Hair Loss: This Is What Happens To Your Hair If You Over Use Dye Or Bleach

Visit Birthday Party Ideas for ns of planning information for baby’s first birthday. Get an awful lot of ideas for first birthday party invitations decorations, food, supplies, games, favors, and more! Alopecia is a very common thing but it can also be an embarrassing time for patients and it can be very stressful.

The following conditions are the leading causes for hair loss in men and women.

There’re some medical conditions that can cause mild and severe Alopecia, So there’re just like old age and genetics. It is what happens to your hair if you over use dye or bleach. Chemical breakage is probably amid the most common reasons for women to lose their hair. That said, this can cause severe breakage and it’s not something that any woman wants to have happen but unfortunately it does and sometimes it starts after the first time you use dye or after a couple of years of repeated hair dying. The major medical conditions that can cause hair loss is hypothyroidism which is a condition where your thyroid gland, located in your neck, slows down production or stops working altogether.

Thyroid gland controls a release of hormones into your blood stream and without them you can experience hair loss, weight gain and usually a low body temperature or feeling the cold a lot.

Among the other common causes of Alopecia is the use of certain chemotherapy drugs and that’s the reason why many cancer patients lose their hair.

It’s commonly thought that the symptoms of cancer is hair loss but this ain’t the case -it’s the treatment for cancer, known as chemotherapy, that causes hair loss and it is simply as in order to wipe out cancer, you need a savage range of treatment which can affect other areas of your body, in this case, your hair. On p of this, definitely, there’s the genetic side of things which may or may not be treatable.

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