Hair Loss: The Arrector Pili Muscle Degeneration And Hair Loss

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You can mail birthday cards to Josie Eugenie through her service coordinator Candice Gage who works forClackamas County Developmental Disabilities. I liked the below finding.

That’s important as long as it shows that5alphareductase inhibitors just like Finasteride and Dutasteride can bring back hair from the dead/almost dead/slowly dying.

While Finasteride 1 mg led to a reduction in the thin hair count by 5 percent at 24 weeks, in this particular study, Dutasteride 5 mg led to a reduction in the thin hair count by 12 percent at 24 weeks. And so it’s unclear exactly how many if most of the thin hair that became thicker were vellus hair that had shrunk many years or even decades earlier.

hair loss The more interesting facts of this particular study is that the authors also measured what amount miniaturized/miniaturizing hairs became thick once again.

In recent years, a few studies have come out that suggest a possibleconnection between the arrector pili muscle degenerating and hairloss as long as the subsequent disconnection between various hair follicle stem cell populations.

It’s possible that an intact arrector pili muscle plays a crucial rolein the maintenance of follicular integrity and stability. Certainly, arrector pili muscles are small muscles attached to individual human hair follicles on both the scalp as well as body.Contraction of these muscles causes hairs to stand up, a phenomenon that is known as goosebumps. So arrector pili muscle is often referred to as the goosebump muscle. Notice that a bunch of such studies seem to come from the western world so I am glad that this one comes from India.

So it’s yet one more study among numerous others over the past decade that has concluded Dutasteride to be significantly superior to Finasteride in regrowing hair. It seems like Dutasteride is effective at growing hair irrespective of one’s ethnicity and genetics. Still an ideal results when considering that virtually the majority of balding men would have seen a decline in hair count at 24 weeks without treatment. In identical study, 45 men were also treated with Finasteride 1 mg once a day and saw about a 2 percent increase in hair count at 24 weeks. Even if usually just some amount of it, dutasteride likely helps bring back ‘long lost’ hair in many patients. Over the years, I have read many online anecdotal reports of older men who were taking Dutasteride to treat enlarged prostates and saw hair growth in areas of the scalp that were tally bald for decades. Yes, that’s right! Some miniaturized vellus hairs in balding regions might even never lose dozens of their arrector pili muscle connection.

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