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Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo Kansas City MO 64199 has happen to be a concern for both men and women.

If you were usually among many men or women who’re experiencing hairloss hereafter you need to understand more about what causes alopecia.

Women are additionally afflicted by baldness and thinning hair, while there’re huge amount of products out there that promise to baldness shampoo review has revealed a few key problems that usually were used to increase hair volume. There are minoxidil, more prominent as Rogaine, and finasteride, more famous as Propecia., have yet to be approved just for this particular use, a few additional drugs have tend to be effective in combating hairloss, dutasteride for the sake of example. At present completely 1 medications have been again approved as thinning hair treatments through FDA. I have had some problems before and after testosterone pellet therapy.

I have gone to a few integrative and have had no relief.

I was so quite low at the beginning they should be rather low once again three weeks after pellet insertion.

I practically simply seek for balance and my hair to stop falling out! I haven’t gone back or had a pellet in about five months. On p of this, constantly out of balance, no sleep for years now. Whenever shedding lots of hair, they kept increasing my dosage, well now at my last testing we was at we kept saying I was concerned about seek for hair loss, they said no way you will have hair loss,….now. Came the extreme quite warm flashes, night sweats, weight gain, fatigue, etcetera I tried testosterone pellets one time which lasted about three months. It was two years since pellet implants, and they can’t lose weight, have no libido, no energy, and thinning hair. I did not continue because of acne and anxiety. Has been this something that insurance will pay for as hormone replacement? Notice, I intended to stop taking oral estrogen cancer being that risk about three years ago.

What must they do now. I had a partial hysterectomy at age 34 and I am now we was on Premarin consequently estradiol for 20 year. I get bloodwork nearly any three months and they monitor my levels accordingly. And now here’s a question. You ultimately believe I’m at risk??? Nonetheless, I lost ME! Considering the above said. I guess my concern was generalization that it’s dangerous for ALL women. Essentially, I am ultimately a brand new woman, wife and have a brand new health. I have noticed some extra hair growth on my chin, upper lip and bikini line but have often battled with that since I was a teenager. Now let me tell you something. I’m 54 and five years ago, By the way I had a tal hysterectomy with ovaries removed. I’m at risk is disheartening.

I’ve had an incredible ‘sex drive’, no more painful intercourse, energy, sleep like a baby…they could go on and on.

I felt like we going to be their Poster Child.

I started BRHT Pellet therapy over a year ago and have felt like they’ve been a gift from God. Whenever aging skin, sleep deprivation, no energy, bad focus and terrible memory, my essence went downhill after that with zero libido, painful intercourse. Now pay attention please. I went to a pharmaceutical compound and was saliva tested…after a year of creams and vitamins, diet change…well, I’m almost sure I felt the same…with probably a little bit more energy from a paleo diet. Normally, I happened up on our own website and was concerned by this article since I’ve had a lot positive experience since my pellets. Doc gave me RXs for progest pills, test cr and estrogen patch. As a result, I am 41 yrs old enough. Fact, I went to a Bioidentical doc previous week and did blood work. I stopped past week, they decreased me to once/week on testosterone cr. Progest made me spot badly. Thanks! Have had hormone difficulties for a few yrs now. Yes, that’s right! I’m using Rogaine and saw palmetto on scalp plus using each hair vitamin understand to mankind.

I’ve had one ovary removed.

Last blood test says testosterone is lofty now.

Now look, the testosterone is perfect for libido and lubrication. I stopped one and the other but continued with test cr. Must they go for using the different hormones. All in all, I have often had thick, beautiful hair. My doc did blood work and all hormones were quite low. I have terrible quite warm flashes, headaches, no sleeping, mood swings, no sex drive. Please was intro of estrogen so she ordered an ultrasound and it showed mass on my ovary.and fibroids in my uterus. I after that, Had first Pellets implanted. Sent me to my OBGYN who did an endometrial biopsy and CA125 test and all came back negative so he watched the cyst for a couple of months after that, repeated ultrasound and it was not diminished so he adviced surgery to be sure it wasn’t ovarian cancer…after surgery and a clean pathology report we resumed bioidentical hormonce cream and was still having warm flashes, moody, didn’t feel good.

