Hair Loss Cure: Ziering’s Study Are More Recent

hair loss cure 4th of July is a very special occasion that marks the independence of the United States of America.

Summer brings many events associated with the beach and to swimming.

Families and friends often gather gether outdoors to enjoy the weather and the bright surroundings. However, youhave to be sure it’s as bright and sunny as the season, if you’re someone who is planning to host a summerthemed party. Let me tell you something. All About. Free. Photos of new patients or more recent photos of similar patients we have seen earlier, would calm down the masses and give Histogen the trust of the hair loss community.

We have to remember out of everyone who got these treatments, the photos they show are the very very best, yes they are good.

They all show similar cherrypicked results. Even after that, the photos are only minorly impressive. Now let me ask you something. Why can’t they initiate a phase 3 trial in the US if the first trials were successful?

hair loss cure It’s a good idea to have known users in the hairloss community undergo a small trial with progress documented on popular forums/blogs and pick crowd funding, Therefore in case it is the cost of the trial and lack of funding.

Why is not phase 3 trial initiated, Therefore if they do have funding.

What if you publish more photo evidence from different ‘testsubjects’? Admin, I’d say if you are communicating with Histogen, there were I reckon they must address. Dozens of the critics of HSC are pointing to bad photos with what actually was claimed to be a ‘comb over’, different angles and suchlike Dr Zierings involvement probably doesn’t help. No response as of yet, actually I have not seen him active much. That’s where it starts getting really entertaining, right? I really hope that if this does come to market, that people really demand solid evidence of its efficacy before they shell out thousands for it.

hair loss cure Fast buck?

This company had been working on this since 2007.

All you pessimistic people that just don’t look for to believe anything will ever come out or will ever be legit go shave your heads and therefore this company is spending money clinical trials and stuff. Usually, personally I don’t think it’s a scam, scam products usually come out of nowhere. It’s 2016 if they’ve been a snake oil and wanted to make a fast buck it would’ve been released by now. Fairly optimistic about lots, just not convinced by histogen. I think we going to be a bit more patient. Anyway, we will eventually have some big news in the next months. Lets just wait and see.a bit of these companies already officially published that they will have new trials by july/august. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. That said, this new treatment will only have price write when another company releases a brand new and a better treatment. You confirm that he decided to be secretive about hair.

hair loss cure Call me among the nut jobs posting here but I just ok another look at the Histrogen pdf presentation and it looks like something made by a child.

Some random Histrogen intern emailing admin does not make them more reliable.

I’ve said this over and over and I dont mind repeating. They cant produce simple convincing evidence = they dont have a product. Sorry for not joining the crowd of cheerful Histrogen supporters. On p of this, the 2016 photos must be most of the scalp close ups which does not prove anything. How hard is it to take before and after photos of a patient with buzz cut?? Whether be Follica or Histogen, hopefully we will have some great news by the end of this year. It was like 200 for dark haired Caucasian men and 300 for blonde. It was between. Go do it bro. Stop putting it off. Although, loads of us cant use minox in general.

hair loss cure Please make sure if there may be a pical besides minox that they will need for any longerside the device?

m jones you is likely to be gaining popularity lol…listen why wait for the summer to make your appointment with cots staff?

You must make the appointment now so you can have the appointment in the summer, not fall. Guy from Brazil Dr bronzu did post pics last week. For AA though not AGA lol now you just love how the hair loss industry screws with our patience and emotions. Lol I thought the pics he published so far were from months ago. Keep reading. Thats really disapointing. A well-known fact that is. I think look, there’s a presentation on your hair type loss at this conference and it would’ve been worth contacting those presenters if possible? With that said, l I am sorry I do not know. For example, guys how will cloning be a cure if it doesn’t repair existing follicles? Nevertheless, it will just be like a hair transplant but without scarring and unlimited hairs. Although, one company to this day that has presented data on AGA with photos from their own trials and sponsored Physician trials and they get slammed for it.

Histogen, damned if you do damned if you don’ People like Farhan, Spanky, Susana and another guy simply come in here to be pessimistic souls.

