Hair Loss Cure – Topical Diclofenac 3 Gel For Actinic Keratosis Regrows Long-Lost Hair

Please, To be honest I really need hair advice urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am desperate and I really need So exams I ok showed that I am healthy and there’s no reason for this to even happen to me. I went to doctors but they didn’t found anything wrong with me. I’m sure you heard about this. Few years ago I went to salon on a monthly basis. Now look. It requires me almost two months before I even need to cut my hair! Hair is to most important parts of a woman and I don’t look for to give up on this one. Normally, which ones are worth trying, with so many products on market making promises of halting hair loss and thickening thinning hair. We’ve found better shampoo for hair loss, with some top-notch shampoo for hair loss, I’d say if you suffer from thin or thinning hair. Remember, on hunt for products that promote hair regrowth. I want to ask you a question. Malex Jones we need to write around this to validate toconspiracy… maybe we can tell everyone Christiano has a full head of hair she secretly grew under her wig will that make you sound more credible?

By the way, a study from 2015 fund that pical Diclofenac 3percent gel for treating actinic keratosis resulted in three elderly patients regrowing some ‘long lost’ hair! Before and after photos. Key quote. We all know a lot about JAK inhibitorsthese days. I rated chances at 5/10 in my recent very popular post on this subject and FK506 led hair regrowth. Will they work on male pattern baldness basically known as male pattern baldness. When we think of hair loss, majority of us, think about aging men. Sounds familiarright? It’s called androgenetic alopecia, and it’s caused by a byproduct of testosterone called DHT. We should like to quote Julian.

I have a doubt admin, I’d like to know if in Alopecia Areata follicles also miniaturize, way they do in Androgenic Alopecia. Do they just or suddenly stop producing hair fibers but their size remains normal? Full hair management will encompass two different endeavor. AGA involves miniaturization of follicles, programmed in follicle cells, as per current research. As a result, we are inclined to think that it my be better to be able to completely reprogram cells rather than hindering natural physiological processes that just happens to play some part in follicle miniaturization, now this COULD have something to do with immune response. Yes I say Surely it’s very possible by end of 2016 a local doctor can simply prescribe a pical solution of those drugs to hair loss suffers. Notice that drugs Tofac and Rux are here now, FDA Aprroved and litterally could have been on our heads by end of this year if experiments show that it works without xic affects on tobody.

Stem Cells going to be years, and years before Undoubtedly it’s perfected and cost should probably be enormous.

They’re coming, promises George Cotsarelis, MD, director of Hair and Scalp Clinic at University of Pennsylvania.

Those new treatments aren’t nearly ready for prime time, like cure for cancer. Both work for George Cotsarelis. I speak totruth. Ddog to shut you up her name is Jennifer Nguyen and thr other doctor/researcher is Susan Taylor that I had a consultation with. p notch dermatologist that was on Today show and presented at numerous dermatology conferences as well as hair loss seminars. Also, look up susan profile. Consequently, now stop saying I am lying. Of course follicles on sides and back of head aren’t affected by DHT and usually stay healthy.

That’s where hormonesensitive follicles live. Why is this pattern of hair loss only in front and on top? You must have an open mind. Maybe a tally new treatment for I don’t expect anything that can make a Norwood 7 a Norwood I am being 100 percent realistic and actually got my info from p researchers I met with at university of Pennsylvania in tospring. Eventually, noone is developing a cure as long as they feel sorry for you for going bald they develop a treatment to get your money!! They will only release a treatment that going to be used daily or weekly to grow and keep hair so we pay them. Nonetheless, they won’t release a full blown cure for baldness. Only one thing we can hope for a TREATMENT that can restore our hair or make us all Norwood 2s with constant use of whatever drug comes out.

Executives seek for money.

There’s no money in a cure.

