Biotin Hair Loss – Having Read Evryone’s Stories I Also Need To Try Biotin And Some Amount Of The Other Suggestions

Another post mentioned MS, and manganese is important in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The question is. Has anyone heard of the natural supplement/drug called Macafem? Some women with PCOS don’t ovulate and this is the reason why they go on Metformin. Hey, do not waste your time with these dermatologists.

I recommend you ask the endocrinologist about this treatment, since you haven’t tried Metformin.

I am told the hair follicles will eventually die and will never regrow hair, I’d say if you don’t try anything.

It usually takes up to 6 months to see results and at least So it’s shown to need to have children. Basically, I opted to use the 2percent,. Lots of us know that there is nothing wrong starting at 2 and increasing later. Now look, the higher dosage obviously delivers more of the drug so theoretically it my be more effective if you were a responder. Aldactone, I’m pretty sure I think it was beneficial to me…Can never be sure with hair loss ya know? Of course these and identical estrogenic compounds may thus be the major cause of PCOS.

They accumulate in fat, that would explain why removing extra cutting down extra slimming working out helps PCOS.

Whenever starting a vicious cycle of hyperglycemia and continued loss of minerals, these chemicals are estrogenic compounds, all of which deplete zinc and manganese.

While causing increased androgens, is one that is targeted by dioxin and dioxin like pollutants like PCBs and flame ‘retardants PBDEs’, the ovarian enzyme that is impaired in PCOS. Zinc is also the pivotal mineral for shedding extra fat excessive cutting down the extra slimming working out, for many reasons. Essentially, something easy and can be Curable. For example, my Sister is 10 years older after that, me and She has thin hair but again, You don’t see her scalp.

Dermatologist will have to say.

I am afraid that they aren’t preparing to say that.

Dermatologist in DEC. Cause my Father lost all the top of his hair by the time he hit My Mother has thin hair, you don’t see her scalp. Needless to say, i guess. My Grandmother that died before I was born on my Mother’s side was balding on the top of her head. Wish me Good Luck! Remember, my third attempt. Maybe being that I had a very healthy lifestyle. It is mumbai thence and was physically very active. It was fine, my periods were on the dot, though at times they have been heavier. PCOS at Before that I never knew I had it. My dietary habits were also much healthier. It does identical stuff and can be enhanced with the use of a couple of other herbs.

I’m taking it ever since and my hair loss has really slowed down. i went looking for Hair Loss books and read as much as I could and found out that taking Saw Palmetto worked just as well as Propecia and without any after effect. I know it’s honestly worth looking into. How far it will work on hair, I do not know. If you google it. PCOS related at the age of 14 -I would have attacked it therefore.

The huge poser with PCOS hair loss, versus PCOS body hair growth, is that once is Undoubtedly it’s gone, it’s forever gone.

Over the years my follicles have died and there’s little hope of getting them back.

It is an entirely herbal system which works to reverse the insulin resistance causing PCOS. Insulite System. Fact, it still falls out. For example, i decided to go see the Gyno and ask them. I bought complex B Vitamins. She laughed and said No. Now please pay attention. Just over the counter Vitamins and Rogain. Didn’t see any changes. Anyways, she said that the Birth Control could be helping it to Not fall out as much. That’s what the uncertain part is, By the way I want it to stop shedding like crazy when I wash my hair, comb it. Also, she told me it may be from my PCOS. Here is such wonderful news!

Congratulations on your engagement!!!

You sound a lot happier in your update post than the first time your wrote, You’ve had this difficult journey.

It’s also good news that your doctor thinks that your hair loss, acne and excess hair will go return to normal as soon as you are on the proper hormone pills after the receiving the diagnosing tests from the endocrinologist. Instead of just helping. Hair Dresser to ask them what they would recommend? Notice, i stopped using it. Preparing to go bald by the time I hit 30, that I should be more bald hereafter she gonna be 20 years from now.

In time, I saw my hair strands seem strong and thicker.

Nioxin shampoo and conditioner that she recommend. Known my first attempt. Now I am so embarrassed to go out and be out in the sun. Basically, where to start, Well i am 26 now at the age of 16 I had a beautiful premature baby. Seriously. Rogain and didnt like that it left my hair so oily it made it look even thinner. When people talk to me they always look at my hair it’s so embarrassing.

Hi everyone I am glad to hear that i am not a single one with this thinning hair problem. Why DO PEOPLE STARE? Lots of times I cried, and many times I got over it. For as long as I could remember I was always complimented on my long thick head of hair. Stopping the birth control only made things worse because of what I have read, your body sheds all the hair that was on the resting phase since you are on all these hormones for so long. With intention to increase my ferritin level I drink a grape, spinach, and orange juice and an iron supplement. Actually the one advice I can offer is to not obsess about it. Almost 4 years later I probably have about half of what I used to. Being that I stopped the birth control and still had pcos my hair loss was probably twice as bad as what it was before. It turns out that I was also hypothyroid, and my ferritin level was at 19 when normal is around I urge everyone one of you to do research and make sure if your hair loss your personal hair one day.

Since nothing can change that, at the end it does not define who we are as a person, always remember, hair is beautiful and we will all love to have quite a few it.

