Hair Does Not Fall Out For No Reason There Is No Official Cure: Hair Loss Cure

hair loss cure Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center may have taken an important step in that direct, noone is claiming a cure for baldness just yet.

They’ve taken what appears to be a big step ward a cure development for hair loss, a condition that af. Hats off to researchers in California.

No, I’m not a Hair member Club for Men. Since we are now only a few weeks away from the 2016 beginning election season, a refresher as to what to expect during the next four years is in order, and that explanation may help explain how it was that three weeks before the election there were still undecided voters.

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Wasserman Schultz faced criticisms and calls to resign for months, spurred by a series of controversies involving the party’s insurgent handling presidential campaign of Sen. Notice that she had insisted that she would remain as chair until interesting the general election in November. Bernie Sanders.

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Her controversial tenure as party chair, back home in Florida, Wasserman Schultz faces a primary challenge from progressive candidate Tim Canova, whom Sanders endorsed earlier this year. Since we are now only a few weeks away from the 2016 beginning election season, a refresher as to what to expect during the next four years is in order, and that explanation may help explain how it was that three weeks before the election there were still undecided voters.

Wasserman Schultz faced criticisms and calls to resign for months, spurred by a series of controversies involving the party’s insurgent handling presidential campaign of Sen.

She had insisted that she would remain as chair until interesting the general election in November. Bernie Sanders. While sending the party into turmoil ahead of its convention this week, interesting mounting pressure from party officials, democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation Sunday.

Throughout the primaries, Wasserman Schultz struggled to defend allegations that the party actively favored Clinton over Sanders and that her ties to Clinton prevented her from being impartial in the race. When fewer voters were likely to watch, in particular. Which included several debates on weekends. Her controversial tenure as party chair, back home in Florida, Wasserman Schultz faces a primary challenge from progressive candidate Tim Canova, whom Sanders endorsed earlier this year.

The final push to derail her came froman email leak last week, which revealed that DNC staffers actively tried to obstruct Sanders’ primary campaign against eventual nominee Hillary Clinton.

Sanders was among the progressiveswho loudly called for Wasserman Schultz’s resignation, a position thathe reiterated in response to the email leak that revealed some party officials did in fact attempt to conspire against him. In response to the leak, party officials announced that Wasserman Schultz would play a minimal role in this week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Conforming to her statement, she will address and chair the convention.

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center may have taken an important step in that direct, nobody is claiming a cure for baldness just yet. Hats off to researchers in California. They’ve taken what appears to be a big step ward a cure development for hair loss, a condition that af.

Whenever stopping or completely reversing alopecia effects, and hair loss in women and men, me of you may know me by my Youtube name AlopeciaFreeWithJass This site is dedicated to discovering natural cures, products and regimens, that will assistin slowing down.

Alopecia or Hair loss occurring when men experience facial hair loss, predominantly in the beard area. It occurs in women as well, alopecia or Hair loss labelled as Male pattern baldness. This kind of alopecia is said to be mainly since a genetic disposition. Online information can be found easily by going on the web. It is the hair thinning to the spot where it is almost transparent.

Alopecia or hair loss caused by excessive pulling or tension the hair shafts since certain hair styles.

I have my theories, nobody knows why the overall health mistakenly attacks the healthy hair follicles. For instance, prolonged tension the hair shaft can stop new hair follicles from developing and may lead to permanent hair loss. It’s not exactly known why anyone suffer from various types alopecia. Actually, while taking certain medications or when your overall health starts attacking your healthy hair follicles for no apparent reason, causes range from excessive styling. Essentially, this sort of hair loss is mainlyseen in women.

There are very few symptoms of alopecia. Relying on alopecia type you have, your hair my take a few month or even many years to grow back. Although, I will list a few of them out for you, just in case you wanted some more direction in figuring out if you have alopecia. In more extreme cases, the hairs may never grow back. Normally, the symptoms range from mild to severe hair loss, that may or may not be permanent.

There are many products, medications and medical procedures that are all promoting that there is a cure.

Because this seems o good to be true, I have documented My Natural Hair Journey on Youtube and you can see the results for yourself. Whenever lasting results, there hasbeen very little successfully recorded.

It is an extreme case of hair loss, let me answer that question by saying Alopecia is a sort of hair loss. It’s caused by an underlining issue thatyou may or may not been diagnosed with yet. You can have alopecia without having any bald spots, as I have stated above. Before it gets worse or before you get bald spots, if you have any hair on your head at all you still have a perfect chance of reversing or stopping your hair loss.

Most of us have the awesome potential to achieve great hair growth.

That was because I knew very little about all of these awesome resources that I am sharing with you now, it ok me years to achieve the amazing hair growth results that I have now. In order for me to gain the fantastic growth that I have now, there was a bunch of trial and error. Natural Hair Growth Success Journey with you!

Thank you very much for writing and for sharing these pictures with me. Because of this I am making the Shea Butter Mixture available to be purchased right here om this site, because of some unfortunate circumstances, I’ve been advised no longer make the ingredients publicly available. Although, just go to this link.

The areas are spreading.

Please know that I am here to help you in anyway that I can. It started a dime size and now is much larger and instead of 1 I have 2 areas. Looking back now, I see that it was all worth it, it was a hard blow. My hair is shedding and I am afraid to comb it. Now let me ask you something. Will your formula help this?

Is your water Hard? That can be a reason why your hair is so brittle and dry. You may need a shower filter, if so.

