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hair loss Nashville Cushings Disease usually affects ‘middle aged’ and older dogs.

The symptoms of Cushings are often similar to the signs of old age so many dogs with Cushings may go untreated.

Owners who have dogs with these symptoms may assume that their dogs are simply getting old and they may have them put to sleep sooner than is necessary. Cushings Disease is treatable and treatment can add a couple of years to an older dog’s life. Generally, the symptoms of Cushings Disease may include the following. Any of these symptoms may also be associated with other health problems but, taken together, they can indicate Cushings Disease, especially in elderly dogs. Usual cause of Cushings Disease is the presence of a tiny tumor on the pituitary gland.

That said, this tumor produces a chronic excess of cortisol in the blood which, in turn, may cause an imbalance in blood sugar levels, the body’s fat metabolism, interfere with skeletal muscles, kidney function, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and even depress the overall health response.

hair loss Nashville Older dogs are a great deal more gonna get Cushings.

Small dogs will develop Cushings some 75 cases percent are found in dogs that weigh less than 44 pounds.

Gonna get Cushings. They can include surgery to remove the tumor, radiation, and treatment with drugs just like Lysodren. Notice, there’re a few tests used to detect Cushings. On p of that, there’re a couple of possible treatments for Cushings Disease, as soon as detected. Left untreated, the prognosis for a patient with Cushings isn’t very good.

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