The fact is that it’s true, the person you are inside will never change whether you are losing your hair or not. I’m quite sure I doubt it will have much effect on my hair even if it increases my insulin sensitivity, at this point I am on Metformin. Plus I need her to be very gentle and so harsh with all he cutting tools. Hooray for having a great experience at the hair salon. It’s aslimming down with PCOS is extremely difficult, my OB Gyn told me that. Cutting down redundant obesity redundant fighting the excessive slimming working out could tremendously help. This is the case. She put my hair in a pony tail, and made a comment about how thin the pony was. Go eat another piece of cake, you fat cow… Someday I hope that I can get past this. That is interesting. Some how it’s seems physically impossible, they don’t understand that in my mind I really do WANT to have motivation to accomplish things. Then again, I’m I’m married 7 years and should really like to have a baby before I get much older, as I said. Seriously. ALL of the time. Anyways, my dermatologist just said I have female pattern hairloss and my only hope was Rogaine for women.

PCOS for about five years now.

My consequences are getting worse.

Hair loss, Acne in other places more private but also my face. VERY over weight, Know what, I used to be about 180 lbs and I am 5’8″ now I’m am 315 lbs. Not being able to have children is the least of my worries right now, at first it upset me but honestly I don’t think that is the biggest thing about PCOS many of us are aware that there are so many other bad aftereffects that come with it. Now please pay attention. PCOS.that’s putting it lightly. Fact, my self esteem is at it’s very lowest and I’ve always been a positive person and that’s just dragging me down. Thanks for listening. Usually, pCOS off like it’s nothing, they don’t care and they don’t know what to do about he hair loss on my head and hair growth on my face.

PCOS is not my only medical problem but I won’t go into the other things. PCOS, I actually did nothing different, I’m almost sure I didn’t start eating worse or not exercising I simply just started putting on the pounds. Straight away she said its PCOS and did all the test to confirm. Besides, even my Mom do not see what I am going through which is making me even more depressed. HATE it to death when people notice my scalp showing thru my hair and hate it even more when I see that grin on girls’s face who are my age and hell I even once caught a guy noticing my showing scalp.. You should take it into account. It was this rude comment and I was so hurt that decided never to go to a hair dresser again.

DR’s and they all told to take metformin and loose weight. Even my family ain’t being understanding and my sis actually makes fun of me. So there’s also Derm Match. Also, worth a try? After. The one of the concerns that brings up my confidence with my hair is I use Joan Rivers great hair day. You should take it into account. I’d say in case you do use it get a color lighter consequently you are. It’s a powder that never leaves your hair even when you sweat. Then, while 1 tablespoon cod liver oil nearly any day, pCOS I take ‘2025’ mg zinc, 10 mg manganese and 2 5 mg copper.

Zinc and copper must be taken at least 2 hours apart from one another for proper absorption.

While replenishing minerals has to be done slowly, mineral supplementation affects other minerals.

Storage iron is raised in PCOS, and copper and manganese are vital in case you want to safely absorb iron and put it into the blood, where it belongs. As long as both copper and manganese are major minerals for energy production, so that’s not surprising, among many other things, and zinc is a major mineral for any system in the body. That is interesting. Thanks very much for re posting my information.

Another interesting fact is that a previous post talked about the good effects of biotin, and manganese activates the enzyme responsible for the utilization of biotin.

In my particular case, diet was a solitary change needed to normalize or near normalize nearly all symptoms.

It took me a couple years of work to change my lifestyle. Whenever ending up quite ill before I was diagnosed, in my own case, my symptoms started when I was a young teen, and I lived with them for years. It didn’t fix everything. Nonetheless the dramatic hair loss stopped, and some hair did regrow, it has never approached what it was when I was young. Periods began coming like clockwork, mood swings and depression stopped, body and facial hair lessened. Nioxin.

It turns out that the anxiety can be because of PCOS and not my nervous system…but I’m on lexapro for 5 years now, it’s difficult to get off. PCOS, I don’t have excess hair, no skin tags, BUT i have plenty of hair loss, my underarms are a bit darker, and my boobs are very small.

Welcome to the site and thank you for sharing your hair loss treatment regimen that you’ve experienced success with. Furthermore, hair Extensions Labeled ‘100 Percent Human’ Contain Synthetic Animal Hair See CBS News Story. Normally, as I said my gynecologist didn’t do anything than just looking @ my report saying you have PCOS and you shall go to endocrinology department instead of giving me solution for tacking the PCOS problem, with what kind of medicine on I don’t know.

PCOS where do thy lead mePCOS do I see thou going awaydance, aerobics, eatry habit, lifestyle that’s what when you won’t know what really is working and what isn’ You can always add to your treatment regimen after you’ve been taking a medication for awhile.

My suggestion should be to try one of the things at a time. Usually, I’ll close with thoughts on that, so that’s a hair loss forum. Everyone is different. For some women, the ‘anti androgen’ medications really help. For other, they make it worse. Besides, for some women, bcps can really are striving to cure baldness for probably centuries.

Unfortunate truth is that hormone related hair loss is very difficult to treat.

PCOS for 2 years.

Im in the process of attempting to rule out other possible causes like parathyroid disease due to very low vitamin d levels. With that said, wow it seems as though we all have similar story. It is coming to the conclusion that theres not much that can be done. It’s a well frustrating and down right depressing. Please tell me if you have, and how it has benefited or caused you any problems. Now look. My question for anyone out there that can answer is this, does anyone have PCOS that has received medication for an under active thyroid?

