Hair Loss: That Makes My Day

hair loss It was nothing less than a gourmet served in a 5 star.

The better part was it introduced an unmatched glee inside the eyes in the 5 year aged birthday boy.

I be advised Once I attendant a kid’s birthday get gether previous time, the cake was large and very fairly. Nonetheless, here comes The most crucial element. I had GBS on 9/30/I have lost about 54 lbs and consider that is losing slow.

I also have troubles with constipation….any suggestions?

I am lucky that I have not thrown up one time but I do get the icky feeling with protein shakes but am willing to try them again since that definitely is another good way to get the protein in.

hair loss I have just started to lose my hair at 3 months post surgery and Surely it’s not By the way I will try these suggestions.

I’m like a bunch of you with protein. My hair is falling out by the handfuls. Basically, started using it this morning and I was taking Biotin for about a week. I had gastric bypass surgery on November 3, 2010 and have lost 52 lbs to date. I drink on it all day and have a protein shake in the morning so I am getting 68g in a day. I have found a protein drink that has a really good flavor and has 40g of protein. Seriously. Protein drink is called Cytomax Protein and I found mine at my local wholesale nutrition store. Certainly, I was getting really nervous about it and talked with a friend who had the surgery years ago and she ld me about the Nioxin. Anyways, I can no longer drink milk cant stand the sight of it.

hair loss I was using unflavored protein powder that I buy at GNC, as for the shakes.

I mix 1 scoop with crystal light….

Love the unflavored protein. I was throwing up from the protein shakes and found out that the milk in them makes me sick. Gonna get right on all of that for sure. Furthermore, now I am looking at getting it cut shorter -it’s pretty long at this point, to the middle of my back so I can cut off a lot and still have some length. I had no clue about the Nioxin, Biotin, Silica OR the head massages!! For instance, my hairdresser said that I could stand to lose a bunch of hair and never notice not anymore! I’m getting really freaked out. Anyhow, I am losing my hair BIG TIME!! I will admit that I made the decision to have it permed about 2 mos ago with an eye to some amount of it back!! I like a lot of you lost ALOT of my hair. That said, thanks!! I have thick hair so I am hoping I wont show thin hair soon. Usually, I am 6 months out and lost 76 pounds. I love the new me and I am very much happier because of it. I dont regret a minute of it. Considering the above said. I will add extra protien to my diet but it makes me feel a lot better to know so that’s normal and that by taking these steps that I am not doing something wrong. This is the case. It’s very upsetting when you see large clumps of hair come out in your hands. I just ordered the vitamins and plan on getting the shampoo. Noticed that a couple of people on here have commented on still having a hard time forcing the food down -wish I had that problem.

hair loss I can down a regular size Light Yoplait without any trouble whatsoever and that’s in addition to my morning egg!

While nothing else seems to make me feel all that full, I haven’t had a single food issue and though I do reach a limit with how much meat I can eat at a time.

But…I’m still losing so I guess it’s not a big issue -I don’t eat no foods. Massaging ‘5 10’ minutes almost any day will lead to a healthier, happier scalp and better hair. Best of all, it’s dirt cheap. Damage these chemical processes do will make for duller hair and fallout. I personally have a religious conviction against cutting my hair. Anyways, as with all vitamins, they’re not all created equal. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Seriously. You can find a lot more info about it here. Use the tips of your fingers -never your fingernails -and rub in small circles.

hair loss It is more than 3 years and I am still dealing with an open wound of about 3 inches.

It’s about more than getting a clean head.

Our hair ain’t one of them. Suddenly, our hair must do without the nutrients it needs to grow. So here’s the question. It’s a well-known fact that the old advice to brush your hair 100 strokes nearly any night before bed? They’ve got items I haven’t seen anywhere else, and daily specials that can be fantastic -including free samples nearly any now and after all! I’d never survive without shakes and protein snacks. Consequently, she does that as long as it’s good for your scalp and your hair. Unless you seek for a brush full of fallenout hair, well, 100 brush strokes may not be better thing at the moment.