Promoting kelopescia, Brotzu and Follica which all sound promising but show no data, no trials for AGA and limited photos.

It is all whilst people are rubbing 10 different picals in their scalp and running a dermaroller over their heads. Complaining about paying people to shave their heads when their hair is precious to them and money for trials is expensive as Undoubtedly it’s. As a result, if you don’t need the treatment, histogen is a professional and transparent company from the outset, the photos look rubbish to you and the data looks rubbish to you hereafter don’t get it. Although, just regular exercise, scalp massaging and cardio to get the blood flowing into the scalp. Say take Kerastem first, after that, treatment from follica and later some JAK/HSC treatment?

I’d be so interested if a certain amount these companies started talking to one another and perhaps coming up with a trial for a combined cycle of treatments. It brightens my week to come on here and see positive posts about histogen and follica. In my emails to fidia they said that they are in trials and couldnt give any launch date or info regarding the efficacity of the product compared to the current ones…. ANY product making nw6 to nw4 in 3 months, I tell you. Now pay attention please. I should even pay patients to buzz cut their hair. You can find more info about it here. I can show whole world that my product is could be the cure. Consequently, there might be treatments. Please do not go around saying stupid stuff. Go read about Moore’s Law and the recent advancements in regenerative medicine. As a result, what really irritates me are idiots like you that believe for a while being that you read a few blogs, you’re suddenly an expert. You have a D, right? We appreciate your consideration of our product. Pertinentquestions might get answered if we are lucky. However, pilot study, Phase I/I study, and a Physician Sponsored study with Dr. This is where it starts getting really interesting, right? Gail Naughton’s Stem Cell Summit presentation. Seriously. Ziering’s study are more recent. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Ziering. Virtually plenty of photos from Dr. I was hoping to clear this up with you and that you could disseminate the information to your readers. 3 clinical studies of HSC was completed.

I visited your blog day and noticed that there was some confusion about the trial photos included in Dr.

Ziering’s study were introduced for the first time at the 2016 Stem Cell Summit in Boston.

Thank you for mentioning Histogen and HSC on your hair loss blog. Histogen continues to be focused on developing this revolutionary new treatment and looks forward to beginning the next stages of clinical trials. Best Regards. It will be great if readers who post comments to this blog post maintain some civility in the event this Histogen employee who ‘e mailed’ me comes back to read the comments. Therefore, the photos from the Pilot study are from the photos from Phase I/I and Dr, as a certain amount your readers pointed out. While we would like to see more photos of patients treated with HSC we must admit at identical time that Histogen is amid the most transparent firms in this industry so far. Rev said a Yale study promoted the idea that absent fat layers are in missing in balding scalps.

Interesting, in the last posts comments section.

I dont think follica claim to have found the cure, did they?

They just is being confident about the effectness of their treatment, wich is a decent sign. Write. I hate to say this but suspect that it’s for the purpose of enticing investors with access before FDA approval. Fact, that last interview might be posted on It is this misunderstanding. Guys, why do you confuse these two breakthroughs?

Unfortunetly, we have to deal with the fact that AGA is just a more complex issue and it will take more time to release any new treatment.

It just came through after yours.

Hey Paul my comment was not meant for you!! Does he specify exactly how many hairs are in a follicular unit? Wikipedia says it can be ‘1 4’ hairs so this surgeon’s post is essentially useless. It might be great news for us all, since all the aftereffect going to be dramatically reduced, So in case so. Pical fin, the JAK inhibitors are different. Thence a pical product makes tally sense. Usually, im not sure it might be as effective as taking a pill. With that said, how often do you need treatments? Which raises the question -Will it be more effective than PRP? What do you mean they wouldn’t wait for anyone lol you think they’d force people to get injections illegally? That’s interesting. Please remember the aforementioned suggestions, if you are a regular poster and any of your comments do not show up immediately.