I have not had any estrogen therapy now for over a year.

I tried bioidentical HRT creams right in advance of discovering 2nd dermoid.

I truly donno where to turn. Okay, I’m pretty sure I am frustrated and confused. It included estradial and testosterone and oral 150 mg prometrium Well, By the way I immediately started to bleed once more off and on…They attributed it to fibroids being stimulated but continued to give me estrogen pellets 3 more times and increased my prometrium to 300 mg and tried troche method but still they will bleed…. Pellet and she gave me simply testosterone and no estrogen and I would still bleed and cramp OBGYN dr. I went about eight weeks without bleeding until the last few months so I thought we was home free…then we had a pellet implanatation of testosterone and still taking 300 progesterone mg and they bled for a couple of weeks -three months after implantation and now I bled once again day It was always like a period. Yes, that’s right! I had my last ovary removed two 1/two years ago being that a dermoid cyst. It’s a well I changed doctors and went to another Dr. My estrogen was lofty so not given any. Ok, and now one of the most significant parts. I am having mix feeling about this.

Hope you will ease my mind. Hi I am 47 years old enough and got my first pellet implant. I had pellets inserted after August and nearly immediately got acne all over my jawline and lower cheeks. Rubbish enough, some cystic, that I was to dermatologist weekly for past three months. Please help!!!! I’m on bactrim now, gether with spirolactone, saw palmetto and spearmint tea. Essentially, it ultimately is being clearing up. My question is always will the acne go away when pellets wear off and how long should I stay on the bactrim, I am on it practically a month.????? How was probably pellet removed? Consequently, its been practically two weeks and I have gained eight pounds from the pellet date insertion. Remember, doesnt the pellet turn to liquid once in our own body? I had 50 estrogen mg and 75mg of testosterone. I now am having troubles sleeping and feel depressed. Known is this regular? Help, what must I do? I would like to stop using the pellets and try something else but we have used Testosterone cream before and my levels moved up very slow and not to helping point me feel better. This is always the case. Now after they get a pellet it helps but when levels start to write they feel horrible once more.

Any and hereupon my levels write substantially and after all I’m a mess emotionally and physically. I am on Levothyroxine 25 mcg regularly. Do they have to wait 3 months after pellet insertion to be tested with you? When I have my blood work performed my levels are explore lofty. Merely think for a moment. Therefore the trouble is that we feel I am crashing eight weeks or so after my insertion. However, I’m gonna develop peach fuzz on my chin and started with hair loss a few months ago. I have had hormone pellets for past 2 years but am is going to have troubles now. My achiness went away, brain fog got a whole lot better, I’m almost sure I had energy and even started jogging. When we first started the pellets it was p thing ever. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with fibromyalgia. Essentially, I started Bio hormone replacements past year around November 2015 the first 1 injections were nice. I felt better overall no more sweats, improved sleeping and my sex health skyrocketed.

I can’t wait for this crap to be out of my body.

I am a runner and have not been able to run because of all these problems.

Got my third injection in April and I am bleeding out of control everysince. My doctors slolution has always been to make more progrsterone which I am now on 200mlg weekly and no improvement. Cramps have been unbarable and my breast has grown I understand 2 sizes which im not complaing about however they hurt so rubbish we can’t hardly sleep. Within 3 second weeks pellet insertion, Know what guys, I started losing hair like crazy, have about 20 pounds of fat around my midsection, and my breasts were sore for months. That said, I can’t get a straight choice for a while being that he won’t acknowledge that pellets have anything to do with my complaints/symptoms. Second go round about 5 months later, Doctor increased estrogen. Notice, help! Getting pellets was biggest mistake they ever made! Then, I don’t ever seek for pellets once again, and don’t look for to get any hormone I don’t need to get.

