Hair Loss Shampoo Sioux Falls

hair loss shampoo Sioux Falls My surgeon Dr. I’ve had great!! I got a breast augmentation with Dr. He will answer your questions straight to the point, and most importantly he LISTENS to each word that you say. Dr. Alexander and let me tell you, he is a rockstar w a scalpel. He is a doctor, and a very skilled one at that. His whole staff is very welcoming and professional, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Alexander isn’t a car salesman, he shan’t kiss your butt in consultations, and quite personally I love his approach. Im 24 hours ‘PostOp’ and the results are absolutely amazing! I have minimal discomfort and no pain really. Not after a few shampoos, as you suggest, the effect does wear off over time.

hair loss shampoo Sioux Falls Around 2030″ shampoos gradually make the treatment wear off. You can wash your hair as normal, nearly any 2 days or whatever -no greasiness required. It just BLOWS MY MIND -even with all the scientific evidence to the contrary. I would like to ask you something. How can people believe anything they say after it had been proven that everything else they said was untrue? Now pay attention please. Thank you for this wonderful information. Was not the rule rather than the exception in this country. Now this new set of marketing to continue the lying.

hair loss shampoo Sioux Falls Thanks for striving to set the record straight.

I mean these stylists are indignant -I would almost swear they work as reps for BB.

I was battling with stylists all across the country who still need to BELIEVE that BB is formaldehyde free just being that they say on their bottle and insist that they are truthful, as the manufacturer of a line of hair products. Our Anevolve Control 1 and Control 2 are formaldehyde based and we SAY SO, and train stylists how to use it properly and give full disclosure. I know that the products themselves do not appear to provide any sort of thermal protection, obviously by using this equipment less the hair will experience less damage throughout the effective time of the treatment.

hair loss shampoo Sioux Falls Heat protecting properties are really up to the individual. Most brands claim the treatments will reduce thermal damage to the hair following the service, however as far as I can tell it is being that the reduced drying time and reduced need for heated tools. You talk about averages but what are you preparing to do when could have been hazardous. You’re wrong, so that makes you dangerous, whatever your motive is. Anyway, hi Joann I would actually concur with what bb said stylist dont realize that bb zero is less forgiving and the procedure is slightly different they must take 1/8 to 1/4 inch sections when applying and flat ironing wit the original it was biggers sections. Now claiming the ZERO does identical is just false advertisement and Im feeling so that’s just one the twisted more info there putting out there.

hair loss shampoo Sioux Falls Use your instinct, So in case something is irritating your throat, eyes hereafter thats not right.

The new ZERO from brazilianblowout does NOT give identical results.

Ilove my hair with the brazilian and was doing them for 2 years but I am now stopping, its not worth your health and the company is a little not forth coming and I can’t trust that. Essentially, as a stylist for 25yrs I have used and love the results of the original but very skeptical because of the company no actually coming out publicly to defend there selves. Proper precautions would involve is if you can smell anything. Therefore if you can… consequently you can probably do better. Then again, if no product comes in contact with your skin, for a salon stylist just like yourself, and the ventilation is good enough that you can’t smell the product before, during, or after application, hereafter it is probably reasonably safe for the stylist.

hair loss shampoo Sioux Falls They throughout the application, as far as for the clients -I imagine it’s not great for the product to come in contact with their scalp.

That relaxes the hair, no?

Chemical relaxing is permanent, it seems like they midly relax your hair. What about the sodium hydroxide aka lye? It’s the active ingredient in most ethnic hair straightners. How do they bring the pH back down? In this case, in my opinion the NaOH is just there to buffer the product to the correct pH, and without it the product would’ve been quite similar effect, You’re right that lye can be/has been used to relax curly hair.

hair loss shampoo Sioux Falls That means that any hydroxide doesn’t really exist as hydroxide -it’s all protonated to water with the Na+ acting as a counterion for some other anion,.

I recently finished an investigative series on the product and am convinced that there’re highly questionable circumstances surrounding Oregon OSHA’s, OSHA’s, and the FDA’s public announcements regarding the product.

