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Besides, the government alleged that the pharmaceutical company engaged in a scheme to set and maintain fraudulent and inflated costs for Anzemet depending on those rates.

Nobody could learn the hairormy essence dilemma better than my chum Jem.

As 2 mother little children, she wanted to understand all the consequences of her cancer drugs unto she began treatment. Stage IV breast cancer. She has to respond regarding questions like Mommy, why were always you bald, right after all. Basically, mommy, why were usually you so tired? Needless to say, macMillan Cancer Support, that bills itself as a source of support and a force for revisal in all things cancer, states on its website that hair loss was probably temporary and your hair will grow once more once treatment ends. Although, merely the reassuring word temporary.

You see, jem and I did our homework and neither of us looked for anything in any consumer literature or cancer website indicating that hair loss may be permanent.

In April 2009, the FDA issued a warning letter to Sanofi Aventis, amongst the largest pharmaceutical entrepreneurs on earth, for a reprint carrier citing a study in Oncology Journal. I know that the study compared Taxotere efficacy and Taxol, the trade name for paclitaxel, in treating locally advanced and metastatic breast cancer. In Breast Cancer. For example, but not prevention. Did you know that a report on breast huge business cancer, investigative journalist Liane ‘ClorfeneCasten’ concludes that because of a focus on cure, the population is brainwashed and businesses have fairly literally gotten away with murder. Now please pay attention. Canadian Cancer Society trumpets on its website that We think that people with cancer must make treatment choices with top-notch accessible information, including knowledge of what the treatment may do and what the aftereffect might be. So it is simply hair raising hyperbole and a blatant disregard for the facts. Ever since a story in the Globe and Mail related chemotherapy drug Taxotere to irreversible hair loss, some have tried to turn it into a myhairormylife debate. They would like to ask you something. Should they get their medicine with a spoon full of sugar?

Must these women merely smile sweetly so more patients will be subject to irreversible unwitting risk hair loss? What about additional patients with next undisclosed aftereffects? That cost, So there’re fiscal aide programs to offset temporary cost chemo induced hair loss. I’d say in case hair emotional ll loss seems trivial, how about fiscal cost of wearing wigs, painting on eyebrows and gluing on eyelashes for essence?. It is not first time that ‘Sanofi Aventis’ has gotten a slap on wrist. On p of that, the drug manufacturer intend to settle False Claims Act allegations concerning its pricing and marketing of Anzemet, an antiemetic drug used generally in conjunction with oncology and radiation treatment to prevent nausea and vomiting. Of course in 2007, Aventis paid more than $ 190 million to the Government to settle drug pricing fraud. You should make it into account. Thereafter, they’re diagnosed with side boobie prize effects.

Chemotherapy and radiation, they just need to return to some particular normal, after nearly a year of surgery.

All as nobody bothered to tell them that Taxotere usually can cause irreversible hair loss in three to 3 of patients administered the drug.

Why are we splitting hairs with a bunch of bald ladies? After the unexpected consequences of permanent hair loss. Ultimately, like having a scarlet C stamped on my forehead, my bald head and absent brows and lashes give me an unsettling terminal look.

If those consequences seem superficial.

a woman’s flowing locks have probably been not simply a celebrated sign of femininity,hair was probably a multi billion dollar industry.

Cancer, ultimately, ain’t simply a flesh wound and treatment longterm impact metastasizes throughout a socalled survivor’s health. Exactly how many women will choose Taxotere if they understood facts? Now this does not bode well for health care consumers mostly, if these breast cancer patients are being dismissed as vain. One issue has been for sure. Definitely, in this chirpy era of breast corporatization cancer and the cult of pink kitsch, it’s time to get off rosecoloured glasses until we lace up our sneakers. Whenever making it more like a chronic disease, reality is always that a lot of women have usually been living to have breast cancer multiple times. You in fact never know what rogue cancer cells were usually at work? No doctor dares use the other ‘Cword’. Pretty profitable one. Keep reading! In its warning, the FDA stated that I know it’s not aware of substantial evidence or substantial clinical experience to help the claims made in the carrier regarding Taxotere’s extent of efficacy or superiority to paclitaxel.

Indeed, a study in modern England Journal of Medicine compared 3 efficacy drugs.


Except for that hair thing nobody wants to mention. Tomato/Tomato. Furthermore, women who received Taxol every week lived longer overall, it concluded that women who got Taxotere nearly any 4 weeks had better diseasefree survival. Now look, the last thing chemo nurse said to me prior to plunging the IV needle into my hand for my first treatment was Chemo drugs are always stupid. They kill everything, not only cancer. Despite feasible daunting list aftereffects, we made a decision to trust the drugs our oncologist prescribed and ok leap of faith. Essentially, whenever throwing a head shaving party and wearing wacky wigs, I did my better to Own the Chrome. Notice, he plunged. 1 weeks later, my hair dropped out, right on schedule. I waited. I was told, it was temporary, after all.

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