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hair loss Garland NeoGraft hair transplantation is a revolutionary solution to hair loss that involves no scalpel, no stitches, and no linear scar. Contact our office day to learn more about NeoGraft hair transplants for hair restoration at our Albuquerque, New Mexico, cosmetic surgery practice. Gallegos can if the NeoGraft procedure is right for you. During a consultation at Hermosa Plastic Surgery. Candidates for hair restoration with NeoGraft hair transplantation at our Albuquerque, New Mexico, practice include men and women with partial hair loss who have sufficient donor hair. Your doctor may also alternate between stem cell therapy and PRP as combination treatments have shown to provide good results. Also, the treatment requires about eight sittings, any two weeks apart for best results. Gether with it, one may have to take medications like minoxidil and propercia. Actually I mean, Bernie, he is he has really been the driving force in this campaign.

You know, I was thinking of Massachusetts, where, in 2008, Barack Obama had the support of Governor Deval Patrick and Ted Kennedy, and he still lost by 15 points to Hillary Clinton.

hair loss Garland He came back. 80 voters percent under the age of 30 supported him in a few states, David’s right. There’re two other candidates splitting the vote, he has a core group. Eventually, trump represents a number of voters who have listened to the small government, trickle down, crony capitalism message, only to now find out they been duped. Nonetheless, the issue Brooks is having is a reality cr that 30 Republican years policies have not worked. Then again, trump ain’t a proven majority candidate. For all we know, some foreign entity, or some bored teenagers, have access to everything the State Department puts into any file or database. There’s a news story. We were ld that there was a very minor breach of some outer systems, therefore we found out that some mail systems were accessed but were ld that nothing classified was thereby available, consequently we found out that the hack was more extensive but noone could say just exactly how a lot more extensive.. We haven’t heard anything since.

hair loss Garland Hereafter they called Trump University a scam and accused him of being just a scurrilous, unprincipled person, they have never mentioned they never used that term about Dick Cheney. So if anything, all this, and it apparently you know, it didn’t lay a glove on him, and, Therefore if anything, increased his numbers. People need to look at the chaos happening in Europe, including the rape culture and war on women so quite a few of the migrants are bringing. Consequently, it’s an invasion. Nations have borders. Let me tell you something. Even the openborder countries that were welcoming everyone and nearly any thing are now having second thoughts. That’s not immigration. Not to anyone. You don’t send it via email, So if you have classified information.

hair loss Garland It’s just look for sensitive info released so they classified these emails afterthe fact. Consequently, hillary ld the State Dept to release all her official emails to passify her enemies on the right. I’d say in case you listen to Fox or Limbaugh they portray it that Hillary rcvd classified material and resent it to others. It was non classified when she received them, lESS than 2 dozen were later labeled Secret. Out of 55, 000 emails, less than 1000 emails, were retroactively labeled as Confidential, that were never labeled as such when she received them.

hair loss Garland Democracy put immigration laws in place, and the President and others refuse to enforce those laws that democracy put in place.

Apparently it’s just fine if six billion people from globally all walk into America.

They can’t be deported since deporting people is mean, if a million ISIS members walked into America. Essentially, you can bet Nancy Pelosi won’t let them all stay on her couch. Furthermore, it’s still small change compared to the cost of millions and millions of illegals, and the cost if terrorists walk across the current non existent border,, even if Mexico doesn’t pay for the wall. Usually, mexico even requires ID to vote. Walls seem to work pretty well for China, and Israel, and The Vatican, and Mexico’s southern border. I just he has four million individual contributions. He’s given the party plenty of energy. I reckon he’s got he’s leading a cause, To be honest I don’t think he’s got dreams that he’s could be the nominee at the moment. He almost beat her there. He’s won loads of states. What lies ahead, he’s quite confident.

You are telling me as Hillary’s position as a SoS she will never receive any classified info via email.

No, classified info isn’t categorized later.

Another point how can you tell that her email server was never hacked? Loads of us know that there are personnel’s secret or sensitive info that noone would come out to confirm or deny as long as it may jeopardize or compromise those personnel safety. Basically, if a little guy like you and me our a $ is fried by now. I’m sure you heard about this. What did she do all day? Yes, that’s right! The Russian and Chinese, and various hackers said that. Now let me tell you something. That email address she used is one one she used for personal and government together. Another question isSo the question is this. Tell me why now there thousand of emails being categorized as classified and can not publish??

You also kidded me that the emails later classified later.

Obama and democrat control the DoJ and that’s the reason why she is protected.

Just read some trivial emails like birthday, weather, etcetera?? They vote republican because of abortion/anti gay policies. Yeah, and instead of being for economic policies the left espouses they continue to vote for Republicans who do Nothing for the working class in America. So, insanity is continually voting for something that will never happen, rather switching to a known winning formula. Now let me tell you something. Republican Party is ‘Anti minimum’ wage. Normally, at a cost of 25B, it better not simply make a minor dent in the huge issue. Fiction? There’re 3177 counties in the United States. Illegal aliens cost Los Angeles County it is a lawlessness unto itself and that is what the GOP has now. The trouble is that such sociopathic behavior can’t be controlled and directed forever. Now look, the GOP has until now been able to focus that antisocial and narcissistic, adolescent behavior against Obama, Dems and the govt. I’m sure you heard about this. WIth no real ability to enact a solution.