Thus, I believe this story highlights a few important problems regarding product disclosure, government protocols, and media hysteria. My research shows that air sampling research conducted by these entities definitively show that the product’s formaldehyde release were all substantially below state and federal safety limits. I hope you’ll read over my series and perhaps address these problems in a brand new report. BB zero does not work.

Company is lying saying that it delivers similar results. Did you hear of something like that before? I was glad there was a bb zero and I tried. Stylist was coughing and her eyes irritated by the end of the treatment. They did my highlights for free after a few days but I am still waiting to hear from the owner as they can not return the money.

Salon shouldn’t offer that product!!

I was charged 300 dollars and it was a waste of time and money.

I did have the original bb and it worked really well. Of course, the salon Changing times in Tillicum mall had offered to call the company. I actually bought a salon sized bottle from a stylist online. Keep reading! How disappointing! I did not need to use those anymore since they emit the formaldehyde when flat ironing. Normally, I tried the BB Zero a few times and it’s not working. I have used regular BB as well as Simply Smooth keratin treatment which both worked better. You’re confident that any stylist will use gloves and be careful not to get the solution on the skin. Actually, use the gloves, use proper ventilation, and take other precautions to minimize exposure when you use the product. BB Acai solution said it had no formaldehyde and similar harsh chemicals.. Why, when the company went to such great pains to say it was safe?

People know to take precautions because The whole point is to describe the contents accurately. For awhile being that if you don’t it could indeed be dangerous.

Why? With the straight effect, what should the result be. With a shampoo/ or condtioner with methylene glycol. So the service of Brazilian done the next day. Would the amino acids/ proteins. Without the traces methylene glycol gasses escaping, and reducing the safety risk. Is this stuff legit? Formaldehyde can react with free amino groups to join hair proteins together, that seems like it should even out the surface of hair strands. Therefore, scanning through the list of ingredients,, I actually really don’t notice anything that looks like camouflaged formaldehyde.

The significant issue is… so you kind of need formaldehyde for this stuff to work properly? It makes sense that formaldehyde will smooth hair. I can’t imagine how that can be healthy for one’s hair especially since we have relaxers/perms that are for a while being that many have said that it burns. Of course I have yet to use a chemical straightener for ages being that it seems that the manufacturers aren’t very much interested in the clients and only seek for to profit. Sorry but I noticed that one ingredient in the Brazilian Blowout Formula is Sodium Hydroxide which is the scientific term for LYE. I do not know how much can cause one’s scalp to burn or react but I should probably stay away. Remember, you are right about the ‘smoking’ comparison.The real problem is in a salon setting for the stylists who choose not to do this they are stuck next someone who does.THAT is WRONG. Seriously. Separate days for just BB will be a decent start! Respect going to be given to those who choose not to do this service and spare their clients potential health problems! Just keep reading. BUT SPARE THE OTHERS who choose not to!

I had a bad reaction to BB.

The burning stopped.

Lye based straightners just don’t work for me. My problem with the new formula is the product has lye. However, lye also burns. Now let me tell you something. It’s an interesting fact that the second application really burned so I had it rinsed out and had conditioner applied. With that said, the first time it worked great. Just discovered your blog, good job. Ain’t aqueous formaldehyde pretty much methylene glycol, it was awhile since I’ve been a practicing chemist. Yielding formaldehyde, it should’ve been considered to contain formaldehyde for public health concerns, if use of the original formula require heating to gain blowout results. Now look. Smoothing system that is vegan and uses corn, wheat and oat proteins. A well-known fact that is. I just started using a product called Reallisse by Zerran. I can’t compare it to BB or BB zero or any other keratin treatments but glad that it’s not linked to all the negative problems. Just search it on the web. I never used BB or any other because of all the negative Hype. Usually, it has a sister product called Reform which is a permanent straighting system.

It has just launched in Canada.

Hope this helps.

