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hair loss shampoo Honolulu Did you know that the defender is tackled a couple of times by his long hair, that he claims is the most painful thing that has happened to him in a game. Whenever, the NFL governing body currently has no rules on having long hair and an estimated 10percent of players now have hair protruding from the back of their helmets. Some also claim that with hair that long, spectators are unable to see his name and number on his shirt but as he is a solitary player with 3 foot hair, it’s difficult to mistake him. Then the league also has no rules on tackling by means of pulling hair as their rules predate the hairy trend when nearly any player had short to medium hair. In 2008 the NFL’s governing body proposed new rules that hair must be kept under the helmets and away from player’s names but this was rejected. Should be oriented in different directions to counter the eye misalignment.

Most people do not need prism in their glasses.

So that’s for correcting eye misalignments and reducing double vision. Then, peds/strabismus has its HUGE rewards and I for one, can’t think of anything else I’d rather do. Then, everyone wants to do Cornea or Cataract with all the fun laser cataract machines or Retina with the cool new macular degeneration drugs that are coming out. Therefore, I know pediatric ophthalmology isn’t the sexy subspecialties of ophthalmology. OD stands for oculus dextrous, for those of you who ok Latin in high school, that means right eye. OD and OS. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Accordingly the higher the number, the stronger the prescription Whether minus,, or the number is plus. Not far, therefore this patient can see near. In this example, so this patient has a minus in front of the number being that he is myopic or nearsighted. Accordingly the number is the amount, measured in diopters, needed to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness. With that said, this refers to the spherical lens necessary to sharpen your vision to 20/20.

hair loss shampoo Honolulu Most people have some astigmatism.

It means you don’t have any astigmatism, if you don’t have a number in this column.

Like a fun house mirror, for people with astigmatism, it means that images are slightly stretched horizontally or vertically. Certainly, practices tend to stick to one sign, with that said, this number can be minus or plus. In our office, all our prescriptions are written using minus cylinder. So, it was wonderful for my children to experience Indian culture and food and get dressed up in Indian clothes. Now pay attention please. Actually the Indian community is quite small here in Hawaii and though my children are Chindian, there’s far more opportunity for them to be familiar with their Chinese side. I love that so quickly take to participating in Indian cultural events with my parents when we are back on the mainland.

hair loss shampoo Honolulu Besides, the week was a great lesson for me -yes, the office can survive without me.

The six hour time difference made that impossible even if it had been an intention.

I do not need to micromanage everything., it forced me to pause and enjoy the end of summer before the business of the Fall months rush upon us. Myopia is the most common refractive error in kids, and it’s on the rise. My son is obsessed with asking if my husband is nearsighted or farsighted after we read this page in the Cat in the Hat book at bedtime. Also, it won’t have an axis number either, if your prescription doesn’t have a cylinder number. It’s measured in degrees. Oftentimes they still use protractors in high school, right? I want to ask you something. High school geometry?

hair loss shampoo Honolulu Axis refers to the direction or position in which the cylindrical lens is pointed to correct the astigmatism.

Probably not, I bet there’s some app for that now.

That’s what the axis refers to, just like your old protractor. I see a bunch of blepharitis in my adult patients, especially in women who wear lash extensions. So, washing your eyebrows and eyelids with antibacterial shampoo can so it’s a great time to review some standard eyelid cleaning techniques. They are so worried about losing their precious extensions, that they don’t clean their eyelids properly, they have the extensions and wear makeup. It is this almost always results in blepharitis. It is put a small bit of dilute baby shampoo on your ring finger and suds right on to the lid margin for 30 seconds on any eye. Let me tell you something. Even if it resolves with antibiotic drops, you must throw away your eye makeup, at the very least your mascara, if you get conjunctivitis.

hair loss shampoo Honolulu Adenovirus particles can live on the surfaces of inanimate objects for upwards of one month.

It’s not good enough to just stop using the products when you have the conjunctivitis and the resume use once the pink eye improves.