They have been supposed to have done it laparascopically but were unable to do as they found a hernia.

This website focuses exclusively on protein for bariatric patients.

Nioxin is a single hair care line formulated exclusively as skin care for the scalp. It really does matter what kind of shampoo and conditioner you use. Therefore, any perms, color treatments, and stuff, damage your hair and going to be avoided at this time. It also has to compensate for that loss. Should love to talk with anyone about this. Actually I will say that keeping your ends trimmed or even going for a shorter cut won’t only Undoubtedly it’s VERY thin without signs of coming back because My hair has fallen out extremely. I had also developed a MRSA infection about 5 days after the surgery and it ok about six months to remove that! You see, we have to ensure our bodies are able to process and absorb the supplements we take, as gastric bypass patients. You must use the absolute best you can afford. Now look. So massage sends more blood to your scalp and helps loosen scalp muscles. Make sure you drop a comment about it in the comment form. You really can minimize that loss, and without any success.

Afterwards, it’s nearly impossible from diet alone.

Even without obesity removal surgery, you lose a certain number of hairs every day. My doctor recommended 60 grams or more a day. Just think for a moment. I’ve found 80 to be a better number, both for diet and for my hair. Drinks, powders, cereals, chips -you name it, they’ve got it. One thing I remember from Cosmetology School all those years ago is how to keep hair healthy. Know what, I noticed a difference in my hair within ‘2 3’ weeks, when I started taking Silica. Coloring your hair will make the hair shaft a little thicker, and that can give you the appearance of fullness. Which is why you must consider adding therefore had an open bypass in which they cut about10 inches down the center of my stomach and to this day I have not tally healed. Stressed hair needs special care -and obviously, gastric bypass surgery is very stressful for your hair. What makes it work is massaging your scalp. Have you ever noticed when you’re being shampooed at the beauty shop that the stylist really massages your scalp? On p of that, my highest weight was 371 lbs. You’ll feel it starting to work within a few minutes.

Will a perm.

Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp.

Especially since for loads of us, our hair was amidst the few things we really liked about ourselves before surgery. After diet surgery, our bodies are forced to live on drastically lower amounts of calories. It’s a well it works to provide an optimal scalp environment to both minimize hair loss stimulate faster, healthier regrowth. While it’s nearly impossible to stop hair from falling out, you most certainly is not always easy to do. As a result, the principle is a very good one. It sends more strands into resting phases and temporarily suspends production of new strands. Since the biggest reason we lose hair after surgery is being a lack of nutrients getting to our hair follicles, so it makes sense that getting more nutrients to our hair will minimize hair loss. Nothing will keep you from losing any hair whatsoever. It can’t be prevented. There’re things you can do that seem to help. Even a full year after gastric bypass, I find it impossible to get 80 protein grams from diet alone. Off, be sure you’re getting all of your protein. It can be very traumatic to see clumps of hair in the shower drain, or to run your fingers through your hair and come out with a handful. Please think twice about having this surgery! When your scalp feels all nice and tingly you’ll know you’ve got the blood flowing.

I’m pretty sure I spent about $ 10 on a six month supply, with the special they’ve been running at the time.

You can massage your scalp yourself any time -as long as your hair ain’t wet.

Afterwards, you’re preparing to lose more. Some are really good! All the best! I had my surgery 10/12/10 the hair is going like crazy which is depressing but dr did mention it’s temporary so I’m clinging to that. I tried a few of their protein snacks. There’s p I have tried is nectar. I swear I have tried most protein drinks and had problems with them all plus it tastes like crap. Sounds familiar? It comes in plenty of different flavors best of all I can mix it with water and they still taste great There’s a place near me called Nashua nutrition located in nashua, nh that caters to the bariatric crowd.

Latest sample was the proti thin vanilla wafers… Sooo good though I can only eat among the wafers.

Is anyone else having difficulty with getting their water intake in?

