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hair loss Nashville Neal and Josh, were born, she intended to leave the music business to focus on being a fulltime mom, when Pat and Wayne’s sons. He recommends Pat to get him to a place called Art Soul to play in a drum circle with one of his teachers, Ed Haggard, and his band Love Drums, when Neal was in 6th grade. Hedy Reinheimer Lustig was born in Hochst Im Odenwald, Germany in Following her father’s escape from Buchenwald concentration camp, in 1938, she moved with her parents and younger brother to Nashville. Besides, the couple were married at Temple practically 3 and a half years ago. Mark was usually a Cardiologist at St. For example, susan works in development for a Chicago based film company, and is a writer and screenwriter. Nevertheless, while Mark is an active member since he moved to Nashville twenty 4 years ago, susan was a member since consequently, and has served on Trustees Board for the past 2 years. Thomas, and was always Temple’s Caring Connection Hospital Hesed liaison at the hospital.

hair loss Nashville Mark’s 1 children, Brittney,, Jake,, and Josh,, all of whom live in exclusive cities,.

Holiday bollards, Frist Visual Center Arts, chilly Nosegay Southern Festival of Books 2005 Tomato Art Festival 2008.

Since coming to Nashville I was lucky to be involved with a couple of community art projects., beyond doubt, doing art draws something from deep inside and makes me feel connected to the texts and traditions of Judaism in a pretty private, tactile and creative way. Spiritual expression usually can get a lot of forms. With that said, some individuals have probably been actually good at prayer, or visiting sick, or arranging flowers for the bimah. Nothing makes me happier than honoring my teachers by passing on Jewish wisdom with art. It was in Jerusalem that we looked with success for my passion for Jewish papercutting. I know that the world was ‘blackandwhite’ to me, they was usually an artist…’penandink’ drawings, charcoal portraits, pencil sketches.

hair loss Nashville Torah, Talmud, psalms, midrash, and Kabbalah.

After converting to udaism in 2001.

It’s now a sort of meditation, and they just disappear into it, whenever I illustrate a little of Jewish text. Always, with ancient images city, my work has been inspired by Judaism sacred texts. Accordingly the first time we saw a page of Hebrew text, Know what, I was captivated by the letterforms and their ethic, poetic and mystical interpretations. Fact, susan hopes you savor exhibit, and that you look for beauty and inspiration from the images. Of course susan, likewise has usually been artist more. He quite loves sports photography, and is prominent to create exceptional videos of his ski trips and Bar Mitzvah montages for buddies and family.

hair loss Nashville They all love sunsets.

Mark spent a great deal of years taking photos and videos of his children and his a lot of vacations.

Susan studied photography in college, and worked in Chicago as a professional photographer before digital era specializing in children’s portraits and especial events like weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Mark just wants to understand whose photos you like better. Normally, while Susan favors more intimate subjects like flowers or birds, mark’s photography tends to incorporate expansive landscapes and reflections in water, and she’s got an eye for abstract forms and capturing unexpected in nature. On p of that, she in addition occasionally taught photography, and had a short portrait studio in her home. By nature, Mark tends to be more competitive and loves to win. Nonetheless, pamela held a quilting needle before a writing pen. At a rather late age, she figure out how to crochet, and her grandmother taught her to knit, sew, and quilt. She shares some amount of her last quilts with us this month. Venturing north to live with an aunt in NY, Hedy met modern Yorker, Norman Lustig in They married and made their home gether in Hedy’s hometown of Nashville, where they live to this day.

hair loss Nashville Leonard returned to college on the GI Bill and graduated from the NY University School of Commerce in Moving to the South, Greenfields settled in Dickson, TN, where Leonard worked as an accountant in the garment industry until his retirement.

In the years since Leonard’s retirement in 1980, they moved to Nashville and savor a far way shorter drive for Temple solutions and programming.

While making the drive to Nashville from Dickson 3 times a week for solutions and their children’s ethic school, Greenfields joined Temple in 1962. In her junior lofty school Science class, Anita participated in an art project creating an underwater mural design that continued her zest for art. From doodling with pencil on paper to designing outfits for her paper dolls, she was fascinated by color use. Besides, as a child, she respected art of all mediums. Seriously. Anita Freedman Taradash was born in Jackson, Tennessee and was probably the late daughter Frieda Lindy and Irwin Freedman. At Jackson lofty, she turned out to be interested in fashion design, that was an usual since her family was in ladies’ apparel business. Let me tell you something. Gether with gardening, she now wanted to collect memories of her colorful gardens even after cool weather left her garden bare, or she and Stanley chose to downsize again.