So, you likely had the infection even before you started manifesting symptoms. That said, this boy bought his Halloween contact lenses online and you wouldn’t believe what it did to his eyes! Eventually, I was striving to think of an ideal title for this blog post and I was reminded of FB posts I see and thought of. For example, there is the embarassing picture of the contents of my ‘make up’ drawer. I have a little of an eyeshadow addiction. It’s a well there’s just something so pretty about all the colors. It started when I moved here to Hawaii. Let me tell you something. I own one eyeliner, one blush and a million pots of shadow. For instance, I would get my ‘make up’ done at the MAC counter before our photos for our Honolulu magazine ad and have to buy $ 50 makeup worth.

What does this mean.

That will mean -00 prescription instead of a -00 prescription.

Kids who spent ‘1 2’ hours/day outdoors, were on average a whole diopter less nearsighted than their peers who did not. For instance, being outdoors in the sunlight, is protective., the more time kids spent indoors on devices made their myopia worse. Only 26 of patients replace their cases periodically, 48percentage once per year, and the remainder, never! a couple of studies have confirmed that 70percentage to 82 of cases show contamination from overuse. Median frequency for cleaning cases was 2 3 times per week and one third cleaned only once per month! Therefore this study looked atropine 01, that is 1/100th the strength we use in the clinic. It slowed their nearsightedness as well as decreased the elongation of their eyeball, when administered daily to kids. Another important study assessed the effectiveness of a dilute version of a dilating drop -atropine -in delaying the progression of nearsightedness. I now offer these drops to a high select group of patients who have nearsightedness which is worsening quickly.

They have been less at risk for those dangerous retinal tears or detachments. Like blurry vision and sensitivity to sunlight, as you may know from planning to the ophthalmologist. Dilating drops can cause consequences, studies been done with different strengths of this drop in the past. They can progress until eventually So there’s significant loss of vision, and neither diet, nor medications, will make the cataract go away. Nonetheless, some individuals mistakenly think that a cataract is a growth in the eye and that surgery entails cleaning the cataract out.. Needless to say, the cataract is removed with laser or ultrasound power and replaced with an artificial lens.

Cataracts are most often found in older patients but they can occur in people should be a number in this column, So in case you wear bifocals or progressive glasses. This is the case. While using your phone, all starts to get a little harder and you have to hold things far away for them to be clear, presbyopia is the condition which affects most individuals over the age of You probably know the signs if you fall into this age group -reading.

Add power is always a plus number and it can range from as low as +75 to +00, though the normal add powers are between +25-+00. That said, this number is also measured in Diopters and refers to the extra magnifying power needed to as long as the same percentage of retina now is stretched more in a myopic eye than in a normal eye. Being myopic ain’t just a pain for children to wear glasses, it can also have serious consequences in regards to the health of a child’s eye. Therefore this can leads to areas of thinning or tears which can cause retinal detachments. With that said, that should take the pressure off.

They don’t look for to get the answer wrong.

And, the thing is there’s no wrong answer.

Everyone gets so nervous when we ask Better 1 or 2”. Your glasses prescription is individualized to suit your needs. Now please pay attention. Thus, most optical shops can always redo the lenses for free for three months if you end up getting the glasses and they just don’t seem to work for you, even after giving them a couple weeks. For example, refraction is the term used to describe that process of fine tuning your glasses prescription when you sit behind the phoropter. Actually a little tube of Diorshow costs over $ 28 and I tally didn’t used to do what I knew in my heart was the right thing to do -throw it away after 3 months.

Think about it, you double dip your mascara wand and there’re numerous normal bacteria on your lashes.

Convinced now?

You’re putting that cespool of bacteria back into a liquid/gel bottle and sealing it tight, as soon as you apply your mascara. For instance, I know this one is painful, like I said. Pseudomonas is a terrible bacteria that is responsible for this below. On p of this, that means staph and strep are growing and replicating inside your mascara tube. For instance, here’s another great little fact -one study found that almost 80percentage of mascara samples contained Staph aureus and 13 contained Pseudomonas, Therefore in case not. Be conscious of the expiration date. Consequently, after that, you won’t feel so bad to throw it away.