After reading this, I am going for a haircut today, it continues to come out, By the way I was afraid to cut my hair. My hair loss started around the 1st month, they say it will happen around the 4th month, not for me! I had my surgery on 4/01/10, I have lost 121lbs as of this morning. Let me tell you something. Best of luck to everyone on this journey! Usually, I’m thankful everyday that I chose to have the surgery, I am no longer O2 dependent and no longer have diabetes, with that said, this surgery saved my life, Know what guys, I wish I will have done it years ago, By the way I will take the hair loss! Now look. It had been 6 1/2 months since my surgery and in the last 2 months in my opinion I have lost at least 1/3 of my hair. Can anyone tell me how much of every to take, I have purchased the silica nd biotin as recommended. Notice that I think either the office and Doctor don’t know or they avoid telling you certain things so you won’t get should like to start some regrowth.

I agree that I wish that I had known more before my gastric bypass. HAIR!! j/K….No, really I have lost a huge bit of my hair, I cut it short, use Nioxin shampoo and have started taking Flaxseed Oil and Biotin about 2 weeks ago and I have already noticed a difference in the texture of my hair. Good Luck to all of you guys that are going through identical situation! A well-known fact that is. Hopefully this will stop the loss and begin the regrowth! Besides, I had the RNY in May 2010 and I have lost 100 lbs. Let me tell you something. I had bypass may My removal of excessive fat had been fantastic and the op has given given me back my life, however I have noticed hair loss just recently….nobody ld me about hair loss problems and whilst I researched the op I didn see hair loss problems anywhere I read.

I was taking Biotin for 6 weeks now and I am losing my hair faster and faster.

I am tired of crying about this….Thank you.

Protein shakes make me throw up, hundreds of them I can’t get past the smell before ssing my cookies. It is was ld when you use it you can not stop, I was preparing to try Rogaine. With all that said… My daughter is getting married in April and I surely do not look for to be the bald mother of the bride. Eventually, my next venture is a wig. Make sure you scratch suggestions about it in the comment form. Undoubtedly it’s so hard, I actually am making an attempt to get all my protein in. I will love any advice any of you could give me. Most times, Know what guys, I do not even need to eat. My kids or husband remind me to eat something. It does not, I actually cut my hair short hoping it should help to mask the ugliness of losing my hair.

I will love any advice.

Before my hair started falling out about 3 months post op I got a very short new haircut and am now glad I did.

Thank goodness I had ns of hair to begin with. I don’t think a stranger would say my hair was thin but people that I know say it definately looks thinner. It is I had the sleeve done 4/19/10 and have lost 104lbs but my hair is falling out at a scary rate. Did you hear of something like that before? I am looking forward to trying your suggestions as I am starting to panic at the percentage of hair I find everywhere everyday. Nevertheless, as of day my beautiful son, Josiah James, is a healthy, strong four months old baby is the joy of my life and now I know he is will be safe and healthy I start to look at myself again and realize OMG my full thick naturally curly hair is almost 1/3 1″/2 gone! Thanks for the advice and I’ll keep you up to date as I eagerly watch for results. Thanks to my new body, a bit stretched out, thanks Joey and a feeling of great accomplishment after a 85lbs lose I feel great.

I was scared and mad at myself for doing this after all along it ok me getting ready for the surgery, the actually surgery and now I felt I have ruined it.

Since I was married, since I hadn’t been able to conceive for the two years preceding, To be honest I was shocked, have a double whammy, two weeks after my surgery I got pregnant.

After this whole experience I’ve realize in lifetime I can do ANYTHING! I am preparing to try the Silica and scalp stimulation TODAY! To be honest I know what it use to look like and I am on a mission to get it back, people tell me it really looks fine. I am using website to try and get prepared for what’s coming -looking up Biotin and Silica rates over here in UK. What’s the difference for bypass bods in quick/slow release/coated meds and all that? This is the case. I have chewable multivits and calcium but they taste horrid -and I am on a prescription anti depressant which I got from my GP in liquid form and it tastes so foul it makes you need to throw up!