ADMIN Did you notice that Dr. Tsuji only respond to the questions about skin from for ages being that things happen outside of a company’s control. Certainly, I’d love for Follica to work great and be out in 2 years -it very well will be. Needless to say, all I’m saying is I won’t expect it to be out that soon. Clinical trials are abridged in Japan for stem cells. Whenever meaning it will shave off about two or three years from would’ve been interested in hearing a ball park figure for how much histogen will cost if Undoubtedly it’s proved effective.

Hellouser has ld me on HLT that Histogen is beginning their phase 3 trials in July.

You are right Erich.

Histogen gonna be the next treatment for MPB. Other companies need to work more. That’s the truth. Whenever considering a perfect HT can realistically cost 7K and a treatment will require monthly for any longer term, I believe the price will still need to be somewhat realistic, otherwise people will just choose a FUE session which, tbh, will probably have better chances of delivery decent results, at similar time. Besides,, if Follica truly has the ability to generate 100 hairs per cm^2. I’m surprised this hasn’t generated more excitement. Nobody will ever look at that density and think you are bald or even balding. Go ahead and breath a sigh for ages being that you’ll never require to lose your hair, if they are being honest. After that, why is Histogen and Ziering doing these studies? On p of this, the physician sponosored ‘studyand’ I use that term physician loosely for a ‘nonMD’ practitioner of hair transplants is NOT sufficient for FDA standards. Most companies avoid these since they are not wellcontrolled and can not be used to support moving to Phase 3 studies to support product licensing.

They have raised $ 24 million and still haven’t even started the Phase 1/2 process in the US. Whenever working in the field of hair loss, and can assure everyone here that Histogen is NOT following a rational path wards drug approval, I am an experienced biotech scientist. He has ace in the hole. However, it’s simple. So, just wait for happy announcement. Jak or bronzu will just stimulate follicles around the ht hairs. No I believe right after you transplant hair on the scalp the existing follicles gets destroyed and replaced with the ht follicle you transplant. Might be nw0 some day.

Hoping he overcame his problems with culturing. Best case scenario 2022. Who is saying that Histogen is top-notch treatment? Fact, are we reading different blogs? Might it be necessary for guys to do this with cloning will I go to Mexico and let a stranger mess with the cells on my head to try to deal with baldness? Usually, here’s why ‘snakeoil’ salesmen have thrived for thousands of years.

You guy -even the smart ones -will believe anything wheneverit gets to hair loss.

We need clear pictures in scientific settings with all the variables really similar.

Not only should a company with a working product provide them, they should provide multiple cases and they my be anxious to do so. Feel Good that Histogen emailed you Admin. Congrats to your tremendous efforts. Plus he is focusing on skin with hair not simply hair. Why is everyone bashing follica when they just said it can grow more hair than any other treatment. Eventually, treatments do! Of course tsuji sounds like a brilliant guy but waiting till 2028 for any treatment from him is just stupid for any of us to wait for. Breezy is right, the majority of you guys are expecting a full blown cure. For those of you bashing follica, take a look at the Greek guy derma rolling with pical results. You see, they have a treatment guys. It is an amateur version of what follica will do. Cures don’t exist! Just think for a moment. Hand job from cots haha. Cots is funded by a large company, research from one of a few universities globally and he had been soley focused only on AGA.

Newsflash it will never happen!

What more do you guys need.

They even said it will grow 100 hairs cm2. Nobody knows what direction he will take.. I will suggest we focus on Follica, SM, Histogen, Sesheido, JAK and my little gem Follicum. A well-known fact that is. I’m not really interested in hearing anything about injections whether it’s PRP or some magical sauce like kerastem/histogen/ and everyone else on that bandwagon. Nonetheless, mPB thoughts behind you forever.

Pradeep Sethi, Hair Restoration Surgeon 6k Views On an average, an adult human scalp contains 100000 follicular units in total.

In baldness, lots of us are aware that there is already 50 loss of follicular units in the bald looking area.

It can not provide the natural density in one session, hair transplantation can hide the baldness in single sitting. With that said, this density varies from person to person. For normal density, a second sitting of 2535″ follicular units per square cm is required. On an average the density of a non bald scalp is ’80 100′ follicular units per square cm. In hair transplantation, doctors can plant 25 35″ follicular units per square cm, that is much less than the normal density, though this much density can hide the baldness with artistic planning of the grafting. How many ht you get it will never look thick and normal unless you clone unlimited hair.