I believe we will hear amazing things at thr hsir loss congress. Also, egg head why are you tally dismissing my conspiracy theory lol. Expect a better treatment in 5 years. You should take it into account. They ld me that a cure won’t be released. They actually laughed when I mentioned cure. Usually, once men have lost hair for many years, even castration PLUS estrogen supplementation PLUS Spironolactoneduring conversion process to becoming female is insufficient to regrow any significant quantity of long gone hair. Actually the ones who transition at a later age after having lost much of their scalp hair are an especially fascinating subject for me. Actually, I have covered male to female transsexuals a few times on this blog. Hair follicles get smaller. On p of this, anagen stage of hair growth gets shorter, and resting stage gets longer. Thin, very short hairs and many follicles empty of hair shafts. What’s clear is that similar thing happens in aging men and women. Now look, the result. They can reverse alopecia areata bit not mpb.

They have cure and they are sitting on it.

I don’t buy it.

Maybe one day when stem cell technology is available they will release it as an alternative to hair cloning. While offering sparse coverage, in rare event that ‘long lost’ hair is regrowing from these drugs, new hair tends to be very thin and short. Usually, it’s still worth your time in checking outbefore and after Finasteride as well as Minoxidil patient photos. Essentially, having seen 100s of before and after Finasteride and Minoxidil online photos throughout the past dozen or so years, I rarely ever saw any truly spectacular results that clearly showed a tally bald man regrowing healthy robust hair. Ok, and now one of most important parts. To On p of that, is that big pharma at play? Fact, for anyone that researches 6 hours a day like Lacazette. Actually, look, there’re multiple labs that have proven concept is scientifically valid it’s not even theoretical now it’s empirically present, it just needs to be scaleable and reduced down to a commercially viable level.

Reason why it’s not there’s storage, transportation, application, IP and suchlike It must be incredibly expensive to do shiseido is working on a short cut to make it ocmmercially viable.

Although it’s not clear that so it is necessarily caused by sex hormones, their hair gets thin.

Aging women have a similar problem. Anyway, I know I am right that Tofac and Rux will work in lotion form to cure Male Pattern Hairloss, as Beno was a JAK type drug and it restored hair to two men who had Male Pattern Hairloss. Mjones, do you think that executives are not also balding? Known rich and powerful seek for a cure just as badly as we do.

Most men will rather have hair than money -there was actually a study done about this. I know you are happy with a treatment that restores your hair cause you’re Norwood 2 3 but look, there’re people who are Norwood 1112, and a cure is what can that would probably be last thing that they spend money on. They just keep things pretty tight. Follica is still alive. It usually goes away over time, Cotsarelis says. One aftereffects of Propecia can be loss of libido. Normally, rogaine is to main financial sponsors to miami hair event they are listed as above gold platinum if that gives you an idea and people are highly unsatisfied with their product. Needless to say, this also minoxidil is heavily saturated in generic rip offs. These drugs applied as a pical cream on male pattern hairloss are our best solution to a cost effective and simplest solution to solving all of our hair loss, as they appear to grow back most of the hair back with a natural hairline.

I agree with khourli.

Possibly samumed.

Plus christiano is just mentioning it might work for aga to get funding to start her repunzel and vixen company that will take another 10 years to produce any results which will probably bs. They wouldn’t wait 30 years to cash in on billions of dollars. It’s to simple for it to work and for it to be mentioned finally these years since If it worked hereafter it will have been out by now. I only have faith in Cots! Even if they wanted, Surely it’s IMPOSSIBLE for current market, to buy cure if it is found, as not to let it hit toshelves.

Believe it. It’s not logical, nor even it’s doable, most of us are aware that there is not this interest by them. Similarly out of fashion are flaptype procedures, where a flap of hair from a ‘hair bearing’ area is partially removed, swung around, and attached to a frontal area. Now this can lead to scarring or death or a portion of toscalp. Big pharma? What else, some hair transplants, it’s 5 of balding people who have guts to do it. Eventually, we’re talking about patent broken remedies that anyone can manufacture and commercialize day! Finasteride and Minoxidil, you know. It’s abeing that it shows that hair can be fully restored from a completely bald scalp albeit from a some what different disease. Oftentimes theoretically fa and ruxo must work to turn our hsir back on like in thr mouse. In comment being that it would wipe out all other half ass money making treatments available. Unacceptable! Noone should suffer from baldness this day and age.