That is pretty ugh stuff.

This is a great place to start implementing a few of these practices to help you to restore your hairline. That is alternative situation, wheneverit gets to your eyebrows. Like an auto immune disorder, alopecia Areata is an auto immune disorder and when you lose hair in your eyebrows, that o is associated with an underlining medical condition.

Give me a week or two from day and it going to be updated for your benefit, now the site is very slow and unorganized.

Did you ever get the injections? All of my diet/detox information may be there.

Prior to me asking when will the alopecia free product to be restock. Last week I did the big chop and all my hair is gone and I brought the shea butter product or the first product you had out before you got other things and now that I have done the big chop, hi Jass, so this is my 4 month update since the last time that I spoken to you, I recently started using the product.

This must be a challenging time for you and I want you to know that I am here encouraging you throughout your journey.

As far as getting the hair to grow back, grew it back by rubbing garlic on his beard every night, I met a man a while back and he ld me that he lost the hair on his beard.

Try that every night and see if there is any progress interesting 4 weeks. Please keep that in mind. It may take longer than that or it might be shorter. If you notice any progress at all do it until the hair has fully grown in. The only way for you to know if my products would work for you are for you to try them out for yourself. Everyones body is different and what worked for one man, may not work for you.

It seems like I have tried everything out there, have spent much time, energy and money going to dermatologists and nothing seems to work. I am going to try your shea mixture and your videos have really inspired me. However, where ever I go, people stare or point it out or make jokes about it and because of this I just opt to stay indoors. Thank you Jass.

Please know that I understand.

People would still find ways to point fingers at you and make fun of you, even if you were the prettiest person in the world. This started happening to me when I was in my early 20s and I felt self conscious and not pretty. Hurt people, hurt people and there are many hurting people in this world and they make it their mission to make other people feel low, hurt and just as insecure as they feel inside.

I started to feel really sorry for them, when those people use to make fun of me. That is what your dream husband gonna be attracted to, in you. It’s a well there are plenty of men who would find you attractive because their insides are beautiful and they can and will see past your hair condition. We need to be certain that our insides are attractive, while we are doing best in order to find ways to grow our hair back. Their insides are not very attractive, those people can be attractive from the outside. Anyway, health Condition, that I had absolutely no control over.

Stay true to yourself.

What you have said is so true and I will try my best to internalize every word. Look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself you ARE beautiful. Thank you so very much! Trust me, you will start to attract others who feel very similar way about you, even if you are a solitary person who thinks that now.

Hey Jass! Please know I am here to support you and encourage you in any way that I can. This is very touching. Thank you a lot for writing to me and sharing some of your story with me.

If you have not, it is worth a watch, hair Regrowth Video.

ONLY reason I made the Shea Butter Mixture my Black Soap Shampoo. He was 5/6 years old at the time. Part https. He was also suffering, really badly, from head to e eczema. Did you hear of something like this before? Shea Butter Mixture and grey soap on his skin and he got better.

Yes, you can use this on your daughter. If you want to use it on her entire head, that way you will know for sure. It is 100percent natural and it is safe. Just to be safe, try it out on a small area of her scalp first. ‘mom to mom’ about your daughter or how you are feeling, please now you’d want to send me a personal message, if you ever want to connect. So, watch to see how she responds to it.

Goodness, it is amazing! The prices are in USD just a point to consider, if you live in Canada. It has a creamy consistency which I did not expect and it smells amazing. Thanks for making these products Jass!

Whenever thinking oh no, itchy means shedding, yes you did, I was nervous.

Thanks to you, I will add those two missing products…You look great either way, I know how it feel to want to do your hair. There was no rash, pimples, bumps, redness, etc when my hair started to grow back, it was just a feeling it was itchy. Please double check to figure out if she ain’t allergic or irritated to the products in any way. Hopefully her hair is growing back! Never had this issue before then, and refused to let it take me down this way. Actually, that would be awesome. Lupus for 29 years.

Yes! This can lead to Traction Alopecia and hair loss issues. Yes you can still wash and condition your hair, if you are wearing extensions. Thank you for the update and thank you again for doing a very good job with your daughter. Notice, that is perfect! She will thank you for all of your hard work. Just find out whether you are not letting the wet, heavy extensions put lots of added tension or stress on your edges/nape/anywhere on your head. So, great to read this.

You can for sure try out the mixture while you have extensions in.

It would be a great idea to try it when your hair is in a protective style. Did you take any supplements? Have you heard about something like that before? One more question, did you hair come in alternative texture than before? Now pay attention please. Hi Jass! Thank you very much for sharing your story and testimony of your journey with alopecia. Then again, shea Butter mixture you recommended and just started taking biotin supplement. Alopecia runs in my family and most women by 40 have lost all of their hair. Known it has been very encouraging to and I know many others o! That way you can see the progress once you take your extensions out. A well-known fact that is. Thank youfor reading and for your encouragement again! How long did it take for you to know your routinea were working and producing results?