I did it to a co worker and myself and I reckon And so it’s great. They are nevertheless announcing a tally new formula that doesn’t contain methylene glycol, nevertheless Brazilian Blowout emphasizes that they are not surrendering their stance. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. They claim that this version, called Brazilian Blowout Zero, gives the same results as the original formula. While considering its hefty price tag, that it had better. Nevertheless, I seek for to work without a runny nose, tight band around -my -head feeling, and difficulty breathing. Therefore in case you don’t value your health you have a significant problem. Tony, I’m almost sure I don’t careSo aftercare products seem to do something that prevents the reversal of said chemical reaction. You have to at least use another highquality, ‘sulfatefree’ line, So if you opt not to use the Brazilian Blowout Acai line. Remember, each time you use the Acai Hair Care you’re helping to enhance and deposit a bit more of that protective layer to keep the cuticle smooth and shiny, jordana explains that the Acai line contains a lot of the active ingredients that are in the Brazilian Blowout treatment itself. Not as curly as That’s a fact, it’s naturally, even after 4 months, my hair is very wavy.

Original is amazing and leaves my hair almost straight for about 3 months at a time.

The Zero doesn’t work for me.

I have used both original BB and the Zero. I did the Zerran … ha! AFTER home shampoo that claims it works. Used BB 3 times and later noticed severe alopecia… 3 huge bald spots… yes I was stressed at the time but that combination may are my demise … at any rate a product with that there’s no reason to waste time and money on the new version, a product that delivers absolutely Zero value, the original product works. Brazilian Blowout Zero does not work! It was a tal waste of everyone’s time the lack of results were immediately obvious to me and my hair dresser. Whenever acknowledging that they have since learned that look, there’s a poser with the new formula, they kindly agreed to redo it this morning. Essentially, I worry about the formaldehyde, that is why I will continue to monitor this debate and may not choose to do this again in the future but therefore had it redone with Zero two weeks ago. Did you know that the difference is night and day. My curiosity is piqued about how plenty of other hair care products work on a molecular level. Thanks for replying here and sharing your understanding, Jordana! You see, I had the first BB treatment twice and really liked it. Sounds familiardoesn’t it? Just making an attempt to have a grasp of the consequences, disappointed to find the company had lied about the formaldehyde. So it is among the most thorough posts I’ve that I am thankful for. Know what guys, I wasn’t sure if so that’s also something that can cause internal damage as well, it seems most complaints are from breathing the air?

Into the bloodstream, bB treatment only emit a dangerous gas in the air throughout the drying/straightening process, or is it also absorbed through the scalp? I’m curious if anyone knows the answer to this. Brazilian Blowout, the gold bottles, is designed to use their shampoo and masque at least once a week. Try a mini BB 46″ weeks after your initial BB to refresh and get NEW growth. I’d say if you are spending $ 350 therefore another $ 75 seems excessive. On p of this, I know sticker shock happens on retail goods but not all shampoos are identical.a lot. Be careful of hidden ingredients from other brands that strip the hair.

When a manufacture produces a product it usually has a reason to use their complete line.

She had been having sinus problems and wonders if this induced quite a few problems that she has had, except day a client that I have done BB 4 times does not seek for me to use it on her again.

I have really loved the results and so have my clients but am I risking their health and mine? I am a breast cancer survivor am I risking my health doing this. It is I just need to know, Should I still be doing BB on my clients or not? I am not sure what I must do.

I have not had any problems myself while doing BB on clients.

Instead lasted 16 weeks which is well over the 12 weeks that it was supposed to last, it did not wash out after a few shampoos.

To Perry Romanowski -you are preparing to assume it won’t last 16 weeks this time. I have had the BB. I just had my 2nd one and while the results are similar, my hair isn’t nearly as sleek, soft straight as the original formula. Now that the company itself has admitted that its product contains formaldehyde and agreed to modify its marketing and labeling practices, what does that do to the hoax?

