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hair loss Stamford I saw a massive improvement.

Funny enough my hair growth was solely concentrative on my head, Actually I didn’t get any extra hair anywhere else.

I stopped all my other vitamins to keep safe and started on Biotin. So this was a much higher dose than we had seen in any other vitamins and the reviews all looked positive so we ok the plunge. Then, daddy and I went on the hunt for something else that was concentrative to hair loss and after much hunting and deliberating we came across Biotin tablets by Solgar. These had 10000mcg of biotin in any capsule which is the hair growth vitamin. Similarly, Actually I wouldn’t wait until 2017 to discuss the next citywide revaluation.

Understanding the trends playing out in commercial and residential property values every year could would explore Land Value Taxation as a mechanism to shift the tax burden from homeowners to vacant properties in areas with past public investment. Ripe for audit is the use of and qualification for grants received by the city.

hair loss Stamford It’s an interesting fact that the city may achieve savings in various insurance and employee benefits areas without reducing benefits while introducing wellness incentives offered under Obamacare.

The city should audit who is eligible for those benefits, as The Advocate publicized recently.

Pension and OPEB funding could be reviewed to ascertain proper reinvestment rate assumptions which will result in determining required funding levels. Prudent risk management policies, like compliance, and conflict of interest training should’ve been instituted departmentally to reduce legal costs, that are mounting. I would bring my professional experience in having attracted over $ 45MM in state and federal grants in three years to work with the administration and with the delegation to identify sources of funds that the city has not tapped or utilized to the greatest possible extent to lessen the burden on city taxpayers without compromising on achieving our goals.

hair loss Stamford My first priority as a new Board member should be to overhaul the inadequate community engagement process.

I should partner with my colleagues from the Board of Finance and the Board of Representatives to host ‘prebudget’ workshops throughout the city to hear residents’ and business owners’ priorities before we have a draft budget before us for review.

I will work to engage the administration and the community in a conversation about priorities that will influence the establishment of a budget that continues to move our city in the right direction. Another question isSo the question is this. Are the metrics correct and the proper measurement of productivity?

hair loss Stamford Therefore the proposed metrics to be used in the 2016/17 budget process are still undetermined.

The budget does not provide enough transparency.

I should like greater analysis of ‘non real’ estate tax revenue generation. There needs to be a Executive Summary that clearly defines any increases or decreases. Are there should be prior year metrics so trends can be determined? Undoubtedly it’s vague and provides little detail or explanation. I am sure that the BOF needs to continue efforts to contain structural costs -employee salaries, health and retirement benefits which are currently at an unsustainable level. Most important job that the BOF has is to maintain the city’s financial integrity.

We need to begin to move get these costs benefits more in line with the private sector. We need to work aggressively to do the things needed to maintain our AAA credit rating. We need to immediately develop an acceptable resolution to the Smith House issue. Actually, the current operating costs are unsustainable and the solution ain’t to be found in management or operational changes. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Reducing the substantial operating losses the city is current for a while period of long long time impact on the city’s financial health. Now look, with an office vacancy rate of close to 25 and the dramatic shift from single family homeownership. Actually, to maintain future property tax increases at or below the corresponding amount of increase in the Consumer Price Index. Besides, we need to ensure tax dollars are being spent wisely and taxes are not intending to continue to increase without tangible improvement to our schools and our city, to our local communities, to Stamford residents and spurs economic growth that benefits our citizens.

I will foster these within the Board of Finance and the Mayor’s office and the BOE to allow Stamford taxpayers to know how their tax dollars are being allocated. Accountability, government transparency and communication. We need to balance the needs of the city budget, the BOE budget and the capital budget, only after that is determined. Notice, over time, so this imbalance hurts our schools and, more importantly, hurts our home values. Over the last 2 years, increases to the city budget have taken a priority over educating our children -the city budget has increased by 5 times the schools budget. I’d say if any, the first order of business will be to determine what, tax increase is acceptable every year. Further, I would look to take advantage of our participation in the Council of Governments to identify savings through shared services with partner cities and towns. More must be done to seize for a whileterm liabilities in every labor contract and to tackle systemic annual deficits at Smith House. Doesn’t it sound familiar? The current Board has done well to curtail increases in the operating budget given all the ‘builtin’ structural cost increases.

Like the Mill River Park Collaborative, additionally, I’m pretty sure I would look to expand on the public private partnerships, to leverage public dollars to achieve better outcomes with less budget investment.

There was some confusion since the prior fiscal year was set up in the old format which made comparison very difficult.

Last budget cycle, the mayor introduced a brand new format which separated cost by program rather than department. New format was applied to should be able to clearly see programmatic increases ‘yearoveryear’ and might be able to do better costbenefit analysis and prioritization. Formalized process gonna be established to explore whether savings can be achieved from overlapping noneducational expenses in the City and BOE budgets. And so it’s unacceptable that our school facilities are in their current condition and have limited or no management systems monitoring the activities of the BOE outside consultants.