When my hair started to fill in, I did start taking a probiotic and a multivitamin. Shea butter mixture interesting my shampoo on spots that are thin and I deep conditionce a week as well as applying my leave in as a barrier before applying gel to my hair. That said, that’s when I went out and bought the blackish soap and ordered her Shea butter from her website. Alopecia by a doctor 2 months ago but my hair loss occurred 2 years ago when I was 21, I’m 23 now. Now let me tell you something. Filled with disappointment I gave up attempting to fix my hair. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. I decided to just chop my hair off and start from scratch, I thought maybe I just wasn’t taking care of it properly. There is some more info about it on this site. Let me just tell you I’m going on my 4th week and I’ve never seen my hair so hydrated and shiny before and not only that but my hair feels thick and my curls actually curl like they used to. Let me tell you something. Black Shampoo as well as the Shea Butter mixture is heaven sent! The spots where I have my alopecia I actually see growth, it’s still early to tell but there is definitely growth happening and I do shed hair but not as much as I used to before. With all that said. That this review isn’tis not so long I’m going to make a long story short. Afro and my hair on the p just started getting thin and breaking off. The last thing I wanted was to be 21 and bald because I was already self conscious about my hair. That’s right! That’s when I found Jass on YouTube, her story spoke to me and I felt so connected to her. The products work, they honestly do and never In a million years did I reckon I would be saying I see growth happening! When I went to the doctor, fast forward to a few months ago That’s when I went on a mission to find out a cure because I had enough of hair loss, breakage and dryness. Considering the above said. On that note I encourage everyone who has doubted products like I have before to take the time out to try the products on Jassica’s website. I knew deep down it was something else, my dad thought I was loosing hair because I was going bald. Take care and God bless!

This just made me smile from ear to ear and I really appreciate you taking the time to online this for US!

You have not ld me this entire story and I felt like shedding a tear. On p of that, that they are working for you, lOL I am so encouraged that you not only tried the products.

Big Hug! What products are you currently Using? How does your hair feel interesting you use them? Just keep reading. Regimens are also pretty tricky to define without further background like. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|right? How Often do you use them? Have an amazing day and please keep me updated on your progress.

I was relieved to know that it was not getting any worse, which was a huge fear of mine, when my hair stopped shedding.

Please know that I know what worked for my hair and lots of this journey is trial and error. The fear that I would be bald all over my entire scalp! Just knowing that it wasn’t getting worse gave me hope that it could get better. However, if someone, like myself, has done special things and I have results and are sharing those results with you, keep them in mind for planning a successful regimen outline for yourself.

Please know that even though it worked for me, it may not work for you, with that said. If you ask me advice on something that I have not tried or I have not gotten results from you are only going to know how it works for your hair by trying it out for yourself. You know your hair better than anyone else, trust me, I know that this is not easy.

We tend to feel like we are all alone and that noone truly understands what we are going through, when we struggle with hair loss.

Guess it don’t work for everybody I just was wondering did you have any suggestions or tips that would be hopeful? While knowing that there is a light right interesting the tunnel, for us to come here and to read such encouraging testimonies, such as what you left here today, it takes us one step closer to gaining the courage to go through our hair loss struggles with our heads up high. Hi jas, I been suffering from traction alopecia around my hairline for about three years now.

Please know that I am always open to helping you out through the various posts on this website as well as the videos on my Youtube Channel. Everyone who is dealing with hair loss knows how embarrassing upsetting it can be. Also, locs and starting over but my hair dresser said that wouldn’t help. Then again, as you can see the hair loss continues. You are truly a blessing. Did you hear about something like that before? Locs and for years, I noticed my hair thinning.

You have to wash your hair every morning because the weather is turning cold I don’t want to go outside with damp hair, right?

Thank you a lot for writing to me and sharing some of your story with me.

Please check if you do wash your hair/scalp thoroughly right interesting the week, you do not have to wash your hair every morning. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day to spread some love and support. Lord continue to bless you and your family as well.

Hello can u email me I have a question?

The other product caused massive facial growth to the point that I had to shave and get laser treatments. Please let me know if there are other products that you think I should try. Please email me larhondameeks394@yahoo. Nevertheless, hi Jass! Shea butter and grey soap shampoo. It started spreading over time. You should take this seriously. YouTubes by accident.

Thank you very much for writing to me. Thx again for your response as well as for your prayers! Please know that I am here to help you. Furthermore, god bless you! Shea butter mixture will serve as a day/night moisturizer as well as an interesting shampoo conditioner. A well-known fact that is. Thx for your prompt response.

Hello, my name is Shaneka, I have a 3 yr old daughter soon to be 4 who has been dealing with hair loss since she was 6 months. Her hair was so dry and damaged I ok her to the doctors and they couldnt find anything wrong. Over the years it has grew back where im able to put it in little bows,but it just stop growing im doing everything I can possibly do. I’m sure you heard about this. My mom braided her hair up when she was 5 months when I ok her braids out all of her hair just started falling out in my hands, when she was born she had the most beautiful hair. Basically, this is my first time hearing about alopecia and now im wondering if my child is dealing with this. You should take it into account. What products do you recommend I try to help hair growth?

My suggestion is that you get a second opinion from alternative Dr.

Tell me if I am halfway right. So, shea butter and added it in the bottle. Now I have to get back out there and fine the 100% African grey soap. Unfortunately I purchased the wrong type, jamacian oils and now I have started the blackish soap. Then again, if the second Dr.

Please be certain that if you are using either grey soap or shea butter that you are adding essential oils that will help to stimulate your hair to grow and that will also help you with your overall health hair growth. You might be half way there! At the moment I am using rosemary aromatherpy oil. It is still there.

My alopecia is stress related.

You are correct. This ain’t the first time I had traction alopecia before and my hair grew back completely in less than a year. Basically, this was over 11 years ago now it is back. There are many natural herbs and oils that are said to help hair to grow longer, faster and thicker. Notice, yes, you can try out some natural oils and herbs to help you try to restore your hair. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|right? Now figuring out which oil will work for you as alternative story.