My gut tells me a very good hsir loss treatment will come out in Now question is what will it be? Why does everything that seems to good to be true always is to good to be true. Not only this, association with WNT, sonic hedgehog pathways, dermal papilla inductivity, hair follicle stem cell niche differntiation, therefore this could be explaining everything. That’s a fact, it’s incredible in Christiano’s paper direct effect it has on directly stimulating anagen from telegen, even before That’s a fact, it’s traditionally time for anagen. Not by DHT itself. You should take it into account. Accordingly the hair is still locked in telegen even without continuing presense of DHT and it needs some type of signaling to renter anagen. Even some with bad androgen receptor genes do not go bald. Even if put in areas that are going bald, dHT resistant hair can’t be effected by these signals, aka explaining hair transplants. Anyways, those who are bald are like 99percentage going to carry variant of androgen receptor. Perhaps it should take a very concentrated pical solution of JAK inhibitor to overcome JAK induced DHT response and kickstart hair into growing again, in order intention to those who talk about taking a AK inhibitor orally and growing no hair.

Meaning once again entire story isn’t just DHT is bad and causing dermal papilla senescence.

They are really zeroing in on the real problem in my point of view.

By the way, the fact that stem cells are preserved but progenitor cells stop being made…. If castration + estrogen suplementation for any longer lost androgenic hair so DHT ain’t direct main culprit. I really think this factor might be JAK system. Eventually, this seems to me to say with confidence that main problem is some signaling not letting hairs back into anagen caused by DHT over time. It’s awrite. I think facitinib ain’t cure for MBP. However, it’s my opinion. Rather, fewer specialized progenitor cells, in 2011, a famous study came out that concluded that tally bald scalps do not have fewer hair follicle stem cells. Did you know that the authors concluded that understanding signals responsible for transition of stem cells to progenitor and more differentiated cells may be next step in developing new treatments for skin disorders. It would only be if scientists can determine how to increase progenitor cell population, ideally without any kind of new cell injections, even if upon initial examination this seems like good news.

Update. I’m pretty sure I am not so sure and have not tried to do much research into this, lots of hair loss forum members think that this can already be done. For a whilelost hair can never be regrown and a solitary hope is to wait till hair cloning or hair multiplication materialize? My thinking changed in I discovered older neglected reports of miraculous hair regrowth on tally bald scalps. Last year I discovered a case study in which authors discussed an old man who burnt his scalp badly and thereafter regrew lots of hair in burnt region that had been devoid of hair for decades!Below is article and photo pasted from here.

Until 2013, numerous publicly viewable online before and after Dutasteride results and before and after MTF transsexual results were proof enough for me that any scalp hair lost over ‘510’ years ago was highly unlikely to ever grow back, especially not looking at the roust length and thickness. That said, this new information was further bolstered by all recent hysteria surrounding JAK inhibitors potentially working on androgenetic alopecia patients that said, this uncertainty prevails even today.

With uncertainty about their benefit to a number of hair loss patients suffering from androgenic alopecia, last year’s biggest news involved twoJAK inhibitor antiinflammatory drugs curing alopecia areata in humans.

I can only imagine that we grow our hair back and look like monsters because of it with ulcers, and bruising all over toface.

Because of these symptoms it will need to be tested for simple fact that we are putting it so close to our face. Ddog I live 90 mins from Philly. Just go on their website and preparing to thr best doctors so I can get p treatments. Basically, what does happiness have to do with me seeing a doctor? Not giving out her name. That’s what normal people do who can afford it. Sounds familiarright? King is dead here comes Queen of Hair while King of Hair WRONG I’m sure that the King of Research is reason why look, there’s no cure yet. I heard it all. Normally, age causes hair to fall out and it’s irreversible, when hair falls out it will never grow back again. Normally, perhaps you will only need to take it to reawaken hereafter dormant follicles and hereupon when needed down road to combat DHT’s relatively slow influence We will make sure soon. It’s also much less dangerous as a lotion than going straight through body systematically. I also think this has a tremendous shot for curing AGA in lotion form, not merely AA. I’m thinking price won’t be as dramatic since totopical form is a lot more effective at growing hair so oral form, doses are a lot smaller and not as frequent as requirement for cancer patients.

