Hair Loss Nashville

hair loss Nashville Women who have breast cancer and have undergone a mastectomy or double mastectomy need to be fitted for a bra and possibly a prosthetic after their surgery.

I looked with success for that look, there’re not a whole lot of places women may move to be fitted for a mastectomy bra, after doing some research.

I wanted to add that service to salon and give women another outlet to shop for the right bra and prosthetic that suites their lifestyle. At Shear Bliss, we offer those mastectomy fittings as well as have the bras and silicone prosthetics for them to choose from., no doubt, I am a certified mastectomy fitter with the ability to accept health certificate for guests to offset costs. Primarily, for others, their road to purpose discovery is a little bumpier andmet with existence changing hardship. There was no salon like that, Actually I did not look for anyone to see how my hair looked. Now this was the case for Taneice Chavers.After what she assumed to be regular salon visits, Taniece realized that her hair was severely damaged from over processing.

hair loss Nashville While some can be inspired by their favorite auntand planning to lead identic paths, a lucky few understand their calling unto they usually can spell their name.

While leaving a 18yearold Taniece embarrassed and insecure, her tresses dropped out completely.

I went looking for a salon that would teach me how to grow my hair back wholesome and service me in an individual setting, she tells Furthermore, currently, 29yearold is an entrepreneur and founder of Sheer Bliss Hair Lounge Spa. Now pay attention please. Besides, the fullservice salon is usually a haven for women like Taniece who’ve suffered hair loss better hair care and service at Sheer Bliss Whether shed after chemotherapy,, or their hair was damaged in a salon. I as well joined organizations, like commerce nearest chamber in West Orange, as a marketing and networking tool.

hair loss Nashville I as well networked with non profit organizations, hospitals and doctor’s offices to introduce myself and salon’s solutions that will similar to Facebook and Instagram to market.

Going forward, I’m pretty sure I plan to run commercials on the radio and neighboring newspaper. Nevertheless, I ran 1 crowdfunding campaigns, on indiegogo and kiva zip, to market my business. Shear Bliss has specialized outsourcing for women suffering from cancer, lupus, alopecia or some type of traumatic hair loss.

We therefore provide a solution to their hair loss whether it be a treatment, custom wig, head wrap or stimulating the scalp to increase hair growth. On p of all normal products that just like free Wi Fi, a refreshment café, a quarterly newsletter on maintaining wholesome hair, discounts on retail products, monthly maintenance on custom wigs, free general facials and paraffin hand treatments on any visit probably were just most of perks included in our memberships. We likewise specialize in unusual hair care and a number of our products were usually all unusual and paraben free.

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