Would you know which oils work for me. We can get one step closer to figuring this alopecia disease out and one step closer to a lasting cure, for everyone, if we could all connect with each other and support each other and leave each other our tips and experiences. Is it true that these stimulate hair growth and is the reason being spices? Peppemint, clove and in addition cinnamon suppose to be good for hair growth. These are all spices.

Like you are here today, the world would be a better place, if everyone going to be more caring.

Have a great day and many blessings. This begs the question Why did it fall out, no healthy person is going to wake up and lose their hair. There is a reason and we need to lok into what it should be. As her mother you will have p insight as to what is going on with her.

Worrying about my hair loss/ alopecia problem has helped me to naturally cure it, drs say there is nothing to worry about. Please continue to ask questions and do your research. Me and many others on a search to make sure what really is going on and what can be done about it, there is no official cure. If something is deficient in her body or if a child is losing hair it is because of something. Hair does not fall out for no reason.

In the meantime, it’s a good idea to read the tips that I have here on this website and watch the free videos on my Youtube Channel.

Do you all know or can you help me. It’s never been close to my ears.

One reason why your sides my not be filling in is because it might be a type of alopecia. There is a type of alopecia that causes your hair not to grow past a certain length, your hair may not fall out and reveal a bald spot or anything. Another reason could simply be genetics. Since you’ve had it from since you were a baby, it should be another reason for the stunted hair growth, it can be a bit drastic to think that genetics could cause your sides to not grow in.

Hi Jessica from having a check up and the doctor.

Read the reviews from others who have tried the vitamins that you are interested in trying. Amazon is a trusted site. An awesome method find them is online. That is top-notch way to get feedback on how the vitamins worked for those who bought them. Thank you Hello Raven! That’s interesting. Hopefully this helps you out. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. The only other thing would be to see a dermatologist. Have a great day!

Please know that I truly sympathize with you and that you are not alone. Any advice would be much appreciated. It never grew back. You see, I take vitamins most mornings. Furthermore, idk what to do. I don’t want the alopecia to wear ME, you know? Although, thank you. Please take a look. The summer of 2014, I got sick very often which was very strange because up until that point I never got sick really. Interesting having gotten sick multiple times, Well, by the summer end, I noticed a small bald spot at the back of my head. As a result, now it is quite big and I have another spot forming around my right ear. How would you suggest overcoming such an insecurity? There are some hairs growing in… Is that a perfect sign?

Hairs are coming but not properly… Still there are tiny patches…and some hair are still falling out… M really worried… I am using minoxidil 2%solution @and.

Hello Hun! Please now you would want to watch this video.

Hi Jass, I was just looking through some sites when I stumbled across yours. Now they are completely gone and in regards to some of my body, my bottom scalp is practically completely bald and I have a few small patches on the arms and legs.

Even though they have probably already figured it out, It’s just pretty difficult and I’ve gotten so sensitive about it that I won’t even tell my closest friends about it, despite the fact that I used to tell just about anyone.

Thank you a lot for writing to me and sharing some of your alopecia story with me. It is also for others to read that they are not alone. Fact, if you were to try the products they would be for your scalp and the hair on your head. You also mentioned your eyebrows, arms and legs. Notice, from what you have described to me, I do not believe that we have alopecia same type. You are not alone and I am here to support and encourage you in any way that I can.

Deep Treatment then I rinsed the treatment out.

I did not use another conditioner, once it was all rinsed out of my hair. Nevertheless, deep Conditioning treatment did the trick! Once I rinsed out the Deep Treatment, I put a wel over my hair to soak up as much water as possible and hereupon I used my Whipped Shea Butter Mixture on my hair strands to lock in the moisture and keep my hair hydrated and moisturized.

Hey I’m 15 years old and I have alopecia I had it for 5 years I’m bald and I have a sister who had it her hair grew back mine did not I’m a male and I’m looking for a treatment I’m sad because I do not have any hair. I wanted to know what your thoughts on minoxidil is. Although, thanks a lot and I could be checking out your yourube channel. Which is what I was just rold last week that I have. Have you ever tried and what was your experience with that?

Minoxidil is Rogaine and I have researched it and there are not very good ‘sideeffects’.

Amidst the major downfalls of Rogaine is that when you stop using it your hair falls back out. That helped and my hair was growing again. Normally, they shaved my hair off and I then started to grow dreads, my hair was growing and I was really happy. Then we permed it again and identical thing happened. With that said, I went natural, Im now 22 and still have really similar problem. Last month, I noticed the alopecia all over again. My mom started putting sewins in my hair to hide the patches that would show up. It really makes me sad that I have to go through this. I put crochet braids in my hair, yesterday I ok the crochet braids out and its back. Now let me tell you something. Then my last year of high school, similar thing happened. March and my hair was growing very nice.

There are many things that I believe might be going on with your hair. That is what use to happen to me as well. Then again, please know that if your hair has grown back in the past, there is hope you for! Stress makes everything a lot worse. Until then, please try not to stress out.

Aveda 2 years ago and it did seem to help, I seen strands of hair grow and become stronger but when I stopped using the product my alopecia was back.

Please could you help me?

Hello I am going through this with my three year old daughter. She may be attending school soon and I’m worried. She has AA and everyday is a constant struggle for me as she continues lose more hair everyday. She use to wear headbands now hats are a solitary option. If you have anything that will help please let me know I am so sorry to read about your baby girl!

