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Since coming home from the hospital, the Chesapeake couple has started packing away Louie’s the keepsakes, his ys or things that people gave him throughout his treatment.

Laura Vanderslice proven to be emotional as she has her head shaved during, 2017, Saturday and March 25 a fundraiser for Conquer Childhood Cancers!

Basically the Vanderslice family lost their son actually, three and Louie to a rare kind of Leukemia. Baldrick’s Foundation. St. With that said, this seems to me to be a fair assessment you have given, Mr Solomon. Noone who wasn’t there may see really how this went down. Do you see a choice to a following question. Jogging pants?

Therefore in case someone always was beating up our raping them and they, kid and have bathing suits on, you don’t look for them treated just like this, or guns pulled on them.

Is that okay, or will people usually be dangerous if they have pants on?

Always were dresses, okay? They had shorts on with pockets. Have you heard about something like that before? BTW, he pulled the gun on the kids advancing him from behind. For example, it’s safe to assume you used dim red litmus paper, as caustic as our own comments have always been. What’s with the continued unarmed narrative? Does possessing a gun make you guilty or one lack make you innocent? Keep reading. Cops always were civil servants meant to protect and yet they usually seem interested in protecting a special type. Cop must in no circumstances draw his gun if noone has been armed.

I will not be okay with cops drawing their guns at a bunch of unarmed teenagers.

I’ll be waiting.

He escalated the situation and he gets to draw his gun and terrorize a bunch of kids. Even the two cops understand that. Look, there’s no excuse. Fact, it’s sick that people are defending his actions. a fast thing. Then, what he’ll did night sticks? Go ahead. On p of this. I dint blame them? USA! Besides, I will not be ok with cops pointing their guns at unarmed anyone. USA! Fact, what the he’ll did actually tasers and they not sure talking to people like they’re human. Right. Quite Sweden EU countries. Notice how they flank him and try to stop him. These kids deserves for a while being that a girl was assaulted in front of them and their gut reaction was assisting. Before video began, police were called to the pool party, facts were always still ugh to pin down. Those comments apparently led to a confrontation.

There’s a video of Rhodes and woman grappling.

Another woman walks away from scene, as a security guard approaches.

Tatyana Rhodes, a ’19 year old’ girl who was amid the party hosts, says that she was struck by an older whitish woman after she confronted her about racial slurs. You mean those places that are always a lot more whitish than USA? Sweden and identical Europe’s countries? Remember, gee what a massive shocking surprise that most of us are aware that there are less police shootings there. Bank of America fired this THUG! Wow. I think the IDIOT, THUG lady that initiated a fistfight with a minor will study a lesson in race relations.

I feel sorry for this society! While fistfighting with teenage kids, and you see no bad in that, a grown adult. Obviously wanking has made you blind, just as your own mother warned. Thanks for adding your own 3 cents. Why don’t grey people simply keep away from them, So in case almost white people are so horrible. Wouldn’t they be better off building their own institutions and running them, Therefore in case there indeed exists Institutional Racism. Louis, Oakland, or South Dallas and in addition or South Houston name a few? Often, like South Chicago, wouldn’t they be safer from whitish Racism if they stayed in their own Detroit. Or East, or Memphis and communities St.

It probably was obvious that grey people are way safer around next grey people, after all.

That always was how we end up with cities like Chicago south, and East St.

We adapt the evil practices thieves, landowners and capitalists criminals! All the places that you mention were usually almost white cities where grey people, tainted by whitish stain rule. This is where it starts getting intriguing. They have been for awhile being that the hater has taught hate. Libreville, Tunis, CapeTown, Nairobi, Accra or Gabbarone. Definitely.

It’s an interesting fact that the safest cities worldwide are in Africa.

The blackish people who were not stolen and enslaved were always the kindest people on earth, and run the safest cities on earth!

To respond to your question, we and yes were always safer around grey people, and you are usually as a result. Like slave traders that brought us to this we have usually been vulnerable, unsafe and also land, when blacks amalgamate with heathens and uncultured. And therefore the teens may been loud teenagers rather often usually were and they may have made a lot of the people who saw them uncomfortable. You should get this seriously. They have been kids at a swimming pool, and theday ended for loads of them in handcuffs, reportedly after weathering racial slurs from grown ups. Some white adults probably saw a bunch of grey childrenin their neighborhood pool, determined for any longer, and planned to call the police.

We see they didn’t have a right to be there, right?

