Hair Loss: It Seemed To Just Happen Over-Night”

About 10 years ago I noticed that my hair was beginning to thin out on top.

Well there’s baldness on both sides of my family so it looked likes there was no way I could avoid it. As it did not cost a huge percentage of money and I convinced myself that I probably did get some benefit from it, I’m quite sure I was not I was interested, shortly after that, I’m pretty sure I spotted adverts in the papers about laser treatment where you sit under what looked like a Hair Salon hood dryer. Then again, the sales pitch was exactly what I wanted to here and that loads of these sessions will put a stop to my hair loss problem and promote growth, I signed up for a series of sessions. As far as I was concerned this solution does not work and isn’t a solution for anybody that already has hair loss. You should take it into account. Even though I know that was not the case, it did come as a shock, it seemed to just happen over night. That said, if the hair is gone this laser treatment can not make hair grow if it does not exist.

My only regret is that I did not go and speak to HRBR before I had my first procedure.

At the time of my first procedure I probably might still have taken identical path because of cost the spin I was told.

Thence are the results, now And so it’s not cheap and the difference in cost between what I originally paid for my first procedure and this one is significant. It was money well spent and I would spend it again if I had to. I’m sure you heard about this. After just a few months I was not happy with the coverage that was achieved. So eventually after about 2 weeks the wound had recovered and my hair started to grow and I been able to get back to normal life again.

Just as well I had 3 weeks holidays from work, as otherwise I do not know what I will have done.

i went for my consultation and once again the sales pitch was exactly what I wanted to hear.

In 2010 I started researching online into Hair Transplant procedures. I am sure that the more I read about it and all the spin that was out there, Know what guys, I decided I was planning to do something, now this was something that I was originally 100percent against. i decided to take it and signed up for the procedure. On the day of the procedure, To be honest I first had to shave off my hair and for the next week or more I could not leave my house, as it was totally visible that I had some procedure or that I had a serious head wound. At the time I decided against the strip method as it seemed to be very intrusive and I decided to take FUE. Whenever throughout the next few years my hair thinning problem continued, albeit at a very slow rate and to be honest probably I was a single one that noticed the issue, it was something that I had become extremely conscience of. For instance, well the reality was a million miles from what they had told me.

My hair grew back over the next number of months and yes the transplanted hair did grow. It seemed as if they miscalculated the size of this place and ran out of donor hair leaving plenty of the thinning area with little or no coverage.

Where from here -I will continue to use the medicines that are prescribed and return yearly for my annual checkups. Far so good, sometimes I do get the mirror and check just to ensure that it’s all still there and no further thinning is occurring. Eventually, looking at the before and 18 month after close up photos side by side is amazing. Nobody knows what the situation should be in say another 10 years, by using the medicines hopefully that it will stop any further thinning from taking place. Who do you discuss the issue with -it is hard. By the way I did feel that it was important for me to tell my story regarding my hair loss as for I’m fighting this battle and I wish to remain anonymous. Besides, i again contacted the company that did my first procedure as I thought that it was pretty much my only option.

Roll on the clock 2 years and my hair thinning problem was worst that ever.

By late 2012 I would have had a large balding area on the top of my head, Therefore if I did not have the procedure when I did.

When I reckon about it now I probably had the procedure before I had lost that said, this was something they have been unable to provide and at that stage I lost total confidence in them. At this stage I did have a serious problem and I was using a product that you shake on your existing hair that makes you look like you have a full head of hair. It had got to the stage that I could not leave the house without using this product, so this does work brilliantly and yes it did give a huge quantity of confidence. In addition if my hair was wet, so you could really notice the big poser and I was very conscience of it.

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