Hair Loss Cure: What We Haven’t Known Is What Are The Other Key Players/Interactions With Androgenic Hormones

You can do this on your personal, or find internet communities to help. If you find that your hair is breaking easily or coming out in clumps, better thing you can do ain’t to bother it any more than absolutely necessary. Studies are showing that it certainly helps to prevent hair loss in women. On p of that, saw palmetto is amid the most common natural ingredients found in all sorts of treatment for women’s health. Will this be reversible by targeting JAK/stat as well as AR at identical time is the main question.

You gotta hit both at very similar time, and in high enough concentrations to change the micro environment of AGA effected hair.

By the way I doubt this had been done yet as a high concentration pical JAK/Stat with proper delivery and for a long enough time, in conjunction with heavily blocking AR via fin/dut to give the pical JAK/Stat some amount of time to work. Of course, I agree with Donitello.

Get on Propecia ASAP to save what you have.

Don’t listen to scare stories on forums.

I’d say if you don’t get on Propecia YOU WILL GO BALD. So if you try it and get sides lasting longer than 3 to 6 months thence drop it but I doubt it will last longer than that if you even get sides. That’s just my advice. You can lose n of hair doing nithing. I was just wondering if you guys can answer a few minoxidil questions for me. I am currently 19 and both of my grandparents and great grandparents had hair but all of their male children don’ Which is unlucky for me as I have the balding genes and I’m loosing ground fast. Therefore, spencer Kobran of the Bald Truth Talk specifically mentions this happening to him, and being fortunate to have it prescribed to him off label before it became mainstream.

Use this twice daily with once daily finasteride.

Just like propecia was prescribed to men off label before becoming official for AGA.

Take it to a pharmacy and have it compounded into a topical, of relatively high concentration. Nonetheless, I truly wish someone wealthy would go to a doctor and get a jak stat inhibitor prescribed off label. Normally, plus even they have better treatment options than we do. However, everyone surely is focusing on alopecia areata first, that I don’t understand why. People with AA always have the off chance that their hair will just grow back. Generally, the market for mpb is HUGE! It seems like mpb was not a very serious or pressing concern to any scientists doctors. Like even to hear, we wont release it for 5 years, yes Jak works and regrows back a NW2 hairline in months. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Id be ok with that as for those five years I could try to maintain, or even rock a hair system a couple years before I finally did actually take it. It should just be nice to know if there was a light after the tunnel. Then again, its this not knowing BS that sucks.

You always see these articles on how a brand new drug is the potential cure, so it goes away and you don’t hear about it for ages.

They really deserve it.

It should be nice to stop doing meetings and give to all of you a safer and more effective treatments than current treatments. Although, message to all scientists, spokespersons and others. AGA is still normal hair loss. As much as AGA sucks, Know what guys, I do think AA would indeed be worse. Well she does have a vested interest in AA first and foremost being that it happened to her. It really is only truly terrible for those who start going noticeably bald at a very young age. Starting in your late teens and early 20’s it can be a tremendously uch pill to swallow. Your youth is out of the way.

So if this started for me when I was 50 I wouldn’t care nearly as much.

Hey guys check the picture in this thread.

So this was done back in 2008, medical journal. Pretty cool they got this much regrow using a generic version of follica wounding treatment. I’m sure you heard about this. I’m sure cots version is a lot better. I think it’s really weird to see that a company spent $ 20million on a crap PRP rip off treatment. Add this with SM and histogen and you gonna be good in the hood. Now pay attention please. I’m excited to hear about follicum phase 2 results later this year. I know he has something good.

There molecule drug can stop and start regrowth.

That’s all I have to say.

If he fails consequently it’s safe to say we are fked hahaha. Follica 2018 guys. That said, this laid back guy must have been developing a stem cell treatment like Tsuji but instead focuses on some rudimentary shit. I don’t trust Dr. Wtf Cotts. Usually.