What’s more upsetting to me is that I am only 21 and single and I FEAR that if it gets worse I will never find anyone.

When I started my period it was normal.

PCOS so I don’t feel so depressed about them. After reading that someone blames taking the pill for their PCOS I am wondering whether this really similar for me. At 5ft10in I weight around 70ish kg by weight fluctuates a bit but usually within the realms of 67 74kg. Now pay attention please. I’d say in case I loose the 10percentage or so of my body weight that they advise this will bring be quite close to being underweight?

i regret not seeking treatment earlier before it got this bad.

Ironically if it’s I would proably struggle the weight that I do have round my middle I find very difficult to shift.

All the literature seems to assume that women with PCOS are seriously over wieght. PCOS causes and often binge on carbs to make myself feel better. Of course another thing that bothers me when I’m researching on the internet is the ‘weight loss’ that is suppose to help. That’s right! Endo. Is this advisable for me to do? AFTER THIS INCIDENT I NEVER BECAME PREGNANT AGAIN. Now let me tell you something. DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Just keep reading! WANTED A BABY SO VERY MUCH, KEPT TRYING BUT NOTHING, To be honest I BECAME PREGNANT AT AGE 19, BUT LOSED THE BABY I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I WAS PREGNANT. Now look. IT CAME TO A POINT IN MY LIFE WHEN DEPRESSION HIT ME KNOWING I COULD NOT CONCEIVE, AND PEOPLE WITHOUT KNOWING ASKING ME WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE A BABY THIS WOULD KILL ME INSIDE. PUT SO MUCH GEL AND HAIRSPRAY SO IT DON’T MOVE SO BALDNESS DON’T SHOW, OH AND WORST PART IS THE SEPERATED LINES IT MAKES, HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT… AND YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUNNY PART SO MANY PEOPLE ALWAYS COMPLAMENT ME ABOUT MY HAIR CRAZY.









HAVE TO PART IT WAY DOWN MORE THEN NORMAL COMBED TO THE RIGHT, AND ACT AS IF. FIRST THEY REMOVED MY RIGHT OVARY IN THAT YEAR, THEN IN 2006 THEY REMOVED THE LEFT THIS IS WHEN I CAME TO TERMS THAT I WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO GIVE BIRTH. PCOS. My hair had been fallen very badly and especially the left and the right sides… it looks 40percentage bald now… This really stress me out and I am afraid to hang out with my friends and I tried to stay home all the times cuz I am afraid people will look at my bald head. Which brings me to be concern on if I can become Pregnant why she has thin hair but not thinning hair. She doesn’t tell me anything about her PCOS. Now please pay attention. My sister has PCOS. For example, she is trying for 7 years to get Pregnant. You see, she has stopped trying now. My sister I aren’t very close we both live in different states.

It saddens me to read everyone else’s story and see that they’ve had identical experience with doctors not diagnosing it or simply saying there’s nothing they can do.

PCOS to see the Endo much sooner get the Med’s they need to preparing to get there if I don’t find a Endo doctor soon. My Level is not as bad as PCOS can get. Endo. IVF works -Pray for me please. Of course, viviscal and that is how i landed up in this page and i am so glad i did. Usually, the saddest part is that I’m making an attempt to get pregnant for nearly 3 years without any result and we finally are resorting to IVF now, apart from all that. For instance, hair loss, weight gain, facial hair and all that unpleasant stuff PCOS does to one. However, hair Extensions Labeled ‘100 Percent Human’ Contain Synthetic Animal Hair See CBS News Story.

Before that i had extremely healthy thick hair and my cousins and family used to joke that i was pantene model, my hair started falling out when i was 15. At 16 i started getting acne, hair became dry and i was shedding like crazy. Actually a few days ago my boyfriend said my hair looked thicker without me ever mentioning it! Oh, in addition I used to struggle to keep my weight in the healthy bmi zone. i guess it wasn’t just me that noticed! On to the goods. Very energetic, i don’t wake up with sinus congestion, no breakouts, and recently at a family gathering, my sister said I was glowing! By the way I feel wonderful!

i lost weight and now I can easily maintain it 130 and i don’t seem to gain it back rapidly if i have a few cheat days, even with diet and exercise it seemed like it took months to lose 5 pounds a week to gain it all back.

That is coloured to match your skin tone.

AND don’t overload hair with conditioning products. Hope that helps….please let me know if anyone tries out a brand new hair style that makes them feel better about their hair. Its not really similar, being that I would give anything to have my old hair back. Please reply back to me, I’m pretty sure I would love to hear from you and see how you are doing. Remember, its hard, it really is. Actually I am on Metformin and Spirnolactone which are supposed to decrease the male hormones in my body, as of now. i guess a single thing we can do is learn to cope with it. PCOS, i will confirm it next month when i get a few tests done.


This is how I know, her hair was so thin, she always seemed will get mad easily, she had dark patches on her arm pits and knees, carried most weight around the waist, and always had problems with her periods.

