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hair lossHey JD I’m 1/2 months into my massage therapy and I must say I like it.

My question is all about hair loss in the course of the 3monfh period. It me only be a little hair but it’s still something. Then, I was eating less redish meat as new research suggests it may trigger an inflammatory response, rob recommends light red meat as part of the paleo diet in his eBook. Anyway, one outstanding question in my mind is redish meat. Generally, how much did you see?

Another reason I’m reluctant to post a video re. Just check the ingredients and be certain you’re using something free of parabens and pthalates.a certain amount Rob’s clients have regrown even more hair than I have. When I do shampoo I use something called Desert Essence Organics which is free I have been using. Look, there’re most of good brands out there.

hair lossIf you do not see the progress from what I’ve posted I’m not sure what to tell you.

That said I will post additional pictures in a few months if I continue to grow back significantly more hair. Those are the three big ones, there’re some other recommendations as well. Rob covers any one in extensive detail.

hair loss

Most people seek for quick fixes, I won’t take the majority of the meds that go with hair loss, I actually have seen the consequences they are scary. It’s not like numb. Drink whole milk Grassfed butter, and mainly organic everything to keep inflammation low. Well it seems Surely it’s working for you, aNY progress within just a few weeks is amazing.

Now, a few times I picked at my scalp crud consequently I wouldn’t worry about it. Or reexamine any supplement changes, if the headaches continue maybe be more gentle with the massage. So this would be a special concern for men who are starting from completely bald. Needless to say, keep it up and please report back in a few months.

hair loss

Is it legit, this is the case right? Using specific massage techniques I was actually able to arrest my hair loss and regrow nearly all my hair in just under a year. Still, it’s a very small sample size. For instance, the cool thing about all of so it’s that it’s actually possible to reverse scalp fibrosis and release excess sebum trapped in the scalp skin, thereby increasing blood flow and allowing your scalp to flush out any trapped DHT. I’m sure you heard about this. All I can tell you is that Rob and I, and similar people Rob has shared the technique with, have replicated the original Hong Kong experiment.

Rob offered to send me his eBook and instructional video for free.

Over the next couple of years I halted my hair loss and even regained a bit. At the time I was starting to experience some adultonset asthma, and I wanted to eliminate any possible chemical that I’m pretty sure I asked them to mix up a formula including minoxidil but without any propylene glycol, at the time I was living quite near a compounding chemistry lab. Eventually, this made me even more suspicious look, there’re hundreds of scam artists out there peddling snake oil hair regrowth products to vulnerable, hopeful men hoping to get their hair back. Still, the custom formula was expensive, the progress slow, and as I learned more about the potential consequences of minoxidil I became concerned enough to stop using it. Resulting formulation didn’t irritate my scalp, and slowly I started to notice a few new hairs. For me, the main effect of Rogaine was making my scalp dark red and itchy.

My scalp started to feel looser after a couple weeks. Yes, daily hair loss is normal even if you aren’t losing your hair actually, and the massage may accelerate shedding for a few weeks. Your scalp feels a tiny bit sensitive afterwards, Make sure you’re massaging vigorously enough. Make sure you drop some comments about it below. My scalp, where visible, is a little pink for 1015 minutes after the massage, and hereupon fades to normal skin tone. Keep at it!

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I’m quite sure I don’t need to undercut Rob’s work, and it’s expensive and time consuming to create a my be great to offer something for free. Rob and will be more convincing to skeptics if we were offering a paid product.

Around November I really started to notice changes in both my hairline and the thickness of my hair. It worked for Rob, it worked for me, it worked for a lot of of Rob’s other readers, and apparently it worked for at least 100 people in Hong Kong. For now there was no disputing that the technique was resulting in new hair growth. Rob is on the level, and while he wouldn’t mind making some money from his eBook, the information and techniques in the book are legit, as far as I can tell. Kia noticed the changes some particular hair regrowth scam. Then again, aCV, and it REALLY stings! ACV throughout the day, mostly on temples and the top. With all that said…i don’t look for to accept any money or get involved in any kind of hair regrowth business.

The book and video gave detailed instructions on how to perform the massage technique, and later Rob followed up with some additional tips and pointers on the basis of what was working for his other readers/early adopters.

Know what, I quickly gained finger strength, at first my fingers and hands got tired after only a few minutes. Whenever breaking up calcification, expelling trapped sebum, increasing blood flow and stimulating growth of new capillaries, clearing trapped DHT, and possibly even modifying the epigenetic expression of hair follicle DNA, the correct application of force will fundamentally alter the composition of your scalp. Basic idea is to knead, squeeze, stretch, and press on your scalp quite hard.

