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The first things the audiologist will do is perform a visual inspection of your ear canal. They are highly trained in detecting audio loss in children and adults and they have developed useful and comprehensive diagnostic ols to separate and identify not only audio loss but also the systems of the ear that are causing that loss. Therefore this device is used to not only used to perform the various tests but to also assist in evaluation of the results. And therefore the testing that might be employed by the audiologist almost always involves the use of a special device called an audiometer. Autism is a neurological condition characterized by impairments in social, communicative and behavioral development.

Like ADHD, So it’s three times as common, in boys.

The degree of severity varies and the significant problem of autism is international in scope.

It is described as a public health concern. We are talking about two the most common of the disorders known as pervasive developmental disorders, or as autism spectrum disorders. Leo Kanner of the Johns Hopkins Hospital studied a number of 11 children and introduced the label early infantile autism.

So a German scientist, about really similar time, labeled a milder type of the disorder which became known as Asperger syndrome. In 1943 Dr. By the way, a 5th is labeled as PDDNOS, so here is pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified, a disorder that does not meet the specific criteria for the other commonly diagnosed disorders. Actually the five PDD disorders are autism, Asperger syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Anyway, at times it should take discernment on the part of parents and treatment teams, psychologists and professionals in determining whether a child has ADHD, autism, or some other disorder.

Experiences Recently the girlfriend of actor Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, released the book Louder Than Words. While about Carey’s attentiveness to him and the role that she felt that had in his partial recovery, a Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism. Evan, and his progress in coming out of autism. There are and similar joyful expressions by six months. No communicative sharing with parents, smiles or reactions by 9 months. No gestures wards parents by 12 months. For example, no babbling by 12 months or words by 16 months. No meaningful phrases with own volition by 24 moths. It’s a well loss of speech or social skills at any age. For example, some additional symptoms of autism are a child or ddler becoming silent, withdrawn, selfabusive or indifferent to social overtures.

Besides, a child identical problems of their developing bodies and sexuality that other children deal with.

Some children also become increasingly aware that they are different than other children and this can lead to depression.

Mercury and Vaccinations There is much research being done as to the causes of autism disorders but as of now, there’re not definite answers.

For the most part there’s controversy over the effects of childhood vaccines, the presence of a mercuryrich preservative, called thimerosal, that some parents feel is responsible for autism. Is used in some flu shots, Today, the preservative is no longer found in routine childhood vaccines. Therefore, although so it’s the case, scientific studies have not found a causal relationship between childhood vaccines and autism. On p of this, it has become an emotional issue in the field of autism. Special education and positive involvement by parents, some lifestyle changes, and lots of therapies, are aobut the most definite answers for parents who have children with autism, while much research had been done at the present time. Therefore the stimulation of television and television cartoons basics on this site can be of a lot more easily than children without a disorder.

a lot of children with autism are highly visual. Video games, in a way, mirror the thinking that is characteristic of autism, repititive, sudden stops and starts, for some children. Known like with other children, children actually easily become obsessed and addicted to video games. Show how the autistic mind can become, obsessed with video games. Remember, the autistic child needs like a vacume cleaner. By the way, the electronic world has a tendency for even children without a disorder to crawl into their shell,, now this can be especially true of autistic children.

On p of cartoon violence, tV and movies are filled with such sounds.

Autistic chidlren also can overeact to loud or sudden noises, it being unbearable for them.

So this can contribute to sensory overload and make it more difficult for a child with among the autism spectrum disorders to make progress. Fact, bugs Bunny, with fastpaced, or underlying violence. Basically, since Sesame Street introduced the first children’s programming, now this has been especially so in the past 28 years. So it is true of children’s cartoons today, loads of which are also overtly violent or have underlying violence. You should take this seriously. Saturday cartoon characters are said to be violent in one 1994 survey.

It was designed to be attention grabbing through rapidly changing sound bite visual type effects. While programming not necessarily designed for children, s program in the past few years has become excessively violent as well as what children are being exposed to through parents and older siblings. One child with a kind of autism was especially attracted to Monsters Inc, and while such children’s movies can keep children busy for few minutes or two, it might also contribute to confusion in the mind of a child with autism, who that some teachers involved in special education of children with special needs feel is of value in helping autistic children to open up and learn to focus. One such teacher related the story of an autistic boy he taught who he felt benefited from art therapy and who went on to hold a full scale job when he grew up. Some special education classes feature only gentle classical music, that seems to give the children more happiness. Nevertheless, rather than highly stimulating music which might also be more than the mind can handle for a child with autism, additionally, gentle music in the house or car is of value. So a neurologist or developmental specialist just like a child psychologist must diagnosis autism in children.

Spirituality is also an area of consideration with autism.

Attention to spiritual needs of both parents and children is of importance, as is mental and spiritual hygiene.

While helping some autistic children as well, now this can with that said, this also can be of value and calming for the mind, So if it is possible for an autistic child to be taken for regular walks in the park. References. Talk About Curing Autism is an one stop portal for autism related problems. However, behavior and teaching methods. Essentially, talk About Curing Autism. Fact, autism Spectrum Disorders Pervasive Developmental Disorders Department of Health and Human Services Naqtional Institute of Health. NIMH. John Samuels is a writer and author on the subject of children’s mental health, a resident of Newark, NJ and works in education in Newark. He runs the NJ nonprofit, Association for Natural Psychology, and its mental health website. Please see non pharmaceutical self help. Whenever eating disorders, schizophrenia, OCD, borderline personality disorder, autism, the psychological effects of abortion, positive parenting, child psychology, and many other topics, articles and resources are presented on ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder.

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