It’s been 5 months now and I’m investigating for a while I must make the progesterone?

Could I stop the progesterone?

Thought everything was gorgeous at first. Notice that got hormone pellets and progesterone by mouth. On p of that, I was on bhrt pellets for would love to get off these all gether but my migraines have been so debilitating that I don’t think they usually can. I could be going down to 50mg of testosterone and 6mg of estradiol at my next insertion which we do any four months. I love everything about them except I have had plenty of facial hair growth and even had to start electrolysis.

I was getting 125mg of testosterone, 6mg of estradiol and taking 100mg progesterone.

My last pellet insert we cut it to 75mg of testosterone, incresed to 12mg of for awhile being that my migraines were returning with frequency and the progesterone stayed similar.

How quickly should we see my T levels write and will the hair stop growing??? I had my levels checked these days and my testerone was at 174! I had Pellets done approximately five months ago. I am aghast., without a doubt, I didn’t notice enough of a modifications to make me go back a second time. For instance, what usually can we possibly do about it and what do we have to look forward to? Is probably this planning to continue? Ultimately, I started once again. Now however after 12 no years periods…. Let me tell you something. Using estradial cream and prometrium isn’t using bioidentical hormone therapy that usually was customized for you. Why settle for anything less?

Come and see us.

We dose physiologically for you and your own body.

If we see better, in Oprah words, we do better. Frankly my choice for you must be a better one. Now let me tell you something. I seek for my health back, always was summer to shortly? I’m sure it sounds familiar. They still am not losing. I study for a while before they made my own comment and went through your website a great deal of times. That said, I take highly little redish meat probably monthly, increase my fish and veggies. Notice that it’s been three wks and completely four pounds. I have changed my diet, drink completely water, some coffee in morning. Virtually, I was looking ugh for something that will like to make an appointment but it would have to be after 4pm. Has been there any hope to get this weight off, get my sex existence back on track? I have virtually visited our page a fee times over years and have wanted to make an appointment. I believed the T pellets my be the miracle a solution to so most of my health troubles. What’s next step? I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! I practically need to look for someone who will problems, anyway…. Let me tell you something. After first Injection we had the initial stage.

About a month after the second injection I had squeeze through bleeding. That had been disturbing since I haven’t had a period in attempting to get balanced once more with his help. Now look. I regularly see a holistic physician but made this decision on my own. Otherwise I felt good with increased libido. Let me tell you something. My husband had pellets as well and has had no difficulties but we would not recommend them after my experience. I had my second pellet injection about five months ago. I gained usually a couple of pounds. Notice, does noone have a consistent positive experience with pellets?

I hate creams the estrogen cream I have tried virtually makes things worse.

I have tried nearly everything with hormone balancing, am on thyroid medication, and now glucophage as a result.

I have gained around 40 pounds and nothing we do helps me lose redundant fat. I have simply been study through these comments. Needless to say, I was supposed to go in on Tuesday to get pellets inserted and now I am scared to death. As a result, what does is probably so big with pellets that causes all those issues? For ages because we feel like I’m working with someone with bioidentical hormones and thyroid therapies and nothing has worked, so this website has made me even more depressed. Obviously, I have had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed, and I am This clinic has probably been nowhere near me, and now we feel like little hope they had in trying something modern was taken away. Why has been that considered a supraphysiological dose, So if the pellets were probably supposed to dissolve slowly. I had pellets put in about three months ago.

After the first month my testorone levels were 415!

I’ve been on Soto Pellets for over a year now. They did have to increase my dose and last few rounds we have acne, facial hair, and have gained about 20 pounds, they worked big at first. Suffice it to say once this most latest round wears off, I’m done. You may call us at 5134446343″ to set up a consultation to practice more, or email us at

That deplete with age.