About ten years ago, she discovered digital camera!

She vividly recalls roaming around enormous museum, inspired by artwork and the music she discovered there.

Those classes must have worked. Whenever beginning when she was 8 years old enough, Pat Halper’s mom dropped her off at bus stop near their home to travel downtown to the Toledo Art Museum for art and music appreciation classes, every Saturday morning for 4 years. Oftentimes pat has remained passionate about both art and music throughout her essence. Pamela and her husband, songwriter Roger Ferris, met in Columbia, Missouri, where Pam was pursuing a graduate research fellowship in medicinal Sociology at Missouri University. Whenever expressing my art with my own style, not having had much formal training, I paint with a feeling of freedom.

Whatever inspires me to create a painting gives me joy and desire to share it with others.

a lot of my paintings depict plenty of subjects that appeal to my anticipation of perspective, color and composition.

They might be landscapes, copies of additional paintings and photographs, scenes from my extensive world travels, or simply faces in the crowd. Much as chapel and sanctuary provide Temple’s sacred space, the Congregant Gallery usually was ultimately Temple’s living room. Their work isn’t for sale but purely for enjoyment -and connection, one member to another. Beginning in November, 2009, for a month at a time, we have displayed a rotating collection of our congregant’s art. It is it’s not Therefore in case you have not had a chance to meet past member artists. Phyllis shares these memories through her photographs and garden greeting cards designed as gifts for acquaintances. While ranging from three to eight pixels, the photographs on exhibit were taken with ny Cyber shot cameras. As a result, peter and Marion married on March 18, They moved to Nashville and joined the Temple in They have 1 sons and ‘daughtersinlaw’ and 4 grandchildren.

He was in addition commuting to his job as an optic engineer. Marion met her future husband, Peter Katz, on the train, while commuting from Long Island to NY. Pam helps to plan biennial WELL Women’s Retreat, and she has probably been active on plenty of Temple committees, including WELL, Worship Music, and Caring Connection. She in addition taught 9th grade in Temple’s moral School, and for years she volunteered in Gift Shop.a few years ago, Pam helped to develop Temple’s 5 Houses and our Covenant of Membership. Pam has been a voracious reader -evenings she alternates between holding a book and knitting needles. Now pay attention please. Whenever crconsuming and selling wearable art, invented her own yarn for knitting, and showed her framed works as a member of Nashville Artist Guild, Visual Arts Alliance, Tennessee Art League and Tennessee Association of Crafts Artists, following 4 of her grown children to America, Olivia moved to Nashville in She started her own business.

And therefore the Tigger crazy quilt was made by Vera and Avis for Michael.

I know it’s an example of a machine piecing and machine quilting.

I know that the 1970’s singer pictured in photos was used to do the quilting. She’s replicated a street in Germany where her grandparents lived and a cousin’s home in France.a lot of Hedy’s pieces are probably from her mind’s memory, depending on streets she’d seen or substantially places in her lifetime. During her family’s ’20year’ Temple membership, Dru has taught in Temple’s ethic School, and she’s worked for the JCC Arts Camp, West End Synagogue, and Chabad. She is active in Temple’s WELL, attends Adult Ed, and could be storytelling to our member’s junior children on Sunday mornings. In the past three decades, Marion has served on Trustees Temple Board and had been artistically active -arranging our museum exhibits, adorning Temple’s Book of essence, designing a pamphlet about Temple’s art collection, and organizing Judaica art shows. In 1973, Bertha Moise ok an art class at regional big school in Skokie.

She be capable to sketch with charcoal and colored chalks and enjoyed it very much that she went on to explore oil painting.

She has lived and worked in Chicago, California, Boston, Maine, Brooklyn, a city of New York, and Nashville, since graduating big school.

Dru earned her fine arts degree in Boston in a joint program with Tufts University and School for Fine Museum Arts and her Masters of Education at Vanderbilt University. Usually, crimson and cream OU quilt was made by Avis.a bunch of the family is always OU grads! There is some more info about this stuff here. Boomer Sooners!!! It was made for Hampton and as you could see is respected a lot.