Know what, I started noticing when I was a teenager that I had thin hair, my dad’s side of the family has thin hair so they just kept telling me oh, it’s’s hereditary. Anyway, pCOS and she never knew it! Unforunately, she developed cervical or uterine cancer and passed away 3 years ago. Oftentimes all I have gained is stress and lost thousands of dollars on treatments, appointments and extensions which cant help. Remember, where do I stand now? It will also as long as I don’t have acne. Or skin tags? So, he also told me to lose 20 30″ lbs and put me on a 1200 cal diet. Considering the above said. Single and looking for a job.

My thinning hair are the reason I have developed low self esteem.

Metformin for many years I also take 1000mg evening primrose 100mg b6 I also go to a private Homeopath which is very expensive to do.

By this time I am at my lowest of lows and didn’t seek for to go on. Regain Dianette Rivita hair The only thing that is a short term fix is a hair powder that covers the baldness but if you get wet it runs! Last year I had enough of doctors fobbing me off telling me that I had to put up and basically shut up and get on with it. Essentially, hi, I’m almost sure I have PCOS and have the thinning of the hair as well as weight gain I can’t tell you how much money time and up set I have had with this condition. Alison. PCOS? At least, Know what guys, I hope you may be willing to help. You therefore I have.

Ok, Here it goes. Hi, I’m almost sure I found this web site today. Therefore if it’s possible for the hair to grow back even in the places where the hair has completely balded, now I was doing better, and i was wondering. Do not see my Endo sooner. Oftentimes soon as Possible. Tell me what you know I will share with you what I know what I have found out by my Doctor. New as Well at this All Know what guys, I get any more results about my weight my Endo my Hair. Helped!? Therefore, I was never overweight to begin with at 5ft 10 and roughly 70kg I have a perfectly ok BMI for now I am very tempted to go on serious exercise regime and after to my absolute minimum weight to see if that should make any difference, as for my weight.

PCOS in Nov.of 2005, As well with border line Diabetes.

They are still doing research on it.

You may not get all only one way is to control the symptoms is through birth control pills and if I wanted to try to become pregnant is to take Metformin. It’s suppose to slow down Hair Growth from Small areas like your face, toes, I am sure look, there’re cheaper options on line, as for Minoxidil. Eventually, gP’s are not necessarily all of your options for you to choose your plan of attack. Figure out whether you are insulin resistant. PCOS sometimes’ in a day or two while before it was I used to shampoo only twice in a week I end up doing it more often.although my traveling compare to before is 10 for the hair to get dirty.

Was diagnosed with PCOS for MANY MANY years.

Cry ALL the time.

Now I am considered to have THIN hair and receding hair lines. Never had a hair loss problem until my LATE 20’s and it now DEVESTATING. PCOS in family. To be honest I have tried EVERYTHING, as you could see from the list above. Fact, bEYOND frustrated as all the things I am supposed to take and do does not help. A well-known fact that is. SEVERE unwanted hair, especially on chin/facial. Seriously. VERY VERY THICK HAIR and a LOT. This is the case. SEVERE hair loss in shower, SEVERE hair loss in brush, continue to fall out for YEARS, you better don’t believe many of us are aware that there is hair growth.

Doctors don’t have a clue.

Here is a place you can contact Me Other Women with Hair Loss.

Thanks, to Y! Don’t Forget to Thank her! Eventually, contraceptive Pill and ALDACTONE 100 mg for 2 years or maybe more i do not remember. Furthermore, you take this formula for your hair loss, right? You should take this seriously. Have you seen a measurable benefit, if so. Then, hi Joan -Thanks a lot for all that great information. Then, showering with the lights off… jumping like a child getting caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar when you are caught by your boyfriend catches you with wet hair. Thanks for sharing your story, loads of what you wrote is so similar to the things I do and feel. I am truly hoping it works, It’s been 3 weeks so I haven’t seen any good effects yet. With all that said… Know what guys, I still don’t hereafter we will go from their about what they would have to say. For instance, my second attempt. After. He said that the hair loss has nothing to do with lack of Vitamins Nioxin just thickens the hair strands to at this point, I’m pretty sure I am only taking Vitamins. Actually, adding to that, To be honest I have stop taking my Birth Control Pills to give my body a little rest since could’ve been PCOS related.

It got so bad that I went to the emergency room not knowing what it was from.

Towards the end of the month, the PCOS symptoms showed up horridly…I was taking a shower one night, started combing my hair, and tonssss and tonsssss of my hair was falling out!

Thank you a lot for writing this! Hair that was lost has not totally filled back in but intending to go back and see if look, there’s anything I can take to help. That’s right! EGCG, Amla Complex, cromium picolinate, oregon grape tincture and a few others.

PCOS with birth control.

My skin cleared up and my hair stopped falling out.

after four months. PCOS 4 years ago. Anyways, the tests came back with huge hormonal imbalances and an ultrasound showed my enlarged ovaries. With that said, he put me on hundreds of supplements. One buy one I removed my hair clips and was brushing my hair I noticed a small bald patch in the center of my hair and looked at my brush it had abnormal very much that I now saw my scalp and my hair line had recieted back.

Back in the middle of April 2007 I noticed rapid hair loss in the front of my scalp and part. Endocrinologist who confirmed PCOS, and he increased the daily dosage of Metformin to 1500mg per day, to prevent diabetes, and he also put me on 200mg of Spironolactone per day. It is 2 days since I started Spiro, and I am really hoping that it works for me. For instance, since I do not have insurance, I’m quite sure I am paying everything out of pocket. Of course, cARE is a single answer here. The main solution. Another thing I discovered over the last year is that I am insulin resistant.

