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Accordingly the Canadian Girl Guides are suspending all their trips to the US. While citing competition from Uber as a contributing factor in the 40 year old company’s demise, albuquerque Cab Company closed on Monday. Santa Fe Spirits’ Colkegan is something special to emerge out of New Mexico’s small craftdistilling industry and like Marble and La Cumbre once did for local craft breweries, Santa Fe Spirits has set a high bar for the half dozen fellow and future craft distilleries in the state. Produced by Santa Fe Spirits, a small distillery that also makes gin, vodka and brandy, Colkegan ‘SingleMalt’ Whiskey made just about any p five American list single malt whiskeys last year. Besides, the president is calling for another show of support this Saturday, if you missed yesterday’s massive rallies in support of Trump. So it is known as doubling down. Russians are reportedly rounding up gays and condemning them to time in gulags.

Prosecutors will assert sleep deprivation played a role in APD officer Dear’s shooting of Mary Hawkes. Hey, have a look at these supernifty shirts and stuff from the ’70s. Legal recreational cannabis use is closer than ever to becoming reality in New Mexico, while unlikely to happen soon. Man ingests pregnant spider, spider gives birth, baby spiders begin crawling out of man’s mouth. Really, tho, only one thing man ingested was some powerful LSD. Gas stations around the Duke City are tampered with. Therefore, aPD recommends using cash to pay for gas if possible. Have you heard of something like this before? a spectacular meteor zoomed across a pile of states and part of Canada Monday morning.

Milo Yiannopoulus left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth after he and his crew visited a local restaurant.

I should point out one of the things all singlemalts have similar.

Like ‘single malt’ scotch, american singlemalt whiskey is an increasingly popular new category of whiskey that, is produced from one grain batch, fermented and distilled, aged and bottled. Most American whiskey is blended whiskey, produced by combining multiple casks of whiskey from multiple distillation processes. American singlemalts tend to be less complex in flavor than their Scottish brethren and far smoother and more delicate than traditional American whiskeys. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Scotch is from Scotland, Bourbon is from Kentucky, Tennessee Whiskey is … well, you get the point. By the way, the drummer in The Fall was severely beaten at a train station. Vice has a very detailed running list of President Trump’s executive orders and proposed law.

Latest President Trump revelation. President Barack Obama and his people are responsible for White House leaks. You might develop a mental problem tho but that’s different. However, finally we may rest assured that huge amounts of LSD shall not fry your brain and turn it into swiss cheese on a stale Trisket. Woman does cartwheels instead of sobriety test. Rah rah terrorism, we could’ve reported on the briefcase nuke that destroyed UNM’s Valencia campus. Let’s say, like Weekly Alibi. President Trump wants you to know that loads of us are aware that there are thousands of terrorist attacks killing innocent midwest farmers and average Euro Svens news of which is now suppressed by evil media companies. So this google generated dream filtered supermarket trip is a fair representation of what the world looked like when I was given intravenous ketamine for ten days last year. There is some more information about it on this website. Vandals struck the wall where Shia LaBouef’s increasingly famous art installation is located, near 7th and Central in downtown ABQ. Needless to say, there was a bizarre decapitation and shooting in Ruidoso.

There was a fire in the Bosque around Montano bridge yesterday. We have to all of us adults enjoy Alistair Crowley’s completely obscene 666 word poem about his girlfriend, who, in a tamer moment, he once compared to a hoover vacuum. While leaving states with legal medical and recreational cannabis with a feeling of uncertainty and provoking outrage throughout the marijuana industry, the Trump administration plans to begin enforcing federal marijuana laws. On p of this, uber riders take note that riding in a yellowish cab is safer than riding in a blueish. Trump administration claims the Donald’s tweet about millions of illegal aliens voting illegally in the recent election is depending on evidence. Notice, uNESCO says Digital Rights Management is antithetical to freedom of expression. Consequently, only one thing funnier than the tiny Trump meme is the tiny Trump video meme. Now please pay attention. I was afforded two different bottles of Colkegan to taste.

One was from Kokoman Fine Wine and Liquors in Pojaque, NM, the other came from Jubilation Wine and Spirits in Albuquerque.

Both establishments had elected to sample and taste from the various barrels single batches of Colkegan whiskey is aged in, thence select a particular barrel and decide by tasting when its contents were sufficiently mature for bottling under their own imprimatur, Kokomon #87 and Jubilation #Bottles of Colkegan on the shelves of most stores are intending to consist of a single batch of whiskey blended back gether after being aged in about 15 barrels, dozens of which are always used charred American oak casks and a smaller number of which are always new charred American oak casks.

Just to summarize, any bottle of Colkegan contains whiskey created out of a single batch of malted and smoked barley which is thence aged in used and new barrels, the contents of which are reunited for bottling after three to four years. Adam Vincent of Santa Fe Spirits more or less backed up this assumption, though we didn’t dive into the distillery’s barrel notes and bottle histories which I imagine in bound form and occupying great heights of handmade bookcases. Smokier flavor Bourbon is aged in new barrels than used barrels, it’s fair to say the smoothassilk whiskey in every bottle came from used barrels and is representative of the Colkegan any consumer might purchase, because new barrels impart a heavier. Although, longmire is beginning it’s final season of filming in New Mexico.

Local prostitutes just received the latest issue of the Bad Guy List, an independent publication that details dangerous john sightings and tips on safe sex work. Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf is working on a gigantic new installation, The House of Eternal Return. Fat lady who fell in comical fashion while riding a scooter and shopping for gallons of soda pop in a Walmart is speaking out about how everyone is laughing at her and it is not funny. Oftentimes a New Mexico themed tshirt made by Crew contains so many are selling out of the unintentionally funny/stupid rso sheath.

It’s an interesting fact that the annual pilgrimage to Chimayo is coming right up. Estimates are the US will lose more than 10 billion in urism dollars in the course of the next four years. Watch an old brick row house collapse almost on its own. Police are investigating some homophobic graffiti left on the Albuquerque Social Club wall. And so it’s the fortieth anniversary of the Jonestown massacre. However, we have some slight details regarding Trump’s proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act. It’s a well four Americans died in a dramatic plane crash in Melbourne. Although, whenever providing restitution and community service, a local motorist who seriously injured two bicyclists is sentenced to probation. Milo Yiannopolus has resigned from and is threatening to form his own media company which will soon be one company that will publish anything he says.

Immigration and Customs is asking for a list of undocumented New Mexico corrections inmates.

At 7000 feet above sea level, whiskey mellows more quickly and develops its distinct flavors in alternative manner than it will otherwise.

As pointed out by Santa Fe Spirits, Colkegan will never be aged more than five years, Scotch is generally aged at least ten years. Low humidity means the barrels don’t swell as much, that exposes the whiskey to more air over a shorter period. Barrels are subject to identical kinds of seasons New Mexicans know so well and the region’s extreme cold and warmth contribute to the whiskey’s maturation. That said, ireland, for that matter. Interestingly, the angel’s share, the whiskey that evaporates over time in the course of the aging process, is so great as to limit the maximum age of the Colkegan. Angel’s share of Colkegan can be as high as half the contents of a single barrel, after 4 years. Just keep reading! The coolest thing I may ever say about a whiskey is that Northern New Mexico’s weather and altitude make for an uniquely aged singlemalt that can’t be replicated in Kentucky or Scotland.

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