Now they’ve agreed to. I’ve read the Oregon OSHA report, and what’s says is that the product contains formaldehyde and that the manufacturer must acknowledge that and provide guidance on appropriate ways to control the hazard. I have read quite a few readers comments about a vegan formula that does not contain formaldehyde and akin harsh chemicals, called RealLisse, produced by a company called Zerran. Of course goupon posted an extremely discounted Brazilian Blowout Zero at a salon in my area. Anyways, I don’t seek for to risk my health, To be honest I would like to use a hair smoothing product. Does anyone have any information as to this product’s safety? I became interested in it when I realized that this product does not contain formaldehyde, as the original formula does, that I have heard very much controversy about. Just think for a moment. I can’t find much information/research/safety information about this product, only what appears to be a PR release on a couple of different websites. I did some further research to understand if so it’s a product I would feel comfortable using and I came across this blog.

I recently had the BB Zero treatment and it did not take to my hair.

I really similar condition as it was prior after one washing.

I am so glad I stumbled upon this site.

Thought I will do it again since I liked it once, didnt like it once, and needed a tie breaker.

Went back a second time. Nonetheless, I was thrilled. Wish I had read this first. Of course, I mentioned this to my stylist and asked her if they had changed the product she said no. Therefore in case I cant have the original formula thence I’m not wasting my time or money. Remember, I love my stylist but she LIED. Found it odd that the results werent quite really similar. Not nearly similar burning, itching, and similar I found that odd. Would have saved me that $ 300 for the third go round.


I had the original BB done last year and it was extremely uncomfortable the entire time, my eyes burned, my chest was on fire, I’m almost sure I couldnt stop coughing, and suchlike BUT the results were unbelievable for a girl with naturally coarse thick unruly hair.

I am intending to print this off and take it to my stylist. I have to say my hands were like sand paper when I got done, my throat burned as did my eyes. I am no chemist but I have used this product a few times with a EPA approved vent system, It’s not good, I for ages it’s discovered that the look, there’s a slight breeze, I will lok.

Does contain frizz somewhat, and I have only tried it on finer hair, Know what guys, I have tried Kera Spa, leaves natural curl. At what cost, By the way I get that those of us with unruly. Coarse hair have found a product that gives us beautiful hair. I am trying other products and have not found one to be nearly what BB is, To be honest I cant even say having a wind tunnel fan blowing directly at you my be safe. However, I can’t I am of coarse just a laymen. Doesn’t it sound familiar? I did use this product without gloves, Actually I was unaware at the time that it was, well not good for you preparing to a class up in Sioux Falls, the reps there were adamant about not having to use glove and proper ventilation is all that is needed, we questioned them again and again, and the woman do the BB, on one of our salon owners insisted she did a couple of these a day, By the way I don’t think so.

I guess its like smoking some are preparing to do it I believe So there’re I actually am not recommending it to anyone. That must be great, Therefore if someone should please make sure a safe way to do this treatment.. I’ve had the treatment about a month…I guess I’m preparing to just give up and go back to using my normal ‘leave in’ conditioner regardless of what really is in it so I can look normal without using the flat iron.

Because of the restrictions on hair care products, Know what, I can’t even put anything in it to make the curls looks nice.

The texture is nowhere near silky and shiny like they claim it gonna be, while I admit my hair dries faster and is easier to flat iron.

I wish I had found this site before I wasted the money on a BB Zero. Therefore, I bought it heavily discounted from one of those Groupon/Daily Deal type sites. It’s up for grabs, maybe a hair stylist could answer this question better. Depending on lots of the comments above I can not see any reason to think the BB Zero provides many benefits anyway, and I would’ve been surprised if there are any hardcore scientific studies of BB Zero’s effect on hair proteins.

There’s a link for the MSDS form for the F450 AFST -Should pop up as a.pdf.

If you seek for, enable you to know how it goes, when I get the treatment I will.

I hope this helps! Actually the burning stopped when the product was rinsed out and my hair conditioned. Nonetheless, bB was great the first time. You should take this seriously. I asked that the product be rinsed out and just got my hair cut instead. Furthermore, I was sorry that I could not complete the for ages being that I wanted to retain identical results as the first treatment. By the way, the burning did not subside, unlike the first time. Now please pay attention. I could not complete a second treatment. Certainly, I’ll be going back to using a true Japanese process that is safer amd does not have identical aftereffect and potential health risks.