Audits need to be performed on all capital projects, especially the BOE capital projects and its use of outside consultants to ensure compliance and delivery of services. So this process had been formalized in other communities with representation of the BOF, City and BOE members. I further reckon that audits gonna be conducted this year on the HR departments of the city as well as the board of education since human resources in any organization might be the primary protector of transparency and equity. I believe in depth audits going to be done on healthcare benefits/claims, workmen’s comp, pension funds and overtime should’ve been done annually since they are big drivers of cost and can be areas where significant savings can be gained.

Basically the city’s RFP process might be audited to ensure we are getting better materials and the most competent vendors as well as better price.

And others, any city department needs measurable meaningful metrics to improve efficiencies and effectiveness and the impact on the budget, to know the answers to these questions.

Has an increase provided a tangible benefit to our taxpayers? Simply curtailing the budget ain’t the answer although increased spending requires detailed examination. Are there savings allowing resource reallocation for initiatives with tangible quality of life or financial returns of investment? Can we streamline operations while maintaining or improving delivery of service? Has an increase provided a sufficient return on investment? Remember, questions need to be asked and prior answers reexamined. I also support the development of a regular cycle of audits for city departments and key partner agencies and in addition surprise audits on a smaller scale where we look at certain functions within a department.

I would also recommend a Benefits Eligibility Audit similar to the one recently performed by the Board of Education to ensure that the city isn’t providing benefits for employee family members no eligible to receive them.

We shouldn’t be waiting for concerns or suspicion to arise to initiate audits.

I believe an audit of the Urban Redevelopment for ages overdue. Where are we going? Now look, the current process isn’t as transparent as it needs to be for the taxpayers, is unsustainable in the perspective for the taxpayers and allows for bad decisions on an annual basis that negatively impact the taxpayer. Consequently, stamford needs to establish and articulate for ages period of long long time goals for spending and real estate tax increases, debt levels, general fund balances and similar financial goals. I’m sure you heard about this. It’s the basis for any proper fiscal planning. More funds need to be allocated wards fixing our roads and schools which are in substandard condition. Stamford should impose a hiring freeze, therefore undertake a departmental staff benchmarking study to determine staffing needs, that may include additional engineering personnel. With that said, the City needs to prioritize its spending with public safety and infrastructure needs and fixed costs first, just like pensions, Other Post Employment Benefits and debt service, followed by the Rainy Day Fund and discretionary costs, that may need to be prioritized as well, to maintain tax increases at or below the applicable PI increase.

So as a result we need to focus on the quality of services we deliver.

Areas where the quality of service, response times, etcetera pales in comparison to other neighboring municipalities, The fact is that That’s a fact, it’s So there’re some city services or functions where lack of timeliness, efficiency and accuracy is all era of budgets being developed and passed absent any discussion on quality of service and results must end. We need to be open exploring alternatives ways to operate and deliver services, sometimes you’d better make investments to improve services. Let me tell you something. I believe focusing on results and the effective delivery of services will allow the BOF to make top-notch budget decisions and keep taxes manageable. That is interesting. We also need to work closely with the administration to hold department heads accountable.

We need to work closely with the Mayor and the BOE to determine potential savings from noneducational overlapping expenses.

These savings can hereafter be passed on to appropriate enhancements to our schools without increasing taxpayer burden.

Now this process had been formalized in other surrounding communities but not pursued in a formalize manner in Stamford. It’s the primary role of the board of finance to review all municipal services and to adequately fund them at a reasonable cost. We must continue to maintain Stamford’s financial health and fiscal integrity while preserving its affordability and livability for its residents.a number of the funding still comes from a single source -its citizens. Whether operating or capital in nature. Now pay attention please. Fiscal prudence must be a mainstay in good times as well as bad.

Thus foremost, we need to move away from reactionary auditing when a cr comes to the for a while as So there’s a clear, inter agency borrowing is ok monitored, and protected strategy for repayment.

In the near term, I actually would look at the Urban Redevelopment Commission given the recent need for the City to lend funds to meet outstanding development obligations. Irregularities can be identified and addressed before a blind spot in fiscal oversight is allowed to become a cr because The Board must budget and plan for periodic, scheduled audits of all major departments, agencies, and funds. Almost any municipal program and service gonna be reviewed on its own merit to determine if it’s still adding value for our citizens. I also believe technological enhancements, rigorous employee training to accommodate a 21st century work environment and a muchneeded organizational review and redesign can Besides, the city must continue to find ways to bring these costs down to more predictable and sustainable levels. Usually, bOE capital projects require further audits.

BOE management systems require further review to ensure adequacy and proper management of outside consultants.

The Office of Public Safety, Health and Welfare will be audited to evaluate any program -continuing good programs and reconfiguring unsuccessful programs.

So it’s important for the BOF and taxpayers to understand future capital needs beyond the current fiscal year -this allows for proper planning. Did you know that the BOE should provide a list all future requirements over the next 5 years with stated priorities. Anyway, I commend the Mayor on moving wards a programbased budget. Every dollar that we invest in the current and future wellbeing of our community has to deliver a measurable return, and the new budget procedure will enable us to judge every program’s effectiveness and prioritize our resources to those best suited to meet our priority outcomes.

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