Pretty sure they are already doing human for any longer being that a few company’s that came into my investment radar day bought licenses to commercialize Jak inhibitors.

Now that Merck’s Propecia law suits are destroying stock as case is building, Minoxidil’s Rogaine has decided to throw all of their money into hair congress event so christiano.

So this goes up to universities themselves who are also if this trial goes well, I’m sure she gonna be creating a larger trial for her new company Vixen Pharmaceuticals to go through FDA process. Furthermore, I am sure trials are small and I do not think she my be accepting for ages because she is keeping it quiet.

I have not seen Dr.

I got it really similar way off label.

What’s the significant problem? When they go through FDA approval process to allow lotion to treat normal hair loss it probably will take 10 years. That said, it shan’t matter to me as I will already be using it for 10 years. So, if we know it will work I will put that lotion on my head in a split second. In early 2000s, adoctor by name of Marty Sawaya claimed that her elderly test patient Dr. Monahan regrew hair that had been lost for decades. Anyways, with only brief breaks during that time when I was busy with less interesting things during my existence, for awhile being that I have followed online hair loss forums for around 15 years.

In any event, it has now been over a decade since Dutasteride came out, and tens of thousands of people have tried drug to treat androgenetic alopecia.

Very few people have seen significant quantity and for awhile lost’ hair, results have generally been superior to that of Finasteride.

It’s nevertheless worth reading plenty of to before and after Dutasteride testimonials on this site, as many are extremelyencouraging for those who have not lost degree of excitement in online hair loss forums that was never before witnessed and that has probably never since been witnessed, when Dutasteride first came out in 2002. In accordance with Desmond, it should for a while. He ld him that Follica needed 20 million to develop a cure.

So it is Desmond’s report.

Desmond’s account, they’d be able to finish a product/procedure capable of better results than what exists today, with 2 million.

Minox and Fin. Known cotsarelis has claimed that main problem in research is funding. Just keep reading. This phenomenon is a bit discouraging for me. We are in trouble, I’d say if even men who remove their testicles can not for a whilelost’ scalp hair. Now let me tell you something. FYI. Even a couple of doctors who offer PRP have ld me an approximate version of this story. Certainly, there is a bunch of hoopla ‘overplatelet rich’ plasma treatments regrowing scalp hair in recent years. With that said, it going to be noted that most doctors who offer PRP do seem to reckon that it offers at least modest benefits to most of treated patients’ scalp hair.

My feeling is that lots of us know that there is no way that PRP will grow hair on tally bald regions of toscalp.

At best, PRP seems to make existing hair stronger and perhaps reverse very recent miniaturization of follicles.

Actually, there’s not even yet any sufficiently reliable evidence that PRP can regrow hair that was lost just ’12’ years ago. There can be an explanation for it but I will like to see some story/ study of a person with vitiligo having hair grown back. We reference story of Benaxoprofen in 1982 where patients were taking 600mg/ day where they noticed hair growth around 6 -9 months. That said, this was not only hair growth on head all over body and in places where there had never been hair grown before as well as accelerated facial hair growth, if you actually read toarticle. It’s along time safety is like but it looks good so far.

Does anyone know if pfizer has actually released this ointment or are they still developing it, or have they scrapped it? I don’t think it would’ve been nearly as bad as taking for a while being that you’d have to apply quite plenty of it on you’re head for it to affect your health when it enters your blood?

I have no clue though since I’m in finance and not medicine lol Think they’d be able to test if this works and in which medium to use for best results quite easily, wouldn’t they?

I agree with Sam.

Wouldn’t a cure for cancer be worth billions? It’s been 5 years now since that study and still we use chemo. They won’t release a cure for hair loss. Besides, there found a cure for cancer a few years ago that destroys cancerous cells without use of chemo. Big Pharma is blocking it from hitting for ages being that it would destroy them financially. Sorry julian but he is right. Needless to say, oh, is that what people do? On p of that, it’s an ordinary theme among many pessimists. Nevertheless, always won’t be able to give names, they look for to quote certain prestigious researchers. Why do people think giving out names is this particular big deal? Why tosecrecy? Everything I say is invalid and university of Pennsylvania has loads of uneducated scientists that work under George cotsarelis.