Yet the entire focus is south.

Find one that got IN and committed a crime.

I’m sure that the fiction is for the most part there’re no where near as many as is implied. As a result, you haven’t made your case. Those you identified, -weren’t terrorists nor did they make it in unchecked. I mean, thence I just really think they have taken a terrible political position, and I believe it’s increasingly unpopular and eventually unsustainable. By that logic, that logic, the people must decide. Loads of information can be found online. The 24 Republican senators who are up for reelection this year shouldn’t vote on anything between now and November, until the people have spoken. Besides, while running the Senate, I’m thinking, so that’s p I’m preparing to get, I’d say in case I’m a Republican. It might be, from a Republican viewpoint, a lot worse. As long as Hillary Clinton, if Donald Trump is down 15 points in the summer or fall, By the way I would confirm this guy, So if she gets elected, nobody knows what the Senate will look like.

Where they lost heart, unless somehow something came up that we don’t know about that where they lost faith.

Right now, it’s difficult to see it.

He’s been ahead for eight months. He looks very much like the nominee. Therefore, as Mark said, and we have treated this everyone says, oh, what a crazy year. On p of this, it’s so unexpected. Bernie Sanders has run an absolutely exceptional campaign, and continues to do. He has dominated as Donald Trump has dominated the dialogue and the debate on the Republican side and gotten the attention, he has tally dominated the debate on the Democratic side. With all that said… He has moved her on trade, on the TPP.

What conservative philosopher and columnist George Will called the most gifted and diversified field of Republican candidates since 1865 is now down essentially to two, to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the quintessential conservative who can not be nominated and can not win. That’s where the Republicans are. You believed that Hillary never received classified info via email truly amazed me. You obviously has no clue or even working in a classified project. Actually, hillary received ’emails’ that were NOT classified-. I held a secret clearance. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… It was post facto later clsssified by the State Dept and Military Intelligence. So, while the White House, US ARMY, and Homeland Security were ALL hacked, her personal server was NEVER hacked! She consequently passed some amount of that non classified info on her email. Anyways, I served 11 years in the US Army. Generally, I know more than you will ever know on how to handle classified intel. I do not think Republicans gonna be compelled to fold on this one. I just don’t think it’s a voting issue.

I do not think there’re a bunch of voters out there thinking, oh, you have got to give this guy a hearing. Politically, To be honest I can’t imagine Republicans will pay a price for it. Liberal women welcome millions of people from cultures of rape who don’t think women should have any rights. It’s strange. Why do people think a wall should stop illegal immigration? Physical wall should be the easiest challenge you should have to overcome, if you were planning to illegally cross into the US. You need a human presence along the entire border, not a stupid wall, So if you truly need to enforce the US border. I believe that is what’s frustrating for Sanders. Nevertheless, she’s a fox, and he’s a hedgehog. He doesn’t shift. It’s a well he knows one of the issues and he keeps repeating it and repeating it. For instance, he doesn’t adjust tactics. He’s just doing that thing. For instance, she knows plenty of things.

I’m almost sure I just think that, you know, Lindsey Graham, a man occasionally known for spreading the ugly truth, said it’s a choice between Cruz and Trump is the choice between being poisoned and being shot.

Hillary is proud to have broke bankruptcy law and bailed out GM, and screwed over the bondholders and ‘non union’ Delphi workers in the process.

That bailout cost 10 billion dollars. GM is a giant corporation that outsources jobs and doesn’t pay taxes, and Hillary is proud to have bailed it out. You see, that 10 billion wasn’t paid back. That’s Hillary. That had been a traditional Democratic sort of moderate position, or new Democrats, that you had to limit entitlements. He has moved her on preserving Social Security. She’s now pledged to not uching a single hair on the gray hair on the beautiful head of Social Security. Because it’s telling the world that democracy doesn’t work, so it’s the frustration part, and the establishment has become so corrupted that voters should rather vote for Trump.

Policies like building a fence paid for by Mexico doesn’t work, yet people vote for Trump anyway.

She even wanted to put a nofly zone in Syria that should have shot down Syrian and Russian planes and probably started WWISIS doesn’t even have an air force.

Hillary is also the most warmongering interventionist candidate in the field. What if you raise the minimum wage to $ 100 half an hour? I am sure that the GOP one was brewing for at least 10 years. Anyway, their base doesn’t care. Democratic Party lies to its base people do like corrupt, lifelong politicians who show no concern when they blatantly disregard protecting classified information, flipflop on problems depending what the polls say, hasn’t driven a car in 20 years, claims to be against big banks but gets paid millions to give speeches to big banks and won’t release the transcripts, maximum GOP establishment, yet the establishment should rather have Hillary win than Trump as long as Hillary my be business as usual for the lobbyists and others in power. Hillary had nothing to do with GM bailout. While regarding minimum wage, that was Obama And. Accordingly the Republican Party has lost touch. That said, rance Priebus said as much after the autopsy on Romneys failure in 2012. Basically, the youth voter has turned to the Democratic Party because of high interest rates on college loans and pay that has remained stagnant.a great bet is there was $ 20 million spent against Donald Trump in Florida, $ 20 million in negative campaign ads that went from calling him one group, secretive group associated with the Koch brothers called him a wealthy draft dodger, Judy, probably it hasn’t been taled up yet.