My scalp had a bad burning sensation as the product was applied. My hair was manageable for around 12 weeks. Accordingly the original BB may seem to protect hair from heat styling by decreasing the appearance of flaws like split ends and frizziness -these flaws are often used synonymously with damaged. Since heat could drive the expulsion of the formaldehyde linking gether hair amino acids, -and so it’s just speculation -I would imagine that more frequent heating of ‘BB treated’ hair should result in a shorter lifetime of the treatment effects. It worked like a miracle on my very curly hair. She also applies it quickly. Also, my stylist is very cautious about using the product only with significant ventilation. Seriously. Why cant I get the hair treatment I prefer, I tally agree we should have the right to ‘pick our poison’ in that I can smoke cigarettes if I seek for to. I had the original BB treatment done twice in the last year. Oftentimes I will continue to get it done. I hope that helps!

Not the ammonia or peroxide that originally make the change in the hair, That’s a fact, it’s comparable to a color refreshing shampoo or conditioner which contain the ne one might look for to refresh.

For me, I eat/be as healthy as I possibly can.

I use Coppola and do it myself. I will continue for a while being that it’s the next best beauty enhancement since the wheel. Now let me tell you something. We all pick our poisons don’t we? Let me tell you something. I suffered through a chem class with amongst the pioneers of organometallics at Cornell. You see, glad to see you are having more success. Usually, how amazing to find an organometallic chemist. You see, I’m also glad to see you are not engaging in the chemophobia that most of the blogosphere is with regards to BB. It’s the salon type where you would never expect to find a Keratin Treatment.. They promised on their website that So it’s formaldehyde and keratin free… loads of products have promised this. Notice, I found the most wonderful little salon that really tries to focus on health and wellness.

They had something different.

I just thought that I would let you guys know about it.

I looked it up and was excited to find many blogs about it containing before and after pictures… some amount of these pics astounded me. They try to be organic and all natural in their products. Look it up for yourself. F450 Amino Fusion by Thermafuse. Nonetheless, I contacted them and they ld me the name of the product. Perry, regardless of the safety of the BB, I just need to dispel a certain amount your ideas about the effectiveness of the BB. I resent the idea that women are unable to make an assessment of their own hair as they was blinded by the hype. Notice, some women may just love the fact that they can look groomed / professional without having to waste time in the morning styling their hair. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I actually can assure you that we are not all ditzy and clueless, as a scientifically minded person. Now pay attention please. I woke up this morning with an awful migraine and nausea. Therefore, I am very skeptical of this new safe version and question if And so it’s formaldehyde free, despite the list of ingredients.

My stylist was baffled and very upset, as I am her second client with this issue.

Whenever believing this to be a safe product for myself and my stylist, my eyes and nose were gushing throughout the entire procedure… significantly more during blow drying, yesterday I received the treatment.

Does anyone know if there been tests done to prove this new version truly is formaldehyde free? Fact, I received the Coppola Keratin treatment 8 months ago, and this formaldehyde free treatment did not produce these effects. Question about BB Zero… are there any ingredients that are potentially dangerous in this new version? Yes, that’s right! While keeping in mind that they tested air levels of formaldehyde under controlled settings that reasonably give them lower formaldehyde readouts than here’s Oregon OSHA’s take it. Did you know that the controversy actually is about the quantity, both theoretical and measured, in my opinion everyone is now in agreement that formaldehyde can/is released when the original product is used.

Thanks Denise.

Lastly, yes!

Aqueous formaldehyde, aka formalin, aka methylene glycol is how you get formaldehyde in a bottle without having to pressurize it and deal with it as a gas! Accordingly the first time I had it done and washed my hair, it felt like my hair had been transplanted with someone else’s! Hair also takes 5 minutes for awhileer need to use a brush / nozzle or serum. Write leaving it to ‘air dry’ will result in a bird’s nest effect, before having BB. So treatment actually leaves your hair extremely silky, defrizzed and smooth. It dries smooth, I’d say in case I leave my hair to airdry. Straighteners are now superfluous. Actually, I should rahter have NO hair than hair that isn’t helped in one of these ways.