That’s from the back of my Fiberwig mascara.

Change in consistency and become clumpy or dry, you know it’s time to dispose of it, if the mascara starts to smell funny.

Look, there’re a bunch of less expensive mascaras out there which work really well. I didn’t even realize mascaras had expiration dates – here Undoubtedly it’s, before I wrote this blog post. AND, blepharitis can be caused by staph -remember, there’s lots of staph just hanging out on your skin and lashes. Furthermore, technically, it’s inflammation of the eyelids, you can continue using your ‘makeup’ with blepharitis. If you have the severe kind of blepharitis -staph marginal disease -then check with your ophthalmologist regarding make up use. Cosmetics may say non comedogenic but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are ‘oil free’. Blepharitis isn’t an eye infection. One question I get asked often is if a patient can wear makeup if they have blepharitis.

For the most part there’re certain kinds of make types up which are non clogging and can be better lerated by people with blepharitis.

My hair hasn’t been dropping as much.

My hair is thinning out so I’m trying new shampoos and so far I’m liking this one. It worked well for keratin but, have found other products that make the ends of my hair a little softer. Love the way my hair feels silky after using CHI.I have very fine hair, it also takes the frizz out of the ends. I know, it hurts to throw away your $ 30 mascara tube, just since it’s been three months. This is the case. What’s the harm? Anyway, I believe back in med school, and, I’m pretty pake, I’d use very similar mascara for a year. We all do it -use make up even when a nagging feeling tells you that you must probably ss it. Lots of info can be found online. Microbial organisms are present on your lashes and they can flourish in tubes and bottles when given the chance.

Now I know better. I’m listing Accordingly the boys know where everything goes, I love baskets for ys and now all the baskets have labels on them. However, I realized I was spending about 60 minutes an any night cleaning up toys, organizing, and suchlike and like Norma Ray, Know what guys, I decided I wasn’t preparing to do it anymore. Why not in the apartments, the boys are in preschool and at school, they clean up their ys beautifully? Fit is comfortable -much less movement and drying than the previous iterations. However, the Dk constant for the AirOptix is 6 times more than the Fresh Look Colors.

Just last month, Alcon introduced AirOptix Colors and it’s a contact lens I can actually wear!

There been no conclusive studies which link media devices with eye or vision problems.

Unfortunately, it’s just not true. Policy statement issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics warned about the dangers of attention problems, sleep difficulties and obesity from ain’t great for their brain. As a result, is it the bright light or the UV light that’s protective? Consequently, while expecting me to dispense a lecture to the kids of the dangers of said devices, they look at me hopefully. I am asked this leading question at least daily by parents Using the iPhone or playing video games is bad for the eyes, right?

Time spent doing near work, in and of itself, did not cause nearsightedness.

When kids are playing on these devices, bUT it does make it more difficult to get them outdoors, in the protective UV light and that can make them more nearsighted.

I’m pretty sure I still recommend that kids must always wear protective hats, sunglasses and clothing when outdoors, especially here in Hawaii. I know that the belief that definitely, as a parent, it’s worrisome. Expect the prescription to increase nearly any year until they hit college age. Then the year after, same thing happens. Let me tell you something. Before, Know what guys, I would have to tell them that nothing could have been done, it was just genetics. Actually, that’s amidst the most common questions I encounter in my practice.

Not so anymore!

Why do my child’s glasses get stronger?

Therefore the following year, their myopia is worse and the glasses prescription has to be increased. I see a patient after they have failed their vision screening exam at their pediatrician’s office and diagnose them with nearsightedness. As a result, while anything that could alternative story. Let me tell you something. To be honest I should qualify this as a YET, eye size is inherited just as hair color. And suchlike My boys don’t wear glasses hereafter the child has a perfect chance of becoming myopic as well. There certainly is an ideal chance that they may require glasses in the future. Usually, I always bring my own gel liner and mascara, So if I get my make up done by a ‘make up’ artist.

