Hair Loss: In Those Cases The Hair Loss Is Merely A Symptom Of A Much Larger Medical Issue

There is not a mother alive that hasn’t claimed that her kids were causing her to lose her hair at some amount of time or another.

Many of us are aware that there is a direct relation in even though it will be an overstatement to say that children are a cause of hair loss in women.

Therefore this one has its basis in some truth, like so many sayings that seem odd to the casual observer. It’s said as an exaggeration, a similar hyperbole, meant to illustrate extreme frustration. You should take this seriously. Hormones, stress levels and nutrition can all play a role in hair loss, all of which can be connected to kids. For some women, with that said, this can be an incredible percentage of hair!

Giving birth actually is a leading cause of hair loss in women.

Rich in folic acid and the B vitamins, they are a hair healthy supplement.

So introduction of prenatal vitamins also contributes to the lustrous locks that so many pregnant women get the joy of sporting. Plenty of the hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy actual cause the hair follicles to hold onto the strands of hair that they contain far beyond the normal time that they should have detached, that leads to that fuller appearance. So, for many women, pregnancy is a time in their lives when their hair is fuller and lusher than it has ever been. Consequently, the hair that had been retained is shed, as long as the pregnancy hormones begin to shift. Oftentimes any mother will tell you that having a child can be stressful. Usually, stress causes certain hormones to be released in the body. Every cough, sneeze, scraped knee and small cry can set your senses on high alert. All of this ‘hyper awareness’ is stressful, and stress is a similar cause of women losing their hair. Everywhere you look, you can see the dangers that surround your precious child.

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