Thinking this could be a decent incentive to come off it! As I am only just post op I find it difficult to imagine taking tablets or capsules -anyone have words of advice/encouragement? I’m intending to try the Unjury or Cytomax Protein. I decided to have fun with it, since I knew that my ‘coworkers’ and friends would know that I was wearing a wig. You should take it into account. I’d say that if you are really bothered by the hair loss, go to an ideal wig shop, and try a couple of on. Give a wig a try, if an old gal like me can do it. Usually, I have had a very easy time of it and have lost 90 pounds and wear a size When I look in the mirror I don’t recognize myself. Actually, I was ld about the hair loss preop but it’s much worse than I thought it must be. Those that can’t see me on a daily basis have commented on my new haircut!!!!

Acid reflux, high blood pressure and diabetes are gone!!

I think I look better than I did before!

I was so self conscious that a month ago I bought a wig. I’ve lost 1/2 of my hair. They’ve been very understanding and considerate of my feelings and were very honest as to what looked best on me. I hope that my post will can’t eat very much and don’t get nearly enough protein. Of course, I went from being a natural medium blonde to a redhead with high lights. Anyway, that makes my day!! Yes I am scared. So, keep me in your prayers.

God be with you all.

I will have my surgery Nov.

Thank you very much for the majority of the information. I will spend the afternoon looking up shampoos and Nioxin. Has anybody out there had the reduction of thier upper arm surgery and if so could you please tell me how it went, and if I will need to getit flesh colored tatooed because of the scars. Right after I loose 10 more lbs, it’s still a battle. By the way I like to blame it on menopause. Mentalpause, my exsurgeon says I must get down to 135….right maybe if I was 19… my question is. My surgeon ld me it was virtually impossible to stretch your pouch. Certainly, I don’t know if I believe him, he is an arrogant guy, actually he ld me that I weighed 20 lbs less than I did at surgery time.

I seek for to get surgery on my arms, they are hideous and so a problem to hide.

He said that he had seen them stretched to the size of a footballs.

Hi guys, I am really interested in this shrink your pouch diet. What you do stretch is your ESOPHAGUS. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve known how much I’ve weighed everyday of my life since I was I don’t go to him anymore! It sounds like that pouch shrinking works to me and I know that there’s been days I didn’t eat much and after that it was so easy to get full. Now pay attention please. I was never in my bed, Actually I couldn’t stand the bloated feeling. I cooked a huge dinner and nibbled on I guess its as I’ve been a for 30 years and we’re horrible patients. I started walking laps around the nurses station whenever my doc said I could. Although, I had my surgery on Dec.

We all went to Disney World for the weekend.


I didn’t tell anyone I’d had the the surgery. I thought the surgery was a snap and really my couple weeks postop were spent eating soup and scrambled eggs. I started taking my meds the first day after my surgery. Furthermore, my hair is falling out by the handfuls. I’ve been on biotin since I had the surgery. I’m sure you heard about this. I had my gastric bypass in June I have lost 70 pounds and have had to go in to have dilitation twice because of strictures which made it very a problem to get enough nutrition in. A well-known fact that is. Didn’t help.

It seems like nothing helps. I am willing to try anything. I know I don’t drink enough water or get enough protein. I had bypass surgery November 15 I am so scared I am intending to die. I am so tired of feeling tired, no energy really. When?? Needless to say, all of the vitimans I take are making me sick to my stomach. My blood sugar stays high. My Dr. I have diabetes. I have plenty of GERD problems but am working on them and still I do not eat a cup of food at a time and all sugars make me sick now. So, I use to have nice thick hair but not I can blow dry it in very short order and it seems like more falls out everyday. Generally, I had the VGS done on May 19th 2010 and date have lost 70 lbs. With that said, should I do it again oh yes but it has not been easy. Then, thanks for the advice and I am taking Biton now but no clue how much to take a day. It’s a well my hair loss is what actually was really getting to me. I love how I am looking but let me tell you dealing with quite a few side affects is something else.

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