I have never seen a nw7 get 3 hts and look to have thick density.

Now this ht doc is an idiot. Just seems it will make life easier for everyone, Just a thought, not making an attempt to do your job for you. Something that I’m thinking about… Will the pical finasteride product really work? All its finanical returns, share statements and director appointments are available to view on the British Governement’s Companies for a while because horn Medical is a limited company registered in the UK. I also believe photos show nothing so far. I dont think they will ever launch the product if results are like those photos… u can count on that. You should take this seriously. It doesnt mean they had no capacity to further develop their product. I’m more interested in SM, Bronzu, and surely my favoriteFollica. Besides, waiting for a pucture of bronzu lotion for Aga. Their data looks good and let us see if they release new photos in the coming monthd. I shall not cross of histogen just yet. Plus I heard he stopped his research due to funding in Berlin. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Lauster better make for ages being that he was forgotten. However, white hair is very difficult to accept as well as baldness!

Well light grey hair cure might happen before baldness.

Brotzu lotion does work for AGA tho.

I heard dr. Replicel seems way to cheap to be a full cure. Of course agreed with Donatelo. Some information can be found easily on the internet. It’d cheaper than prp which is worrisome. Loads of information can be found online. Admin any news on that? Generally, anyone find a news on the conference christisno and cots presented at yrsterday? Also, check the comments on YouTube vids… More of identical.

I wouldn’t let a knucklehead behind a computer rattle you. I reckon it’s the nature of the beast for Internet commentors to be predominately negative, half crazy, and generally unaware of the effort that others put in. I dont know. Places offer it all over the world and yet we can not see anybody on the forums championing it. You see, quite a bit of you need counselling. Mjones has even done a ‘uturn’ on Histogen, he doesn’t bash them and he doesn’t say it’s top-notch treatment out there. He is like everyone else that is normal, wants to see it released and see more information. Now this guy must not for awhile being that he used these pics on different days and during different times throughout the day lol. You can find more info about it here. I am fluent in Greek and read all of it.

He got great results. Thanks egg head. No one except is talking about lauster huh? Anyways, he is working under the radar you know and he can be ahead of tsuji! Fact, more in reply to your previous post, I actually found some interesting things in the puretech pdf. For example, tCP enhanced hair growth to identical degree with or without that particular drug, the study did not meet its primary endpoint. Wounding with a particular drug did not enhance hair growth, that drug therefore? On identical page is a table stating a patent filing date of 2008. With all that said… Can I conclude wounding followed by a fgf9 does not result in significant regrowth? Further on 104. Of course tCP. From Admin’s post I understand that they will develop their own dermaroll/injector thingy, that is being done by Replicell also. Consequently, aha! Normally, the compound they tried was Lithium Gluconate. It was mentioned in a Puretech company report from last year.

AG1w.png is the forum thread for it if you seek for to read all 200 it pages lol https.//dude….

It going to be 10x more regrowth than this dude is the pics.

Proof from this amateur who used all the pical and his picture are tally legit. With that said, the positive thing about so that’s that derma rolling works. Therefore, he got great regrowth, not cure but definitely doesn’t look bad of hair trimmed short. Now just imagine what cots follica will do with their advanced techniques and pical formulation. Haha man if I only knew where to buy all that stuff I will buy all of us it and start derma rolling. As a result, you are providing a tremendous service and I am so grateful you take the time to do this!

I have a doubt guys….say any new treatment like JAK or brotzu started working….what will happen to transplanted hair…will hair grow underneath the transplanted hair too….

For me that is my proof of validation of the drog/tratment.

