Hair Loss Nashville

Robert Galuzny ain’t entirely president of his own hair replacement firm, he s a client, like Hair Club for Men guru Sy Sperling.

Jim Kreuz Hair Centers, later famous as Kreuz inter-national.

After operating as a Jacksonville. With that said, complaint states that Mr. Galuzny is uncertain how much company owes and if stock certificates for his 25 percent stake in company were registered in his name as called for. Less than a year after HairFx was chartered in Delaware in July, 2002, things need to start to go sour. It’s ato company acquired stores in ashville and Grand Rapids. Furthermore, as indicated by tocomplaint, hairFX chairman Raghu Rao. Used company money to pay for overpriced dinners and lavish hotels for himself and a companion. I feel we was wronged. He brought lawsuit despite manageable negative publicity being that, he said. Others involved in HairFX nationally see things differently.

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