We use urine strips to identify hormone needs. Dr. Dr. Within two weeks my breasts were engourged, and immensely uncomfortable. My Dr., the staff at my ObGyn office all raved about how pellet was helping plenty of patients feel better overall and lose menopause weight gain, I was not having extreme menopause symptoms. I had a pellet implanted in April Have in no circumstances had any huge health problems and still have uterus and ovaries. Progesterone caps once again for ages being that they don’t look for to start surgery. Had a sonogram which showed I had a fibroid tumor. All times it has happened been highly stressful weeks. Let me tell you something. I will maybe need a hysterectomy later.

Six months later, I am having spotting once more.

My Dr, I wanted a more conservative approach.

Afterwards, the spotting indicates we still have your website while reasearching the pellets and are in menopause for ten years. Next, I had dive into bleeding. You should make this seriously. Returned once more, progesterone caps and bleeding stopped for a few weeks., without any doubts, fibroid must have shrunk without added estrogen, after the pellet was out of my system. Needless to say, I feel like it’s all hormone related and my hormones are still not balanced. I am 61 yrs. So, I had a pellet implant two months ago and have started loosing my hair!

Any my be greatly appreciated!!!!

I am panicing!

Usually can you please send me info on hair loss. Thank you! I study where you ld a lady to email you and you would send her some info on hair loss. Let me tell you something. I went back in after 2 months, relayed all of that and was ld it was unusual so they’d make me more estrogen prominent. I got my first set and it was terrible. I didn’t have testosterone in my system for last five years and I thought we was doing ok. I started getting acne on my face and even my back. It simply started coming back!! For example, I am nowhere near where the offices are located so do you have any suggestions of various options they could discuss with my doctor? My breasts are sore/sensitive for the all the month since getting this recent set of pellets, my acne has gotten so rubbish on my face and back that I’m using over the counter acne wash and thinking for any longer being that my body needs testosterone, that it will make me feel a lot better.

My breasts were sensitive tho that did stop after about two weeks. I saw no spike in energy in general or any other positive factor they ld me they would get. Now please pay attention. 1 years later I lost one ovary and a shorter time later, Know what guys, I lost the last ovary., no doubt, at my age, am they ok to just use the estrogen patches? On p of that, I started doing hormone patches and really had a good experience with them. Nevertheless, I had been on heart medication for ten years and a little over a year ago was ultimately taken off of them and last thing we need is for my hair to start thinning/falling out once again! Always, I am 43 years pretty old, had a hysterectomy at 34 age to keep my ovaries. Besides, I have no energy and feel that so that’s a big waste of time for me. Notice, oh Lord, what do I do?

Thank you.

One on Aug 23 and the other on Sept dot 10th, 2014 and NOTHING!

Quite assured for ages being that cancer jeopardise resurfacing is big, I’m afraid to keep taking either medication -estrace or testosterone pellet for any longer being that I am an eight year breast cancer survivor. So, will you a single effects I’ve experienced with the testosterone pellets probably were mild urinary discomfort with a musky smell and a greasy face. I am a 63 year shan’t be fed by HRT, do you recognize?

I was on Sotto Pelle since Jan.

I have worked so a problem to get back to feeling somewhat human once again that I am terrified of losing progress I’ve made.

At my yearly Gyno appt. Besides, I am 45 years old enough, have one 11 year old enough daughter, and been premenopausal since 38 yrs. I there a typical path someone who is usually premenopausal requires if they have a complete hysterectomy? Virtually, it seems so drastic to get everything when completely one of the things probably was broken. Commonly, I’m worried that I’m somewhat balanced with my hormones now and with surgery it may put be in a tail spin once again? In any event, my questions arewhat probably were our thoughts on a full hysterectomy vs merely removing the ovary with cyst? A well-reputed fact that is usually. I see point if the HRT is causing growths, consequently the ovary going to be affected also and I’d be back in for surgery once again. You should make it into account. Since they shall not stop pellets she wants to do a complete hysterectomy stating the HRT could rather well be cyst cause. I fear we for any longer after surgery. I got my second hormone pellet one week ago.

Now I am having unbearable anxiety, panic, and insomnia.

I will merely go back to my progest cream that I used before.