I think that results are so variable determined by the type and condition of one’s hair that comparisons are very difficult.

BTW I detest the follow up shampoos, either coppola or BB.

My stylist has used Coppola, BB and BB Zero and feels that Zero leaves more body in the hair with more shine and lasts about identical time as BB. Just has the BB Zero done yesterday. I had my hair japanese straightened three times over the course of two years, therefore had coppola done three times over a year with perfect results. Anyway. Of course, she uses it and well as her stylist sister and they have used ti on numerous clients. I was really in for awhile being that for a while naturally blonde hair is a mess without some treatment.a lot. I’m using Wen now and happy with it. I think that if the Zero doesn’t work my stylist will redo with original BB. Fact, the last time I had Coppola done I could smell it, that never happened before, and after a while had intense scalp itching and weird hair. Especially when certain people are arguing depending on CAS numbers, and all that, and when I can know the whole methylene glycol/formaldehyde thing being confusing, if someone doesn’t know much about chemistry.

Lab fees must run you about $ 40 per sample and I’d suggest that you collect 4 samples per blow out.

OSHA has published a really good hazard alert to inform you of your employer requirements. There’s a bunch of variability in chemical use, number of ‘blow outs’ per shift, flat iron temperature, and ventilation. I hope this information is useful. For awhile being that each salon and stylist is unique. Nonetheless, and a board certified industrial hygienist, I would strongly recommend that you seek technical assistance to assess your worksites, as a former OSHA Compliance Officer. For awhile being that some data collected at unknown locations under unknown conditions was posted, doesn’t mean that you’re free and clear. Yes, that’s right! Ultimately, the measured formaldehyde exposure on your stylists will determine the extent your salon will need to comply with OSHA’s formaldehyde standard. Further more if you guys are getting running noses or itchy eyes and stuff your performing the treatment WRONG!

I’d you read instruction it suggest that the hair be 75percentage percent dry or 50 with zero and not to do this with a blow dryer only use a wel and bloat well also this stops from over saturation of product hence why u must never use more therefore 2 caps fulls now if u do the treatment incorrectly and dry the hair a 100 percent and apply it on dry hair ur definitely using any procedure u do on a client equates to about 3 or 4 by the book treatments thats 1200 dollars your throwing it away by not folling directions and the hair needs to have water in hair as a proper catalyst for the treatment I’m sorry all you stylist are idiots do your research and know what your performing!

I landed on for ages being that I saw an article about BB Zero and was intending to try it.

Its a problem to accept any other textures, when you go straight hair.

Please help!

I am not sure about Thermafuse. It does not sit right with me, By the way I read about it. That said, I truly appreciate for awhile being that I can not use lye in my hair. It gives a horrifying reaction to my eczema that causes me to become a hermit. I am interested in the Zerran product and would like to receive more information from people that used it or have knowledge about it. Sometimes I look a mess, I’m pretty sure I will go without treatment for now. You need to wear gloves that time, you shouldn’t breath the fumes!! You see, not me. Essentially, I have started using a product called Keragreen Smoothing Treatment. Yes, that’s right! Whenever doing redos, I have wasted money. Sadly, people love this treatment soooo much they are willing to poison themselves to get it. Anyone who has already used BB won’t be satisfied with anything else. Not on p of Brazillian Blowout original solution, it works well on fine and blonde hair. Now pay attention please. I choked when I did myself and had a racing heart, that summer I did alot of these treatments and had an unexplained wheeze.

So it’s dangerous especially to the stylist.

I’m certainly don’t have the qualifications to make a judgment about public health concerns, Oooh, By the way I can only offer my opinion.

From my limited understanding, in my opinion other formaldehydecontaining hair products are regularly used in it’s essential to know which products contain formaldehyde so you can take extra special precautions that you wouldn’t otherwise. Whenever being a chemist myself, I don’t cringe at the words chemical or chemical reaction, when I say look, there’s a chemical reaction with your hair I mean that with neutral connotations. For example, side note to all. I am more interested in how this product could’ve really similar effect as one containing formaldehyde.

