Hair Loss Cure: Dr George Cotsarelis And His Own Hair Loss

hair loss cure If anyone lives near where Dr.

This is intending to work.

Because I believe in skin disruption -I did grow more hairs near by temple by just plucking them. And now here’s the question. Why? Further -I don’t believe they are relying on just Minox -that would’ve been a waste of upfront research dollars and the community would sniff it out quick.

hair loss cure Follica many time on this blog before in spite of the fact that until recently I was veryskeptical about the company.

Company has never specified what compound And so it’s using, and I highly doubt Undoubtedly it’s just Minoxidil.

Since skin damage allows for greater penetration of Minoxidil, people on hair loss forums have over the years postulated that the company’s technology is basically just glorified Minoxidil. Follica has to my knowledge never stated that minoxidil is a part of this treatment. Then, from where are you ppl getting info bout Minoxidil being a part of this treatment? I believe Follica is keen to the fact that minoxidil ain’t providing the results people are looking for. Therefore this, in conjunction with the calendar below lead me to think that the device, whatever it should be, has at least a rudimentary CPU, a sensor that tracks serum dispensed and a means of wirelessly communicating with your phone. It wouldn’t be like transplanted hair from the back of your head that isnt sensitive to DHT but rather it may be as if you stepped back in time to a full head of hair which overtime shall be like the one you have today if you don’t keep up with occasional applications.

Here is probably the explanation to the daily applications to begin with, it seems like it should take some amount of time to grow completely new hair, at least for a couple of months. By the way I assume these ‘reapplications’ will be far less frequent will still be required as they are growing fresh from the ‘DHT sensitive’ region of the scalp, when the hair grows back fully. In my opinion I remember a prior post or commenter remarking how Cotsarelis mentioned they needed a great deal more money to develop a cure and on top of that a true cure was still years away. Am I ‘mis remembering’? I’m sure you heard about this. Photo on their site shows a screengrab with a calendar saying something like, It looks like it does track progress though. Has it always been like that?

Japanese companies and suchlike but say 5 years ago were there as many variations of possible treatments being reported?

Like many others I started followed your blog quite recently as my loss is short and slow.

My question is, it’s seems like nearly any week or so So there’s a brand new promising report on a logical treatment from a reputable company that results in excitement and educated theories. He did actually grow new hairs pretty well. Generally, i believe what he did was that he been able to create new hairs not old hairs regrowing. For instance, its been shown that has can be grown in slick bald areas, look up swisstemples and his progress with just his ghetto home protocols. NO! Certainly, swisstemples have shown 0 progress in his photos. Now please pay attention. It’s very cool that, all of the years later, identical group looks to be prepping for a product release with a fancy new website. UPenn’s campus and always thought it sounded promising.

Does anyone know gonna be an ongoing treatment like minox, and furthermore, youre now bound to an app which will monitor your usage and reorder product?

hair loss cure

May be less sceptical when I see results, not holding my breath though. Few things I dont like about it…firstly, the scalp treatment mist be administered by a dr….that’s gonna cost a fair bit, if it doesn’t work or leads to permanent damage, who is liable??. They do discuss reordering of the compound, that makes me wonder if this may be a lifelong commitment just like with Minoxidil, no information is provided about the costs.

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