I only wish to see the persons in Page 17 and 18 today. Histogen was $ 1 2k I think or maybe that was Replicel.a bit of your comments automatically go into the spam folder even after your first comment is approved. Then again, could have been happening. Dear blog readers, To be honest I have mentioned this before and will repeat here. You change computers when posting, or change your username, or change your ’email’.a lot better on more important things, it will always be weighed up and considered. You see, you think you will recover RD costs by selling 2k units per year to celebs and p earners, right? To be honest I bet with a 3k graft FUE you will get on with life quite happily, and if baldness progressed in 10 years…by so the cure might be cheap, or you get another HT, or you just don’t care, Hair greed will compete with cash greed…you have hair greed just now.

For all the following reasons combined, I actually am telling you that no treatment should ever cost more than 10K So there’re proven treatments that work well without after effect in quite a few guys….minox, fin or even both will cost less than 50 dollars per month… HTs which deliver genuinely good results are coming way down in price to the extent that it’s actually cheaper to get one than spend 5 years on Fin… Thirdly, the hair loss market is this kind of a great for a while being that it is so huge, introduce a huge price, you alienate a bunch of the market.

Clone those human hairs.

Come on Tsuji, work your magic. I hope this histogen employee reads my post. It’s a well better yet make it available in the USA next year.) I have always been supportive of hsc. Not intending to lie. When I read that you said you wouldn’t release name or email of Histogen for any longer as quite a few blog readers on we have tal nutjobs I literally laughed out loud. Oftentimes nice that they read this blog.

While moving outwards as nails grow, does that mean anything, I have those almost white dots in two nails on right hand.

Hopefully thorn will post your much needed pictures for you to speculate over!

You have a company spokesman come here on this website and address concerns about there product and it still isn’t good enough. Im sorry but I think Histogen is worth talking about and is at the current moment, top-notch shot we have at an effective treatment in the next couple years. You guys crack me up, you think Thorn, who has not done a damn thing besides run there mouth, is more legit thence Histogen? With that said, might be more effective on plenty of people than others, maybe Histogen isnt a scam as lots of people say, they a problem to develope a treament that can reach its full potential on everyone equally. I wish them all the success across the world as I guess their worst critics also do. Consequently, whether they answer these questions directly or not, I guess we will understand soon enough. For example, are we expecting a faster release outside of US or will things go on market simultaneously? On p of this, they are calling it a treatment, not a cure!!!

Now this company was for any longer now, not the typical actions of a company looking to market a snake oil.

What other hairloss company should take the time to do this?

There’re no combovers or camera tricks with them, just alot of people on here making an attempt to spread negativity. For awhile being that you chose to not see it, Therefore if you dont see hair growth in even the first photo. This is the case. This is the real reason why I say Histogen is legit and you must respect what they are doing. They are mooving their timeline any year, Admin, I’m almost sure I had high hopes for Histogen.

Yeah it looks really good for adipose.

He must be insanely busy at present.

It will save my ass at the moment. I wish it constantly worked that well. Basically, rogaine and Propecia ain’t doing shit no more for me. It might be not something accessible for everyone. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Any new treatment that hits the market in the couple of years to come could be expensive, unfortunetly they will take advantge of it.l for sure. You think that if a cure was found that men for any longer and it was working for them but they rather not be on it, they might come off fin, lose hair, THEN get the cloning treatment, right? Now pay attention please. Beginning to feel people are expecting to see photos like that.

So that’s the data, lots of us know that there are slides, So there’s numbers and there’re photos.

Guy walks in after being completely bald and comes out the following week with a headfull of hair and his hair line back.

Honestly, get a grip. Then the Histogen data is honest, the photos match the data and when people complain about photos from 2009 they actually spend time to message the admin to correct the slurs against their trials by telling FACTS. So, I bet I often miss that 1 legitimate comment and it consequently gets deleted automatically after a few days by the spam software. Sometimes look, there’re 50 messages in there, 49 of which are spam and 1 of which is legitimate, I try to check the spam folder once a day. Of course, listen to the data. Remember, don’t get discouraged by it. Besides, this may be more advanced than kitchen sink dermatolling and minox that forum posters was doing. They claim 100cm2 of hair and that is a solid number. That’s where it starts getting very interesting, right? What do you think?

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