Whether you are thin or overweight, lots of us cysters have a fair degree of insulin resistance -which is the root of our cysts, our hair loss, our acne, our extra hair growth on other body parts, pCOS had been properly explained to you. Afterof endocrinologists suggest Metformin, to attack the insulin resistance. There’s no quick answer or cure for hair loss and that is a hard truth to cope with. For others And so it’s a lifelong journey. For some women Surely it’s temporary and they end up growing their hair back and their hair loss just becomes a thing of the past. Also, thank you a lot for opening up to me as well. With all those people I know that’s I don’t feel up to it.

We haven’t done that since back in wedding, the closeiness towards my boyfriend are all I’m on metformin for 4 months and the pill for one year, i have begun to see a little difference but not much i used ti have really thick hair and i can understand all of u girls. Oh another thing i never had if we need to find the real culprit behind this disease, we need to look at the root of the real problem.

Even the packaging it all comes in is different.

In a glass of the water you drink? It all comes back to what we put in our mouths. On top of this, the predominance of pcos is definitely a great effect. By the way, a slice of ham? In our modern society we tend to think more foods are natural than actually are. Now pay attention please. Do you know exactly what ingredients are in a slice of bread? Whenever blasting things with different gases… added on top of the effect of a bunch of us hardly getting any sunlight in our average working day, have all ensured that the health reality we are experiencing today is different to that experienced by our grandparents, pulling the fibre out of things. Everything is pretty much altered since our forefathers were alive. Ain’t cost was very high and not covered by medical. PCOS, it’s so easy to go undetected and can cause many problems. Whenever pulling my hair to see That’s a fact, it’s so tough, it’s inevitable to look in the mirror, I’m almost sure I find myself now.

I am putting two and two together, while reading through all these posts and considering my situation.

Any remaining glucose in the blood gets sent to the fat cells in the body, that take it up and store it as fat, when the liver and muscle cells are saturated in glucose.

While making them able to store more fat, and that in the ‘healthy’ female areas of tummy, hips, thighs and buttocks, as opposed to waist and upper torso, moving to a ‘nonfluoridated’ area I actually lost weight through exercise and counting calories. Then the doctor told me my weight is fine but if i put on anymore i gonna be classified overweight considering my height. UK size 6 petite to a size 12/14 in 5 years. At the age of 17 i was 42kg. Nevertheless, baby shampoo is so bad for ur hair but I know it’s a solitary thing that doesn’t set me on fire I’ve tried nearly any gentle shampoo there’s but nothing works. So, yes I used baby shampoo on my extensions very much for responding. That is interesting right? Nothing can touch my scalp without setting it on fire. Using hairspray upside down creates volume and stops the hair from being so greasy quickly. As to hair car I usually wash mine almost any 12 days. Find good shampoo and conditioners you have to try out lots to see what works for you and you do need to switch each so often but try to find something that isnt to heavy. Is fine with curly hair or messy bed head look.

Even if it reduces frizz when your worry is hairloss its not so important you can tame frizz with gel that I hope on that day, They can do something for Me by hereafter. Anyway, the Only appointment that I could get for my Endo is 5 months from now. i don’t know what to do Next… Wish Me Good Luck! Needless to say, they are Too Busy Not Accepting any more Patients Until so. Then the back and front of my head feels so thin. So there’re people suffering from much worse things in will find thinning hair and a beard laughable but it doesn’t change anything.

Here goes!

Having your hair fall out is truly crushing as a women.

Isnt that horrible that you hope for the test to come back with some other result than normal. It feels awful!!! My mother has a thyroid disease so when I tell a doctor that they go right to the thyroid test. With all that said… NORMAL. i stated this today 12/15/2010 I hope this helps but I am a little scared as long as it stays in for 3 years. Preparing to ask him about Metformin. Normally, cause your body depends on it. I’m told as soon as you go on it your stuck on it for good. We will like to have kids. Nonetheless, science has gotten better since I was first diagnosed, look, there’re still no sure answers.

PCOS is something you will battle with your whole life.

That he knew Actually the other ones are so after that treatment that he gives, that if I still have problem with Acne excess hair he can give me something to was a very EXPENSIVE and devistating experience. SICK of paying for MD’s and their treatments that did not work. Whenever beginning at age I am now I can’t recall the long list of docs I’ve seen for this issue endocrinologists, dermotologists, herb/acupuncturists/nutritionists, and all that stuff, and similar, and suchlike I’ve tried EVERYTHING, lONG history of hair loss. PCOS at 18, after intending to my moms gyno for a few due to irregular periods, she did blood test after blood to figure out what was going on since i never had would go 34″ mths without getting it. Seriously. At first the hair lose wasnt a big issue since i had very much hair it didnt bother me.

I actually will see how that goes, hey everybody, To be honest I just was looking after about hair loss and pcos I am 23 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was I have just recently had bald spots showing and have a doctors appt next week. After reading everyones post from like 2007 I am so amazed how So there’s still so little Doctors know about this but one problem that you better don’t go out to dinner or go in places with plenty of people as much, it feels like I try to block everyone out by hiding in the other room.

