Hair Loss Cure: Hair Transplant Surgeons Can Anyone Read The Prp Study

Just to show you all that the pictures of let’s say Histogen are at this moment only one ones we got considering treatments that may be released in near future.

These things are all more complex than we know, let the experts do their thing.

Arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and ways to regrow functioning limbs, I’d say if it were so easy we would have cures for cancer. They may well do before bringing the human trials closer, say to 2018 or 2019, must be significant for us, tsuji and his teams have ironed out all the kinks. We don’t know if Dr. Cotseralis provided more communicational updates pertaining to his treatment. I’m sure it sounds familiar. At least the scammy companies like histogen and replicel provide my be applicable to.

Brotzu sounds amazing if it’d true.

Plus he said they wouldn’t need trials since it’s non cell chemical based or whatever the term was he used.

Let me ask you something. What if you been bald nw5 or 6 for 5 years? Guage is that. There is some more info about it here. Kind of suspicious with results on the basis of years not actual hair growth totals. Then, it will be different for everyone.

Everyone everywhere thinks Thorn is a scam for pretty tenuous reasons they have no scientific proof or pictures?


OK wheres follicums scientific proof and before and afters? a single logical conclusion I can think of to rebuttal that is IPSC cloning and SCNT cloning… I don’t believe they are doing anything with fat regardless of Khan’s connection to Kerastem guy or Okyanos as long as Bashir specifically used the words survival of 10 which is enough to yield 100percent cure I interpret that as right after the Bahamas is known for passing SCNT laws which is one place across the world to do that,. Just one year ago she posted a tweet saying smp is a cure for baldness lol.

Other random tweets about how personality traits relate to different body part lol. Her twitter feed sounds very immature. Will they redraw the same line in the future? Notice, will the person keep the ink on their head? Look, there’s videos in this thread that shows they ink heads in FUE transplant to mark the areas to be treated, for reference. Did you know that the serious players have all been around for years. Fact, we know that he was ashamed of losing his hair, not being able to hold on to the strands he got, after all. More than 20 centuries ago, the ruler of the Roman Empire who once said Veni, Vidi, Vici started wearing a laurel crown very often. As far as the development of the most appropriate formulation is concerned, professor Brotzu had been working on an innovative hair loss therapy, in collaboration with his research team at the University of Cagliari.

With all that said.

If follica waits for awhileer they are preparing to miss out.

Major companies in the HL game are putting out real timelines with real dates now. They continue in an article by saying, they firstly injected the substance but they now a decent vehicle for it to make kind of a serum which you can use in the apartments. Luckily I had an ideal head of hair until 2013 when everything went to sht and stopped working. This is where it starts getting intriguing. It sucks! Generally. I’m sure you heard about this. Smaller companies I’d never heard of are claiming to have found a cure already, out of the blue, while the big boys like Samumed and Replicel continue their research. Eventually, brotzu, Kelopecia, and now N2C, all three from Europe and none of them has convincing before and after pictures. It’s a well even Cleopatra advised him to try useless substances including hippo fat which been made by the Old Egyptians. It is it’s to be better than Rogaine and Propecia. Therefore, maybe she will have more pics. Of course, it still boggles my mind how they can’t find a solution to grow hair especially the billions of dollars it should generate.

Gail Naughton better release whatever the fk she has.

All companies might be attacking this to be billionaires and to use the benefits from hair loss treatment towards other diseases treatments.

We aren’t asking for millions of dolkars, free ride in lifetime or super models, we just look for our hair back to live life like a normal happy person. Eventually, fk I will take a treatment that will thicken the wispy dying hairs I have and stopping further loss, add a fue to fill in the rest and call it a day. If they take it back to the drawing board thats good and bad news.

Guys and ladies, I actually am keeping my fingers crossed that gail na ughton will release her product within the next six months.

Its getting bad turning nw4 fast.

When ever it gets warm out my hair loss accelerates 5xs and people even are tellimg ngryn me I look different. Of course my goose is cooked, I’d say if not. I’m sure that the vehicle / gel for the serum is made by Pietro Rando. Let me tell you something. Planning to Mexico and injecting my scalp with growth factors sounds super shady. Best of luck suing a Mexican doctor in getting a trial in Mexico City lol. Normally, if her treatment really worked as well as it claims she will have rushed this stuff to market ASAP not wait years and years of delays and nonsense. Besides, it all sounds weird. Tired of having nothing.

RU was big, seti, bim, CB, and yet still, we have nothing.

RU, saw palmetto, different kinds of oils, started eating way better, and all that stuff and nothing.

Theres always something just around the corner and its been like that since my father was a child. Can’t even live out my friggen for ages as all I can focus on is my rapidly declining looks. You see, yeah the issue is we hear something different any week. Where the hell did that go? A well-known fact that is. Say what you seek for about its not what you look like, its whats inside but its 2016 and theres two things that get you places in this world -looks and money. You should take this seriously. Supposedly it was should be the next big thing to replace fin. Its like each moth I hear of something new that could’ve been a cure and poof its gone. Nevertheless, oh right pretty much haven’t heard a damn thing about it positive since. Thorn was terribly misrepresented when I read the zero thought criticisms against them.