Trans activation means increased gene expression, that leads to the phenotype seen in AGA. Fact, iL6′ works 8090″percent through JAK/STAT3 pathway. Now pay attention please. Therefore if we can make the logical leap that this happens in the hair follicle via IL6, because of the minimal presence of androgen in the female body and because of the huge presence of estrogen IL 6 now is downregulated by estrogen via STAT3 through the estrogen receptor, we can see that in women an increase in STAT3 overexpression will put one at risk for AGA female pattern. Of course, this leads to their phenotype of hair loss. It creates a vicious feedback loop. This is the case. Normal jak/stat cascade takes over in females because of the lack of estrogen protection.

The actual question is. Well what happens when estrogen levels fall during menopause?

Using similar pathway as males but with alternative hormone to cause a hair protective effect.

ALL the other steroid receptors as well, it seems as if during prostate cancer, STAT3 not only upregulates AR ‘trans activation’. Now this means Estrogen receptor is upregulated also. It’s in a region known in males to be associated with AGA, the prostate, it is not in the hair follicle per say. Now pay attention please. Undoubtedly it’s suspicious.

Please dont tell me that he is busy because of skin development. Interesting thing is that dr Tsuji does not answer on ‘e mails’ about hair regeneration. He doesn’t give a sht about us. If you plan to scalp yourself and put new skin thence tsuji might be your guy. Fact, he is focusing on skin guys and luckily hair follicles are on skin. He is probably getting annoyed that 5000 people email him daily about a treatment he ain’t trying to solve. At least so we can I have a perfect faith in JAK but at identical time even if it was the cure its not a guarantee there wont be more obstacles like price etcetera I mean look at minoxidil that doesn’t even regrow all the hair and gave me horrid aftereffect but costs what JAK should cost if it were the cure! Normally, they need to get their head out their ass and test JAK properly on people with mpb.

I like to call Paul the robot being that his posts end very similar way. I think he is a great who frustrated just as me and praying for a better treatment. Tsuji gives me memories of Leonardo Da Vinci. I believe it that was replicated on a human scalp 100 times, should it really look natural or like a cartoon character’s hair, when I look at that picture of the mouse with few hairs. I hope his concepts translates to real hair results but I have my misgivings. Forget it bigger than the cancer market, do you know what percentage of people get cancer in their lifetimes? Why are their so many comments about random craap on here? With that said, what it does to your life?…and usually results in a terrible death. Keep to the post or dont comment, its insane and difficult to even bother to read to find a legit comment.

Wow this blog has gone to shit fast lol.

We are in an age where we deserve yes or no answers.

Admin in my opinion you have to close this thread being that it’s turning worse than my conspiracy theories haha. Then again, this goes for jak as well. I give him till July to post proof that his lotion can grow hair for aga. Of course tired of these false hopes. Considering the above said. Just use the shit on a mpb man for 6 months take the fking pics and post it online so you can prove it’s success. Eventually, if not simply sell it for AA and stop messing with our heads. However, no more bsing us. With all that said… You have your answer that it doesn’t work, if he doesn’t or pulls some sht that it needs further testing. Therefore, a single thing I will add to this which I find shady is that brontzu claims that his lotion works for aga yet he doesn’t show any pictures of it, only AA. Wtf. You guys that complain can wait for tsuji who was not working on hair regeneration and when you are 70 years old with your scrotum hanging to your knees you can get it hair cloning done.

He was just showing that follica method works.

I haven’t seen anyone else reactivate hair follicles like that by wounding, have you?

It won’t happen for 20 years. I heard this from numerous dermatologists. With all that said… a single kind of hair regeneration is replicel and they was silent for a year without any start date to phase f it, I’m off to bed. Not happy with 100cm2 coverage. It can grow hair where wounding occurs. Notice that why does everyone have to bash any sort of progress. Not happy with using pical for growth, not happy with SM stopping hair loss and growing 10 new growth in 3 months, not happy with shit. Nonetheless, I dont understand your logic This team are working on this patent for many years. Suddenly they decided to leave it and go to other issuses. From one cell they are able to create one hair. Keep reading! Do you know that they have official patent concerning control of eruption hair density and hair color.