Make sure you do not share!

Honestly, probably better thing to do is to avoid the samples at ‘makeup’ counters all together.

Even if they use a clean, I have no clue how long that tube was open, disposable applicator any time, perhaps that’s being may be putting your eyes at risk. Anyways, jenifer Bossert, Optometrist and Director of Contact Lens Services at Honolulu Eye Clinic.

Any time he came for his ‘postoperative’ visit, Niko will show off his latest dance moves for my staff.

I mean, seriously, is there anything better than getting that letter from a Mom or this card from a six year old?

He got cute bifocal glasses which he proudly wore quite often. Now look, a cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens within your eye, that results in blurred or distorted vision. While providing a crisp, clear image, light enters the eye through the cornea, passes through the natural crystalline lens and is accurately focused onto the retina. Actually, the lens helps to focus light onto the retina, the part of the eye similar to the film in a camera. Actually, even IF you properly follow contact lens cleaning and rinsing instructions, these nasty bacteria still find a way to grow. Then again, this serves as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cases are made of porous plastics.

Lens cases are hotbeds for bacteria and fungal colony growth…despite the addition of the Multi Purpose Solution contact lens solutions.

Over time a biofilm coats the inner surface of the case. These bacteria become embedded in the pores of the case itself. You better don’t hesitate to call and ask your doctor or the staff here at the Honolulu Eye Clinic, So if you have any questions regarding the proper solutions to use with your particular contact lenses. Saline is NOT a disinfecting solution. We would love to hear from you! Following these simple rules will reduce your risk of case and contact lens contamination. As a result, please remember that not all contact lens solutions are MPS solutions so it’s essential to read the labels. Just think for a moment. Lots of people are often surprised that children and even babies can get cataracts.

His mom had noted that he squinted a lot.

It does occur, It’s obviously a lot more rare than in adults.

I discovered cataractsin both eyes, when I dilated his eyes. I met with Niko and his sweet mom, Louise and ld them that we should schedule surgery for Niko. He had previously been living in California and had recently moved to Hawaii. With that said, he had real trouble with the eye chart, niko was a smart little boy. Nothing is as good as actually trying on the contacts on your eyes, the Air Optix website has a fun virtual studio. Please call us if you should like to try the new Air Optix colors. You should take it into account. So plus powers are supposed to come out by the end of the year, though they are not yet available.

They are monthly lenses and currently come in plano and minus powers.

My house certainly ain’t a well oiled machine.

Those are just a few of my organizational systems. These things look, there’re days where we feel like we barely keep it together. Anyway, or advice, they have been there to assist, I’d say in case I needed this particular ‘nonbrainer’. Now you’d want to check it out -I just talk about prevention and treatment of conjunctivitis. Yes, that’s right! The Midweek writer’s first question to me was What got you interested in pediatric ophthalmology?. Lots of info can be found easily online. That question made me think about one of our my first patients here in Hawaii.

I worked for a year after my fellowship as an attending at Boston Children’s Hospital.but there I was surrounded by senior physicians.

It was, honestly a bit terrifying, when I moved out here with my husband 6 years ago.

That’s not the pic of this post. Is there anything better than restoring sight to a child? Essentially, I just did a recent article for Midweek about pink eye. Actually, complex surgery or a straightforward pair of glasses -both are so important in the developing vision of children. I’ll also use baby shampoo for a real deep clean as well. Another thing is even if eye shadow is safe for 2 years, people often neglect to clean their make up brushes and these can harbor bacteria.

I’m safe to indulge my eye shadow addiction.

I clean my brushes with MAC cleaner.

