Hair Loss: Hair Is Created From A Fibrous Protein Keratin Which Is Pigmented By Melanin And Is Therefore Protected By Sebum

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hair loss Hair production is a function of genetics that are under the control of hormonal function.

Hair follicles produce hair stands when they are signalled to do so by hormones that are released by the thyroid gland.

Role played by hormonal factors in hair loss is such that intending to look at the hormones or hormonal factors that are associated with hair loss. That is interesting right? Hair is made of a fibrous protein keratin, that is pigmented by melanin and is consequently protected by sebum. Let me tell you something. Look, there’re hormones like testosterone which are the biggest trouble causers whenit gets to baldness in men. Now pay attention please. That said, this happens when the extent of testosterone surges. You should take this seriously. Surges in testosterone might be because of puberty and similar abnormalities which are caused by drugs or diseases that affect the activity of the thymus gland. Testosterone in the presence of an enzyme 5 alpha reductase affects the normal function of hair follicles on the crown of the scalp causing male pattern baldness.

hair loss So there’re also hormones that are involved in the triggering of the production melanin and keratin.

When we have hair that does not appear good, indirectly we often turn to cosmetics.

When these two substances are not produced in sufficient amount they affect the structure and appearance of hair. Melanin is a pigment that gives hair its colour while keratin is the fibrous protein that is in hair. Remember, the result is that they may trigger hair loss directly or indirectly. In cosmetics, we thence face the danger of using some hair chemicals and dyes that will cause hair loss. While making it more prone to breakage and being shed much quicker, they can make hair become weaker. Now let me tell you something. Hormones are protein based in nature. These amino acids have to be present in the diet and they are termed essential amino acids. They have to be obtained from the diet, essential amino acids can’t be synthesised by the body. Now this means that they are made with some specific amino acids.

They will affect hormonal function, when such amino acids are deficient in our diet.

We are surely to face some hair loss problems, So if the hormones affected are involved in the synthesis of keratin.

Most of us know that there are a few factors that affect the release of hormones as well as their function. They can cause cellular mutations, when these drugs are abused. Anyways, common organs that are usually damaged for a reason of drugs are the lungs and liver. Drugs can also quicken the action of hormonal factors in hair loss.

Write Anyways, lungs that will cause the malfunction of certain organs of the body. These organs play very important roles in hair growth. Now look, the liver additionally, eliminates xins as well as synthesising redish cells that will supply oxygen to hair follicles.

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