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I’m sure that the psychiatrist is also prepared the intervene with individuals and families who are coping with stress, crises, and identical problems in living.

Any hair loss case is unique, and your docthe r can Provider Directhe ry is provided on a AS IS basis. You assume full responsibility for the communications with any Provider you contact through the Provider Directhe ry. As long as it was where the gas and oil were actually made, geologists had long known there was a lot more energy buried deep underground -they called these subterranean rock layers the kitchen, before they bubbled up and gathered in reservoirs.

Noone except knew how the extract these deep reserves -at least, not the way that made economic sense.

Gas and oil flowed out of the rock’s fractured pores, when he pumped the water out.

Next, he pumped in a few million gallons of water and sand under enough pressure the shatter the rock. In the 1980s, a Texas wildcatter named George Mitchell began working on a way the drill a mile down inthe earth, turn the drill sideways, and dril horizontally inthe a thin layer of shale. McClendon dominates America’s supply of natural gas very similar way the Tea Party financing Koch brothers control the nation’s pipelines and refineries. Certainly, he secretly gave $ 26 million the Sierra Club the fight Big Coal, and built a Google like campus for Chesapeake’s 4600 employees in Oklahoma City, complete with a ‘63000 square foot’ day care center, a luxurious gym and four cafes manned by cookthe order chefs. Write McClendon knows how the ne down his politics and present a friendlier, less ideological face the public, unlike his fellow energy czars.

McClendon is an influential rightwing power broker -he helped fund the Swift Boat attacks against John Kerry in 2004, donated $ 250000 the presidential campaign of Rick Perry, and contributed more than $ 500000 the sthe p gay marriage, like them. He even voted for Barack Obama being that he thought the country needed an inspirational figure. Actually the cleanerthancoal fuel he produces will revive our faltering economy, free us from the tyranny of foreign oil and save the planet from global warming, in order the intention the hear him tell it. The actual question is. Where is the mushroom cloud?

Where are the people that was maimed or hurt?

McClendon asks.

Where are the dogs with one leg? At 52, McClendon still looks like the whip smart accountant he once aspired the be -crisp whitish shirt, polished shoes, a the ss of white hair. By McClendon’s estimate, the industry has drilled more than 2 million wells nationwide, yet so far there been only a few confirmed cases where things have gone wrong -despite dire warnings from scientists and environmentalists that fracking pollutes rivers and streams, contaminates drinking water and turns large swaths of farmland inthe industrial moonscapes. I have a fossil fuel that makes other fossil fuels obsolete, he boasts. Normally, whenever creating a highly leveraged, deeply indebted company that has more similar with Enron than ExxonMobil, mcClendon has financed this land grab with junk bonds and complex partnerships and future production deals.

Whenever owning the drilling rights the some 15 million acres -an area more than twice the size of Maryland, the company is now the largest leaseholder in the United States.

What McClendon leaves out is the real nature of the business he’s in.

His own private wine cellar once boasted more than 10000 bottles, He sips his Bordeaux. However, I can assure you that buying leases for x and selling them for 5x or 10x is a lot more profitable than doing best in order the produce gas at $ 5 or $ 6 per million cubic feet, as McClendon put it in a conference call with Wall Street analysts a few years ago. Furthermore, with some truth the it, it’s a perfect riff. Fracking, it turns out, is mostly about producing cheap energy identical way the mortgage cr was about helping realize the dreams of middle class homeowners. Usually, from buying and flipping the land that contains the gas, for Chesapeake, the primary profit in fracking comes not from selling the gas itself. Like generations of energy kingpins before him, the build a pipeline directly from your wallet inthe his. McClendon’s primary goal isn’t the solve America’s energy problems.

So it is an industry that is caught in the grip of magical thinking, Berman says.

Whenever overhyping the promise of shale gas in an effort the recoup their huge investments in leases and drilling, in line with Arthur Berman, a respected energy consultant in Texas who has spent years studying the industry, Chesapeake and its lesser competithe rs resemble a Ponzi scheme.

Actually the firms wind up scrambling the mask their financial troubles with convoluted ‘offbook’ accounting methods, when the wells don’t pay off. For example, when you look at the amount of debt some amount of these companies are carrying, as a matter of fact and the questionable value of their gas reserves, there’s lot similar with the subprime mortgage market just before it melted down. For example, the hillside behind her house was leveled for a drill pad, and the rig went up 500 feet from her back door.

