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hair loss Stamford Hair transplant abroad will be increasingly famous among people from S, K and the Euro Union for cheap treatment accessible in these countries. Countries just like MÃxico, India, Thailand and Hungary Garland TX 75040 have specifically gained popularity among medic urists from western states for excellent medic facilities that these countries offer at quite low cost. I am a 47 years old enough female that suffered all my essence been overweight.

Paz introduced me to Dr.

Grisell Paz. I followed the diet as she directed me and we went for treatments twice a week. There is more info about this stuff on this site. I didn’t believe it when she ld me that I should lose at least 40 pounds if we followed her directions.

Now look, a buddie of mine who has done treatment with Dr. First week we lost six pounds. Let me tell you I not once went shopping way they did. That said, I felt so proud of myself that lucky tears came to my eyes. It was happiest moment during my existence we under no circumstances thought they should look this way they went from a size 20 to a size nine everything we tried on looked fabulous. I went on vacation for a month. Dr. I under no circumstances need to be over weight once again. My current weight is probably 144 pounds. Fact, I am a new person and feel fantastic thanks to Dr. Since I got back they started back on treatment and now I have lost a tal of 53 pounds. Paz taught me the right way to get and how to maintain my weight.

hair loss Stamford I have tried lots of a great deal of special means to loose weight diets, shakes, just running, pills, I had lost some weight but they gained all back, the main thing I looked with success for that worked for me was loss weight treatment with Dr.

I will exercise without getting tired outright, I may walk in lofty hills once more without back problem and best of all we understand that my confidence increased tremendously!

I thank them almost any day! One way or another, I actually was shocked that this worked since they had tried EVERYTHING and nothing else worked! This is where it starts getting truly interesting. Paz! Furthermore, the weight came off twice as faster as anything else I’d tried. Finding Dr. Thank you! Thank you Dr. Needless to say, I had no waist line before and my legs had cellulite.

hair loss Stamford Sincerely, Fanny My name is Guadalupe and they lost 45lbs in less than three months.

I was size 12, now I am size practically nine months after I’m still keeping the weight off.

I know that the program, health way, and counselors turned my existence around! My body had no shape. Although, I was skeptical that this program will be exclusive than all the others. Paz was more than a blessing. Of course any day that they looked in the mirror, I got sadder and sadder. By the way I wear rather low cut jeans and have re established control, and a tremendous anticipation of self worth and esteem. BOY WAS they WRONG! Now look, last June we started the program and in few months after we had lost 24 pounds, It felt big loosing pounds every week, and loosing inches was even more exiting, Paz, I actually can’t thank her enough on how she guided me and helped me through my treatment. In turn, I had. It’s a well I feel and look 100 better and have more confidence that ever before. Paz. I started to wear a size 16 and day I am pleased to say I am a size I am no longer on any medications and have a clean health record.

After being put on a great deal of medications we intended to make a rethink for myself and made an appointment to see Dr.

Paz was truly helped me and kept me on track even when they slipped off.

I started gaining weight in My weight merely kept getting out of control and they was diagnosed with Hypertension and Thyroid issues and Type two diabetics. Thank You Dr. Considering the above said. Thank God for Dr, Actually I in no circumstances saw myself intending to a weight removal center as we couldn’t imagine it helping me. A well-famous fact that is always. I was as not far from death as anyone might be when my chum introduced me to Dr.

I got my essence back this year.


I am happier and healthier than they have ever been!. I lost 150 lbs and went from a size 26 to a we could not have done it with you Dr. Remember, I had a lot of hospitalizations. Paz. Now let me tell you something. Now I’m catching up on 40 living years. Then, thank you a lot Dr. I feel better than they did at no more insulin, no more diabetes. I’m sure you heard about this. Paz. Of course I was insulin dependent diabetes and my doctor ld me to lose weight or die. I stayed on my diet and treatments and did not cheat once Until August 14 2011 I reached a tal lose of 40 pounds.

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