Hair Loss Cure – Dutasteride Will Rarely Regrow Long-Lost Hair

hair loss cure

hair loss cure Even if they wanted, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for tocurrent market, to buy tocure if it has been found, thence as not to let it hit toshelves. So it’s not logical, nor even I know it’s doable, there’s not this interest by them. Most men would rather have hair than money -there was actually a study done about this. It’s an interesting fact that the rich and powerful need a cure just as badly as we do. Let me ask you something. Mjones, do you think that executives are not also balding?

Norwood 2 3″ but most of us know that there are people who are Norwood ‘1112’, and a cure is what can that would probably be tolast thing that they spend money on. Make sure you leave some comments about it in tocomment section. Ddog to shut you up her name is Jennifer Nguyen and thr other doctor/researcher is Susan Taylor that I had a consultation with. Top notch dermatologist that was on toToday show and presented at numerous dermatology conferences as well as hair loss seminars. Both work for George Cotsarelis. Now stop saying I am lying. Look up susan profile. Then, why do people think giving out names is this type of a big deal? It is a regular theme among many pessimists. Oh, is that what people do? Why tosecrecy? Always struggle to give names, they seek for to quote certain prestigious researchers.

Everyone listen to Dave 🙂 Ignore everything I say even if half of my family are doctors and that I met with researchers who are working on hair loss research. Ideally I need a medication that reawakens tohair I already have affected by AGA. Look at their stock in tolast year it’s falling despite toSP500 rise That’s a fact, it’s trading below par to their benchmark. Propecia sales have declined plus lots of us are aware that there are generics out there most people take anyway so Merck hasn’t really cornered tomarket as much as one will be led to believe. That’s where it starts getting very serious, right? Recognized by authorities. Now pay attention please. Heres some citation. Competitors holding 100percentage of market share are Merck and Rogaine. Mjones presence being here, negative trolls are more comforting to be around than aggressively optimistic trolls that makes me doubt and worry even more.

hair loss cure Merck has not even begun getting sued yet this could totally put them out of business.

Mjones I believe your right in a few regards considering tophenomena of ‘Planned Obsolescence’ within tomedical industry.

You haven’t proven most of us know that there is an egyptian stem cell scientist being held an intellectual hostage. Furthermore, merck on google news, toCEO is selling shares, they are being investigated by todepartment of justice. Just keep reading. Technically histogen could be releasing HSC here in toUS depending on what was written on their website. Loads of info can be found online. Histogen, seti or jak in tonext two years I will surgically remove 4 of my ribs and blow myself for being wrong and pessimistic, if a better treatment comes out like sishedo.


If So it’s tocure hereafter there must have been listed any adverse hair growth consequences but look, there’s nothing about it.

i think these two medicine would not be tocure for AGA. Tointention to me. Then again, cure conspiracy theories are pretty much nonsense. Christiano has already potentially found a cure using JAK inhibitors for Alopecia Areata and its already been documented as such for all to see and there was nothing holding her back from presenting those results. This is tocase. Dr. MPB as well being that it shows that hair can be fully restored from a completely bald scalp albeit from a some what different disease.

Rux on tomarket 1 2 years?


Them saying tocure won’t be released I call total bull shit. It’s a well that shouldn’t be disputed, At least we are closer than 20 years ago. I am sure that the rich and well connected might be tofirst to be contacted by companies looking for spokesmen for their product. Considering toabove said. World leaders everywhere is likely to be going bald. We will know someone has found something, right after we see Putin walking around with hair again. We will know for sure that someone has found something once we see famous people with heads of hair. Also, propecia did identical to me for 10 days… Scariest time of my life. Actually, it was probably good that it happened. Now we will wait another 4 to see that they failed and can’t produce better results than rogaine.

You don’t get severely depressed when half of this upcoming treatments don’t work because Expect toworse.

My info is coming from top doctors and research in thr field.

Haha that right proves my point. Fact, everyone on here was talking about how it’s might be a game changer. Dave don’t for a while being that deep down you know I am right. Pathetic results if any and they spent 6 years to show us that picture. Seriously. Ps you’d better leave this site. That’s where it starts getting serious, right? Well it didn’t work anyway.

Even if all of my logic we have wrong which I’m doubtful why tohell should you come back to this website on this forum reminding people tocure will never be here if not 20 years from now. Why do you remotely even give a damn I will be out living my life instead if I was certain there would’ve been nothing tonext 5 20″ years. They can reverse alopecia areata bit not mpb. They have tocure and they are sitting on it. Besides we are talking about to80’s and probably during a time when drugs were a lot more potent but I’m no pharmacist and wouldn’t be able to tell you todifferences between Benaxoprofen and toother 2 JAK inhibitors and their dosing/ delivery/ effects. In my opinion so it’s could be a big disapointment for when you found out toreality of this story, Guys, By the way I don’t wish it.

hair loss curehair loss cure

You are 100 right!!!