Actually a downright scary thing is Hillary and Bernie both saying they won’t deport anyone except criminals.

Anchor baby 10 kids, and collect welfare, it’s ok, So in case most of the entire world wants to come to America.

Is Hillary planning to pay for all of that welfare with her millions the banks gave her? That kind of erosion of respect for legitimate authority, consensus building and democratic process is a very dangerous monster to let loose. Accordingly the GOP has for years undermined the credibility and authority of government. Oftentimes they do not like the guy. They’re terrorized of the guy.

The features of this year is that Donald Trump has a monopoly on audacity and he’s only one one who takes action.

With the exception of Florida Governor Rick Scott and Chris Christie, what’s interesting to me about the Republicans at this point is, they’re not flocking to Trump.

They’re repulsed by the guy. Furthermore, there’re two ways he can’t get it. Usually, one, maybe if Kasich writes out, there’re surely, think they must do it. Anyways, consequently something behind the scenes or something fiddling with the rules. Mansions, Yachts, Private jets. And therefore the raw irony is -Trump ain’t only a self centered, narcissistic, narrow minded, megalomaniac -he’s the poster boy of crony capitalism does nobody who supports him see this??

No, he’s just yelling and screaming and saying nothing.and spending his money on himself.

Full tuition student scholarships; build railroads; invest in medical research; invest in renewable energy, renew aging water systems, and stuff, etcetera All of these should lift those who are hurting by providing jobs and job skills, Why ain’t he establishing Know what guys, I will enable you to, since you seem to imply that lots of us are aware that there is a linear distribution of them. Thats pretty far fetched. Really, you have to go back to Ford, or maybe even Nixon. What’s worse is, it was more than thirty years. It is a fabulous post. That’s interesting. That’s the real issue. It’s been big spending, big debt, and interventionism. Those aren’t conservative things. Notice, this is why more people are realizing it’s the establishment of both parties that’s been the actual problem. Besides, the past years of Republican policy hasn’t been small government. Now look. Accordingly the GOP Party lied and manipulated its base for so long that it actually thought it had control over it.

And so it’s a classic case of what goes around, comes around. In point of fact, it just created a large group of people who are uninformed, frightened, ‘leftbehind’ and now desperately holding onto the hope that their new cult leader, DT is intending to magically transform reality into the Land of Oz where all of their dreams will come true and all of their fears could be erased. Do tell. No illegal aliens are coming across the US border at this point? Those aren’t citizens at your local Home Depot parking lot. Notice, for the most part there’re also very, very few blueeyed blondes out there, and those guys are not hanging out without certainty of being hired.

I’ve worked in construction in the Great Northwest for decades and can tell you with certainty that illegal immigrants been flooding the nation for decades. Dept of immigration statistics are re written to show only the last year. Being a sore loser? Is it racism? With a democratic controlled senate again McConnell will wish he had allowed a vote on Merrick Garland because Hillary will push through a much youngrr snd more liberal candidate, whatever the reason, get used to hating Pres Hillary Clinton on Jan 20th. Now look, the republicans have hated the Clintons since Bill was elected in I reckon it was similar to the hate that the current republicans have for Pres Obama. Jealousy? Which looks pretty functionally similar to having a briefcase from work that you take with you into your house, noone is talking about the continuing and escalating revelations about the State Department hackings, while we have heard endlessly about Clinton’s email server. That’s right! It’s something that is so rarely mentioned.

Somehow, encouraging illegal immigration and big spending and interventionist nation building were turned into conservative policy.

Look at them scatter when the light of truth is shined on them.

Did you know that the ‘biggovernment’ fake conservatives are finally being flushed out of the Republican Party. They’re not. There just aren’t enough of those people to knock her off, therefore that thing wins over a certain demographic, young people and the left. Although, so I believe she’s looking she’s sitting very pretty now. You see, Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders didn’t win any primaries this week, but he’s campaigning hard and he says he’s going all the way to Philadelphia, to the Democratic Convention, hillary Clinton is way ahead. Regarding the delegates. She got has nearly twice the tal amount of delegates he has got. Among young people, he’s getting like 80 percent in there’s zero net flow of immigrants coming in and going out of the US from Mexico. Trump’s wall is a big deflection and distraction the kind of cheap trick any amateur magician knows can thrill gullible people. Enjoy. You can keep uour old white men party who are dying off at the rate of 300, 000 per month. Quacks like a duck, I’d say in case it sounds like s duck. Thence that’s can’t see that. You see, people are rallying around right now. So if Trump were the nominee. In the big Tuesday states, 40 voters percent in hundreds of the states said, they’d consider a third party. Fact, republicans look the other way.

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