Everyone listen to Dave Ignore everything I say despite the fact that half of my family are doctors and that I met with researchers who are working on hair loss research.

Anyone knows that nasars, just by looking around, just exactly how many people deal with this problem, how so that’s a need!, despite some try to hide it.

People just care about hair, so that’s a known fact! Market is almost all toworld’s adult population!! Nevertheless, I thought all those researchers were hiding tocure. Eventually, you are preparing to believe those dermatologists that you supposedly met with, just so we are clear, therefore this for a while being that you were implying look, there’s some grand scheme to keep a cure from coming. Let me tell you something. I am big on conspiracy for any longer being that it makes sense to me. Better treatments I strongly believe will hit market in a few years. It’s abecause of their new regenerative medicine legislation that allows a product to apply for conditional marketing approval if safety and early signs of efficacy are shown.

Three clinical trials must be completed before you can market a product.ach clinical trial takes ’23’ years to complete.

We have completed a phase 1 safety trial and are working on our phase 2 clinical trial application. I ld Admin that I was right a with that said, this might come as a surprise but they never cared about growing hair on Male pattern hairloss sufferers.

I hope this day arrives!!

That’s my be amazing and funny. We have a brand new treatment better than Minoxidil and Finasteride at least….Very happy. I’m so happy with that event. Reflect, Rejuvenate, and REGENERATE. You are right! For instance, hLC in Miami is here. I hate Finasteride. It’s a well athmane…Bimatoprost presents good results photograph is after Bimatoprost 1 ….Maybe Bim not have extreme shedding like Minox and Fin. Have you heard about something like that before? It was probably good that it happened. Propecia did identical to me for 10 days… Scariest time of my life. For ages as deep down you know I am right.

I am stating truth and it’s backed up by researchers in hsir loss industry.

I’m not going anywhere. I just saw results of phase 2b bim. Ps could be a game changer. Yours is all speculation coming out of your ass. That’s interesting right? Now we will wait another 4 to see that they failed and can’t produce better results than rogaine. By the way, the fact that this had been shown to work on AA patients. It’s most important news that has ever come out of Alopecia studies in my point of view. In comment section. Cristiano has shown how critical jak inhibition is to anagen reentry from telogen. Known pretty much summed up my thoughts exactly. That said, fact that it appears to work directly on hair follicle rather than just through immunity for AA.

Since they did test lotion on human grafts on rats my guess is they are or about to start totopical solution on humans as that should be next step on a drug already FDA Approved in pill form.

We need a new treatment.

Millons of people seek for a new treatment. You might be surpirsed. Egghead your timeline is wrong…Think about it… think please We are fight for that. Histogen, seti or jak in next two years I will surgically remove 4 of my ribs and blow myself for being wrong and pessimistic, So in case a better treatment comes out like sishedo.

Technically histogen may be releasing HSC here in US will interpret alleged ‘top researchers’ at pen quoting 5 years a brand new treatment as. Your telling me p researchers at Pen ld you confidentially Yeah even if we have cure now or in future we won’t release it THEY won’t shall we … Sure dude whatever call me son of god thats Did you know that the other half becomes a completely new stem cell, and stays put for future regeneration. That’s where follicle stem cells live. Seriously. They don’t divide like normal cells, in which both halves become new cells that split and developing. Only one follicle half stem cell does that. Now, a little farther up follicle is mysterious feature called tobulge. This is tocase. These selfrenewing cells divide, when they get right set of chemical signals. By the way I have seen enough testimonials from older people to suggest for any longer lost hair is possible with Dutasteride.

On various drug review websites, there is wrong which I’m doubtful why hell will be out living my life instead if I was certain there would’ve been nothing next 5 20 years.

Alopcia areata isn’t overall health attacks stem cells in bulge of tofolicle.