I have had exhibiting pleasure my paintings in plenty of regional galleries.

My JerryArt Collection consists of over seventy paintings, and itwill continue to grow as we continue to feel lucky about my colorful pastime.

I have made them attainable by offering them as KLEIN KONCEPTS ART CARDS in specific nearest card shops, and on occasion, will offer them for sale. She has these days completed her fourth children’s book on the basis of a character she created named Abby. Thus, Susannah’s passion was probably illustrating and writing, while exploring modern mediums with paint and silkscreening. With all that said… She used to paint pretty oftentimes, and she likewise liked designing clothes for the paper doll cutouts from weekly newspaper, as a little girl.

While something she’s sure she inherited from her mother, mimsye usually enjoyed art. Mimsye May was born January 12, 1930, in Miami. Tragically, her father was taken to a concentration camp, and for her own protection, Olivia’s mother moved them 1 to Hamburg, Germany with a false identity as a nonJewish mother and daughter. Olivia was born in Vienna, Austria, before World War I. Mimsye savors painting flowers and portraits, as this month’s gallery depicts. Figure out if you leave a comment about it in the comment form. Mimsye began studying art formally in college at Miami University.

Did you know that the painting to right always was the first painting she completed during school.

He grew in good health and strength, and day he shares with us his retirement legacy of virtually 30 painting years.

While weighing usually one 1/two pounds, leonard Greenfield was born July 12, 1917, in Shreveport. Anyways, rosen has photographed a variety of subjects and animals in quite a few places on all 6 world continents, including the Arctic, Antarctic, Galapagos Islands and Polar Bears at Canada’s Hudson Bay in winter. Known he has exhibited in individual shows, been represented by galleries and studied at the Santa Fe School of Photography.

Karen Pearce Gold has probably been the featured artist for March.

Oftentimes Vera will piece a quilt and Avis and Karen will quilt it.

a lot of the quilts displayed were made by a combination of all the family members. She has probably been a native of Oklahoma and displays Quilts made by 5 her family generations. Now regarding aforementioned fact… Her grandmother, Vera Hampton, the other day passed away at 96 age, and she pieced quilts happily until last few months of her essence. Her mother, Avis Bonesteel, learned from Vera and taught Karen and her daughters to piece and quilt.

I’m sure that the Jewish Lens program has been a curriculum designed to engage students actively in studying about values that are crucial in their Jewish community.

By this end experience, our hope is always, they gain competence and a feeling of accomplishment in creating and displaying their own work.

It uses arts as a means to is involved at Temple, in addition to fulltime work. Notice, in 2004, he was invited by the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species to be first photographer to photograph world’s first real litter of African Wild Cats born of 3 cloned parents. In 1988, Rosen was selected by the modern Orleans Contemporary Arts Center for inclusion in their juried publication Louisiana Photographers.

Born in modern Haven, Connecticut 60 years ago, Dru ‘Markle Bloom’ is consummate artist.

Multitalented and flexible, Dru has entertained through dance, mime and masks, storytelling, song, film, ads, and painting.

While captivating her students with her ‘childcentered’, authentic, improvisational, and therapeutic style, she currently teaches 6th grade language arts and understanding at Donelson Middle School. Water usually was present in lots of Michael’s images, or its ancient presence could mostly be inferred. You should get this seriously. Whenever owing to its ubiquity, myriad forms, and qualities that make its attraction universal -movement, sound, reflection, colors, health sustainment, recreation, and sheer beauty, water is probably a favorite subject. So this support has come from established professional photographers and gallery owners who have long standing experience with photography. Have you heard about something like this before? Surely it’s through photography medium that my artistic expression has begun to receive positive reviews and encouragement.

5 eldest children, Pam was born March ten, 1944, in Detroit. With plans to attend nearby Middle Tennessee State University, she has raised 4 children. Who will graduate big school next spring. So that’s Pat’s first time to show a number of her work, and she will like to thank Temple for the opportunity to send it out into world. It’s a well pat has served on Directors Temple Board, chaired the public Action committee and taught second grade moral school for 8 years. Consequently, stationed in Seattle, Washington, their ‘first born’ daughter was born in In 1945 while back in Chicago, Illinois, their second daughter was born. She married a youthful man in December of Her junior man went off to join Navy throughout the Pearl Harbor attack.