At similar time I’m very skeptical there a scam, they look totally legit to me where am I thinking wrong?

Who is preparing to perform the procedure?

Brindey, thanks for the picture. So this mean that NW 7 shall be NW 0 and on top of that will grow on a scar. Yes follica will make holes for the hair follicles to form. Have you heard about something like this before? i have access to journals since I am an university student but this one doesn’t seem to work. Basically, can anyone read the PRP study? History has shown that companies that come out with grandiose statements like that,especially for hair loss,tend to be a scam. Have you heard of something like that before? Thorn has cured. To me is a big deal, with intention to come out and say you have the cure.

LESS than 10 years for MPB creating new skin including hair for bad conditions like burns and that may take 10+ years to be available.

Iam thinning….but yestarday I was having yes eee ex with my gf and I my head was covered with sweat…I can see my scalp through.

What about my feelings…. To be honest I am sure hair loss wouldn’t even show up on their top 10 most urgent list, if you polled most researchers today. Men were silent about the psychological impact of aging. On top of this, some are short, some are fat, some have acne, or are scrawny… and some grow progressively balder. All people have genetic flaws. For many generations, it was considered unmanly and vain to care about it. Although, I will think that only really cared about hair loss and I just need to get over it, I’d say if not for this website. Researchers focused on ailments that were lethal or disfiguring. Actually the price is important but ultimately was not as important as the first two.

Am I the main one who feels that things have taken a turn for the worse lately?

It is getting very tiring.

Man I swear, with that said, this hair loss sh t is really an emotional roller coaster. Nonetheless, sM04554 holds in consonance with the Forbes article, the italian lotion’s release got delayed, the topical finasteride from H W supposedly had systemic consequences, no new info on the Kelopesia treatment, no new treatments coming out within the next year. Recently we’ve seen 10+ passage dermal papilla in vitro expression, Follica news, tsuji partnership, JAK being bought by a company whose head is also on the board of Follica, Follica looking to hire a vp for commercialization of product… hundreds of good stuff.

They don’t look for massive responses and copycats.

If anything i feel the opposite.

Follica especially. It’s just we have to let the regulations run their course. Welcome. Things move slow in this industry but no doubt they are moving towards at bare minimum vastly better treatments than we now have, I’d say in case not a full blown cure. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Why? They are very quiet throughout all of their clinical trials. Generally, they went away after about 6 being months off. Then, noticeable though. VERY small percentage of men have permanent aftereffects from this. Took fin for 5 years, stopped when i was 21 maybe at most at a NW My dad was completely bald by Both grandfathers started losing hair in early 30′ Now I am 27 and definitely a NW Have been battling myself mentally on whether i seek for to get back on finasteride or not for the next year or two to hold me over until something significantly better comes out 2017/I’m leaning towards getting back on it.

Know what guys, I read an interview with Dr.

Wouldn’t give a fully bald man a full head of hair, cotts dated In it he says that $ 2 million in funding would help to develop a treatment better than propecia and minox, if the Follica method is wounding + drug. Anyways, the excitement quite a few more questions. Considering the above said. Saying they have a cure, you have a company doing what was not any. Fact, until thence, i will hold out hope for the other legitimate studies. Anyways, dude i got it from rahal and after all second one I got it from india bcos here in Australia I didnt find a fue expert…. That is interesting. Darling buds Chandigarh. You don’t know their stumbling blocks behind their funding.

We shall just not use our brains and read the information they published.

Let’s slam the product before the presentation comes for a while because i certainly could tell 12 weeks apart how much hair i’ve lost and exactly where i’ve lost it without inking or reference points, we will judge photos 12 weeks apart and slam these fake results. At least not yet. Give Propecia at least 1 yr. Nizoral 1percent or 2 3x a week. You better don’t touch Rogaine! No smoking either. Consequently, propecia lost effectiveness for me around year I just started thinning again. Certainly, just so this and every night lean your head back over your bed for 5 mins to get some blood flow to the follicles. Actually, my hair at this point is below baseline. Propecia right at the first signs of thinning. My crown and top were thick. Actually, it is a good idea to ask me anything buddy. That was my regimen. You have a great chance to thicken up for awhile being that that’s where it works best.) Take Country life Maxi Hair for any longer have you been balding?

You should see a reduction of hair shedding around 2 month mark.