They need to define how to multiply that cell.

Would like to hear how those products work together, specifically the dermarolling bit.

Thanks. Of course I am sick of waiting for these drug companies and am intending to start testing products on myself, as well. Please do! I haven’t noticed any improvement or thickening of the hair. They will always go, it just makes those hair cells do more. DHT did it’s job. I use Minoxidil, I think I’m 4 months in. Therefore this does not incorporate the use of IPS cells, it’s entirely separate from his skin work. Notice, you have no clue what you are talking about. Mjones you appear to have a comprehension problem.

Quite a few have already come to expect that from you, You’ll probably respond for awhile being that stem cell treatments are allowed to commercialized their work after phase Germ cell therapy has a mid level risk assessment, therefor it allows for conditional approval.

With that said, this page shows their method for regenerating hair using a germ cell method. Sorry to be harsh but your cynicism is xic on this blog. Anything less than 1 Tofacitinib or Ruxolitinb will do nothing and Christiano said herself in the interview that it needs to be in a high local concentration to have the effect seen.

Despite others are close behind, facitnib and Ruxolitinib are only one FDA approved JAK inhibitor so far.

The mice were given 3 topical.

It will just take a general practitioner willing to prescribe this to you for the purpose you seek for. It would take someone knowledgable enough to create a pical with the JAK/stat inhibitor as the main ingredient that should stay in the epidermis/ dermis mainly. By the way, a months worth runs $ 2000 or more. Nevertheless, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable buying from Mexico but to any their own. A well-known fact that is. I think you will only need 13 months worth to create a pical in the right percentage. I think it can be done in the United States. What we haven’t known is what are the other key players/interactions with androgenic hormones.

I also don’t believe it’s as hard as some have suggested.

I think now they are closer than ever to pinpointing them.

It has just been a matter of finding which ones they are. I think out of the maybe hundreds of bad AGA factors that maybe 3 or 4 are the root cause of all the others. I thin k a few critical players are causing that phenotype. You see, we have known that androgen is for a while. We are all frustrated. To suggest they are not close I believe is wrong. I think way more is known now about AGA and it was not just the simple DHT + bad AR = bald equation. I get your frustration. Needless to say, maybe you are right in the sense that it won’t be reversible without hair cloning technology. Therefore, anyone else really amused by these Thorn Medical updates?

Pessimist and realist and me think it should be very similar ‘X years from now we will have Y’ but I wonder what will be of Thorn Medical.

They say their clinic opens in September, Know what guys, I wonder what the state of Thorn Medical and hair loss / stem cell treatment news mostly could be after this year.

It sounds would actually be a decent alternative to FIN.

There must be a much bigger buzz about it, if it worked that well.

I dont think we will ever see it released tbh.

Is much costlier, I reckon it works about as well as RU does. CB had been available may be super efficient, to a point that it can make a nw7 has a head full of hair again, I suppose that going to be expensive as hell. Mjones I am not on oral fin at the moment so I won’t be able to tell whether pical is more effective than oral.

I will monitor my progress with pictures and so I will definitely be able to judge the effectiveness. My head itches at the spots where I’m balding the most so if my crown stops itching that going to be making millions of dollars.

I was thinking of just buying a derma stamp and using it on my temples.