Us alopecia sufferers NEED the love and support from family and friends.

You gave me this site to contact you by and I saw the part where you could pay to talk to you but I don’t have the money😕. Your daughter will truly appreciate what you are doing for her. Hi! Sorry so I guess this is only one way.

My fronts hair was so thin I trimmed them and decided to grow them long and thick. Gros it back They have grown but it’s really slow. Actually, vanity Planet Scalp Massaging Brush could help me increase growth. My hair is very thick except the front. Can Raw Shea Butter and Coconut help? By the way, thank you for that information, I appreciate that alot!

Good morning, does your product work diff children?

She was prescribed some cream but it’s not working. It just saddens me very much and I’m only 21 years old. My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with alopecia. She had two bald spots.

Like I did, it is possible, if you have alopecia areata or traction alopecia. Steroid shots have a negative effect on our body and I do not suggest that people use them. Consequently, in the meantime, please watch this video. Have a great day! Please it is a good idea to message me again, if you have any questions. These are some very simple and practical tips that I followed, which has helped my hair to grow back and flourish. Eventually, please advised that when you get the cortisone shots a lot of the longterm effects are hair loss from other medical issues that originate because of using the steroid or hair loss once you stop getting the shots.

Okay thank you very much I will add these into my regime.

Hey I’m 18 n I have alopecia mostly hair lost I had to wear a head wear from elementary until now it haven’t stop me from basketball but it almost but it been holding me back from getting a job I was to the doctor and got shots in the head but that didn’t work much and I just want my hair back I saw the site and bought the she butter mixture 2oz can you give me more info and suggestions. As you stated in your video can I add essential oils to my shampoo? One more, exactly how many times in a week can I do an overnight treatment? I’m sure you heard about this. My alopecia is I believe to be both.

Hi, I just happen to come across your website in a search for treatment for alopecia.

Your videos are very good and I love that you give us info on the products you use. Fairly new and interesting I had Senegalese twists in.

Ok in my opinion I’m answering my own questions as I read through your website more. Did you wear wigs? Nonetheless, my bald spots are in my back head on my left side. I did wear wigs, when my hair was shorter. When I am in the apartments I tend to let my scalp breath, when I am out or sleeping, it is covered. Is that bad to do if your growing your hair back? For instance, in growing process your hair back, did you keep it natural? It’s a well sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m just at a loss at this point.

Better way to keep your hair protected is to cover your hair with a silk/satin scarf or cap before putting on your wig, if you are wearing a wig.

Thank you very much Jass. Therefore, thanks again! Therefore, this will ensure that your edges, nape and most of your hair do not get damaged, because of the wig tightness.

Blackish soap does have a drying effect. It has natural healing properties and it can cause your hair and scalp to feel dry. That is why I use my Shea Butter Mixture on my hair and scalp and it keeps my hair/scalp, soft and it helps to keep in the moisture. My hair started growing back before I even knew that I had candida overgrowth. It is also possible to heal one and still be sick with the other, even though I am certain that both health issues can relate to one another. Now pay attention please. You have to use a hair and skin moisturizer that will help you to offset the soap effects.

Thank you for contacting me.

There is no soy in any of my products. You can see the ingredients on the product page at https.

My hair grew back interesting it fell out, sooner than when I had alopecia. Another cool way to know if it is alopecia is to consult a health care professional who can look at your scalp. Notice, it is the first step that you should take, just in case it is something that is Not alopecia related, that you can start fixing right away.

Hey Hun!

That was over 10 years ago and I am now at alopecia talis with my eyebrows starting to fall out. Until we connect, have a great day! It started at my hairline as a nickel sized bald spot. Hello Jass! Please let me know where to purchase your products. Consequently. Now let me tell you something. After I had her it all fell back out again. They diagnosed me with alopecia areata but my hair continued to grow without more spots. Hurricane Katrina hit my hometown and it all fell out since stress. It’s pretty hard going from hair to your butt to literally none at all. Let me tell you something. As I got older around 14 age I got more spots all over my head, my hair was still there but it slowly kept falling out. After 10 wearing years wigs it would be nice to just have my own hair back.

My products were used for my Alopecia Areata and Traction Alopecia and they helped me greatly. Please get yourself familiar with the ingredients to ensure that there is nothing else in it. Normally, if possible, would’ve been to try them out, if you are suffering from Alopecia Totalis a solitary way to know which one will work. A well-known fact that is. They also helped my son, who lost his hair from extreme itching from eczema, as long as it is 100percentage unrefined.

Please take into account, I am not sure your quality grey soap and quality will make all the difference, you can try out the African Black Soap that you have.

Shea Butter Mixture and was using it for almost a week now. Notice that december of 2013 I would shave my head and hope for my hair to grow back. Please ask questions to find out whether it is a high quality soap. My hair has not grown back, since then. Well, hair has grown but not full and all around my head. Furthermore, hi! Brian and I’m 18 years old and a senior in high school. Right when I would get my hopes up, my hair would fall out again.

It is a real health concern that has damaging effects on our body, mind and soul. While your hair is growing back truly know your worth. I believe that all things are possible, since I am an advocate for striving to regrow your hair a not giving up.