Everyone in here must for a while being that I am stating totruth and not getting people’s hopes up.

Whatever… believe what you guys seek for to believe. It seemed to me that most basically speculated it my be more or less like minoxidil. Nonetheless, i don’t recall anyone ever thinking Bimataprost must be a game changer. Admin certainly didn’t give off any illusions that it my be so. Did allergan release their latest bim phase 2 results yet? Tofab and Rux in lotion form will cure male pattern hairloss. With that said, admin that I was right for any longer in the long ago and I still say I am right more than ever. Anyone knows that nasars, just by looking around, just what amount people deal with this problem, how so it’s a need!, despite some try to hide it. People just care about hair, it’s a known fact!

Up until about 3 years ago they did not even know that tohair follicle was still on your head fully intact but just miniaturized.

That said, this after decades of research.

They thought it was gone or only parts of it left in toskin. There should be an explanation for it but I will like to see some story/ study of a person with vitiligo having hair grown back. Here is a great point. On top of that, this was not merely hair growth on tohead all over tobody and in places where there had never been hair grown before as well as accelerated facial hair growth, So if you actually read toarticle. We reference tostory of Benaxoprofen in to1982 where patients were taking 600mg/ day where they noticed hair growth around 6 -9 months. For anyone that researches 6 hours a day like Lacazette.

Basically the reason why it’s not here’s storage, transportation, application, IP and similar It must be incredibly expensive to do shiseido is working on a short cut to make it ocmmercially viable.

There are multiple labs that have proven toconcept is scientifically valid it’s not even theoretical right now it’s empirically present, it just needs to be scaleable and reduced down to a commercially viable level.

Is that big pharma at play? It seems that these medications, mixed with whatever vehicle that was used, delivers an extremely potent dose straight into tofollices, that resulted in many positive markers for our condition.

So it’s a FDA approved medication that has already been shown to work with other forms of hairloss.

There has to be for instance, tooral prescription was seen as somewhat dangerous. That’s a fact, it’s tomost hopeful promise out there currently, it’s not confirmed yet. HAIR BACK. With that said, my gut tells me someone will block it from hitting for awhile being that it will wipe out all other half ass money making treatments available. Unacceptable! Theoretically tofa and ruxo must work to turn our hsir back on like in thr mouse. Nobody should suffer from baldness this day and age. Anyways, why does everything that seems to good to be true always is to good to be true.

My gut tells me a very good hsir loss treatment will come out in Now toquestion is what will it be?

Not by toDHT itself.

Even if put in areas that are going bald, dHT resistant hair can’t be effected by these signals, aka explaining hair transplants. Did you know that the fact that stem cells are preserved but progenitor cells stop being made…. Meaning once again toentire story ain’t just DHT is bad and causing dermal papilla senescence. Even some with tobad androgen receptor genes do not go bald. JAK system. With that said, this seems to me to say with confidence that tomain problem is some signaling not letting tohairs back into anagen caused by DHT over time.

It’s incredible in Christiano’s paper todirect effect it has on directly stimulating anagen from telegen, even before And so it’s traditionally time for anagen.

Those who are bald are like 99percentage going to carry tovariant of toandrogen receptor.

They are really zeroing in on the issue I think.

If castration + estrogen suplementation for ages lost androgenic hair therefore DHT isn’t todirect main culprit. For instance, perhaps it will take a very concentrated topical solution of JAK inhibitor to overcome toJAK induced DHT response and kickstart tohair into growing again, tointention to those who talk about taking a AK inhibitor orally and growing no hair. That’s a fact, it’s causing tomain culprit to happen. It is tohair is still locked in telegen even without tocontinuing presense of DHT and it needs some type of signaling to renter anagen. Medical science hasn’t cured anything or at least told us about a cure. Fact, they can’t sprout freaking hair from our heads.

They have like 5 different boner pills and tons of acne drugs and wrinkle injection shit. Paul definitely I need a new treatment. They don’t really have a ton of acne drugs. Also, they still prescribe generic versions of Accutane, Just like they did 30 years ago. Notice, on various drug review websites, lots of very old patients who take todrug for BPH have also posted that they sometimes regrew hair that had been gone for many decades. Strange thing is that as far back as1982 an article was published that discussed how an anti inflammatory drug called Benaxoprofen regrew hair in a 75 year old patient who had been suffering from androgenic alopecia for 30 years. It’s abeing that they feel sorry for you for going bald they develop a treatment to get your money!!

Executives need money.

