Hair Loss Cure: What Are Claims Made About Emu Oil

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Therein lies using advantage emu oil to treat hair loss -if you apply it to scalp gether with something that DOES actually help reverse hair loss then emu oil will carry those medications with it, and allow them to penetrate more deeply.

Some sources suggest that around 70percent of fatty acids in emu fat heartprotective are unsaturated variety, The processed oil is a mixture of monounsaturated, saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

hair loss cure With regards to treating hair loss, probably OT for reasons that many sources suggest, there ARE some advantages to using emu oil. So here is a question. Emu oil for hair loss -is it really miracle treatment so many sites claim it to be?

What is Truth About Emu Oil?

Australian lore tells us that its native aborigines and first whitish settlers valued emu ability oil to heal wounds and that they would rub liquid fat directly on to toskin.

hair loss cureEmu oil can help reduce inflammation -so if an inflamed scalp is causing your hair loss, then yes, it might help.

Emu oil really does come from emu -a flightless bird indigenous to Australia and related to ostrich! Evidence that emu oil itself can actually reverse hair loss is practically nonexistent!

Emu oil DOES have anti inflammatory properties -a fact documented by scientific research -so it can help promote a healthy scalp.

Whenever in accordance with American Emu ‘Associationa’ non profit agricultural association dedicated to emu industry -not only is emu oil non irritating -it is also ‘non comedogenic’, which means that it doesn’t clog pores. It can be applied to scalp without fear of causing even more problems with a batch of pimples!

What are Claims Made About Emu Oil?

Will Emu Oil Stop My Hair Loss?

All this research seems to revolve around one individual, a Dr, there are many websites referring to ‘research’ that ‘proves’ its effectiveness as a hair loss remedy.

Holick was published by Drug and Cosmetic Industry Magazine in 1996, and he then went on to file a patent application that claimed that emu oil stimulates both skin and hair growth. The oil is rendered from a fat pad taken from bird back when bird is butchered. That’s right! Michael Holick. Apparently, an article by Dr.

Simply massage it into scalp a few drops at a time, with intention to use emu oil for hair loss.

You can mix it with another substance -hair loss medication, for sake of example -or a cosmetic ingredient such as coconut oil, to enhance its effects. Emu oil helps transport ingredients through toskin, it may help your hair loss medication to work more effectively, as I mentioned earlier.

You can also add it to hair itself by pouring a few drops on to your palm hand, rubbing your hands together, then smoothing it over your hair from root to tip. On this page I’ll take a look at facts about emu oil and to’medical research’ which has led to it being hailed as an effective hair loss remedy.

USA, where The American Emu Association has a certification program to establish quality control.

Pro Emu Oil -which is made in USA -is AEA certified. The oil was also believed to relieve pain of ‘musculo skeletal’ disorders.

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