Shea Bittr Mixture. Generally, when I went to the doctor he prescribed minoxidil but it hasn’t helped me at all instead it irritated my skin and I noticed more loss so I stopped. My self esteem has gone down and I nolonger enjoy going to the hair dresser. Beryl from Kenya and for the past six months I’ve been experiencing hair loss. Shea Butter Mixture and am seeing some growth in my back head and little growth on the p of my head. I’m ready for the big chop and start this natural journey because I have permed hair and this has made it even hard to maintain the hair because I can nolonger do retouch, as at now. Hello Jass. It started from the back as a small spot and has been extending gradually with hundreds of hair loss. Kindly assist me. It has been really frustrating for me and I bumped into your site while looking for natural remedies. The other day I noticed new patches on both sides of my under ear.

I do not ship to Kenya at the moment because there is no tracking with the shipping company that I ship. Please now you would want to send me a personal message and we can discuss this option more for you, if you are interested in this option. The price is significantly higher, now there are other options for shipping with tracking. If there is tracking, I am always open to shipping it.

Hi Jass… my name is Angelica and I recently found out that I have scarring alopecia and the doctor ld me that where ever my hair has came out it won’t grow back so I have two small spot in my head where I won’t grow back…so yesterday I bout this hair product call Shea Moisture and it has raw Shea butterbutter and argan oil in it….

Did you have temporary hair loss or alopecia? Please know that I’m not making an attempt to challenge you, or tell you you’re wrong. Does it run in your family? Essentially, you have any autoimmune diseases, right? Whatever methods they used during that time they honestly believe worked. Believe me when I say, I would love nothing more than to be wrong. Everything I’ve read, and heard directly from several doctors is there is no cure for true alopecia. And my son started losing his hair at just 15 years old, I have done months worth of research, as well as seen many doctors with a number of blood testing, as someone who’s been dealing with hair loss for almost 10 years. They think they had it because of how long it takes for hair symptoms loss to plateau as well as the very long time it takes for their hair to look as it did prior to the temporary hair loss they experienced. They never gain back their volume of hair, the shedding phase will slow down at times and even stop temporarily. With all that said. For someone with true alopecia I have yet to hear of a cure. Over time their hair just keeps getting thinner and thinner. Hi, Im curious.

What the Drs don’t tell you are that people get alopecia because of different reasons. It can be caused by severe stress, pregnancy, a traumatic experience, etc Having alopecia that is caused from an autoimmune condition which resulted from these things is very different then these things causing hair loss and shedding. Well, for everyone it is different. What causes the autoimmune condition, they say it is an autoimmune condition.

In your case the alopecia that you and your son are suffering from has a clear genetic disposition and that is different from what I was struggling.

No one in my family has suffered with alopecia/bald spots. Besides, you are right that I am not suffering from alopecia same form that you are suffering from. Besides, my alopecia was not linked to genetics. Please consider that alopecia is based off of different factors and it effects everyone in different ways.

There are also different types of alopecia types as well. All, if possible, we have to search for a cure that can help not only some. You see, ask questions and keep looking for answers. There is a sort of alopecia where your hair gets thinner and thinner over tie and the hair does not grow back so they say-.

There is noone cure fits all, it hurts me to say this.

I decided to try it out on myself, when I saw his skin getting better and his hair growing back in. Unless you try it out, you will never know if it can work for you. Please take into account that I did not originally make my products for me.

Dr. There are also medical ties to the injections and other serious health complications in the future. If you stop using, the injections are known to cause hair loss. Eventually, please be careful. Now pay attention please. It is worth a shot if it’s a natural remedy, no matter what we try there is never a guarantee that is will help.


Have heard anything about how this can have an effect on hair thinning? Auto Immune that has greatly taken a ll on my hair. That’s where it starts getting interestingentertaining. Auto Immune really makes the natural hair journey so stressful. Hello Hun! Sjogrens/ Lupus overlap and I am currently on Plauqenil.

Stress and medical illness will cause your overall health to breakdown leaving you vulnerable to hair loss/alopecia. It is possible to be healed, please know that I o was ill and I o lost my hair. Known while something we are battling since she was 4 years old, my 6 year old daughter has alopecia. It is heart breaking so see her, she is so healthy but looks sick since her missing 90percentage of her hair. We have do a treatment that was prescribed by her dermatologist but it is so abrasive and hurts her more then helps her and it isn’t permanent.

Hello Hun! You are not alone, it is the hardest thing to see. They almost always cause other medical issues in the future, quite a few the meds may help the hair to grow back. Then, your daughter will truly appreciate the love and sacrifice that you are showing for her. The more Natural, the Better. You know if the meds are causing more harm then good, then it gonna be stopped. Please keep me updated on her hair journey. This is where it starts getting entertaining, right? Thank you for writing and have a great day! This is the case. Every child needs to have parents like you.

Hey Jess.

My wife is a mess and is having a very hard time coping with this. It was o late and as I stated above, she had to get surgery. Has this product been used on children of this age and if so has it been successful? We had some blood work done and his iron was low, which we were ld was most likely the cause. Normally. At his next check a few months later almost all of his hair is gone. Besides, we were ld he had alopecia areata. Of course I was nervous. You see, we began giving him 3 doces a day of liquid iron which has stained his teeth and his hair was still falling out without growth. Always smiling and it breaks my heart to think he may never have hair and fear the day when he realizes he is different from other kids. That her body was having a hard time absorbing the iron, she said it wasn’t that her body was getting o little iron. We were ld to use a steroid cream but interesting reading side all effects but apparently she got more sick and had to go into surgery. It is angelica again I didn’t see where U replied to my email but any what can I use for my scarring alopecia to help it grow back and what kinds of styles can I wear b/c I can’t put perms in my hair anymore I’m just stuck and don’t know what to do or where to start I want to keep most of my hair that I have plz help me My son started losing his hair at 13 months.