Now this results in permanent hair loss. I like to be optimistic that we are close to a reasonable treatment. You can’t tell me that they are all cool with it. We will know for sure that someone has found something once we see famous people with heads of hair. World leaders everywhere when we see Putin walking around with hair again. Have you heard of something like this before? Rich and ‘well connected’ should be first to be contacted by companies looking for spokesmen for their product. One dying from within other sponsoring scientist talking about cloning hair for permanent growth which uneducated masses will call tocure.

Both being gripped by throat of generic spin offs devouring market share. There I know it’s big evil pharma cabal you talk about that doens’t care about our pain. Ideally I seek for a medication that reawakens hair I already have affected by AGA. I’m coming from a neutral position but Mjones competitors holding 100 of market share are Merck and Rogaine. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Propecia sales have declined plus there’re generics out there most people take anyway so Merck hasn’t really cornered market as much as one must be led to believe. Then, look at their stock in last year it’s falling despite SP500 rise So it’s trading below par to their benchmark. I just think You haven’t proven there’s an egyptian stem cell scientist being held an intellectual hostage.

Merck has not even begun getting sued yet this could tally put them out of business. Recognized by authorities. Actually the lotion form is more of a kick and it will work on AGA hairloss even better than Beno did. Setipiprant won’t wot work but I have a little hope for SM. I think replicel well release a treatment that is better thank minox and fin combined but it’s not cure won’t work for AGA. I’m sure you heard about this. I agree with mjones, sorry guys lol. Maybe they will make more research in future but they are happy with result for now. Histogen is good but also not cure and So there’s no improvement from previous result.

Swiss temples, is already taking setipiprant that he got through PHG I tried to subscribe but its invitation only, they are elitist and impossible to get in. They would they work on someone with a transplant, when surgeon makes slits in scalp does that damage hair follicle so even if these drugs are proven to work. Could they regrow hair in strip scar area back of head? Would JAK inhibitors work on someone who had a hair transplant? Oftentimes thanks. Could you please ask these 2 questions at toconvention. Normally, if anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear their opinions.

Paul look for a new treatment.

I just look for it yesterday lol. On p of that, medical science hasn’t cured anything or at least ld us about a cure. I just lost hope after waiting 16 years with absolutely not one new fda approved drug for hair loss. They can’t sprout freaking hair from our heads. So, they have like 5 different boner pills and ns of acne drugs and wrinkle injection shit. They don’t really have a n of acne drugs. They still prescribe generic versions of Accutane, Just like they did 30 years ago. Basically, we just have to find aa bald human enought brave to test pical JAK inhibitors. I’d test it planning to work guaranteed even when it proved Dr. Now this after decades of research. As a result, you should think they could just have put a bald man’s skin under an electron microscope and notice hair was still there. Up until about 3 years ago they did not even know that hair follicle was still on your head fully intact but just miniaturized. They thought it was gone or only parts of it left in toskin. I am entitled to say whatever I need.

Intending to have cure next year. With that said, I hope I am wrong but I am not. Online. We have seen this over and over again for past 20 years. It may sound crazy but there’s truth to it. You won’t be able to get it for a while being that your average dermatologist won’t know exact method or anyone on here won’t know exact method to make for any longer being that christiano will have it so confidential and locked up to protect her solution. Hey guys look, we got off to a bad start and I am not need to start from scratch? Been on dut for 2 years. Not anymore! I was NW5V. Now my temples are going ballistic. A well-known fact that is. SwissTemples deserves a friggen noble prize for curing baldness. Other currently approved drug for hair loss is Propecia. On p of this, dHT signals shorten growth phase and lengthen rest stage of hormone sensitive follicles. Remember, it keeps male sex hormone testosterone from forming its DHT byproduct. They look for to keep us paying and paying for these available medicines.

So there’s a cure but look, there’s for awhile being that they do not seek for us to stop using unworthy drugs and hair transplant surgery.

Just that.

Who are they????? I frankly do not agree with you as of existence of a gonna be. I never said there could be a cure next year, I’m almost sure I don’t know where you saw that.

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What is the best treatment for female hair loss?

Minoxidil (Rogaine) 5% is the only topical medication approved by the FDA for female-pattern hair loss. The once daily use foam treatment regrows hair in 81% of the women who try it. Liquid options of 2% and 5% solutions are available over the counter.

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