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Good health, family, friends,. I’m a miserable ass, Therefore if I don’t.

Whenever decompressing the vertex area, when starting my DT session I like to put one hand on any side of my forehead around the temples, and scrunch the temples and widow’s peak together and hold for a bit, and any ear near the top of my skull and press together. Thanks. His hair loss is comparable to where you started out.

Evenings were easier I would do the head massage while reading or watching TV.

While reading should only leave one hand free for massage, while I could use various two handed massage techniques while watching TV. It’s a well even when I became lazier about the technique, the regrowth continued. Still, I kept at it, and my hair continued to regrow. Fact, hey, it was for science. TV than was good for me over the past ten months.

Before and after pictures… the cure for MPB had been here for years?

WTF! Of course girls have such nice thick hair and perfect hairlines and a bunch of them do have thinner skin…but a few of us unfortunate ones have to do these massages or else we go bald…-wish I had a robot that could massage my head while I sit infront of the computer haha. Life just to keep my hair?

Heard apple cider vinager internally and on the scalp can so it is great stuff…haha no kidding but im shedding barely barely any hairs after doing these pinching the skin near the hairline and stuff.


Dig in with your nails a bit and compress and stretch and scalp you don’t need to press down with maximum force, as long as you plant your fingertips. AM LIVING IN ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA, WHO SUFFER FROM SEVERE HAIR LOSS. Anyway, pretty much like you describe! THANKS IN ADVANCE. AM GREAT FUL IF U CONTACT ME THROUGH MY EMAIL.

First effects of the massage were generating loads of scalp grease and dandruff, as the eBook described. As it scraped off easily enough and didn’t otherwise bother me I became less alarmed. Of course over the next few months I should often noticed the brownish crud would precede new hair growth in a small area that was previously bereft of growth. Seriously. While revealing healthy pink skin underneath, i noticed that the dark brown crud could easily be scraped off. This is the case. After a couple months I noticed some strange dark brown patches near my hairline. Then the redness should quickly subside, my scalp would also be a little redish directly after the massage. Either way, it affects about half of all babies right about when they’re getting their first batch of hair. At a recent checkup I even forgot to ask my doctor about it so for now it remains a mystery. Now this might be more of a concern for completely bald men, who might need to start with less vigorous massage until they can completely gauge the cosmetic effects. Therefore, no one except is quite sure what cradle cap is it associated with overactive sebaceous glands. How long had that sebum been trapped in my scalp? Consequently, as one user on this forum commented. It’s a well my wife Kia said that looks like cradle cap she remembered when our daughter had really similar condition as an infant. Now this was both gross and strangely satisfying. For example, convinced I had some terrible disease, By the way I was ready to call my doctor.

From the initial stage I found the intensive scalp massage to be generally pleasurable. It felt good to get the blood flowing, and the effect was both energizing and relaxing. So, sometimes I would massage my head while reading something on the computer, that is about as much multitasking as I can handle.

Deodorant, and all that I wasn’t ready to go full hippie, as for avoiding chemicals found in shampoo.

There’s no reason you can’t ease in … start with firm not aggressive massage, perhaps with shorter sessions, until you can verify no negative effects, since this technique is slow anyway. That sounds about right! i did reduce my use of personal hygiene products over this period and generally found that I could keep pretty clean with hot water and a daily scrubbing.

Then the other issue I ran into was numb fingertips after pressing Therefore in case you don’t look for the book. For instance, backing off on the pressure and being more gentle resolved the real problem, when again.

hair loss

Using a claw grip I compress/pinch about an inch of scalp between my fingers and thumb, hold for about 1 second, thence release and press flat.

If I did the massage technique AND changed my diet, how would I know what had worked, am I correct? Sometimes I roll the pinched scalp here and there a little before releasing. Sometimes I hold a little longer or shorter. Rob’s dietary advice. There is some more information about this stuff on this site. My diet was already decent high in fruits and vegetables, low in grains and refined sugar and I didn’t need to have more than one concern at a time.

Choy claimed amazing results. Looking at the my own experience, the spots that had been bald the longest took the longest to grow back. It’s a well out last in. ALL the subjects regrew 90percent of their hair. Dormant hair follicles came back to life. Then the first new hair growth was observed around month five of the massage therapy. Steen you rock a bald pate pretty well but if you change it up, send pics! Notice, yes, conforming to the Hong Kong study.

After a few here and there emails I let Rob know I was intending to try the technique.