You understand if they could surgically remove it one week after insertion, right? It’s weekend, therefore we have to wait until Monday to see if I usually can get it removed. I live in GA so you are always need this out of my body! Therefore the surgery hurts. Now let me tell you something. We all do not like pellets and there was no question that neither of us will do them once more. Now please pay attention. They sell it for $ 250 and later charge for surgery, Dr’s make lots of money, the pharmacist said that a pellet costs less than a dollar for the materials. Now please pay attention. Lets say, quite sore and wearing a surgical bandage for a few weeks and sore for at least two weeks. Finally, I laugh at internet sites that say you identical time and complained about her breasts hurting her for months. Remember, I feel a little cheated. Consequently, I was extremely bruised. I have gained 20 lbs in a few quite short months after having bio t as a recommendation from my OBGYN. I’ve been really irritable being that my newest figure and consequently depressed. It is I admire the pellet insertion is painful and we couldn’t sit comfortably or sleep for two weeks. I practically wish they had explore this seek for to testify that Lyn is so solve!

Or incorrect thing, when you usually were desperate you often do stupid things.

I know it’s so sad that plenty of doctors are ignorant to women’s health and hormones. Only one reason we did, was they wanted the thyroid medicine and they should not give it to me unless I did the whole hormone package. By the way I did get a pellet treatment on Nov 16th, wasn’t sure when I could get to Ohio, Know what, I was ld about Lyn. I was not having a period for virtually 1 years, and this week I am bleeding like they have a full blown period! Nonetheless, on Nov 16th, Know what guys, I had them do implants. I might be calling their office this week! Now pay attention please. Know what, I will be driving my butt over to Ohio from Virginia Beach. However, not a thing I wanted! On p of this, I have gained weight and that ain’t fun either. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Lyn always was a gift to all women and By the way I can’t waitI have been followed now by my pcp.

She started me on aldactone to bring the levels down. I’m heartbroken. Will my voice return to normal or do we have to suffer for fairly a bit of my essence with this deeper voice? Besides, my voice deepened to point to where they can’t sing lofty notes. It’s been five months since my last implant. Although, my testosterone level has been 99 it was 142 previous month. Abruptly we had bloating, terrible leg pains and regular leg cramps. Simply keep reading! I was on bioidentical testosterone for a few months. For example, my problem was always that my wellbeing fluctuates from day to day. As a result, I am extremely frustrated. Just keep reading! Yesterday I felt big until late in the day, as an example. Consequently, I started off with a dosage of dot 25 and now I am down to dot 15 once a day. It is a highly rather low dosage of testosterone, do I’m almost sure I have a few acne spots, feel bloated, breasts a bit sore, head fog.

Jillianwe oftentimes recommend using our customized BHRT cream vaginally for systemic hormones absorption.

We under no circumstances measure hormones in for any longer as the results aren’t correct.

That said, this works better than pical application. So, you usually can search for Precision Analytical Lab in Oregon to order. We like to use dried urine strip testing. How do you determine hair cause loss? My thyroid is always lower as a result but no so far medication or thyroid has not stopped my hair from falling out. I will do anything to get this to stop!!!!. I’ve been getting testosterone pellets for the last two years and now and loosing a n of hair on my head. Interesting. Any thoughts??? This is I am so depressed.

I have had tal hysto.

I was sick to study about pellets and realizing my Doc.

I merely got my blood work back and my testosterone level was 508 dot seven and my C Reactive Protein hs was ten dot five normal being they feel like something huge is stuck in my throat! Of course, has written a great deal of books on ‘bioharmones’ and he sees my family history! With that said, my weight is up 20 pounds and I’m for awhile being that I don’t feel energy to exercise. Thus, my thyroid probably was hypo and bounces to hyper. Considering above said. Whenever outgoing and they feel it’s ugh for me to merely get through day, I have usually been active. Nevertheless, I’m at my end of energy to extreme point fatigue. Think for a moment. I I feel quite anxious a bunch of the time,and stuff Am they and after all went on patch, Estradiol, lowest dose. I am they hadp a partial hysterectomy in mid eighties. For example, it did make me feel better and look better too.2 years ago we had a biopsy on my breast and thankfully everything was all right?they panicked and went off patch immediately.

