Hair Loss – The Most Common Factor Is Heredity

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So it’s a tubelike structure located near the surface of the skin, Every strand of hair grows from a hair follicle. Every hair is composed of a root and a shaft that grows within the follicle. Clump of hair shafts are important to any mammal since it provides warmth and protection from external factors. Certainly, the root of the hair, that is responsible for growing the shaft, lies two to four millimeters underneath the skin while the hair shaft, that is commonly referred as the actual hair, is seen externally. Not to worry though as a new hair normally grows from identical area again.

It grows rapidly in a period of three years after that.

It rests for about 90 days and falls out after that as it meet its end.

Then the hair grows on a cycle of starts and stops. Basically the hair that you lose everyday is the ones who had completed their cycle. You may wonder why some hair falls earlier than others, that means, any strand was undergoing different cycles. Human hair is randomly and evenly distributed throughout the scalp. However, most of us know that there are many reasons why people lose hair at different rates. Since as people age, the rate of it growth slows down and the strands are gradually thinning, so that’s also the reason why old people have gray hair, Next is old age.

Therefore the most common factor is heredity.

For most of the reasons why people lose hair, So it’s best to consult your doctor for proper assessment and possible treatment options like.

And so it’s experienced during sudden hormonal changes, aside from these natural factors and as a symptom of a certain medical condition. He is also a speaker at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Conference. Remember, michael is the Practice Manager Patient Adviser at the Australian Institute of, Hair Transplant Clinic in Sydney. Of course, working extensively throughout Australia and overseas, with over 10 years experience in all areas of hair transplant surgery.

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