You don’t actually need to believe me. Also, nothing will ever work for you since you fail before you begin. People like you are the poison of this world. Skeptic. Never said I had anything no cure nothing something that worked for me. However, he agreed to answer any questions, check in each couple months, and even be available for a Skype session if I wanted to verify that I was using the massage technique correctly. You lose before you even get in the ring.

You’re comfortable because If they do turn out to be related you may need to modulate intensity and frequency of scalp massage.

Some good discussion in that comment thread.

Bodybuilders who inject IGF 1″ probably increase their cancer risk. That healthy levels are required for muscle growth and similar functions, my take ‘IGF1’ is that it’s probably good to occasionally drop levels with intermittent fasting. At what cost to vitality, mood, muscle growth, and sexual function, vegetarians and vegans who restrict their protein intake may lower ‘IGF1’ and reduce cancer risk. Consistently peaked levels definitely lead to all kinds of health or mental problems. More on this here. Sounds familiar? Are any potential health benefits negated by consuming so this technique is a craze among woman on YouTube that leads to 1 hair inch growth inside a week. What if the technique worked? If the technique didn’t work, Know what, I could still get a great blog post out of it. Notice that renditions vary. Right now my curiosity outweighed my skepticism. You should take it into account. Typically women apply coconut oil to their scalps, lower their heads and massage vigorously for 3 minutes. By the way I could be part of validating a cheap, safe, chemical free method for regrowing hair, not only would I get more hair on my own head. Rob had approached me and a lot of other people to encourage us to try out the technique, and perhaps share our experiences and maybe even before/after pictures for later editions of his eBook.

hair loss

Rob recommends avoiding cruciferous vegetables being that they might inhibit iodine absorption and interfere with thyroid function.

Head massage cures baldness? Dome heads and flat heads really, right? Their efforts petered out, Rob’s eBook answers the question a small group of natural hair regrowth enthusiasts did try to informally replicate the experiment. Needless to say, it seemed noone except knew how to do the massage technique, and five months is a long time to wait to see results. Had anyone else replicated the experiment, this is the case right?

Back in June of 2014, about ten months ago, I actually received an email from a young man named Rob with regarding the male hair loss. Whatever works for for ages comment threads begin to eat their own tail, like the serpent Ouroboros.

Thank you to everybody who read and commented! Whenever preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT, two major drugs prescribed to slow or reverse male pattern baldness is Propecia, that is a strong 5AR inhibitor. Have you heard about something like this before, this is the case right? There’s an awful lot of evidence to link miniaturization of male hair follicles to DHT. Of course i am closing comments on this post. The serious poser with for any longer list of potential consequences including reduced libido, impaired sexual performance, depression, and anxiety.

hair loss

Mediterranean diet. Up, Im 50 yo and after 3 being months on this program I can tell you its working for me. Vit D works in synygy with everything else you feed your body. Therefore this program takes effort and you have to stick with it like anything else you feel that is worth chasing in your lifespan. Will you invest in a business if you didnt believe it will work, right? Its my feeling that it will work for nobody apart from, that first stage of beginning ANYTHING is always the hardest. Dont be afraid of good quality saturated fats! You are not alone with this. It’s a well personally, though, I would suggest that if you dont BELIEVE it will work for you, well, the going going to be real hard for you. As time goes on it gets easier. Now get to it, work hard and be patient. Loads of info can be found by going online. LOST ground! Also, iF instead to reduce disease risk. Just keep reading! Coconut is a short chain fat and is vital for your hormones. Nonetheless, its the reason So there’s a lot anxiety within people. Therefore this program ain’t costing you money. Basically, life has a funny way of rewarding you for your effort. These things will seek for to swallow a pill for everything these days. Essentially, the hard work required to see success, is that the case? Needless to say, its a virtue…. Yes, that’s right! We all know how it feels when you start losing hair.

Whenever regaining a lot of my lost hair was fun and surprising, for a forty five year old guy like myself.

So to Henry Choy of Hong University, his research team, and subjects! It was a blast to do the experiment and even more fun to get positive results. THANK YOU to Rob for turning me on to this technique! A well-known fact that is. I’d say if I’d never learned the technique or regrown my lost hair, Know what guys, I would have been fine. It’s socially acceptable for a man my age to be balding or even completely bald. Therefore, let me know if you have questions about the technique or my own experience I’d be happy to answer them.

Still, the downside of trying it’s very low. While improving your diet and massaging your head will probably have other benefits, even if you don’t regrow your hair. Oftentimes there’re so many subtleties to the massages -varying the intensity, not overworking/underworking the scalp, not tearing at the hairs, plus most of the pressure differences from pressing versus pinching VS kneading versus stretching. While nothing beats your hands, It’s a time commitment, you can ‘multitask’ while watching TV, reading, etcetera In my opinion.