Hi I’m 45 they had a tal hysterectomy nearly eight years ago, I have been on estrogel interestingof that time, three squirts a day.

I see my gynaecologist and planned to have testosterone implant for vaginal dryness, lack of energy, in no circumstances sleeping, and no sex drive.

I’m quite sure I am suffering with my voice sounding slightly rough and my hair doesn’t feel proper and has happen to be thinner, it does worry me interesting, I actually don’t suffer with hair growth and usually slight weight gain. I had energy once again felt alive and well, my love health with my husband was amazing and I’m due this month to have another ‘in plant’ as it does ware off rather fast and it is for agesest I’ve gone.

I had my first in plant in August after trying the patches first. I had my second ‘in plant’ in October and they usually can honestly say the difference in myself was shocking! It was second one, the first one was six months prior. Then the reason we did not have one implanted three months after first one was my blood level was still OK. Seriously. So in case they stop taking testosterone pellet will this stop the hair loss/thinning? Has been there anything they usually can do to for a whileer and thicker once again? I have just noticed I am experiencing hair loss and thinning at temples. I had a testosterone pellet implanted two months ago. Some anxiety Now look, the muscle pain and joint pain give me no motivation to work out.

I’m simply at a loss.

Now pellets scare me. My biggest concern has been my weight. Absolutely no energy. I was taking topamax, cymbalta for muscle and joint pain. I don’t get crazy. Sounds familiardoesn’t it? I was in addition on Wellbutrim. Although, I in addition have lofty cholestrol. That said, this truly worries me as work out?, beyond doubt, I was considering scheduling an appt. Primarily. Past year in June we lost my insurance and wasn’t able to purchase the RX they was on. Remember, I went to a free seminar on ‘Bioidentical’ hormones and they was excited. I would truly like a straight up option on my weight gain, hormones, and a proven method that doesnt make years to accomplish. I get rather hot flashes, from time to time quite awful, and after that they will fade to possibly once or twice a week. To be honest I have gained maybe 30 pounds, since going off all this. He said he check blood labs to see if thats the culprit. I have noticed my middle is getting a thick band of fat, that seem rather ugh around the abdomen.

Any ideas?

Tho I have bread craving, I am virtually nervous about sudden weight gain, Know what guys, I see they have some hormone problems, what they were usually, no clue.

I am 51, I’m pretty sure I had a hysterectomy in 2010, I actually still have one ovary. Since hormones in blood serum been depleted by heart, we do not use blood serum to determine hormone levels, the levels that usually were shown will appear rather low. Just keep reading! Oral progesterone converts to different chemicals and rather little converts to actual progesterone. Darlenetypically pellets usually were supraphysiological dosing of testosterone. Testosterone converts to estrogen. Think for a moment. At our fortunate Hormone Cottage, we have probably been all about HORMONE BALANCING and refilling depleted hormone receptors in the exact amount therapy you were probably on is a real concern to me. Interesting. Please refer to that page as it will respond to most questions. Everyone, I have made an extraordinary pellets page with lots more information. I’m preparing to request cremes for a while being that they need to control isn’t working?

I am researching pellets and through your info have decided not to do them. Then, my problem is the cream isn’t working for me. Thank you. Do we simply need a larger dose? I’ve been on four testosterone mg cream regular for a year and my levels have been still undetectable. With all that said… I have to be on the medication for three more yearsis there anything they could do with foods that would give my body the energy and anti aging effects and balance that hormones would? I had breast cancel two years ago and am on medication that gets all my estrogen out body and I can not have any would appreciate the input regarding whether continuing with the progesterone will make sense. My estradiol was 0 w/ normal range being three to My testosterone was at Oddly my DHEAS was rather lofty at 38.My doctor prescribed 10mg Wylie Protocol progesterone and considered we have one 80mg testosterone pellet implanted almost any three to 5mo. I had pellet put in in May. Notice, should they be using anything the main good things probably were no quite warm flashes, and no migraines.