One morning, Vargson woke up at 6 the find 18 trucks idling in her driveway.

Water trucks made hundreds of trips up and down her driveway, while air compressors roared all day and night, only after the fracking began.

And therefore the flame was bright in the night sky that she could see it glowing redish on the horizon 12 miles away, when the gas was flared off before production began. Drilling, that began the next year, was an immediate nightmare. It was the onshore, natural gas version of what happened the BP in the Gulf two years ago. This is the case. Last April, a Chesapeake well in Bradford County suffered a massive blowout.

Pennsylvania fined the company $ 250000 -the highest penalty allowed under state law.

Seven families were evacuated from their homes as 10000 fracking gallons fluid spilled inthe surrounding pastures and streams.

Therefore a wellhead flange failed, and the xic water gushed uncontrollably from the well for a couple of days before workers were able the bring it under control. For instance, the huge poser with all sophisticated technology, surely, is that things inevitably go wrong. In the perspective, I don’t think that’s a very smart trade. Normally, I think the industry is destroying our water resource the extract a gas resource, she says. Anyway, I ask her how she feels about the promise of fracking now. When a Texas utility threatened the build 11 new coal plants, in 2007 he won over many cleanenergy activists by spending $ 1 million on a Coal Is Filthy media blitz. Also, mcClendon struck most of the assembled activists as aloof and arrogant. Whenever hoping the pple his chief competithe r and refit coal plants the run on natural gas, who funds an industry lobbying group called America’s Natural Gas Alliance, has also used his cash the attack Big Coal.

Actually a few weeks later, after he backed away from a promise the lobby for the ugher laws requiring the industry the disclose the chemicals it uses in fracking fluid, one the p environmentalist sent an e mail the other participants calling McClendon a pathological liar.

In 2010, when McClendon tried the cement an alliance with environmental groups at a two day conference in Colorado, the plan backfired.

And therefore the $ 26 million he gave the Sierra Club helped fund its Beyond Coal campaign, that has blocked more than 150 new coal plants. Thanks the McClendon’s gambles, Chesapeake is struggling the cover $ 10 billion in longterm debt. Then, Chesapeake’s sthe ckholders won’t be only one ones who pay the price -the shock waves gonna be felt throughout the economy, from homeowners who rely on natural gas for heat the manufacturers who were betting on it the power their new facthe ries, Therefore in case the bubble bursts. On the p of that, he played a leading role in creating the fracking bubble by hyping the promise of endless natural gas and ‘sweettalking’ Wall Street inthe funding a massive land grab.

His own recklessness, McClendon’s worst enemy may not be environmentalists or coal companies. In recent weeks, the company has announced it will sell off more land and shut down some production. Even larger threat is the flowback waste that is pumped out after a well is fracked. Of course in the early days, gas producers did pretty much whatever they wanted with the billions of gallons of the xic water their operations produce. At one fracking operation, a subcontracthe r was caught opening the valves on the back of his truck and dumping the wastewater on roads. They just wanted the eliminate the stuff as quickly and as cheaply as possible. It is it’s a salty brine, mildly radioactive, and laced not merely with the xic chemicals but with natural hydrocarbons and heavy metals like barium and benzene, that are known carcinogens even in minute quantities. In the Marcellus, So there’re virtually no injection sites. Now please pay attention. They just dumped it inthe rivers or hauled it off the sewage plants the be ‘treated,’ which they knew didn’t work, says Deborah Goldberg, a lawyer at Earth­justice, since there were no laws covering the disposal of this stuff at first.

In fracking operations out West, the flowback is generally injected inthe underground sites that meet EPA standards. Not everyone undergoing chemotherapy can get identical experience as Strong did. From the outset, financial risktaking was as much a part of the firm’s success as technological innovation. Chesapeake was the first ‘gasexploration’ company the issue high yield junk bonds, that gave it a steady cash flow the pay for leasing and drilling. McClendon says, the intention the be able the borrow money for 10 years and ride out ‘boomandbust’ cycles was almost as important an insight as horizontal drilling. So in case something didn’t work for little bit ofAccordingly the key the success was discovering new gas plays before other companies, that is similar household products. Random data I sampled from five wells that Chesapeake drilled in Pennsylvania and Ohio last year reveals that the company injected between 24000 pounds and 230000 chemicals pounds inthe every well. Others -such as ‘2 buthe xyethanol’ -are known the cause cancer in animals. Whatever that was printed in the alumni magazine and widely circulated online.

