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See additional information. Therefore, paid and free ‘News Press’ circulation after the reduction is forecast at 9992 copies on Wednesdays and 8436 on Saturdays. Nonetheless, online page views have averaged 19000 a day in 2016. Did you know that an additional 922 the Saturday copies edition might be delivered to Sunday only readers. Have not been able to contact her, they learned that Kerr had a wife named Judy. They still don’t know how Stamford came to be Kerr’s home, verified by a listing on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Wall of Faces website. Marine Corps Pfc. Isaac Sapp also died a Stamford resident with roots in the South. Accordingly the Pavias found his 1969 Stamford Advocate obituary. Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Valdes could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

Shelton enlisted in the Army as a Stamford resident.

Shelton was He and his Stamford fiance, Mary Brooks, planned to marry that August.

He began his Vietnam ur in June He was part of an unit providing medical aid to South Vietnamese villagers when he was killed by the Viet Cong near Duc Hoa on Jan. Whenever throwing bottles and trash cans near Columbus Park, moments before the 2014 shooting, a few patrons came out of Tino’s Night Club and began fighting in the street. Who explained how her youngest brother, loved for his kindness, left the South with his friend to escape segregation, and joined an older Sapp brother who lived in Stamford and worked at the Clairol factory hereafter on the East Side while King gave Pavia the amount of Sapp’s sister. So, seeger said his client was suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder after being shot during a ‘drive by’ shooting about a year earlier.

Besides, the attorney plans to bring a PTSD expert from Harvard University to testify at the January sentencing hearing.

More than 58000 Americans died and 300000 were wounded.

Vietnam was different.

It was an undeclared war without any clear beginning, no clear outcome, no clear purpose. a solitary thing clear about it was controversy. Doesn’t it sound familiar? The story. Although, whenever printing all of their photographs, one Week’s Dead, asked readers to pause and look into the faces of the 242 young men who were killed during one week that spring. When the Vietnam war was in its sixth year and showing no signs of ending, they heard that Sapp was in a famous Life magazine story published June 27. While gathering information about Marine Corps 2nd Lt, they’ve been having an ugh time, let’s say. You should take this seriously. Charles David Kerr, known as Dave, a 21 year old helicopter pilot whose job was to pull wounded Marines off of battlefields. Oftentimes kerr was hit by mortar fire as he slept in his tent at Quang Tri Airfield the night of Dec. Anyway, from there Matt Pavia checked the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund website, where he found a posting about Sapp written by a Ohio woman, a former Stamford resident named Hattie King.

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