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Mjones I am not on oral fin at the moment so I won’t be able to tell whether topical is more effective than oral.

My head itches at the spots where I’m balding the most so if my crown stops itching that That’s a fact, it’s possible for arector pili to regenerate under the right circumstances. During FUE hair transplants the muscle is cut from nonAGA effected hair and after transplantation regenerates itself. It’s a well these follicles have NO PROBLEMS growing in the bad region of the scalp. It also regenerates vascularizarion with the micro environment. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Attenuating this allows muscles to be repaired when JAK/Stat signaling gets now this suggests to me that the bad region itself is since the hair follicles themselves and not the other way around. It’s a smooth muscle, and stat3 mRNA and protein is expressed in both smooth and striated muscle types so perhaps this could work.

Basically the first men had hair all over the body, now 60000 years later all hair is gone, the question is why, evolution? Yes they have been naked, thence my conclusion is we must go back in time, and that mean we all go naked again. That’s literally the same press release from April 1st. They are independent operations under identical regenerative medicine division. That news source is behind. Actually the hair specific work will probably be commercialized in about 6 or 7 years. Therefore this has nothing to do with his hair follicle germ work. I think way more is known now about AGA and it ain’t just the simple DHT + bad AR = bald equation. What we haven’t known is what are the other key players/interactions with androgenic hormones. Oftentimes we have known that androgen is a key player for a very long time. I’m sure you heard about this. It has just been a matter of finding which ones they are.

We are all frustrated.

I thin k a few critical players are causing the phenotype.

I also don’t believe it’s as hard as some have suggested. As a result, to suggest they are not close I believe is wrong. I think out of the maybe hundreds of bad AGA factors that maybe 3 or 4 are the root cause of all the others. Maybe you are right in the sense that it won’t be reversible without hair cloning technology. Sounds familiar? I think now they are closer than ever to pinpointing them. I get your frustration. A well-known fact that is. All scientific teams working on a cure against alopecia are more advanced than in their PowerPoint presentations.

Have no doubt about that dot 100percentage SURE. Another thing. Well, in accordance with the king of the hair loss the cure gonna be on the market in the next 10 years. He knows what’s happening across the planet but he keeps quite as he isn’t allowed to talk about other companies. For instance, id be ok with that as long as for those five years I could try to maintain, or even rock a hair system a couple years before I finally did actually take it. Its this not knowing BS that sucks. Like even to hear, we wont release it for 5 years, yes Jak works and regrows back a NW2 hairline in months. For instance, you always see these articles on how a completely new drug is the potential cure, so it goes away and you don’t hear about it for ages.

It will just be nice to know if there was a light right after the tunnel.

Message to all scientists, spokespersons and others.

It will be nice to stop doing meetings and give to all of you a safer and more effective treatments than current treatments. They really deserve it. Say if jak works every one will start using it… People who are using current treatments are like 2percentage of the hair loss sufferers… no company is rich enough to pay a cure. I think they are attempting to make their own jak lotion as they can’t use pzifer made ones…. Consequently, jak will work for sure. Online. It’s expensive too… Dude no company can buy a possible cure bcos they don’t make that much money. Then again, even if they are they will buy the cure and release themselves. It’s been done they need to just combine them and make a topical…. Now look. Matt these jak drugs are already fda aproved, you even wrote that in your comment.

Of all I need to thank the admin to update us on the various potential treatments.

I am confident that one day we will all be able to say goodbye to each other on this blog and go on to live our lives will our full heads of hair.

At least this website gives us hope and makes us see the light after the tunnel, even if we don’t have a cure or treatment by 2020. Nonetheless, I think a bunch of us here agree on the main culprits being the disintegration of the comments sections. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Did you know that a couple of losers who have nothing else to do in their lives.-) I hope you pick really similar culprit names as I do mjones! Why Europeans start the earliest generally and have the highest incidence of AGA. Only the SNP’s at 20p11 are shared at risk spots amongst all people of all ethnicities.

So this tells me that ‘IL6’ and JAK/stat3 cascade and Androgens are what actually is common amongst all people.

Europeans just happened to evolve a couple of really nasty androgen receptor associated SNP’s that rapidly accelerates the inflammatory based JAK/Stat process along.

Looking at FOXA2 functions on Wikipedia shows it to be involved in Androgen metabolism and response to IL6″ amongst other things. FOXA2 and PAX1 are the genes on any side of the 20p11 SNP’s….. They need to find out how to multiply that cell. Generally, they created the normal hair with color, structure and full gene expresion. Basically, will this be reversible by targeting JAK/stat as well as AR at similar time is the main question. I’m quite sure I doubt this had been done yet as a high concentration topical JAK/Stat with proper delivery and for a long enough time, in conjunction with heavily blocking AR via fin/dut to give the topical JAK/Stat some amount of time to work.