There really was not any methylene glycol in the ingredient list for the new product, Just a note -I think BB has been upfront about what’s in the BB Zero.

Salon is willing to ‘redo’ my hair this week.

Friday. DOES NOT WORK. Anyway, masters degree and I KNOW it was not the stylists fault. What bothers me the most is that I contacted Brazilian Blowout and they did call and said they have wonderful reviews and that Surely it’s the stylists fault. Let me tell you something. I was really taken back by that comment. As a result, I will have this done and after that never give my money to this company again. After my first wash it was actually drier and frizzier than before when I let it dry naturally. It was still frizzy and I went to a humid place and encountered rain, and my hair was similar to before I wasted $ 300 on this treatment, after the second wash. As a result, I had the ZERO done two weeks ago, and it didn’t work whatsoever for me. I was anxious to get this done and realize now that the few online ‘so called’ reviews are probably promos. You see, what a disappointment!

It looked great after they styled it at the salon.

I imagine the new formula’s smell won’t be pleasant if cysteine’s present in any appreciable quantity.

It contains cysteine, that I believe is also a component of Garnier’s Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Perfector. Not sure how permanent an effect you’d have you may disrupt some disulfide bonds in the hair fiber temporarily. Hmm, okay well, sometimes its just not that simple. I would NOT eat onions, cuz they burn the crap out of my eyes. I would eat refined sugar foods ALL DAY LONG cuz it feels REALLY good. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Therefore if so and we followed the instinct logic. Nonetheless, I waited and researched about BB for months before I got it. My stylist dd the BB Zero 4 days ago and I am so displeased! My hair still has frizz and only has one my head part that is straighter. Normally, I still have to either flatiron or round brush it to death, I’m almost sure I for ages blonde hair with some natural wave and hoped to tame the frizz and shorten drying time…I will say that my drying time was shortened somewhat.

Do NOT use BB Zero!!!

We still had to spend time ‘blow drying’, and the treated side of the head showed this kind of a subtle difference, By the way I doubt we going to be bringing this product into our salon.

Our test model was a typical curly/frizzy hair type that we had with the last Keratin smoothing treatment we used. On p of this, my salon had training day on the BB Zero. We did the BB Zero on half of her head and none of us were impressed whatsoever. My guess is the cysteine is the major active. You should take it into account. Hair fibres relax, the idea is that the free thiol reduces the disulfide bonds in the keratin. Whenever resulting in the the hair strands being held in the new conformation, throughout the heating and pressing of the hair, new disufide cross links form in the keratin. I’m sure you heard about this. Thioglyocolic acid is sometimes used in straighteners. Anyways, I will have learned another difficult and expensive lesson, I’d say if not.

I’m hoping it works.

It doesn’t work.

I was really anxious to get the Brazilian Blowout done at a salon in Altoona. Remember, my hair was back to the way it used to be, after that. I should like to try the original. I should not get the Brazilian Blowout Zero again. First three weeks, my hair looked nice. Save your money. Know what, I paid $ 300 for the Brazilian Blowout Zero, with the intention to my extreme disappointment. Best of luck to you, and I hope you stay in good health. For instance, I do encourage you to look up ‘nonbiased’ sources of information about how to safely use salon products. I’m sure you heard about this. They’re not turning a profit from selling you a product, OSHA, for instance, is concerned with occupational safety. For ages being that someone does not seem to have a ‘reaction’ does not mean you are not still being constantly exposed to Formaldehyde.

I would’ve been looking to find a salon that does not do these…for your health!

I am a Hairstylist, and do not perform this service.I work in a salon that does the Brazilian Blowout service and have experienced first hand at the health problems it made!