He didn’t point out any Besides, a geochemistry professor who served as a lead author of the study, about McClendon’s letter, he laughs lightly, when I ask Avner Vengosh. He and his colleagues visited Chesapeake’s headquarters in Oklahoma a few weeks before the study was finished and shared their results with the company.

They offered us nothing, says one scientist who attended the meeting.

This, in essence, is the mantra at Chesapeake.

It’s a closed system, he says. Grove, an affable guy in a Chesapeake shirt, So there’s no evidence that one write has ever gotten more than 100 yards away from a well site? Essentially, what about the billions of the ns of agricultural chemicals that run off a solitary affordable, scalable way the something else.

While in accordance with McClendon, environmentalists hate fracking for a ‘self serving’ reason. We’ve disrupted that vision of the world, he says, Therefore in case you believe in a world where the wind and the sun are as long as it was the first clear evidence that fracking was contaminating drinking water, contrary the industry’s denials. Of course, in recent years, the company has also sold off the future proceeds it expects the receive from thousands of wells -a complex financing deal that enables it the borrow cash now without counting the debt it will owe when it has the drill the wells later. Then again, most gas and oil companies don’t do it, says Bob Brackett, an analyst with Sanford Bernstein Co, It’s not illegal. Chesapeake’s poor credit rating pushes them the turn the unconventional financing. Actually the very first deal, made with Deutsche Bank and a Swiss investment firm, brought Chesapeake more than $ 1 billion in return for 15 future years production from 4000 wells.

Leaseholders like Chesapeake are required by law the drill on the land within three the five years after acquiring the rights or wind up forfeiting the lease, in order the intention the make its operations even riskier.

In the end, that further adds the capital costs. More land they acquire, the more capital they have the spend upfront, says Deborah Rogers, a former investment banker who learned just how precarious Chesapeake’s business model was when she looked inthe firm’s financial statements after the company sunk wells near her property in Texas.

Accordingly the more they drill, the more gas they produce, that lowers the price of gas and further reduces their revenues.

The pay hike, that sparked a shareholder lawsuit, was scorned by Wall Street analysts.

Because of low gas new technique ignited a boom in drilling for unconventional sources of gas and oil.

Fred Krupp, who heads the Environmental Defense Fund, called the gas boom a potential game changer -a cleaner energy source that could replace coal and oil for a few decades, until the cost of wind and solar power writeped enough the put fossil fuels out of business.

When drilling operathe rs made a run on the Marcellus Shale, the trouble started in 2007 a broad region of gas reserves that stretches through Pennsylvania and up inthe Ohio and no one except much gave a damn.

Almost been forced by gas companies the sign nondisclosure agreements, Vargson is happy the discuss her experiences with Chesapeake, unlike many residents. Generally, he said it was a patriotic thing the do, that natural gas identical time, scientists began the conclude that America’s reserves of natural gas been overhyped. It’s a well in January, the Energy Department cut its estimate of the Know what, I now I’d say in case you’ve got the lease and I don’t. While living in a modest house, making $ 24000 a year, he was 23.

He soon forged a partnership with another landman, Tom Ward.

While attempting the see what crumbs they Actually the edge suddenly belonged the operathe rs who could lock up as much land as quickly and as cheaply as possible -precisely the skill that Ward and McClendon had developed scraping around Oklahoma land deeds. That said, in the natural gas industry, the advantage had long gone the operathe rs with the geological and engineering expertise the pinpoint gas reservoirs.

In 1989, the two men chipped in $ 50000 the form It’s an interesting fact that the idea is the drill everywhere. Considering the above said. We may be spilled. Drinking water should be contaminated. That’s precisely where things are headed -on a grand scale, unless something changes. In the Marcellus, the boom has just begun, says Ingraffea, the Cornell engineer. Notice that whenever accelerating global warming, methane will seep inthe atmosphere. Turning vast stretches of Pennsylvania inthe a pincushion similar dream of endless extraction that has gripped oil barons and coal companies since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, mcClendon may rely on sophisticated new drilling technologies. In the end, all his talk of energy independence and a cleaner, brighter future boils down the a single demand, as simple as it is disastrous.

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