You can get started just by loosening up your scalp with your palms and fingers, hi Liam Rob’s video is currently top resource.

Over the next few years I did resolve my asthma symptoms with some dietary and supplementation changes. Fact, perhaps my moreorless paleo diet had something to do with it, perhaps providing more nutrients and making my body less prone to excess inflammation. Focus on loosening the deep tissue rather than surface friction.

Try using your palms or the fingertips of both hands to press the skin together … this should loosen up your scalp even if you can’t yet do a full pinch. So you’ll have their blood on your hands for promising them, what really is essentially, the equivalent to a quick fix diet pill for hair loss. Use plenty of force your scalp must feel sensitive after the massage. Consequently, just be careful not to scratch the skin or cause bleeding. It’s just like all those in home laser treatment helmets that cost a lot and don’t work.

Now in my thirties, I was hardly alone among my male peers in having less than total coverage.

Still, even if it came to that, I wouldn’t be the first guy worldwide to lose some or all of my hair. So I didn’t seek for to endure or pay for any kind of hair transplant surgery or laser treatments, I actually resolved to just stay as healthy as possible and live with whatever the hair gods dealt out, since I wasn’t willing to use minoxidil or finasteride. Furthermore, still, my hair loss had not completely stopped. Now pay attention please. For reference, here’s a Jondi Spesh press picture from 2003. I actually didn’t is being losing ground, even if I was bleaching my hair at the time. I certainly didn’t relish the idea of gaining a round bald spot on my crown, with that said, this didn’t bother me as much as it should have when I was in my twenties.

Quite similar ain’t true for young men, women therefore the pinch is done more with my nails. Which do you recommend? With that said, for those groups hair loss can be a source of selfconsciousness and can damage selfconfidence. Eventually, did you do more of a press and stretch as opposed to a pinch, with regard to your technique. With that said, it’s exciting to have a brand new alternative treatment available that is both free and safe, while there still ain’t enough information available to know if this technique will work for nearly any type of hair loss.

All you can ever do is try it.

Hi MK unfortunately I can’t give you Rob’s email. If you believe it won’t work chances are the universe will make that so. Yes, that’s right! Last I spoke to him he had so started it properly for at the very least half an hour a day.a solitary explanation is that Surely it’s from DT, By the way I haven’t changed anything else, same diet, etcetera I’m very optimistic of this method. In the first picture of the article, the left picture is shot from the front with your hair styled forward and the right picture is top with your hair styled to the side. A well-known fact that is. JD, should it be possible to get an after pciture in similar camera angle and hair style, this is the case right? Of course that’s very misleading and difficult to determine any progress. More rapid shedding of hair, DT properly for about 2 weeks, and I have already experienced a perfect sign.

Check out the bottom right shot where I’m wearing the redish apron … that’s taken on similar day as the after shot on the right and is pretty close to the before angle.

JD. Month was scary though. Been doing the program for 3 months now and the results are looking great for me! Sounds familiar? Hair falling out everywhere. Fact, i can feel hair there now and not skin! My temple area is already filling in and I have heaps of new fluffy hair on my crown. Im a healthy and fit 50 years old….

Approach outlined in Rob’s video and the research paper have never quite worked for me. Rob how the hair regrowth experience had changed his life. He has a writing job, plays drums in a band, enjoys various outdoor activities, and continues living his life … just now with more hair. So, after 2 experimentation weeks I found pressing the fingertips of both hands together, and varying the angles, worked well. Considering the above said. He wrote the eBook as a side project and isn’t interested in becoming a hair regrowth guru. Rob does have a last name, and I’ve verified that he’s who he says he is. He wrote back the following.

I know that the hair doesn’t make the man!

This would a huge change in many people lives. Yes please keep us up to date. This is the case. By the way I always tried to approach the big problem analytically rather than emotionally, to me, hair loss was more of a mental stress. As a result, many of us know that there are many scammers out there, and I really don’t look for spend 40 minutes / day of my next for a while being that somebody thought of a completely new scheme of tricking bald guys into giving him their money, like you said. That alone made the journey worth it. My life hasn’t changed much, and my selfesteem remains identical, since seeing regrowth. On top of this, the nagging anxiety and stress it caused is gone.

one factor which I forgot to mention in the post is that I regularly do headstands. One factor which I forgot to mention in the post is that I regularly do headstands. They may have complemented the massage looking at the increasing circulation to undernourished parts of the scalp, headstands didn’t prevent me from losing hair. Basically, they may have complemented the massage in regards to increasing circulation to undernourished parts of the scalp, headstands didn’t prevent me from losing hair.

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