Karen and Michael joined Temple in 2008 after moving here to make positions at Vanderbilt University medic Center.


They have 2 children. Notice that the room was probably abloom with Phyllis Frank’s flowers this spring. From confined window boxes to full scale landscaped compositions, these photos were probably an invitation to spend some amount of time in Phyllis’s gardens. Lots of information usually can be looked for quickly by going online. Brightly colored flower quilt was made by Karen’s paternal grandparents, Alfred and Henryetta Pearce, who as well lived in Stidham little town, Oklahoma on a farm. That said, this quilt was made in 1970’s from old enough clothes and identical scraps. He is always attracted to the patterns and complexity embedded in his subjects, unusual stark beauty wonders, and color.

With occasional application of abstraction techniques to blur reality, he seeks to improve the viewer’s experience through purposeful framing.

Examples comprise junior and old enough at play, romantic couples, and people gathered in community.

Michael attempts to present subjects so that evokes emotion, invites curiosity, and activates imagination. Michael seeks to capture striking contrasts, a humorous angle, or images that prompt viewers to work a bit for understanding. That said, he notably gravitates to moments that capture some cool stuff from humanity, tender human connections, and emotions that speak to us all. She knits scarves for homeless and healing shawls for congregants on Caring behalf Connection. Dru married artist and luggage designer, David Bloom. So, pam sews pillows and purses, quite a few which she therefore sells at festivals and markets. Phyllis was born in Chattanooga, so dug her roots in Nashville after college.

And therefore the flowers exhibited have been from the garden on Sugartree Place in Green Hills and the balcony and window boxes on their 4th floor condo on West End Avenue.

Married for 47 years this June, they have 3 married children and 5 beautiful and brilliant grandchildren!

She shortly met ‘Nashville native’ and lifelong Temple member, Stanley Frank, son of Isadore and Fedora. Then once again, April, 2012 Nashville issue Arts published Rosen’s photojournalistic essay in no circumstances once again -Inside Auschwitz This evening. Bill designed and provided ‘essence size’ images for a huge installation at the Parthenon museum entitled IMMERSION, after moving to the ashville area. For last 4 years, Bill is the photographer for the Miss Rodeo Tennessee Pageant and was a credentialed photographer at Las Vegas Miss Rodeo America Pageant in 2010. Although, in November 2009, he was an invited artist in Salon D’Automne exhibit at the Silverman Studios in newest Orleans. Therefore a Katrina Room, exhibited from August 27, 2008 to January 17, Rosen’s Katrina photographs as well appeared in Katrina to Deepwater Horizon at the Upstairs Artspace in Tryon, North Carolina. Below any photo and after that went out to one and the other the standard community and our own Temple community to photograph images of what represented text for them.

During April of Mimsye’s sophomore year, Leon May was vacationing in Miami from Nashville.

Leon and Mimsye saw one another once more in the course of the July 4th holiday, and in August, Leon proposed.

Last November, Mimsye and Leon celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Whenever hoping to arrange a few blind dates for her son, s mother had called one of her Miami Hadassah chums. Mimsye was one of those dates, and in rather short order, history was made. However, they have been married Thanksgiving weekend of that same year, and moved immediately to Nashville to begin their lifespan together. Then, she enjoyed showing her plants, and was duly awarded -her houseplants won Sweepstakes 2 years in a row at State Fair. Phyllis held first home plant sale in Nashville, that turned into a quite rewarding Greenporch business out of her home, while living on Golf Club Lane. Needless to say, she lectured at Cheekwood and was a popular speaker at numerous garden clubs. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Her booth at the Lawn and Garden Fair was recognized by the American President Horticultural Society as displaying better assortment of unusual plants he had seen.

It was the music business that brought Pat to Temple.

She had expressed her strong interest in Judaism to 60’s music icon Janis Ian who she worked with at MCA.

Janis introduced Pat to Rabbi Beth Davidson and it wasn’t a lot sooner than she began studying with Rabbi Davidson for her conversion in l992. Following a 30 year career in sales and marketing, she intended to pursue her art after converting to Judaism and visiting Israel. She was certified in pararabbinics at Hebrew Union College -Jewish Institute of Religion in 2005 and is a Hebrew teacher, art instructor, and speaker. Merely think for a moment. Whenever working in Jewish medium papercut art, kim Phillips was probably a Judaica artist in Nashville area.

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