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One knock against strip harvesting is the linear scar that is left behind.

Linear scars can be so thin that they are difficult to see even with a short haircut.

Loads of patients leave their hair long enough to cover the scar. So if you have no interest in a buzz cut hereafter the scar type was not a problem. Known that’s the one point that FUE supporters use the most. Anyway, I am completely satisfied with this facility, the assistants, the location, the amenities, and hundreds of all, the doctors who worked with me to should’ve been run!

Accordingly the annual International Society for Hair Transplant meeting is an opportunity for hair transplant surgeons from all over the world to meet, explore and debate new ideas.

The hottest pic is.

Since it shows how much these talented and successful doctors believe in their technique, the presentations and subsequent debates about strip against FUE harvesting can get heated, that is fantastic. Another question isSo the question is this. Which donor harvesting technique is top-notch? If 10000 trees are taken in a straight line, the eye is going to notice a difference.

Picture a forest with 1 million trees.

Overall, the residual scars from FUE are smaller, rounder scars much different than the linear scar associated with strip harvesting.

If 10000 trees are removed from different areas the human eye may not be able to notice a difference or scar. Besides, So there’re many excellent surgeons throughout the world that do a superb job with this technique and get excellent results. Of course, the surgeon can pick and choose which grafts are harvested and mostly there’re different methods for removal. FUE procedure individually removes any follicular unit rather than in a strip. However, fUE harvesting has increased in popularity over the past 10 years. FUE is a great deal more labor intensive technique as the surgeon removes any individual graft.

Accordingly a larger session may have to be done over a couple of days and the cost per graft is often more expensive with FUE. It limits how many grafts are able to be harvested in a day. Sometimes, patients are unable to have any further strip harvesting or FUE, they may need to see surgeon who can perform either procedure. In the future, surgeons will have to master both techniques to better serve their patients. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Both of these techniques are very good and patients may benefit from any. Only time will tell if these problems will arise, since the FUE procedure is still in the early years of use. It could lead to visible scars when the surrounding hair disappears and failure of transplanted grafts in the future, if harvesting occurs outside of this area.

Another risk associated with FUE is a surgeon that harvests outside the safe donor area the horse shoe ring in someone who is very bald.

As a rule of a thumb, check with your surgeon their experience to better have a grasp of the risks.

There’s a large learning curve with the FUE procedure. Actually, a beginning surgeon have a lot of chances to get very poor growth because of grafts damaged throughout the harvest. So that’s the position that we know will most certainly last even if So there’s extensive balding. Tucker he is so personable and yet so professional, especially for someone who looks so young! I really connect with Dr. I’m sure you heard about this. I truly like him a lot and recommend him now and then!

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