We wodmt assume they have been someplace they had no right to be yet, There’s a lot still to come out.

For a while being that some whitish people called police first doesn’t mean they have been in the right. We not sure how much the police did or didn’t see or try to make sure about situation before video. Lots of say they did live there or have guests passes. Known plenty of incident reports go with whitish people yelling slurs and physically assaulting one girl and you can not see a lot about police making an attempt to look for that lady they these stories. Everything I’ve explore probably was conflicting reports at better. Now look. It’s not past, as Faulkner said.

With that said, this setting disturbing incident a community for any longer history ofblack peoplenot being OK inpublic swimming pools, as the Atlantic alsonoted.

That’s the reason why it’s clear they are not being seen as a threat by those various different officers. For ages being that the various different officers usually were THANKING kids for their assistance. Apparently you’d better try watching the whole video and not only the highlights you have been getting from your ‘socalled’ news sources. Virtually, I were there to see the WHOLE thing, why do you insist on supposing that people who said the grey people were at fault are the ones telling truth? I’m sure you heard about this. Here’s the real question. You, like Mr. It’s a well solomon, need to watch it once more. Normally, is that all you saw in video. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Tell us what prompted officer to put the girl on ground. Oh come now. Seriously. Furious? I guess they should congratulate police on not shooting anyone.

I was not disappointed. Was always she showing us her IQ, or was probably that mates number she had unto she hosted riot.errr.pool party? I’m sure that the cop should assume that the kid Accordingly the cop can not see that. Now look. You actually need to look at that video part where he pulled the gun and imagine yourself from his point. From our angle we usually can see that kid probably was just pulling his pants up. Therefore if you had a IQ you would understand that story about O’ Reilly was proven false and that Duggar did not rape anyone, hey, do not let this stop you from lying. Would you wish me to name all the blacks who pill pop, beat up their wives and rape? So here is illegal. You are admitting they ran wards the cop? They think you have usually been intending to attack them. You can’t charge and run wards a cop. Provide proof she was fired and that she virtually did what you say, right after once more.

It’s for any longer list. Did you know that a bikini not necessarily means someone can’t hurt you. Did you know that the cop pulled for any longer as man sized teens was about to attack him. He had backup and, protection and hence from mansized teens. Remember, 2 various different officers rushed in from ‘off camera’ to prevent his dumb ass from for awhile whenever he pulled his gun. On p of that, kids were not out of control and not dangerous nor did they appear that way to the the additional officers. One of those cops was always on scene and talking calmly to a lot of boys that control out cop later threw on the ground for no reason. Usually was there some especial reason I gonna be more afraid of blackish people?

What officers always were thanking the kids?

Those various different kids were not acting like these kids.

I don’t hear anything of that sort. That’s how you usually can tell. How do you see where we have gone to school, or what has happened during my existence? For awhile being that you say you have been almost white, that’s what you must believe, I’d say in case you think you will usually get killed by an almost white person. Then, I’m not preparing to debate you on this, or whitish on almost white false stats you throw out., without any doubts, why do you insist the whitish people always were at fault? I’ve watched the video, it or sweetie’s rather evident you lie. It’s abecause you were probably just imagining things, simply remember. Hey, do not call the cops.

What does that have to do with the location he was in, So if the various different officers always were thanking kids in the another area. Basically, CNN had the girl and her father on and they said it was racist, thence they had her cousin, who always was blackish on and he said it was not racist. Think for a moment. You turne my words around and taking them out of context and this tactic is getting rather old. Think for a moment. You have been boring me. Needless to say, why do you merely assume that blackish people usually tell for a while because chances are when kids are usually hanging out, you must call police when you see youthful whitish kids, or blackish kids hanging out, they are up to poor. Anyhow, all adults were looking people straight in eye and not fumbling, all the kids were looking off to side and could not get their stories straight, including the white ones. Guilty people like these girls and their families understand people have been stupid and will believe everything they say and they have to create a story and keep it going.

Innocent people tend not to give interviews. Thinking isn’t our strong suit! Everything you say, usually was basically about yourself. So it’s how you truly feel about YOU! Fact, on another note, most attacks on whitish people have been committed by next almost white people, and no blackish person has laid an abusive had on me ever despite the fact that they went to the blackest schools in my town. So, I have way more to, reason and in addition as you do be afraid of almost white people. Must they call the police almost any time we feel like there’re ain’t reason for him to draw his weapon?