If you haven’t done so already and that is to speak with a naturopathic Dr, that might be one of a few ideas. It could have been a really simple issue that can be resolved before matters get out of hand and he may have a better chance of regrowing his hair. In the meantime, yes, my products are all natural and safe for children, however, please carry on watch your sons eyes with the Alopecia Free Shampoo, I don’t want the essential oils to burn. Usually, they are great at helping people balance their diet and they have a keen insight to the body and natural ways of offering effective solutions. Anyways, it should be best to speak to one while your son is young. Now please pay attention. How about to try it out!

Cutting out dairy and gluten is a decent idea and choosing not to use steroids is an even better idea.

Have a great day! Please how about to stay connected, if you have any further questions or if you figure out anything that you would like to share. Please speak to a qualified naturopathic Dr, try to stick to natural remedies if possible.

I am now in 7 grade 28th little hair with bald spots I do the injections and I put sunflower oil with roemary and lavender essential plus on my scalp and massage them there and in my opinion that had been working.

My main question is will I have it forever cause I have allergies I have has it since 3 grade my brother once had to bald spots but only once and it went away so they think it wasn’t alaopecia but will I have it forever? Please help I am tired of looking in the mirror and being a single girl without any hair or people thinking I have cancer when I dont. Should I be able to have hair extensions or would that make my hair come out more?

There is always a chance that your hair can grow back, determined by why it fell out. Causing your hair to grow back, yes, you can get your hair back, if your hair fell out because of allergies or an underlying medical illness that can be cured. It all cause depend, in some cases it may not grow back. Certainly, that is a god indication that what you are suffering with should be hereditary, if your brother had hair loss/bald spots and his hair grew back. There is a perfect chance that yours may grow back as well, if his grew back.

If it is really weak and brittle, extensions can cause your hair to break off and fall off.

The extra weight from the extensions can cause further damage. Thank u a lot for ur support and I have great faith that I am gonna have all my hair back. Remember, they are more light weight and they will not pull on your hair strands as harshly. That said, every day more and more hair grows back but I will keep u during this entire journey. Please look into yarn braids.

Thanks for sharing your Shea Butter Mixture Jazz. Hello, my 11 year old sister lost her eyebrows and eyelashes. Of course if you know any other natural remedies for facial hair growth please share with us! We are not sure what alopecia type she has but I was wondering what if you recommend for this situation? Can you use the cream on your face or is it only for your scalp?

My son had some very horrible eczema on his face and he did use a combination of raw african blackish soap and my Alopecia Free Mixture on his face and it helped his eczema to clear up.

The Shampoo was specifically designed for the scalp and hair. She can try Raw African Black Soap, which is what I used on my son. Now please pay attention. Not the Alpoecia Free Shampoo, she can try the Alopecia Free Whipped Mixture. Anyway, once again, he did not suffer from alopecia, he was starting to lose his eyebrows and those grew back.

Please take into account that if she is loosing her eyebrows and eyelashes, there is internal healing that must be done to see full restoration of her eyebrows and eyelashes. Hello Hun! Please keep me posted with your results. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|doesn’t it? Have a great day! Make sure you scratch some comments about it in the comment section. Please know that you are not alone. Furthermore, everyone is different and different products work differently for different people. The only way to know for sure if this can help you would be for you to try it out for yourself.

Thank you very much for sharing your journey.

Hello Hun! You are always welcome. Please keep me posted on your journey. YouTube channel and are very enlightened. My hair is doing exactly what yours was doing. Of course it has been such a blessing to share my journey with you and I hope that I can continue to offer you great tips and advice, in hopes that you may also grow your hair back and become Alopecia Free! Blessings.

It’s nerve damage from an ear condition I’ve had since 2010 called mastoiditis. They say there’s nothing they can do but I trust God can fix it. God can heal you and I will keep you in my prayers. Please keep me updated regardless. Oftentimes stay positive! Stay connected. Stay encouraged! Hello Hun! Big Hugs!

Does this look like alopecia to you?

Please speak with your Dr. Basically, some other medical illnesses do effect hair growth and you want to always ensure that you define the cure for the correct illness in order to not make sure the hair loss gets worse. You should take it into account. This does look like it can be a sort of alopecia. Online information can be found easily by going online if it is obstructing you from applying the Alopecia Free products, then you may have to cut back on times amount that you use it during the week.

Entering into the second week, I sought out to address any hair loss and breakage problems just to find a huge bald spot at the right nap area of my neck. Afraid to uch my hair. Tied my hair down with a silk scarf making sure it didn’t shift at night, requested a Doctor appointment, and waited. Six bald spots to be exact. Why, of course there was! This prompted me to investigate if there were any more bald spots present and or forming. On p of this, doing everything humanly possible to not freak out. Ring the alarm!