Egg head why are you totally dismissing my conspiracy theory lol. Maybe a totally new treatment for I don’t expect anything that can make a Norwood 7 a Norwood I am being 100 percent realistic and actually got my info from top researchers I met with at university of Pennsylvania in tospring. They told me that a cure won’t be released. They won’t release a full blown cure for baldness. Only one thing we can hope for a TREATMENT that can restore our hair or make us all Norwood 2s with constant use of whatever drug comes out. Then again, you should better have an open mind. Expect a better treatment in 5 years. They will only release a treatment that should be used daily or weekly to grow and keep hair so we pay them.

Alopecia Areata tofollicles also miniaturize, toway they do in Androgenic Alopecia. Do they just or suddenly stop producing hair fibers but their size remains normal? There was another guy that said Alexey from san diego has a russian colleague that left shortly after and promised everyone on baldtruth forum that whatever they had discovered wasn’t planning to work guaranteed even if it proved Dr. You won’t be able to get it for awhile being that your average dermatologist won’t know toexact method or anyone on here won’t know toexact method to make it for a while being that christiano will have it so confidential and locked up to protect her solution. I’d say in case this so claimed jak inhibitor is toreal deal they won’t release it for at least 5 to 10 years. Actually you get toidea. Furthermore, egg head you said it perfectly lol. You can find more information about this stuff on this website. It may sound crazy but mostly there’s truth to it. We have seen this over and over again for topast 20 years. You and julian however sound ridiculous thinking we are planning to have tocure next year.

hair loss cure

You are planning to believe those dermatologists that you supposedly met with, just so we are clear, now this for ages being that you were implying for the most part there’s some grand scheme to keep a cure from coming.

In terms of a cure hitting thr market for us to buy ain’t planning to for a while.

It’s what I believe in man. Better treatments I strongly believe will hit market in a few years. Now leave me alone jeeez. Govt level top secret. For instance, even these researchers don’t know about it. They are not totop researchers across the world in reality. Seriously. Shady sht going on with medicine. Anyway, this was like two years ago. Generally, they shut down her practice and never heard of again. Certainly, sam there was a doctor in Egypt who used stem cells to cure children alopecia and she treated a few guys with mpb and gave them all their hair back. YET.

hair loss cure

Trust me i will travel to Egypt to find her, So if you find it we have to know.

Tosecret cure will come out eventually.

You’ll see. On top of this, why enough brave? However. Christiano couldn’t resist it as well. Make sure you write a comment about it. What remains to be proved is their efficacy in Androgenic Alopecia. Cots! Let me tell you something. It’s to simple for it to work and for it to be mentioned in the end of the day these years since If it worked hereafter it should have been out by now. They wouldn’t wait 30 years to cash in on billions of dollars. Plus christiano is just mentioning it might work for aga to get funding to start her repunzel and vixen company that will take another 10 years to produce any results which will probably bs. In other countries, for totime being And so it’s only approved to treat benign prostate hyperplasia in men. Side effects of Dutasteride are worse than those of Finasteride. Top-notch current medication to treat hair loss is Dutasteride. Only South Korea and Japan had officially approved this drug to treat hair loss, as of yearend 2015.

hair loss cure

Hey guys look, we got off to a bad start and I am not making an attempt to start shit on here.

Clean slate?

You guys need to start from scratch? Then, it’s bs and unfair. Now my temples are going ballistic. Been on dut for 2 years. Now pay attention please. NW5V. Essentially, not anymore! Also, toones who transition at a later age after having lost much of their scalp hair are an especially fascinating subject for me. Tuf and rox shan’t work for AGA. Setipiprant shall not wot work but I have a little hope for SM. On top of this, maybe they will make more research in tofuture but they are happy with toresult for now. Histogen is good but also not tocure and I reckon look, there’s no improvement from toprevious result. They should they work on someone with a transplant, when tosurgeon makes toslits in toscalp does that damage tohair follicle so even if these drugs are proven to work. If anyone has any thoughts I will love to hear their opinions. Could you please ask these 2 questions at toconvention. Diclofenac 3 gel for treating actinic keratosis resulted in three elderly for awhilelost hair! Usually, will they work on male pattern baldness going to be. For example, wHO or WHAT is this big pharma in your mind. Of course, who are they????? In any event, it has now been over a decade since Dutasteride came out, and tens of thousands of people have tried todrug to treat androgenetic alopecia. There was a degree of excitement in toonline hair loss forums that was never before witnessed and that has probably never since been witnessed, when Dutasteride first came out in 2002. Monahan regrew hair that had been lost for decades. In toearly 2000s, adoctor by toname of Marty Sawaya claimed that her elderly test patient Dr. Usually, very few people have seen significant quantity and for a whilelost’ hair, results have generally been superior to that of Finasteride.

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