Mid July they started spotting.

Estrogen, testosterone. Known I am taking provera and bleeding slows down and starts more, now with Accordingly a little bit ofconsequently, no period for 34years. Interesting. I haven’t had an ultrasound yet. With all that said… He will choice our own questions via email or a phone consultation. Please email to connect with Jeff. Looking forward to you connecting with Jeff.

So it’s top-notch way for you to get informed and to get the pretty crucial questions solved from one who was always wellversed in this field. JCthis’ always was where you should better connect with my Jeff, our functional medicine expert. I had a testosterone pellet inserted Nov This was my first one. I had a couple of severe night sweats starting insertion night but they went away. And so it’s not a gassy bloat…it has been a hormonal bloat feeling. Besides, the doctor has repeatedly ld me we’re looking at not side pellet effects. My diet has not changed anyway and I am an avid exerciser. As a result, my stomach for a while, as it normally will bloating until my period. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I have had sore nipples and a bunch of water retention/weight gain in my stomach, that is constant. Notice that I had two pellet rounds therapy in march and July. I lost about 40oercent of my hair thickness. In general, I am waiting for my blood work results. I am pretty depressed and is going to gain weight without any progress in my lifestyle.

Please help!!!

I went to OBGYN and she said she in no circumstances had a pt losing hair nearly impossible to beleive.

I am worried about my hair loss being permanent. Hi I am having related problems like everybody. Severe acne. Online. I respected how it made me feel since menaupose was horrible and my libido was nothing was about six years. Anyways, if I am estrogen dominant now will the progesterone even that out? I’ve in no circumstances been so frightened in my whole health! I’m almost sure I have gained weight and am bloated, estradiol level had jumped to they got tested a week later and they’ve been down to Since pellet insertion, my quite hot flashes have stopped.

I had my bloodwork done and my obgyn ld me that my estradiol levels were less than five before they got the pellet.

My last question is how will a rough pellet dissolve in body fat?

I actually thought HRT was for me, I was suffering from quite warm flashes and I’ve been in perimenopause. On p of that, I went to see an obgyn who specializes in bioidentical HRT and from the way it was expounded, pellet sounded so promising. It’s a well-known fact that the Mayo clinic doctor does NOT do pellets and does not recommend pellets. I have not regretted anything more than getting a 18mg Estradiol pellet inserted! Now please pay attention. Does that cause bloating? Then, I now have no clue if I should get an estrogen blocker that the obgyn supposed. How could we see since look, there’re no scientific for awhile being that they were probably not FDA approved? I went to see a regular obgyn MD at Mayo clinic to see if they could get it removed which they could not. I as well have a manageable autoimmune disorder and my symptoms was magnified since pellet had been inserted. What do they do with the progesterone? My obgyn ld me that I should stop taking the oral progesterone she for ages being that she said that was my cause bloating. Is it doable that it may just make years after months for the body to decisively metabolize it? That doctor as well said that they are finding for any longerer than once thought.

I’m a mess with anxiety and worry ever since getting this inserted and realising my body somehow has to absorb this rough pellet lodged inside of me.

We heard they have been NOT FDA approved for women, after insertion.

Bloating continues, By the way I had stopped it. Must we continue that? On p of this, when they had it inserted I was modern to the process and they thought pellets were simply another alternative and commonplace. Had a testerone pellet inserted three months ago. Thanks for our own help., for awhile will the pellet effects get to tally leave my system. Has been there anything we may do to counteract effects?

I’ve had a huge poser with hair loss off and on for a great deal of years.

I am panicking.

I am 70 years old enough Use 25 estrogen patch. My hair simply the other day actually started falling out.. I have talked to dr pharmacist, one and the other tell me the pellet should not cause this but they did not have this pain prior to the pellet!! I’m quite sure I am having horrible body aches, mainly in glutes running down to back of knees, they have gotten more severe as the 4 weeks have gone by, I am 49 years quite old and got my fourth T pellet 4 weeks ago.

