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hair loss Garland Pruitt said he was encouraged by passion for rethink ignited in the youth and junior adults who participated in protest.

He believes real overlook will come when participation in rallies, elections and encounters with policy makers increases. If we don’t have conversations, we don’t have anything, he said.

I’d say if you are not meeting with the people that make solutions, draft polices and vote on laws, you haven’t accomplished anything, it’s real simple to go on Twitter and Facebook. Fact, over the weekend, NAACP, People’s economy possibilities for Prosperity, Longevity and Equality Foundation and Midwest City police knocked on doors in Midwest City’s Quail Ridge housing addition to support community engagement and build relationships with law enforcement.

hair loss Garland It’s a well-known fact that the march begins nine on the state steps Capitol. It is always mandatory that we get involved and we raise our voices, said Garland Pruitt, NAACP Oklahoma City president.

It won’t rethink itself, if we don’t confront it.

July 28, quite similar area may be a march location against violence. Saturday, nonprofit appreciate Inc. It’s A Community Thing, a march to raise awareness around problems of community violence, incarceration, bad health outcomes and mental illness. On p of that, rethink needs to happen. Although, she saw from special experience marching significance in solidarity to end violence and push for equality. To see that replicated in Oklahoma City in this moment, that’s what struck me, Johnson said.

hair loss Garland Gazing out into distance, former state Sen.

Connie Johnson was taken back at sight coming over Finley Bridge on July more first row than a dozen Black Lives Matter Oklahoma marchers locked their arms as they lead hundreds who held up signs calling for an end to civil rights injustices and police brutality. A year earlier, Johnson marched across Selma, Alabama’s Edmund Pettus Bridge to commemorate historic and brutal 1965 civil rights march that widely turned out to be famous as Bloody Sunday.

We have always been on a revolution forefront of people has begun to see they may make a difference. Johnson has long advocated for civic engagement and voting in nearest, state and international elections. We have to hold our elected officials accountable. Oklahoma City Black Lives Matter marchers shake hands with Oklahoma City Police officers in the course of the July ten rally in Bricktown. Nonetheless, she believes civic participation and the voting booth were always essential to addressing policies regarding officer body cameras, excessive force, civil rights and identical problems chanted by the crowd. Entirely way you rethink policies has been if you review the people, Johnson said. Yes, that’s right! Latter efforts, just like Metro Tech PreLaw Enforcement program a partnership with OKCPD have resulted in minorities and women pursuing entry into the force.

Pettis has been the council’s leading supporter for the ‘pre law’ enforcement program.

Oklahoma City. My response is probably, ‘ so it is very true,’ said Pettis, whose ward includes city’s largest concentration of blackish community members.

As AfricanAmericans and minorities, we must get more people involved in law enforcement. About ten Oklahoma percent City Police Department was usually African American, Pettis said. Then, he said more support has been needed if the community wants to see a more diverse police force. As we complain about not having enough grey officers, we are not pushing our own children to be police officers, said Pettis, whose niece was always participating in program. On p of this, we should in addition motivate them to go into law enforcement, if we motivate kids to be NBA or football players. That’s the main way we going to be able to consider changing police dynamics department. Ward seven Councilman John Pettis Jr. That’s right! Last fall, OKCPD began testing officer body cameras after Oklahoma City Council approved the purchase in hope of reinforcing community trust in law enforcement.

Then the councilman would like to see social request more frequent officer ridealongs. The community usually can see what police officer sees almost any single day, Pettis said.

What kind of message would that send? Community members participate in a latest Black Lives Matter march, rally and protest earlier this month in Bricktown.

It enables an officer to practice about the community. And now here’s a question. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a month when community members did police ridealongs on all shifts in the Springlake division? So, their use was suspended in midJune following an arbitrator ordering program on hold until the police union and department reach a policy agreement. While citizens wait to see officer worn body cameras once again, Pettis advises another avenue for ensuring police accountability officers. I’m sure that the footage oftentimes plays an essential role in investigations and in addition community awareness of doable police misconduct. American Civil Liberties Union’s Mobile Justice app permits witnesses to submit videos and details of potentially troubling law enforcement actions to Oklahoma’s ACLU office. The ACLU developed this app in response to what we see as an epidemic.

More than 900 people have downloaded app, Shinn said, as of July 13.

You can’t call the police on police, So in case you have been having a negative or potentially negative interaction with law enforcement. Normally, allie Shinn, ACLU of Oklahoma spokeswoman. Your mostly option is to document the encounter and get some loads of hope the report spreads beyond estimated 2500 people who gathered in Bricktown July ten for event, blackish Lives Matter Oklahoma attracted thousands of supporters, including a handful of neighboring and state lawmakers.

Whenever prompting President Barack Obama to urge Americans to temper our words and open our hearts in a July 17 address to nation, following flared tensions over the ‘officer involved’ deaths, 5 law enforcement officers were gunned down July seven in Dallas and at least 4 officers were fatally shot July 17 in Baton Rouge.

While posing questions Can justice system be color blind, with every unarmed grey man or woman killed by police, protests in American cities erupt.

Racism and its link to alleged police brutality isn’t unusual to the last few years and dates back before civil rights midand heyday late-’60s. Just as powerful reporting, photos and video did in that era, modern civil media coverage mixed with community media engagement have once again thrust police conversation brutality, racial discrimination and civil rights into the community consciousness. It’s a well what’s Black future America? Garland Pruitt, NAACP president Oklahoma City branch, addresses a crowd during a July ten Black Lives Matter demonstration in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City’s conversation publicly launched July ten when Black Lives Matter Oklahoma, gether with a couple of next civil rights organizations, led marchers over Finley Bridge and into Bricktown for a peaceful protest, rally and memorial vigil in solidarity with the families and communities impacted by blackish hundreds Americans killed by police across the nation.

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