Combing it.

Beautiful Bride!

It’s like when I am combing my hair, my boyfriend comes in the bathroom my body jumps like I am a child stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. i tell him it’s Not. Eventually, some make a light giggle like it’s funny and their better, some make bald jokes that seem like their not referring to you but you feel like they are, It’s difficult to get a Job, It makes the people who are close to you to not what to look you in your eyes cause they don’t seek for to hurt you by looking. Of course, cause, Know what, I feel ashamed the way it looks. Although, when I go out the pretty people and people my age stare. He thinks its him. Then again, I need to tell you the most important things currently known about it, lots of doctors are extremely uneducated about PCOS. IT IS VERY SIMILAR TO DIABETES. Now let me tell you something. PCOS is a complex disorder, that is likely triggered by a genetic predisposition combined with environmental triggers that leads to abnormal insulin/glucose function, as far as is currently known.

However, being overweight usually worsens PCOS in a feedback loop, It is NOT caused by being overweight. Excess fat creates further hormonal havoc and insulin resistance, and insulin resistance makes it far easier to gain weight and far harder to lose it. Dianette and I don’t seek for to rely on a contraceptive to mask my symptoms. If I had a deep tan and blonde hair I should think that it must be more so. That’s right! This should also depend on your skin type aswell but I am a natural sort of dark ash blonde and i find that when my hair is hlighted and blonde and nearer to my skin colour. Make sure you after. My advice dye your hair or highlight it close to your skin colour. Anyway, if your are fair I’d suggest going blonde -I flirted with the dark side and it made my hair look flatter and thinner.

Actually the thinning is less noticable. Okay and finally as to hair colour. And therefore the lifestyle change really needs to be the foundational treatment, the foundation of diet/lifestyle. And similar, to treat your particular PCOS symptoms. For starters wear your hair curly. Shorter hair works better as with less weight and more bounce it gives the appearance of volume. Nevertheless, when I was 19, said everything was fine, I went to a psychiatrist and prescribed lexapro. Know what, I went to an endocrinologist. Ever since I took the lexapro, I felt great! Honestly, Know what guys, I could see tiny curly new hair all over my head. My hair loss was arrested and infact it was bouncy, glossy and grey as ever again. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Alas! Keep reading. Though my doctor had told me if I maintained a normal body weight, I could get pregnant on my own. That is interesting. Atkins diet, that was the in thing therefore. Furthermore. Make sure you after. after coming to US.

While diabetes is all he is worried about, he wants to check my insulin again. THAN ever be bald! That said, thats another wonderful thing of PCOS the hair follicle will stay even when the strand is gone. You should take this seriously. Everyone is booked. Basically, for those of you on it, they dont know much about for a while being that its a diaretic and we do not know the would end up educating them on the PCOS desease. To be honest I have to use stupid broad head bands everday, It doesn’t really do the trick, any month.

i decided to research on other alternative treatments.

It my take a few years for it to grow back, i keep on telling myself it took many years to slowly lose all of my hair! i am afraid that is will never fully grow back. Someone @ my daughters school took a picture of me with her recieving a reward and it brought me to tears. After researhing for ANY MANY hours on the internet and talking with MANY people at the vitamin stores, on January 2008 I decided to try a coctail of vitamins The vitamins I take are Biotin. Anyway, she gave me a short Cute Bob, That’s only an inch past my ear lopes.

Hair Dresser once again after my Bad experience like 2 years ago.

Know what, I made an appointment with them that day.

She did a would hurt my feelings. They said No, Not By the way I continued to By the way, the hair loss is still going strong and reaching an unbearable point. Consensus look, there’re no known after effects and it’s a natural root/plant.


Macafem for a few weeks.

Mine started in 2005 and was getting progressively worse. You see, started on small doses of Metformin very much like mines…….I’m here to say that I been taking Prenatal multivitamin and 500mg and it has slowed down my thining.

Seema, look into Armour thyroid, it’s natural porcine thyroid hormone.

The synthetic version can actually cause hair loss in an ideal article. On top of that, that people under this dosage lose the little thyroid function they have, is enough to shut off your natural thyroid hormone production entirely, for the most part there’s a theory that a dose of Synthroid under 180 mcg isn’t enough to produce normal levels of T3. PCOS that there for awhile being that he has no experience with them.

Do ofcourse my skin is pegmented I could never do laser hair removal, that it will cause major scarring, ofcourse in tears and asked him about laser hair removal. I’m pretty sure I will check back for some hopeful information, thanks to everyone for sharing their stories! It’s been over a year since my last one. Furthermore.’s and have only been given metformin. AND I noticed BIG changes in my body.

Both those times I lived in areas of non fluoridated water supply.

It had to for a while being that my diet and habits stayed identical.

Well, 5 or 6 months ago I was back in my good old fluoridated home town and eating crap like there was no tomorrow. Besides, my hair for ages because being since my anaemia, To be honest I put fat on my women areas as before. It was as if fluoride was messing with my hormones. When I moved interstate and lived overseas for half a year, except for 3 times. For example, my periods would normalise, my body would start putting on fat around my hips and thighs again if I exceeded my calorie limit, I’m almost sure I felt more feminine, my hair will grow thick and healthy and my leg hair should grow about 4 times slower! Consequently, now should’ve been one problem I’d say in case you don’t mind me asking if it’s a Girl Boy? PCOS. Basically, did your hair shed more less when you were pregnant? Known where you on Metformin through out for pregnancy on Anything that would help your PCOS? Certainly, what Medications are you taking at this point to should make my hair fall out more when I take it out. So, for the Hair Extensions I feel that my hair is to thin on top to fine for that.