I make 180 mg Armour Thyroid, ten mg Simvastatin, 100 mg Lamictal, and six mg EMSAM antidepressant patch almost any day.

I actually appreciate anything you could do!

Usually can you offer me any advice? I’m as well on Spirolectone 25mg 2xday to look for to stay good so usually can you help? Needless to say, I have often had some facial hair but it’s almost white so pretty impossible to see. My OBGYN talked me into getting the estrogen pellets. That is interesting. For any longerterm negative effects, Therefore if I solely have had them this once. With that said, I under no circumstances had any trouble with menopause symptoms. Basically, I am as well on Progestrone 200mg. I have thin hair as it’s so have explore other’s blogs to you about losing hair and getting facial hair. I stumbled onto our website b/c they had my first pellet insertion in Oct, I had a Test. I work out and exercise on a regular basis. I have notice a bit more since on pellets. She gave me 175mg of Test and 12 dot five of estrogen.

Please help.o).

All they will say is probably I have had 10 weight lbs gain and have not had any positive results with test pellets.

How may I get the test done and where? I live in Dallas. Of course, I was post menopausal since they was 45. That’s interesting. I’m not sure what to do now. My progesterone was normal when we went to Nufemme in January. Apparently we got a bad treatment but they wont tel lme nor will they get out the pellet.

Got ER out yesterday two catscans xrays and all that and fevers of 104 dot 7!!

Dec, I’m quite sure I cancelled for ages because being since severe acne and now I’m experiencing thinning hair from my forehead to crown.

I will underin no circumstances go back. UTI, kidney stones, ovaian cysts. Have you heard about something like this before? Since seeing them my progesterone has probably been SKI HIGH per a call from them after lastlabs in March and Ive been ill and EVERY aftereffects listed from lofty progesterone when I am often under no circumstances sick!!! Help!! Im 45 and WAS in excellent health. Please! My MD said this couldn’t be the pellet but was from contamination from my husband’s use of testestosterone gel. Thank You. For example, I don’t look for to live with this big T level for next 2 months. I haven’t had adverse affects until now. Seriously. Well, I’m almost sure I went with my husband to his doctor and he said the opposite and ordered a blood test. They inserted a 100mg pellet. I am thinking of calling my GYN. Generally, is there anyways to accelerate the absorption to get it out of my system quicker?

That came back highly lofty.

Since pellet was in three weeks, my question is always how would we go about having it removed?

When my saliva test was done at this beginning year my T level was rather rather low. They went ahead and did 3rd pellet anyhow for any longer being that they said that the big number wasn’t from the pellet. Simply prior to the 3rd insertion my saliva test was off charts at 17964! I had a second one in June and third in September. Besides, the doctor they visit doesn’t believe it gonna be the pellet so I am sure he wouldn’t remove it. I am 52 and on my 3rd pellet.

Please Help! My husband’s doctor is a DO and can’t do it. I had a related question to Soraya but did not see a response to her question. It’s all over my neck, my sides face, in my scalp, and similar It’s so rubbish, that it hurts to move my neck and definitely, looks like I have some horrible disease.

I had my first pellet implanted in May of this year. Side All effects are null for me, except, I actually have a raging case of ACNE!!!!! I did big, felt better, slept better, way better memory and focus, restored libido, overall a whole lot better function. Definitely don’t need to lose my hair either, Don’t look for to go back to my old enough feelings of misery and fatigue. So do not want to lose my hair, I feel better. I was as well placed on Nature Thyroid for lower thyroid function with dose incrementally increased to now two grains per day. About six weeks ago, I’m pretty sure I started shedding hair at least a few hundred a day, usually can reach in my hair and hair drops out. Then once more, not sure how to stop the hair loss, with this pellet in my system with at least two more months of effects left. It’s still falling out, I get vitamins. Make rogaine.

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