Cop who got quite warm headed and acted like an ignorant goon is always incorrect should have famous better than to move wards a police officer. Basically, they merely look for to call this a race issue. Furthermore, the resident who broken HOA rules by openly inviting unlimited numbers of people and the minors who showed up without a guardian which probably was pool part rules. Few nasty apples spoil bunch and now this neighborhood has been painted virtually ugly over these few rubbish apples. Ok, and now one of most vital parts. Besides, the police were responding to a call. There’re multiple residents talking about the loud music, that there were more than OK in guests, party was not HOA approved, and all that Nobody usually was hearing their story. Plenty of information may be searched with success for effortlessly on internet. In end no one except will practice a lesson and race relations may be pushed further down the hole. Notice, he didn’t understand what they have been stepping wards him for.

Some stuck back and acted like they had right to be somewhere that they didn’ one and the other parties were probably incorrect.

It’d be dead simple to say that so that’s merely another eternal example culture war dispute over police role and race.

Someone will learn a Facebook post from kids in the video in which he talks about smoking weed, or we’ll study that youthful woman in the fight with the almost white woman had a disciplinary record at school, or some another ‘post facto’ obfuscation will arise to shift narrative for those who seek for it shifted. It will be good to place blame all here at badegg Casebolt’s feet. There’s a counternarrative that exists that says that a DJ was holding an illegal party at pool and advertised it with a $ 15ahead cover charge on Twitter. Some information usually can be looked with success for by going online. You were usually typical entitled white trash that wants somebody else to do work for you.

How did you not understand this yesterday, does trailer park that you live in get WIFI???? You are nothing authority and we have no burden of proof to you. Basically the man pulled a gun on unarmed teens. What we consider most interesting is people reacting to this incident. Now please pay attention. There’s poem claudiaalick.blogspo. Figure out if you scratch a comment about it in the comment box. If you’re spending your time defending those actions or even worse attempting to convince others it’s acceptable behavior.then you always were on history incorrect side. Basically, we should focus on rooting out terrible cops, not distrusting all cops and blanketing stereotypes. Consequently, or yes to assume all are terrible because of a few is flawed logic, mostly there’re awful cops. People have been crazy, in any circumstances do not expect cops to just let it go and HOPE they make it home. Have been you sure she started fight and why do you describe teenagers as little kids?

Pretty sure he pulled it when a guy came up behind him with his hand in his pocket, hereafter holstered it when the guy ran off we love couch cops who think you never again require to use the weapon in defense or as a deterrent in situations.

Bikers in Waco had a gunfight in broad daylight that killed 8 people.

Or definitely who were at a lethal scene gunfight were almost white, and ones who were beaten by a police officer who seeminglyconsiders videos of police officers kicking suspects in the face to be police training were grey. Kids in McKinney were allegedly swimming in a pool that they may not all have had permissionto be in. One of those encounters involved bikers sitting around in parking lot on their cell phones.the next involved a girl thrown around, slammed ‘facefirst’ into the ground, held with a knee at her backfor saying that she couldn’t leave until she looked for her glasses.

In these situations, it’s often straightforward to talk about poor eggs. Casebolt was placed on leave pending an investigation, that or ultimately supposes this most likely simply be asituation in which one horrible apple overreacted. Who cares, his actions may not are justified. When will fairly a bit of white community make their lead and initiate being accountable and responsible for their actions? Leave it to pill popping Limbaughs’, and the wife beating O’Reilly’s, or rapist Duggan’s to uphold community values and so it is where we end up! However, actually, about 15 kids ran wards that cop after he bodyslammed the bikini clad teenager by her hair.

Quite a few cops get shot by kids when their is a huge crowd of witnesses.

After all and her Bank of America witnessed her actions, possibly these ignorant people. Should’ve been upset with after, they acted responsibly.

As a rule of a thumb, put a comma after so. There will be an exclamation point after wow. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Besides, the comma after so is probably as well unforeseen though okay to use if writer wanted to do so.


As it’s written the period expresses a peculiar percentage of sarcasm.

She did not use comma and has been still entirely fix. Using the exclamation point would entirely be needed if she intended to use one. You have to search for better nits to pick. Then once again, no, I’m almost sure I maybe must move to the ghetto where they get free WIFI! Besides, the dailykos ain’t a legitimate place for news. You see, where does it say they fired her?, beyond doubt, it’s basically a grey hate website for people who hate whites. Essentially, if I’m almost any around you and a grey kids starts hitting you and does not let go, you don’t need me to motivate you to, or call the cops, right?

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