Guess those are going in the trash now. You see, though, now that I pulled out all my eye shadows, I see some in this pile from my days in NYC, that was 8 years ago! Since most eye shadows are powders, thankfully they carry much less risk of bacterial infection. They blurred my vision. I resigned myself to having light brown eyes. Since I don’t wear glasses and have never needed contacts, I thought it was just my inexperience wearing contact lenses. Now look. I finally checked my corneal measurements and realized that my corneas were they’ve been incredibly uncomfortable and moved all over the place on my eye. Therefore, a single option was the Fresh Look colors and alas, try as hard as I could, To be honest I could not get those contacts on to my eyes. I thought, colored contact lenses. Fast forward to 2008 when we ok over Honolulu Eye Clinic. Generally, I think so that’s probably the most difficult to do for working Moms. Look for to eat at 30 pm, they’re starving by hereafter. I use this meal planner -laminated cards with the recipes on one side and a list of the ingredients on the back and reference number for where the recipe is, in order to stay organized. Smells amazing and helps tame my frizzyness! Love this stuff! They therefore followed up the kids ‘5 6’ years later to determine which activities seemed to make a child more nearsighted. One study examined 2000 children in Australia and specifically looked at the activities type children were doing. It’s a well-known fact that the outer ring defines and intensifes your eyes. Fact, and, the colors are a lot more natural. Accordingly the primary color enhances your eye color and the inner ring adds depth and natural richness. Also, they have a 3 in 1 color technology, that enhances your natural eye color. So, the colors are are on both surfaces of the contact lenses, that makes the color more ‘life like’. My husband does not care for the fake, artificial colors of Fresh Lookand these new AirOptix ones just make your eyes pop but in a subtle manner. Cylindrical lenses are used for correcting astigmatism.

So there’re two lenses types in glasses prescriptions -sphere and cylinder.

Instead of being perfectly spherical like a ball, astigmatism just means the front of your eye. Is shaped more like an egg or football.

Sometimes new patients come to me and say, I have….ASTIGMATISM. It’s almost as if it’s a terrible disease. Anyway, great for frizzy or hair that needs a little extra Now look, the author of this blog has 3 boys and at the time, By the way I wasn’t sure if Arya was will be a boy or a girl and I could very easily relate to her need to tame the clutter. I need a system in place to make my life easier, that’s it. I love being an ophthalmologist, I would never give it up in a million years. Know what, I have became extremely organized and have a million checklists for it all, in order to do all of it.

I actually think because of my new foundcommitment obsession with being organized, our family was able to survive.

My favorite blog for tips and tricks is I started reading this blog when I was expecting Arya.

Being a mother and wife are very important to me as well. I thought I’d share some amount of those tips with you. Therefore, I’m not preparing to lie -juggling 3 kids younger than 5 years old, work and being a wife is challenging. Have you heard about something like that before? I don’t have the time or energy to spend hours making beautiful labels for everything as many mommy blogs out there do. I laminated it so he can check it off with a dry erase marker. He’s really old enough to be helping get himself ready for school, he’s 5 years old.

Basically, he loves this list.

You’re not late for work, Get yourself dressed, get the kids all packed and ready to go.

By the way I made this checklist for him, my oldest son thrives on routine and schedules, borrowed from here. He will tell me if I’ve done something out of order. Heck, by the time I was 11 years old, By the way I had to pack my own lunch the night before school! Any mom knows this can be extremely tough. Actually the research should be even better in helping us slow nearsightedness in our kids, as more studies come out. Known and, for those kids for whom this preventative treatment isn’t enough, therefore there is hope with the atropine drop.

Schools in China are already applying the outdoor time in an effort to decrease their incidence of nearsightedness.

I hate mail.

I created a filing system, in order to curb all the mail/bills/multitude of artwork my children bring home from school. I basically scoured pinterest and did a combination of things that worked for us. Home bills are long story, Know what guys, I pay the bills at the office just fine. All mail/art goes into the gold tray when I walk in the door. It seems to work -haven’t lost bills so far! I just abhor going through junk mail and paying bills, I’m not sure why. On p of that, I sort it into this wall hanging unit which is set up in our office nook.

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