Hair Loss: Hair Loss Protocol Pricing Refund Policy

We’re looking at equally pretty and they are very economical regarding the money, time and energy. You can choose from plenty of princess themed designs. I’m almost sure I thought I’d never fall for another diet or beauty scam out there, after falling for the slimming method scam known as Visalus.

I guess not, By the way I thought I was wise to it.

Real, Know what, I ordered it and it never came, I watched the video and the founder seemed so honest. Nevertheless, I am really into natural, homeopathic ways of healing my body. So, although I bought the product and it helped me. Have you heard about something like that before? I think this program needs to be shorter. Known it must be way better if we could see a person talking, it would’ve been more convincing. It doesn’t give loads of info aside from just identical phase at similar time and it needs around 3/4 months to complete thecycle.

Something that works in threeweeks must be a lie.

I’ll tell you.

Hair has a cycle of growing, stationary phase and die. As long as the hair follicles works in different times. This is why really scientifically proved methods as Minoxidil or Finasteride take that long to show results. And now here is the question. Does some body know why Minoxidil takes around fourmonths to show results? With that said, this product is a lie. On p of this, I will appreciate it if this matter is resolved immediately.

Money was taken from my account on March 18th, 2015 in the quantity of $ 39 dot 00 for the Jared Gates Hair Restoration book and I haven’t received the book yet.

Be warned as this product will NOT be a small investment in time and you will NOT see any results.

When it came time to get a refund, only one good thing was that I received my refund rather quickly. I highly recommend you keep away from this book. They said someone would contact me. I was eventually persuaded by the money back guarantee and ordered, I actually agonized over whether to buy this or not. I went back.

I was immediately sent to page after page of other things they thought they could sell me.

Still nothing.

Therefore this time they created a ticket. Did you know that the tactic hit my gag reflex and I promptly tried to cancel and get my money back. Two weeks later and noone did. Folks, so it’s just a plain and simple rip off! Anyway, after that, I asked for a refund and they said that I had waited for quite a while. Anyway, there’re a few sneaky upsells in the course of the checkout that if you aren’t watching very closely what the tiny print is, are signing you up for membership sites or additional physical products.

It’s a poorly written eBook, full of grammar and spelling without any useful information you couldn’t find just by Googling DHT in Google for two minutes, as others have said.

Whenever using legit products like Propecia, Minoxidil, Procerin, Dutasteride, etcetera, and understand their is no secret cure to be found in a poorly worded eBook selling for 40 bucks on the Internet, stay away.

Besides, a third of the guide is just random recipes, double spaced to add filler content. With that said, buyer beware. And therefore the writer devotes a ENTIRE CHAPTER to talking about celebrities losing their hair. I paid my money and received the ‘ebook’. Quite a bit of the book provides you with a diet that must be followed to a T. It was as if it was written by a fifth grader, when I read through it.

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