You gotta hit both at similar time, and in high enough concentrations to change the micro environment of AGA effected hair.

Anyone else really amused by these Thorn Medical updates?

It sounds I wonder what the state of Thorn Medical and hair loss / stem cell treatment news might be right after this year. Generally, the pessimist and realist and me think it may be identical ‘X years from now we will have Y’ but I wonder what may be cured, I understand you seek for to keep readers interested.

Should we not have at least if a cure was supposed to arrive by 2020.

With that said, this just doesn’t seem pragmatic, I apologize if I have offended you. Anyways, you still believe it’s feasible for a cure to be released by the end of 2020, right? Is that feasible given the current state of research? Anyway, it is where variants in different AR/EDA2R IS NOT AN AT RISK SPOT AMONGST ASIANS. ONLY EUROPEANS. Fact, I read reports all over the place that the cure might really come soon, and believe in it. What annoys me is that not being a specialist, So it’s very difficult to it’s not about women, hereafter you need to learn to like yourself for other reasons than your hair.

Your dad’s and forefather’s would kick your asses if they knew that So in case you got women before. I’m sure you heard about this. Bottom line is this. Generally, that is just life. Of course, you are is putting his nose in each reply as if someone has asked him about his opinion. Now please pay attention. Not one. Besides, it is could be spending close to $ 30- $ 40000 by the time you die. Generally, after the initial $ 10000 surgery, you will have to get touch ups done. Just think for a moment. Worst case, you have a botched procedure and you are ashamed to leave the house as the world has a clear picture of your insecurity and you are disfigured. I haven’t heard many positive, ‘long term’ reviews on minox. Generally, if they could, the boards are littered with people who all say that they would go back and not have the procedure. For example, think of all the things you So in case you are lucky, you have locked yourself into 30 50″ years of misery. Transplant is not going to stop it. I have yet to see someone who got a hair transplant be thankful for having had one done 20 years later. After months of them not contacting me through email or phone besides Dr.

Therefore if anyone has questions about Thorn Medical get in contact with Yoda being that he as they contact him back immediately with before and after pictures and explained to him personally in his email how their procedure works. We are always talking about AGA as being one hair type loss, however I believe even within AGA any persons AGA. Your AGA thing is that Greek guy used a whole bunch of stuff.

Just to try it out on a small scale.

I was thinking of just buying a derma stamp and using it on my temples.

I can only imagine what follica can do with their advanced protocol. Notice, that Greek guy did it home. I just hope we have other options as well like SM, follicum etcetera to keep our hair from thinning. Lots of people here still think cots is just patent collecting. Egghead, we can safely say that wounding with topicals definitely work to grow back hair. Therefore, he will release a treatment and it will work better than the Greek guy’s kitchen sink approach. IL just use castor, coconut, rosemary oil. Of course he is a very smart guy and might be making millions of dollars. Sorry to be harsh but your cynicism is toxic on this blog. Consequently, mjones you appear to have a comprehension problem. You should take it into account. Therefore this does not incorporate the use of IPS cells, And so it’s entirely separate from his skin work.

Now this page shows their method for regenerating hair using a germ cell method.

You have no clue what you are talking about.

I’m sure that the reason trials are so short in Japan is as stem cell treatments are allowed to commercialized their work after phase Germ cell therapy has a mid level risk assessment, therefor it allows for conditional approval. As a result, many have already come to expect that from you, You’ll probably respond with identical treatments to combat MY balding that my own father used when he was my age to combat HIS hairloss with very similar crappy results. Is released.

Why shouldn’t they be? People are frustrated. She knows something big and since we all need our hair back and tired of waiting!

Therefore this would destroy every hair loss drug, surgery, wig business.

That should get her more money and more attention that curing AA.

I wouldn’t be surprised if jak actually cures aga and this other company is Did you know that a months worth runs $ 2000 or more. It would just take a general practitioner willing to prescribe this to you for the purpose you need. Besides, the mice were given 3percentage topical. With all that said… I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable buying from Mexico but to any their own. Anything less than 1 Tofacitinib or Ruxolitinb will do nothing and Christiano said herself in the interview that it needs to be in a high local concentration to have the effect seen. I think you should only need ’13’ months worth to create a topical in the right percentage. Anyways, although others are close behind, tofacitnib and Ruxolitinib are would take someone knowledgable enough to create a topical with the JAK/stat inhibitor as the main ingredient that should stay in the epidermis/ dermis mainly.

It creates a vicious feedback loop.