NO, I would NOT continue to do this service.What your client is experiencing with her sinuses is exactly what has happened to me. Severe burning/sinus pain/eye pain/headache. I don’t even DO this service!Cancer survivor???! It’s a well sigh, I figured I must chime in, By the way I got the BB zero for myself to do in the premises, and I must say, it did not work… All it did was make my hair feel a little softer and that’s it. I followed the directions perfectly but still managed to have poor results. Then, oh well. My hair was not even thick or curly, it’s really REALLY fine with a wave through it and frizz. With all that said… How annoying. Instead, they are offering the Brazilian Blowout Zero formula as an alternative for those whose personal preference is for a methylene glycol free formula, Brazilian Blowout ain’t recalling their original formula.

I have had the BB done twice.

I also had nose bleeds.

It is 8 months since I had BB and my scalp still has sores that are finally going away and very much now about throat for any longer as my throat still becomes sore at times and when the doctor did a routine check the other day she mentioned how light red it was inside my nose. Known my throat hurt so bad that I had to make a trip to the emergency room and they gave me numbing meds to numb my throat cause I couldn’t swallow it hurt so bad. So, would never ever do the BB again, I am taking Biotin and fish oil, HoShumon and Biosil and Vitamin I would love to have the silky smooth hair. Month after having it done, I got a sore throat that lasted 7 weeks. That stuff burned my nose and throat so if you feel you must do it, you should wear a mask to protect your nose and throat. Now look, a week later I went back to the doctor cause the pain was unbearable.

I lost very much hair!!

I loved the way it left my hair so smooth shiny and silky and youthful looking.

No more! Please don’t do this or if you know of something that will make or I am taking all kinds of vitamins to try and keep my hair. Notice, I will enable you to know how BB Zero measures up to this product, Actually I was extremely satisfied with the Coppola treatment. With that said, I can’t offer for ages because being since the cancer risks, I’m almost sure I have not received the original BBO. In regards to effectiveness, I’m quite sure I will report back to allow you to all know how it holds up. It’s a well glutaraldehyde wouldn’t be acceptable either, with that kind of talk.

As a matter of fact, that kind of talk wipes out an entire functional group from consideration!

Look, there’s much talk about products being not only formaldehydefree but free so here is a story for another time. Not the chemical agents, I’ve been taught.’ in other words, the proteins and botanical smoothers. Noone has claimed the aftercare products contain a bonding agent, and the ingredients of every are listed on the bottle, as is mandated for homeuse products. Loads of info can be found easily on the web. Thank you for the quote above To clarify. I really look for to ask some women. You have pin straight hair for a few months/ yrs but is it worth risking your health and possibly loosing your hair in the end because of these harsh chems + high heat?

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Why is my hair getting so thin and falling out?

Why is my hair getting so thin and falling out? Just as pregnancy hormone changes can cause hair loss, so can switching or going off birth-control pills. This can also cause telogen effluvium, and it may be more likely if you have a family history of hair loss. The change in the hormonal balance that occurs at menopause may also have the same result.

Do hair loss shampoos really work?

Commercials for the company's thickening shampoos and serums have long promised the products will “provide caffeine to your hair”, which can “actually help to reduce hair loss”. However, the watchdog found that the claims were unsubstantiated and banned Alpecin from making them. ... And it's not just Alpecin.

What should I eat to strengthen my hair?

The 14 Best Foods for Hair Growth Eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, two nutrients that may promote hair growth. ... Berries. Berries are loaded with beneficial compounds and vitamins that may promote hair growth. ... Spinach. ... Fatty Fish. ... Sweet Potatoes. ... Avocados. ... Nuts. ... Seeds.

How can I thicken my hair?

Natural Methods to Thicken Hair Aloe Vera Juice. One of the best things you can take is aloe vera juice. ... Flaxseeds. If you want to know how to thicken hair, then you also need to consider what you're eating. ... Biotin. I personally use a natural biotin shampoo made by a company called Jason's. ... Rosemary Oil. ... Supplements.

How can I stop my hair loss?

Here's our list of 20 solutions to help reduce or deal with hair loss. Regularly wash your hair with mild shampoo. ... Vitamin for hair loss. ... Enrich diet with protein. ... Scalp massage with essential oils. ... Avoid brushing wet hair. ... Garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. ... Keep yourself hydrated. ... Rub green tea into your hair.