Hair Loss: The Cause Of Female Hair Loss Is Slightly Different Than When Men Are Losing Their Hair

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Visit SimplytoImpress, in order to learn more. Millions upon millions of women are suffering from losing their hair, and this number is only increasing any and each year. Cause of female hair loss can be many, just like stress, nutritional deficiencies, genetic predisposition, or even trauma. Most women however find that the cause of female hair loss for them is because of hormones. Furthermore, the cause of female hair loss is slightly different than when men are losing their hair. This is where it starts getting entertaining. Men struggle with DHT, that is a derivative from the hormone testosterone, and it leads to hair shrinking and eventually falling out.

hair loss They also have two other female hormones called estrone and estradiol, women also have DHT, that affects their hair.

That’s why the cause of female hair loss needs a slightly different remedy than men do.

Seek for to look into are vitamin B6, magnesium, biotin, horsetail, and a special ingredient called para amino benzoic acid. Also, you look for to be careful about which products you buy, they haven’t been proven to work on actual human hair, mostly there’re lots of products out there that try to address the cause. I highly encourage you to form your favorite opinion by doing your personal research, and finding out which products might work for you. As long as they are filled with chemicals and unproven ingredients, in my research I have found that most products aren’t worth your money.

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