From year 1 to 7 I was maintaining a nw1 dot 5 and filled in some minor thinning in the front hair line. Is your current hair better than when you started, you said you’ve been on for 15 years? What can I expect from propecia, will it thicken the hairs up? Of course is your hair thick or has it thinned back to baseline level? Khan emailed me last week I’m waiting for prescreening with the med coordinator I’ll take before and afters of trial. Dr. Thorn is releasing this year. Bashir is the scientist not khan. Im done prevaricating now. It’s aversus the numbers of minoxidil. Notice, science hasn’t evolved to the spot when we can definitively reproduce and maintain organs for the body. I’m sure you heard about this. Then the truth of the matter is that it’s 2016 and we still know very little about the intricacies involved in producing a hair follicle.

The entire process takes numerous time and research to develop and refine.

You’re dealing with quantitative and qualitative properties like amount, thickness, color, angle, texture, and similar It’s not easy, with hair follicles.

Think about it, hair follicles are nothing less than numerous little organs. Man, Know what guys, I understand your frustration. Without success, now centuries later we are still putting hippo fat on our balding scalps. Certainly, they are one legit ones with a big venture capital behind them and a solid prestigious university. Basically, me will provide stem cell treatments for baldness. Also, they must be motivated by the huge wealth and acclaim that discovering a cure will bring them. I’m sure you heard about this. Surely they must seek for to have this sooner rather than later so they can enjoy their retirement in luxury?

Hi Manuel thanks.

Fin even if the topical product is absorbed systemically.

Its difficult to tell how accurate the Hasson/Italian company studies are and might be regarding efficacy. Nonetheless, yeah trust me it’s awful… I’m 18 with a receding hairline and it sucks. Being that I was known as being very good looking and now I don’t feel quite similar. Kept my nw1 dot 5 for 12 years man with Propecia. Please my friend do it to save what you have and possibly grow back what you lost. Just think for a moment. Worst case you get sides and you drop the drug and go back to normal. Eat healthy and not worry about sides, you may be fine, I’d say if you take 1mg of brand name Propecia and work out.

Best decision I ever made.

Don’t let the horror stories scare.

You are still young and excellent chance for regrowth. Could have been 2018 could’ve been 2026 or never. Although, we don’t know when a better treatment will come out. Therefore in case it works and I’m 99 percent sure it will for you, you will have at least 7 hair years on your head and not regret of not doing anything about it. Remember, sam, GET ON PROPECIA ASAP! Better to at least try it and see what happens. Follicum sounds very interesting but I feel it going to be like minox which I don’t mind if it were to be released for any longer being that I will take anything I can get lol. It’s like a giant circle of failures and empty promises to build brand awareness. All the other treatments are just half ass attempts.

Those are a single two that have real science behind it from top end research universities.

SM but it seems like their results aren’t good enough for the next stage HSC is shady as sht and no new progress just delays.

Replicel is being delaying and sisheido is doing identical, plus they still don’t know if their treatments actually work lol. CB and setiprant have vanished lol. Consequently, hey guys not sound like a Debbie downer but I believe all these treatments will fail except for follica and jak. Now look. Actually the website talks about the fact they perform PRP including among others the component phosphatidic. Of course, everywhere I applied it has thinned my hair out. Tempted to try dut but I don’t think it will really do anything except destroy my hairline. Then again, nothing else I can use now which sucks. Took a shower this morning and noticed increase in hair loss this morning and oily scalp which I hasn’t had in months. I know that the left is way better but Rogaine fked hair line.


Totally hate humid weather.

Gail better have something she can release for any longer being that 6 more months I’m intending to visibly balding. On top of that, that’s not an option. This is the case. It’s be 18 months on it and my right top side of my scalp from crown to hair line has thinning drastically. Allergan acquired Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Will Follica be able to do their wounding shizz on thinning scalps and diffuse thinners? Now pay attention please. If histogen is really manipulating their pics and lying about their data that is could be penalized and fined heavily. For example, in the after picture the crown looks like a photoshopped carpet, as the hair structure repeats itself from left to right.

First video on that page shows at 2MIN20SEC a before and after picture.

Running out of patience brotha.

Propecia for fun, Know what guys, I used to hold on to what I have till a better treatment comes out. Need new effective hair loss treatment ASAP. Been patient for 15 freaking years. That should mean it should most likely take around 3 years to get back to a Norwood 2 which I my be super happy to have. Progression had been slow so I wouldn’t expect a treatment to be much faster. Therefore if a company came out with a cure that should be compounded I must be happy with first and foremost stopping my hairloss with at most an once a year treatment. Make sure you leave a few comments about it. The second factor that I take into consideration is how much hair I grow back -this is no less important than the first point but is a little more complicated.

Norwood over about 6 years. I’d say if I could get growth back that would resemble 15 -25percent per year of what I lost from Norwood 1 I should consider it a good treatment. WELL today was my first day applying that rice bran supercritical CO2 extract that I order from aromantics in Scotland. Today I just got a small dab and mixed it in with coconut oil and massaged into scalp and left in for a few hours. It’s actually very thick in the bottle but melts when it touches your hand. Of course, over a lifetime I’d suspect someone investing about $ 20 -25k in their hair which will be VERY financially viable to most people in the states.

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