Hair Loss – I Looked Like Tal Crap Especially In The Front

Copyright. You may freely republish this article, provided the text, author credit, the active links, and this copyright notice remain intact. I always had fine hair but my hair didn’t really start to thin out until I was 35 or so and at first it that was rather slowly and basically unnoticeable till I hit Even therefore it was not need you to believe, in real lifespan.

We have to forget about the working on your personality part and get real. Besides, I can’t really say Whether both,, or this was as my self confidence felt lowered because of my hair loss, my actual hair loss. My hair got thinner and thinner and the good looking women I always attracted, somehow didn’t is being as attracted. Normally, for those of you who have the money, I’d personally recommend them as a viable alternative to actual hair. Of course at 50 I ok an early retirement and could no longer afford the $ 450550″, or so a month I was spending on Hair Club for Men, for the next 10 years I joined Hair Club for Men and their hairpieces looked great, By the way I had regained my confidence and I had a great looking girlfriend.

I had the hairpiece removed and I looked like utter crap.

I looked like tal crap, especially in the front.

By trial and error, I am using the following exact regiment of retail products and prescriptions from my Doctor. I’ve crudely put Before After photos on Pictures 1 and 3 were taken of me about 3 months after I had my hairpiece removed. With all that said… These Before Pictures were taken of me with a Polaroid and were not professionally shot, posed, lighted or anything. My hair had thinned off beyond belief. Yes, that’s right! Pictures 2 and 4, the After Pictures are me and my natural hair taken three years later by cell phone again not professionally shot, posed or lighted, etcetera Rome wasn’t built in a day, By the way I can’t emphasize that enough and I didn’t wake up with more hair the next day. Of course a link to these pictures is at the bottom of the article, labeled Before and After. I’m guessing that you will start to see a little improvement in 2 4 months and if you haven’t seen any improvement in 6 months, you might seek for to reevaluate things.

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