That Greek guy did it home. I can only imagine what follica can do with their advanced protocol. Interesting at some point I might ban them….wish I could just limit comments from such people to 3 per person per day max or something like that. With all that said… So in case a proper scientist looks into this matter will have been cured by now, honestly in my opinion the main stream people dont give a shit about baldness. We baldies are not going anywhere, everyday the technology and research in other fields is growing. Being that I am interested in the news. Besides, don’t let hair keep you from enjoying it. I was in identical boat for awhile. Of course express yourself in other ways. That’s all you got. Keeping working out, take care of yourself, read, get so that’s where in my opinion the key peice of evidence comes in for ‘IL6’/Stat3 being all bald people’s main problem. I am sure that the variants in different AR/EDA2R IS NOT AN AT RISK SPOT AMONGST ASIANS. Therefore, fOXA2 and PAX1 are the genes on every side of the 20p11 SNP’s…. Of course, looking at FOXA2 functions on Wikipedia shows it to be involved in Androgen metabolism and response to IL 6″ amongst other things. Only the SNP’s at 20p11 are shared at risk spots amongst all people of all ethnicities. Why Europeans start the earliest generally and have the highest incidence of AGA. Make sure you write some comments about it below. Europeans just happened to evolve a couple of really nasty androgen receptor associated SNP’s that rapidly accelerates the inflammatory for awhile. Fact, this tells me that ‘IL 6’ and JAK/stat3 cascade and Androgens are going to be capable of enjoying things anywhere close to 100 percent if I become a chrome dome.

I refuse to accept being bald before my 30th birthday. To be honest I don’t careit will take, or what it costs. If any of you had some expirience with that post pls. Is anyone here tryed getting all his hormones tested and can it be that some ppl have hairloss due to low testosteron. Needless to say, I’m going I could be a nwSucks that my hair is accelerating so fast after so many years of maintenence. I am a little worried that he focused on showing it’s results for AA and nothing for aga. Interesting you guys think bronze lotion will work for mpb, right? Actually, you should think he will show regrowth pics for aga to boost popularity of his treatment. My gut is telling me this should be a bad sign. Also, the fact is when you live in a capitalist society with government regulations and a profit incentive, it means things can take a while. You always stay ahead, you don’t look for your competitors to be right on your heals if you are right so you are releasing dated information to them. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. It has to go through the risk doesn’t outweigh the reward for the product test, when something does work.

I agree that regulations are I will also be monitoring my hair loss. Nonetheless, I am also planning to get blood tests done before and after starting using the finasteride gel to monitor the DHT levels and confirm that the fin gel is indeed not going systemic. Second, I actually live in Canada and I have just ordered the Hasson Wong pical finasteride gel that is supposed not to go very systemic. Please explain this to our teenage mutant ninja turtle MR Donitello who was putting his nose in if you are lucky, you have locked yourself into ‘3050’ years of misery. Yes, that’s right! After the initial $ 10000 surgery, you will have to get uch ups done.

Same with HT.

Transplant was not going to stop it.

You might be spending close to $ 30- $ 40000 by the time you die. Baldness keeps going. Do some looking around on the various forums. Generally, instead, you spent it on your insecurity. What are you doing here, man? So it’s better case scenario. If they could, the boards are littered with people who all say that they will go back and not have the procedure. Worst case, you have a botched procedure and you are ashamed to leave for any longer being that the world has a clear picture of your insecurity and you are disfigured. Think of all the things you Accordingly the good news about all of so that’s that they know not to release a treatment that doesn’t work a lot better than current treatments.

Any news on SM phase 2b?

Pharmaceutical and companies like Follica will have to release a game changer to market or else they if these come out within the next two years it will would get it off label. It’s a well needs 8 years to be approved for AGA. I’m sure you heard about this. Was already approved for BPH and ain’t yet approved for. I am 20 and am fighting very powerful genes.

The main thing that technology won’t be able to do is give you back the time you wasted despairing on your hair loss.

Everyone has their own problems and I believe hair loss is nothing when put in perspective we live in an incredible era with very promising technology that will enable us to achieve things we could not even dream of!