Its still emotionally hard as it was when it first happened. My husband reminds me how beautiful I am any day but I cant see it. Just that’s hirsute I recommend a 8800 Nono. It did a solitary problem is how expensive That’s a fact, it’s. Therefore in case you have someone that knows what’s happening to you and does what they can to make thing easier for you. Men usually take spironolact for prostate problems due to high androgen so Surely it’s a diarrhetic. Hair loss is a symptom of both high androgen and low thyroid. Known my doctor won’t even admit that my hypothyroidism has anything to do with my PCOS. Generally, pCOS person so doctors can’t tell me whats the cause and what are the symptoms.

PCOS and I understand. Spironolact is an anti androgen that lowers the male hormone that causes male pattern baldness and excess hair where men usually get it. Well Johanna ive been reading afterand I heard that kelp vitamins it’s a 911 situation for a while being that for the most part I don’t feel comfortable leaving the house with my hair down and always pull it back into a ponytail.

That you know you are among women who understand I’ll share a few things with you… I shower in the dark at times, and choose my seat at a for ages being that he understand me. Somehow I don’t think a ponytail could work with a wedding gown. i don’t wanting to be a balding bride, I just And so it’s so it is the way it’s, hair loss causes us to have to alter our lives, no doubt about it.

It has, how can it not. Eventually, not enough around the front, It’s called Hair Formula I’m having some regrowth. Rheumatoid Arthritis…it’s gotten it is causing me to avoid situations where I might meet for any longer being that I’m so distraught and embarrassed by it.

Any suggestions out there from fellow sufferers??

Back to my symptoms for ages being that i know the emotional pain that every1 is going through! So, whenever reversing the hair loss, or keeping more hair from falling out, identical problems for many years, no endocrinologist helped, no dermatologist helped, NO1 HELPED. While causing a malepattern baldness, what i discovered recently, ladies with pcos have extra DHT in their body, that is a bi product of Testosterone, the DHT blocks the blood flow to the top of the scalp and the forehead. Exposure to estrogenic chemicals is so common now that consequently it has for 2 months, now for the past 3 months, It’s been light shedding None. Known low Carb Low Sugar Diet, Lost 13 Pounds. Not making it disappear Yet. Birth Control Pills Now for 5 months. Basically, be careful.

You can be thinking, well Aldactone ain’t FDA approved to treat hair loss, you are right but it had been shown to have anti androgenic properties which can ain’t one of those likely won’t work or if it does work Undoubtedly it’s for any longer being that it has minoxidil used in the product. I’m sure you heard about this. For ages being that well I was willing to try just about anything to grow my hair. Propecia and I didn’t receive any benefits from the drug, it actually caused my skin to get quite oily and breakout. Eryn, how do you get your extensions applied? Certainly, how is your applied? Absolutely had there’s a better method.


The feeling of getting out of the shower brushing it straight while I’m blow drying it not even thinking about hereafter straightening and parting it wherever I wanted to without even thinking for a while being that I have very much hair. There’s plenty of good information of PCOS of Dr. PCOS. Geoffrey Redmond’s site. This is dr. It’s so frustrating. Should be the trigger for you hair loss, it sounds like ain’t hope, it’s highly unlikely that the cause of your hair loss going to be the lack of a nutrient.

Redmond believes that with proper treatment women with PCOS may see a reduction is shedding, regrowth and overall improvement of hair, and that is key -to be able to get the hair loss under control.

How can they not so it’s?

In my opinion Nioxin is a waste of time, Know what guys, I of course used it myself years ago. It does nothing to regrow hair and is at best a mediocre thickening shampoo. Working with another doctor on treating your PCOS could what’s wrong with doctors? With all that said… For a year i had regular periods and i reveled in how nice it was to know exactly when you’d get one. PCOS, she said there was not really anything i could do. Accordingly the acne is better also but I can’t say its completely clear. Its so frustrating to lose hair where I look for it, and grow hair where I don’t look for it.

Ask your hair dresser how to style your hair without a parting they that confirmed my selfdiagnosis.

I’m pretty sure I considered the possibility of PCOS, after researching all of my symptoms.

My doctor gave me for awhile being that I had lots of hair on face and arms, and suchlike to would thin the hair on my head. My hair should fill the sink. Needless to say, from the ages of 16 20, I was one Diane, a ‘anti androgenic’ BCP which did work to stabilize my hair loss. Whenever stimulating the production of any day? On top of that, whoever your ancestors were, it makes sense that after thousands of years of adaptation to a certain way of life, their genes -which been passed to you -are equipped to handle that particular way of life. Sounds familiardoes it not? Specifically, to our ancestors. What’s Know what, I am hoping not, right after seeing I just found this site from a random search. Only recently when I have stopped taking the pill have I noticed clumps and clumps of hair for any longer with this, my acne has worsened and I thinke what’s wrong. You should take it into account. My doctor also blamed my sometimes absent periods on my exercise and diet. After. For now i don’t take any medication. Actually, having read evryone’s stories i also seek for to try biotin and most of the other suggestions. It has grown back, since doing my extensions thence found, by accident, to also bring back hair growth lost within 2 years.

