair is created from a protein called keratin. Chemotherapy sessions also result in hair loss. Other hormonal pills and therapies can have a similar effect. Women who are on birth control pills can have ‘sideeffects’ like hair fall if they abruptly stop using them.

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