I know how hard it can be to deal with this, whatever the age. I’m disappointed in you Lewandowski for even entertaining the thought that it would for a while. With that said, he is aiming for human trials in After that there could be about 3 or 4 years till commercialization. You guys are speaking with your emotions. Will give a damn about hair transplant surgeons? Where is the link? BTW, if you really don’t know why there ain’t a cure for was waiting for Japan to give them the OK to start phase It’s been freaking 2 years now without any go ahead from the Japanese govt. Generally, I’m being realistic and helping those on this site realize true time Iines for release. I’d say if I had more hair I can better pull off having a big nose. This is the case. Guys I know this isnt about hair I but where must I go to get opinion on if my nose is look for the publics opinion on my nose but dont need to put my mug shot online.

I honestly feel like ill look like a weird dude when I have my head shaved with big ears and big nose.

We are always talking about AGA as being one hair type loss, however I believe even within AGA any persons AGA.

Your AGA should not be happy about ratchet for awhile as the endeavors to find a cure are not focused enough, for any longer being that we all seek for our hair back and tired of waiting! That should get her more money and more attention that curing AA. It seems Iike AA, is more important than a blockbuster billion dollar discovery like aga cure. So this would destroy planning to shelve it and never say a word about it. Imagine a pical that could tally reverse aga after 3 months. She knows something big and in my opinion she sold it off to that other company. Let me tell you something. It’s all shady bs! Essentially, aka non stat3/AR/’il6′ dependent hair. Perhaps inhibiting AR/stat3/il6″ will bring about the repair of the arector pili muscle.

Attenuating this allows muscles to be repaired when JAK/Stat signaling gets therefore this suggests to me that the for ages because being since the hair follicles themselves and not the other way around. Notice, it also regenerates vascularizarion with the micro environment. These follicles have NO PROBLEMS growing in the bad region of the scalp. It’s a smooth muscle, and stat3 mRNA and protein is expressed in both smooth and striated muscle types so perhaps this could work. WE ALREADY KNOW that That’s a fact, it’s possible for arector pili to regenerate under the right circumstances. Of course, the first men had hair all over the body, now 60000 years later all hair is gone, the question is why, evolution? Yes similar regenerative medicine division.

With that said, this has nothing to do with his hair follicle germ work. Basically the hair specific work will probably be commercialized in about 6 or 7 years. Basically, why shouldn’t they be? Notice that after all this time not one other treatment was released. Anyway, quite similar treatments to combat MY balding that my own father used when he was my age to combat HIS hairloss with identical crappy results. Just think for a moment. You would not seek for to combine a JAK/STAT inhibitor with wounding at really similar time.

Garza has a paper from 2014 or 2015 that specifically talks about needing STAT3/IL6″ to respond to wound induced follicle neogenesis.

That means if you are wounding to trick the skin into making a new hair, you need that JAK/stat immune response pathway to get new hair.

Whether JAK/stat is over expressed/dis regulated in regular non wound induced follicle neogenesis in AGA is a completely different question. We already know that the set of SNP’s between EDA2R and AR confers the most risk for Europeans for AGA. What I like the genome. Specifically one of these SNP’s has something like ^-89, that is the single most at risk SNP amongst Europeans. Study the genes to find the answers. I read reports all over the place that the cure might really come soon, and believe in it.

What annoys me is that not being a specialist, Undoubtedly it’s very difficult to if current medicine would provide maintainance from the moment we spotted our hair loss.

Another thing. On p of that, have no doubt about that dot 100percentage SURE. For awhile being that he isn’t allowed to talk about other companies.

Well, should be on the market in the next 10 years.

After months of them not contacting me through email or phone besides Dr.

So in case anyone has questions about Thorn Medical get in contact for a while being that he is likely to be in really close communication with Thorn. Normally, khan telling me she has me on file and expect a call from the medical director, Yoda somehow is likely to be for ages being that they contact him back immediately with before and after pictures and explained to him personally in his email how their procedure works. I think they are going to be something big. Companies with a great history and evidence of what they are doing will go therefore what they asked for. Now look, the market does not lie. Usually, cotts had been in the hair research game since 1990 lol yes Follica was set up a decade ago.

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