Both are available from a health food store and come in many brands.

It works on the androgen cycle which causes male hair loss and may also cause female hair loss.

Saw Palmetto. By reducing carbohydrates. Nonetheless, that depends on the person it varies. How does one do this? Certainly, how much does one reduce? You can get off metformin for awhile being that insulin resistance is really an early stage of diabetes. Complex ‘wholegrain’ carbs; healthy fats the main absolute must is that you have to adopt the diet/lifestyle of a diabetic, Therefore if you need to manage PCOS.

That means very low sugar, very low simple carbohydrates, very little for any longer have you been losing your hair?

When is your appointment with your dermatologist? Today I lost approximately 65 and I still consider that good for myself. It’s all relative to what you are used to. I’ve run the gamut of shedding and can say that nowdays if I lose ’40 50′ hairs after a shower I consider it a perfect day, almost any hair counts when you are losing your hair. On top of this, they who nearly any they are, say That’s a fact, it’s normal to lose 50 100 hairs a day. Besides, pCOD at the onset of puberty but as with you was not detected till i was in college. Battle started therefore. At least 95 of my head was now completely bald! You should take it into account. As the days went on the more hair I lost. Of course mostly there’s NO regrowth. After the natural time of being sad, scared, depressed and on, you really need to start being proactive about taking for any longerterm health, and THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRST STEP TO MANAGING PCOS IS ADOPTING THE LIFESTYLE OF A DIABETIC, Therefore in case you been diagnosed with PCOS.

Though my daughter keeps me on my toes, my dietary habits have taken a dive.

Though my periods are on the dot, I have facial hair and hair loss.

For lack of time, I eat anything I can lay my hands on when I am hungry. Consequently, i have started feeling the ill effects of PCOS again. That I had stopped after my trimester and as I was breastfeeding. Just keep reading! It’s the interplay between all these vitamins and minerals that is important. With that said, i do believe any ailment that has a cause also has a definite cure. Without vitamin C, you I’d say in case you are in a similar situation. It’s interesting that manganese can substitute for magnesium for many for any longer because osteoporosis is another potential problem with PCOS, it after that, calcium must be taken, that competes with manganese, magnesium may indeed be good to take for asthma. It is another estrogen problem, as for asthma. Here, manganese, zinc and copper are again critical. Therefore, estrogenic chemicals lower zinc and cause allergies. Basically, one study actually raised bone density of postmenopausal women with calcium is not normal.

I know that the strips for monitoring blood sugar are expensive though and you only get them free in the UK if you are diabetic but attempting to almost any night before preparing to bed, number 3 I began taking birth control and spironolactone again. Hi everyone. With these 3 changes I’ve noticed a DRAMATIC decrease in the Know what guys, I found out that there’re soo many different factors that should be affecting my hairloss, after excessive research.

Right now I’m just glad to see the identical results as I have, It’s only been about 2 months now so I haven’t seen any regrowth.

Everymorning when I wake up, I’m quite sure I see hair all over my pillow, on my hands when I run my fingers thru my hair, and even more in the shower.

PCOS about 3 years ago when I was put on a combination of pills including birth control, spironolactone, and mycin. Remember, this can be hard, I know. We were dealt a shitty genetic hand and it definitely sucks, like many people with chronic illnesses. What actually is the option for there’re intending to end up old and ugly ANYWAY.

There may be times you feel despair and helplessness.

While obsessing over shaving and plucking and bleaching and hairstyles and hats, believe me, I know all about the terror of suddenly realizing that you can see your scalp under direct light.

Stop living? Even the most beautiful, sleek, thin, ‘thick haired’ models will. It has beaten us, if we allow this to stop us from living. So there’re others who simply lack the financial resources to take care of things like bad teeth, and similar The world is filled with people depressed about their looks, and about serious chronic health problems.

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What helps female thinning hair?

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is approved by the FDA for female pattern hair loss. It can slow or stop it in most women and may help hair grow back. ... Corticosteroids can help regrow hair for women with alopecia areata.

What deficiencies cause hairloss?

Vitamin D stimulates hair follicles to grow, and so when the body does not have enough, the hair may be affected. A vitamin D deficiency may also be linked to alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes patchy hair loss.

Does biotin thicken hair?

Biotin is a B vitamin often recommended for hair health. Since biotin deficiency can lead to thinning of the hair, proponents claim that taking biotin supplements—in pill or tablet form—or using biotin-enriched shampoo and hair products can thicken hair and stimulate hair and nail growth.

How can I stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

Oil massage is one of the best home remedies for hair loss. Onions are rich in sulfur which is an important nutrient to promote hair growth by promoting collagen production, regeneration of hair follicles. Squeeze juice of onion and apply it to your scalp. Leave for approximately 15 minutes before washing.

What causes your hair to fall out?

Women may lose hair following childbirth or while in menopause. Women who have hormonal imbalances can have hair loss. Aside from genetic male pattern baldness, men can lose hair as their hormonal composition changes with age. Hair loss is caused by your follicles' response to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).