This week, week three. Right interesting you have made a wish and blew it to the heavens, twoandhalf hours later. And breaking off like a dandelion end flower cycle. Unfortunately for me per Kaiser protocol, you have to be referred by your primary care to be seen by any specialty clinics, Doc yesterday. This is where it starts getting very entertaining, right? I figured this would be better time to carefully, Monday’s are my office day that I work remotely from home, slowly and meticulously wash, oil, and re plat my hair to prevent extensive amounts of hair loss. Also, more and more and more, Splitting, tangling, retangling, and as I uched my hair it pulling out effortlessly. Much, I began cutting striving to get it back into the braided plats in which it came. Notice, my Doctor prescribed me a steroid named, Fluocinonide, that I am to put directly on the bald spots twice a day.

Today, I could not access all my bald spots with the way I parted and styled my plated braids. This time, not put any oil in it until interesting I finish the style and applying the steroid ointment. And me having to mess in my hair I decided to wash my hair again. Except this time my scalp was extremely itchy, same scenario happened as it did on Monday.

Hello Hun!

Will have a look at your products and follow your progress -you have inspired me. Of course, have a great day! Generally, my theory is that anything is possible. Jass xo Hi -came across this website. It’s not about length for me as I’m ld that I could ‘rock’ a short look. Currently using a manetabolism supplement, blackish castor oil and organics fertilising serum. That’s where it starts getting interestingentertaining, right? Beginning of February this year decided to make a concerted effort once and for all as am fed up with wigs. For example, stay positive and stay in touch. Lots of that time covered up with wigs trying for any longer enough to see if they work. It’s a well that doesn’t mean that nothing will work for you, it may was 20 years and you have not found what works for you. Anyway, wash and condition hair with a paraben free shampoo /conditioner and deep condition with organics hair mayonnaise. Then, interesting four months beginning to see fine hair growth on parts of scalp where none before. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|doesn’t it? Please do not give up on yourself. Massage with a massage brush as well. Someone wrote that they had suffered with hair loss for over 10 years until they found my site and read my story and all they did was take quite a few tips that I have left on this site and in under 6 months they started to experience hair growth!

Hello there! My hairline and edges seem to lay down and be a little full, when I had relaxed hair. In some cases you can be shocking your hair follicles causing you hair growth to be stunted or even stopping it from growing back at all. While striving to shave it off, whcih may leave a cut or even a scar, which may cause your hair to not grow back at all, there is a risk that you may injure your scalp. Please help! Thankyou I am not a fan of shaving of the hair sides because there is never a guarantee that it will grow back. You see, you think that shaving the sides will help for new growth, right?

Will your product work in my hair?

Do I have to cut it short for it to be more effective? Known I have heard of lichen planopilaris and it is extremely rare that the hair can/will grow back. Consequently, do I really have no hope of it ever growing back, when the Dr says my hair will never grow back in the spots that are smooth bald. Will your products help stimulate new hair growth where it’s smooth bald? Needless to say, if anyone knows me, they all know that I have an annoyingly optimistic outlook on these kinds of situations.

My name is Arthur Carter. Wanted to know which of your products do you reccomend. Years past couple the edges/corners of my lining has began to thin to the point to where it’s looking transparent.


Would you please help me out as I am very much scared for it most off my hair got ok off……. Generally, my contact no is. Can anyone help me? The steroid shots allowed for something like hair to grow back in two spots. Certainly, gonna be eagerly waiting for your reply. Hi there My name is Priyanka Roy and I am from India. Although theirs been progress I am wanting help knowing what to do next. Please help me asap…. Please contact me through. ALOPECIA since 5 months.

My name is MARYJEAN, from USA, I want to testify of how I got cured from Alopecia Areata.

Contact this great Doctor for any kind of disease via this email drogboroshealing100@gmail. When I went for a checkup I was ld I am negative, dr OLOH herbals medicine who heal all kind of diseases. He helped me cast a healing spell, low and behold.

That is great news that your hair was already starting to grow back! There are so many things that you can start doing today.

Hello I am very pleased to have come across your channel and website, very informational!

While listening to everyone tell me to let it loosen up in a couple weeks, it suppose to be tight…, my struggle is I had a sew in from 2 years ago that was really tight, I left it in. Whenever listening to everyone tell me to let it loosen up in a couple weeks, it suppose to be tight…, my struggle is I had a sew in from 2 years ago that was really tight, I left it in. For instance, hello I am very pleased to have come across your channel and website, very informational!

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Should I go to doctor for hair loss?

If you have hair loss that you feel is abnormal, it's best to see your doctor about it, especially if you notice a rash or pain on your scalp. ... Some medical conditions, such as ringworm infections and lupus, can also cause hair loss. Most of the time, hair loss does not need treatment, except for cosmetic purposes.

Does masturbation cause Hairfall?

There are no studies connecting hair loss to masturbation. In a word, no — there is no scientific evidence that masturbating causes hair loss. ... Another theory is that masturbation increases testosterone, which in turn increases the levels of a hormone linked to hair loss, called DHT (dihydrotestosterone)

What causes extreme hair loss in females?

The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition called male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness. It usually occurs gradually with aging and in predictable patterns — a receding hairline and bald spots in men and thinning hair in women

Does biotin thicken hair?

Biotin is a B vitamin often recommended for hair health. Since biotin deficiency can lead to thinning of the hair, proponents claim that taking biotin supplements—in pill or tablet form—or using biotin-enriched shampoo and hair products can thicken hair and stimulate hair and nail growth.

Is it possible to regrow lost hair?

It depends. “If a follicle has closed, disappeared, scarred, or not generated a new hair in years, then a new hair wouldn't be able to grow,” Fusco says. But if the follicle is still intact, yes, it is possible to regrow the hair—or to improve the health of the existing thinner hairs.