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At 23 we started noticing my hairline beginning to recede.

It slowly receded back ward the crown over next 35 years.

At about age 58 it had pretty much stabilized. I cringe when we see latter photographs of me being that. While moving their ‘fierce and fun’ tagline with vigour and optimism, just 4 months earlier, the Huffington Post uth Africa launched with much fanfare. It had a talented and transformed team in place, and although it was a startup, it had Media24 power and experienced management behind it. Simply over 4 months ago, what was supposed to be a slow moving Easter weekend was disrupted by a contentious blog published by the Huffington Post that had white men seething, not only in South Africa but as well around the globe. Whenever leaving a trail of devastation in its wake, Shelley Garland scandal erupted across media, common and otherwise. She said at Shelley time Garland/Marius Roodt incident, neither the editor in chief nor the blogs editor had study the blog carefully nor put it through standard tests to see whether it met general standards in our industry code or our Constitution ahead of publishing.

Behind the scenes, things weren’t going so well.

This meant we were relying on unpaid blogs and aggregations to meet target.

Pillay, in an exclusive interview with the Media Online, says there were structural factors at play that played a role in the fake blog scandal. She says she got an instruction from key manager Charlene Beukes to have blogs editor Hlongwane cover a writing role in a bid to increase traffic and as there weren’t enough reporters. You see, at identical time we had to produce 30 one-of-a-kind pieces content a day with simply 3 junior reporters. Sipho was spending his work hours reporting and having to do his job as blogs editor at night. Fact, he was immensely stretched and exhausted and moderating blogs in that state probably was a recipe for disaster, she says. On p of that, there was another issue at must get out of our print mentality. Pillay in February wrote to Beukes saying she was increasingly concerned that the HuffPost SA could face lawful or ethical troubles, possibly on public media, due to content volume coming through, and the speed at which it has been processed. Beukes says primary focus now is to restore momentum. Notice that not weaker, she ld the Media Online, as a team and as a youthful brand we have learned valuable lessons from this incident and consider that after all it will make HuffPost SA stronger. Retief ruled that blog violated Section Press two Council’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, that governs hate speech.

AfriForum initiated its complaint to the Press Ombudsman, and Pillay herself shows it for advice on whether the blog publication was in SA contravention Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Ferial Haffajee, editor at great at the Huffington Post SA, denies staff was overstretched.

By the way I am constantly in awe of our junior reporters who do far more with much less, as a former weekly editor. The Media Online spoke to at least 4 sources within the Huffington Post, while researching the background to this story. And in terms of management, they as well mentioned an atmosphere of fear not merely due to a great pressure dashboard showing how content performs in real time. Heaps of them referred to a disconnect between a junior ideology newsroom and what they said was more conservative nature of management and Media24 itself.

Making sure if she regretted the response she wrote defending blog, Pillay says she stands by what she said.

I support underlying analysis that white men have historically held disproportionate power and that a loss of oppressive power is essential to level the playing field.

At no point did I understand the argument to get away vote from almost white men, and they specifically said I did not solidary with everything in the original blog. Pillay says she has accepted responsibility for what went bad and for her part in it. While all newsrooms have been stretched these months I believe this was an extreme example where therewith key resources were denied but unattainable targets were set. You should make it into account. We should have taken greater care in advance of publishing the blog and we must have responded sooner to concerns over the blog and blogger’s identity, she says. Then the company made it clear that they no longer supported me as editor and it must be ugh to carry on working in this environment, Pillay says.

She says she resigned as she wanted to make responsibility for what went bad.

Talking about the dashboard, Haffajee says it’s not a scary instrument, it completely tells you what our own readers were usually understanding and what they have been not.It tells you instantly what works and what does not.

By the way I look for this profoundly helpful as we no longer have to wait for reader surveys that come in months later, as a print émigré. I simply thought you usually can say practically anything you want… not necessarily attacking almost white men. A well-famous fact that is. Blogger turned out to be Marius Roodt, a researcher at Centre for Development and Enterprise. While saying he didn’t mean for it to go so far and he had no intention of going after Pillay, he apologised. It worked. I think look, there’s a lack of fact checking in South African journalism.

Now let me ask you something. I thought, would it work? In hindsight we wouldn’t have done it, By the way I didn’t think it will get this large, Roodt ld Huffington Post. While citing ‘constructive dismissal’, news editor Deshnee Subramany resigned from her post and has launched a CCMA action against Media24, that owns title in uth Africa. For ageswane later left the title ahead of a disciplinary hearing. Its editor in resigned, Verashni Pillay and chief. Normally, site Readership and its reputation one and the other ok vast hits. Seriously. She points out that in June, HuffPost SA made its debut among p ten news sites in South Africa with 2m one-of-a-kind browsers reported for June, measured by Effective Measure).

So that’s good for a nimble junior newcomer! Normal Hair; Colourism; Black Tax and Forex Trading as being growth drivers and says team has solid plans in place to build the news, lifestyle, politics and entertainment pillars further, She points to lofty impact peculiar reports and quality features on latest ANC policy conference, Betrayal Report. Here’s our response’ in which she defended its publication. Day later, in widespread face criticism, Pillay responded with a piece of her own, ‘This blog on almost white men always was going viral. It’s a well-known fact that the offending blog was removed, and Pillay said in a post HuffPost SA for a while being that blog submission from an individual who called herself Shelley Garland, who claimed to be a MA student at can’t be traced, UCT and appears not to exist.

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