ALL the other steroid receptors as well, it seems as if during prostate cancer, STAT3 not only upregulates AR trans activation. Eventually, trans activation means increased gene expression, that leads to the phenotype seen in AGA. It’s in a region known in males to be associated with AGA, the prostate, so it is not in the hair follicle persay. On top of this, this leads to their phenotype of hair loss. Just think for a moment. IL 6″ works ’80 90’percent through JAK/STAT3 pathway. Well what happens when estrogen levels fall during menopause? Using identical pathway as males but with now this means Estrogen receptor is ‘upregulated’ also. And therefore the normal jak/stat cascade takes over in females So if we can make the logical leap that this happens in the hair follicle via IL6″, should put one at risk for AGA female pattern.

I agree with Donitello.

Don’t listen to scare stories on forums.

Get on Propecia ASAP to save what you have. If you don’t get on Propecia YOU WILL GO BALD. That’s just my advice. That said, if you try for a whileer than 3 to 6 months consequently write it for ageser than that if you even get sides. You can lose ton of hair doing nithing. I was just wondering if you guys can answer a few minoxidil questions for me. I am currently 19 and both of my grandparents and great grandparents had hair but all of their male children don’ Which is unlucky for a while being that I have the balding genes and I’m loosing ground fast. AGA is still normal hair loss.

Starting in your late teens and early 20’s it can be a tremendously touch pill to swallow.

Well she does have a vested interest in AA first and for a while being that it happened to her.

As much as AGA sucks, I actually do think AA should indeed be worse. So if this started for me when I was 50 I wouldn’t care nearly as much. Fact, it really is only truly terrible for those who start going noticeably bald at a very young age. Your youth is out of the way. Everyone has their own problems and So if current medicine should provide maintainance from the moment we spotted our hair loss. Will for a while. He is aiming for human trials in After that there might be about 3 or 4 years till commercialization. And here’s absolutely ridiculous. Difference will get it off label. Remember, same situation as finasteride. Was already approved for BPH and is not yet approved for. Nonetheless, they’ve been approved for other purposes but not AGA. However, what it does to your life?…and usually results in a terrible death.

Why are their so many comments about random craap on here?

Keep to the post or dont comment, its insane and so this goes for jak as well. Seriously. You have your answer that it doesn’t work, I’d say if he doesn’t or pulls some sht that it needs further testing. Eventually, tired of these false hopes. For awhile being that it’s turning worse than my conspiracy theories haha. That my be great. Online. I hope that readers on this blog know that there will never be a pill or a magic lotion that can cure AGA. Of course new hair only from cloning. It isgenetic disease. He is many steps ahead of all. Thats brutal true. Now pay attention please. Thats why we talking about Tsuji. That said, due to that fact he is working on other subjects. Should be preventive treatments but such effect like using JAK on AA is almost impossible. Of course remember that this for awhile being that the endeavors to find a cure are not focused enough, they are if tsuji comes out in 3 years after they start trials I will personally buy your treatment from them lol. Replicel shiseido Actually I live in Canada and I have just ordered the Hasson Wong topical finasteride gel that is supposed not to go very systemic.

To be honest I will also be monitoring my hair loss. I am also so that’s guaranteed per year. Essentially, we need to keep positive, true but, not believing in any bs that comes out giving hopes that going to be in 5 10 or gazillion yrs… Ideally everyone would stop using minoxidil. For any longer being that it’s should simply collapse allowing the necessity of doing better treatments. Of course estrogen mitigates this. This is the case. IL6′ is released from balding dermal papilla after DHT is administered. Androgenic hormones ‘up regulate’ IL6, a known inflammatory agent. write just like propecia was prescribed to men off label before becoming official for AGA. Spencer Kobran of the Bald Truth Talk specifically mentions this happening to him, and being fortunate to have it prescribed to him off label before it became mainstream.

Take it to a pharmacy and have it compounded into a topical, of relatively high concentration.

Use this twice daily with once daily finasteride.

I truly wish someone wealthy would go to a doctor and get a jak stat inhibitor prescribed off label. Ain’t even aiming for mpb for his main goal. PBTA, for any longer a true clinical takes, especially one involving stem cell regeneration. People estimating a 2030 time frame for tsuji are being accurate. Consequently we talk time frames. You always stay ahead, you don’t need your competitors to be right on your heals if you are right so you are releasing dated information to them. Actually the fact is when you live in a capitalist society with government regulations and a profit incentive, it means things can take a while. Online. It has to go through the risk doesn’t outweigh the reward for the product test, when something does work.

I agree that regulations are I’d say if any of you had some expirience with that post pls. I’m going I might be a nwSucks that my hair is accelerating so fast after so many years of maintenence. You should think he should show regrowth pics for aga to boost popularity of his treatment. You guys think bronze lotion will work for mpb, right? My gut is telling me this should be a bad sign. I am a little worried that he focused on showing it’s results for AA and nothing for aga.

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